Raising a Fox Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 — Antidote


Xiao Xi drooped her head on Feng Lingran’s arm. No wonder she was acting like this, it was because she was effected with an aphrodisiac. Why does she feel so bitter about this? She didn’t even know that she was effected!

Wan Siyu approached Feng Lingran, his slender fingers touched the little fox briefly and noticed that it was wet. His fingers trembled in mid-air. He don’t dare to touch it again. Immediately, he looked at Feng Lingran with a surprised expression.

If he remembered correctly, the high and mighty regent was a clean freak. He himself don’t dare to touch this little fox, but Feng Lingran was holding it in his arms.

If Wan Siyu had not seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe it himself.

“Lingran, don’t you think that this little fox is dirty?”

Wan Siyu can’t hold back anymore and asked the question.

Xiao Xi instantly lifted her head up, glaring at Wan Siyu. Her soul was blazing. You are dirty! Your whole family is dirty!

Wan Siyu looked at the fox’s furious eyes in surprise. His fingers trembled even more. This… Is this a young spiritual fox?

Wan Siyu’s heart was filled with nervous excitement, it must be known that supernatural creatures had almost gone extinct in this world, and if this was truly a spiritual young fox, then it would be an extremely rare treasure.


Feng Lingran’s cold voice was laced with a tinge of irritation.

Wan Siyu stared at the little fox some more, ignoring Feng Lingran’s obvious annoyance.

Wan Siyu smiled and grabbed the young fox from Feng Lingran’s arms causing him to let go. Still smiling, he said, “Let me see what kind of aphrodisiac this little fox had been exposed to. I just remembered of the right medicine that will do the trick!”

Xiao Xi’s nose twitched with ridicule. Didn’t he just say that she was dirty? And now he wants to hold her? She doesn’t want to accidentally dirty his oh so very clean hands.

In an instant, the little fox jumped back into Feng Lingran’s arms. It curled into a small white ball, its white tail was facing Wan Siyu, mocking him. Wan Siyu did not expect this kind of attitude from the fox so he was left frozen in place.

“It… it… really understood what I said?”

Feng Lingran never expected the young fox to suddenly bury its head back in his arms, unwilling to let Wan Siyu to touch it. The corners of his pale lips rose slightly, just like the melting of ice and snow, the handsome man’s expression was incredibly blinding and very gentle.

His smile was short-lived and it quickly disappeared.

Wan Siyu saw a shocking sight from the corner of his eyes, but he kept it in his peripheral in fear that he was wrong. He instinctively blinked his eyes and Feng Lingran’s expression was back to normal, a steady cold handsomeness with deep dark eyes.

Was it really an illusion?

Surely! Feng Lingran was the very picture of coldness and indifference. So how could he smile that gently? And the targeted object was a little fox?

“The antidote, I don’t want to repeat myself for the third time. Yu, you should know about my patience. Well?”

If it was not because of their more than ten years of friendship, Feng Lingran would have lost his patience already.

Wan Siyu laughed lightly, he was well aware of Feng Lingran’s temper. From his sleeve, he conjured thirty-five porcelain vases. His slender index finger points to these porcelain vases, “These are the antidote, but I’m not sure which bottle will be effective for a fox. Lingran, which bottle do you think the fox should start with?”

Feng Lingran glared intensely at Wan Siyu, his ink black eyes were seemingly sharper than arrows made from Xuan iron.

Wan Siyu’s heart silently quivered, his handsome face still maintains a warm smile. This little fox has successfully caught his interest. Since it does not want to be embraced by him, he will return the favor.



Let’s talk about names!

White doctor dude over here, Wan Siyu  万俟羽, his name means Million Feather. Or was it ten thousand? Million sounds better. I actually translated his name as just Wan Yu previously because Lingran just calls him Yu. I too usually just dub him as that dude called feather. So yea reading his name I was like ok so feather dude does bla and bla. But then I read it over a few more times and was like wait.. there’s that thing in the middle…wait his  surname wasn’t just Yu? I blame Feng Lingran for this.

Feng Lingran on the other hand was written as 凤凌然 which in literal translation means Rising Phoenix.

What do you guys think of their names?

Sellychi: I shall forever dub Wan Siyu as feather dude. So far feather dude is being a jerk tho.

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