[Teaser] Hundred Flowers Slaughter


This is a teaser, meaning it is not actively being translated, but anyone can pick it up!

Full title – Hundred Flowers Slaughter: Confusing a Gentleman’s Heart

Raws – http://www.mht.la/book/27835.html


Rebirth, magical flower, poison arts. She was frozen for a hundred years, why did she become human once again? Revenge, seeking blood relations, finding love. Troubling times, everything cannot be as she wishes! Flower Gu, the struggle for treasures. Reborn she became the only person left in the world that mastered the flower gu poison arts, destined to face the chaos of the people of the secular world coming to her doorstep.

Chapter 1, translated by Little Red Blossom (World of Chaos).

7 thoughts on “[Teaser] Hundred Flowers Slaughter

  1. bizness

    Adorable that you guys racked your brains to come up with the term “teaser” for projects you just do half heartedly, if at all after a few chapters. Dunno why you just can’t admit you dropped these novels too.

    1. ChickenBakuba

      Frankly, I am unclear as to what this comment is pointing at. Are you angry that we translated a chapter without the intent to complete it?

      If so, I would like to point out a few things:

      1. This was likely taken up for practice, or in the hopes that another translator would pick up the novel due to lack of time on the original translator’s part. I really don’t see anything wrong with this. There’s literally a translation group called “Pick Up This Novel Translations” where groups dump “teasers”, dropped novels or experiment chapters there in the hopes that another translator may pick it up.

      2. No translation is ever done half-heartedly. Do you have any idea how much time it takes to type out every word in a chapter before sending it for proofreading? Updating the project page manually, linking chapters, etc, with little to no support or readers.

      24 chapters. That’s how much the translator—Little Red Blossom—has translated in total. The novels she translate have 1,000 words on average, and that’s approximately 24,000 words in total. You can check it yourself.

      This isn’t done for money, respect, or anything. We are fan translators. Our only incentive is passion and wanting to share our favourite novels with others. Most of us read every comment we get. The tone you take with her is disrespectful. Get off our site if you dislike our work so much. Good day to you.

  2. Nadywing

    ohhh interesting, are there three people? Or s it that she consider the left protector a demon? or she considered all the Narong family demons?, Baili and Narong family aren´t allies? Well, left protector is the reincarnation of that Zhang Ling?


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