Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 99

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SEG Chapter 5.15 —Supporting Female Reversal System

Su Wan didn’t know why Su Yan became a zombie, but fortunately, she was also a mutant zombie and it was obvious that she still had human consciousness and thought.

“Su Yan!”

Su Wan subconsciously stepped a few steps forward and immediately came before Yan Yu and Su Yan.

Seeing the woman who had the appearance of a zombie in front of her, Su Yan’s gaze flickered. She felt the intimate and familiar air, the air that she would never mistake, this was her sister’s air.

“Elder……elder sister?”

Su Yan laboriously spoke. She lived alone in a group of zombies for more than 3 years. Although she advanced long ago, she had not spoken for a long time.

She was very lonely, very irritable.

She was always looking for something, but she couldn’t remember what she was looking for until she came across Yan Yu. The strange smell on his body made Su Yan feel familiarity, and Su Wan’s appearance finally evoked Su Yan’s dusty memories.

“Elder sister, is that really you?”

Su Yan put away the vines that were entangling Yan Yu and dazedly looked at Su Wan, tears pooling at her eyes.

“It’s me.”

Su Wan slowly changed to her human appearance in front of Su Yan. Seeing her elder sister’s appearance, Su Yan couldn’t help but to rush over and wail as she hugged Su Wan: “Elder sister, you’re still alive! It’s really great! I finally found you, I finally don’t have to be alone anymore.”

Regardless of whether one is a human or a zombie, as long as you possess awareness, you will feel loneliness and would be afraid of silence and loneliness.

Seeing Su Yan’s wailing appearance in Su Wan’s arms, Yan Yu was dumbfounded.

Obviously, this female zombie who was about his age did not look pretty at all, but Yan Yu didn’t dislike her at all. Even when he tried to touch her sea of consciousness with his spirit power, her tranquil sea of consciousness had a strong affinity which made large fluctuations in Yan Yu’s spirit power.

She gave him a very gentle and intimate feeling, just like a friend who he had known for many years.

“How touching, it turned out that she was Shimu’s younger sister!”

Little Li Xiang rubbed his eyes. In fact, he was congratulating himself. Fortunately, he cleverly saw that he couldn’t handle her so he looked for someone to help.  If he really had laid down his hand in a fit of anger, then wouldn’t he become an eternal sinner?

No, according to Shifu’s personality, he may have become a dead man? Well, to be precise, a zombie specimen?


Little Li Xiang felt a chill and decided to stop thinking about this disturbing assumption.

In fact, Little Li Xiang could not completely understand his Shifu’s true thoughts –

Su Rui: Hey, have you hugged enough ah? I’ve never hugged for such a long period of time! It’s fine if you stop before going too far! Don’t think that I won’t do anything to you because you are a woman!

Anyone who appears beside Su Wan, who can disperse her attention, disperse her concern, regardless of whether they’re a human or zombie, male or female, were existences that Su Rui could not tolerate.

In short, it’s enough for their family’s Su Wan to have him alone! General Su can take on hundreds of thousands by himself, there’s no need for explanations! 1

Perhaps it was because Su Rui’s gaze was too strange, Su Yan, who always had a good perception, felt his gaze and immediately let go of Su Wan. Then she pulled Su Wan’s hand and carefully asked: “Elder sister, that fella over there has been looking at us, feels very scary.”

Su Yan didn’t know whether she should use “person” or “zombie” to describe Su Rui because he gave her a very strange feeling. Looking at his appearance, he looked just like her, but when she felt the air around his body, Su Yan still felt Su Rui’s dangerous nature even though Su Rui did not wildly release his mighty pressure….

“He is…..”

Su Wan paused: “He is your brother-in-law.”

Even though the entire base treated them as a couple, the two people had been arranged to stay together over the years, but in reality, the two people ordinarily lived together.

At that time, the fact that Yan Yu kept calling him “brother-in-law” “brother-in-law”. Was under Su Rui’s misleadings. These few years he called him as such till it became a habit, and no one corrected him.

As a result, this was actually the first time Su Wan acknowledged Su Rui’s “status”, and also in front of this body’s dear younger sister.

Sure enough, once he heard Su Wan’s words, Su Rui, who had been paying close attention to the both of them, teleported before Su Yan.

“Little sister, I am Su Rui, it’s fine to call me brother-in-law. This is the first time I’ve seen you. In the future, please take care of me!”

As Su Rui spoke, he also revealed an extremely sincere and charming smile.

Brother-in-law’s face changes so fast! Little sister accepts her incompetence ah!

Su Yan was dazed for a moment, her heart feeling tangled. Didn’t this brother-in-law seem completely unreliable? But she really felt that he was formidable. Su Yan was still very confident in her perception. And as for not avoiding her sister’s identity as a zombie and whatnot, she can see that he’s a good man.

As a result, Su Yan very cheerfully acknowledge a certain person’s existence –

“Hello brother-in-law, taking care of elder sister all these years have been hard for brother-in-law!”

“Sister, brother-in-law!”

At this time, Yan Yu, who had been continuously neglected, couldn’t help but to come forward again. He scratched his head with some embarrassment and looked at Su Yan with a limpid gaze: “So it turns out that you are Su Yan meimei? My name is Yan Yu, I was adopted by elder sister and brother-in-law!”

Su Wan: ……..

What adopted, how is it like this? How could she not have known?

“Me too, me too!”

At this time, Little Li Xiang also jumped out to paint the feeling of his existence: “Hello, Xiao Shigu! I’m Li Xiang, I was also adopted by Shifu and Shimu!” [Footnote] Shigu refers to the Master’s (Shifu’s) sister. He’s basically addressing her as ‘Aunt’[/footnote]

Su Wan: …….

The Li Tao couple have already cried and fainted in the toilet, okay?

Su Yan: It turns out that elder sister and brother-in-law are so compassionate. It seems that you really cannot judge a person by their appearance. This brother-in-law is indeed a lot more reliable than Chu Feiyang that selfish person!

There is a phrase called birds of a feather flock together.

Su Wan quietly tugged on Su Rui’s sleeve: “Did Yan Yu and Little Li Xiang recently keep going to the laboratory ah? I think they’ve been infected by Chi Yi, that fool.”

Su Rui: ……

Actually, the person that Li Xiang and Yan Yu have been staying with the longest is Su Rui, but Su Rui will definitely not admit his “cute foolish” nature. Cute is still okay, foolish is completely not okay!

Cough cough.

Su Rui straightened his face and immediately whispered: “Yan Yu, Longyan’s people have come over. They should’ve run over for the new drug. You should go back first and handle them ba.”

“The people from Longyan Base?”

Yan Yu still hadn’t answered when Su Yan involuntarily spoke: “Is it a team led by a fire ability user?”

“You know him?”

Su Wan looked at Su Yan with a puzzled look.

“More than knowing him!”

Su Yan’s gaze was angry: “I came across them on the road the other day and they almost caught me as an experimental sample!”

In the past few years, along with the mutation and advancement of zombies, every major bases had started to publicly and secretly conduct research related to zombies, it’s just that there wasn’t much progress.

Now, except for the Green Leaves research institute from legends, the laboratory that could develop practical drug products is only Maple Leaf Laboratory in Cangya Base.

“Really ‘destiny will make enemies meet’ ah.”

Su Wan sighed at the arrangement of fate. The Su Yan of the previous life died under the hands of those from Longyan Base and in the end, Longyan Base was personally exterminated by Yan Yu.

In this life, they took the initiative to release information about the drug, but in reality, they were looking for an opportunity to oppose other bases, and now, Longyan Base was the first to take the initiative to deliver themselves to their doorstep. It seems that they didn’t seek death enough ah!

BLU: I can imagine Cangya Base going: *evil smile* Kekeke, all according to keikaku!

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