Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 100

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SEG Chapter 5.16 —Supporting Female Reversal System

Finally, Yan Yu went back to deal with the envoy from Longyan Base. Of course, Su Rui and Su Wan would not ask how he handled it because Longyan’s people were already doomed to have no return.

The people from other bases all know that Yan Yu is a mutated spirit ability user and could deter the zombies outside the base, making them not dare to approach Cangya Base. And the masses in Cangya Base merely felt that those zombies outside their base were very kind and honest, never taking the initiative to attack humans.

But they did not know the real reason. The truth is that this group of zombies have long been controlled by someone. The person controlling them is naturally, Su Wan, who stayed in the city all day long and seemed to be idling away her time.

Zombies were a new species that emerged after the end of the world. Actually, they were like humans, needing constant evolution and survival of the fittest.

Although Su Wan has always been in the base these past few years, she occasionally goes out with Su Rui. They brought Little Li Xiang to upgrade within the zombie group and also subdued the other mutant zombies nearby the base. In the eyes of others, the large group of zombies in this area was noq no different from the group a few years back. However,  the zombie army here were high-level zombies with initial awareness. The crystal nuclei of the zombies who lacked the ability to restore their consciousness and become human, were contributed to other individuals who had the ability to upgrade.

Now, Su Yan has also come here. Since she has not reached level 4, she cannot restore her human form. But because Su Yan also had a very good talent in controlling the zombie army, Su Wan decided to let her temporarily stay outside the base with Little Li Xiang.

And since they may be fighting with Longyan soon. It should also be time for the large zombie army to show its fangs…..

The progress of the matter was similar to Su Wan’s prediction. The Longyan people were met with Yan Yu’s rejection and left with great fury. Not long after they left, theirsmall squad encountered an attack by a large group of zombies and they were gloriously wiped out!

There was a quick reaction from Longyan’s side. They unyieldingly believed that this was a  deliberate planned act of “murder” and that the person responsible for this event was naturally someone from Cangya Base!

While vehemently condemning Cangya Base, they also resolutely demanded that they hand over the murderer within 10 days. Otherwise Longyan Base would impose military sanctions on Cangya Base!

When the news came out, all the major surrounding bases began to move their forces. On the surface, everyone was watching the fight from the ramparts, but they actually wanted to fish for benefits. 1

At this time, the people of Cangya Base were very indignant.

In their opinion, it was the people of Longyan Base that first showed the hypocritical sense of friendship by dispatching people over to snatch their “drug”, and after being rejected, they flew into a rage and “framed” them. This was extremely shameless!

Under  surging indignance, the entire base entered an energetic state of war preparations –You want war? Then there’ll be war!

Just when there was a thick smell of gunpowder between the two bases, Longxiang’s people suddenly visited Cangya Base under the leadership of Yang Zixi.

Yang Zixi had planned everything long ago and was, at this point in time, bringing Yang Wu and others through the entrance of Cangya Base when her expression instantly changed.

System prompt: Discovered Dr. L’s breath within 10 kilometres of the host!

Dr. L…..

In the previous life, he was a particularly mysterious man. Besides knowing that his name was Ling Jing and that he was 26 this year, any other personal information about Dr. L in the system was blank.

Even the system did not know the true face of this mysterious Dr. L and could only rely on the seemingly absurd breath to barely determine his approximate location.

Yang Zixi thought that she still had to wait a long time to get a chance to get close to the Green Leaf Institute. So she didn’t expect that she would actually bump into Dr. L here! 2

Green Leaf Institute.

Maple Leaf Laboratory.

Yang Zixi’s gaze suddenly glistened: Don’t tell me that Dr. L is currently in Maple Leaf Laboratory?

Once this speculation appeared in her heart, Yang Zixi felt more and more that her idea was correct.

It must be Dr. L. Otherwise, how could there be a second genius who could develop a zombie virus?

With such an unexpected surprise, Yang Zixi and Yan Yu had a very cordial and friendly meeting!

When Yang Zixi and Yan Yu were meeting, Su Wan and Su Rui were blatantly sitting in the conference room next door. The both of them did not speak, just quietly sensing something.

It has been 4 years since they entered this world and although they had been paying attention to and gathering news about Yang Zixi. It was the first time that they were in close proximity with the target.

The people in the next meeting room dispersed.

Su Wan returned to her senses from her prior state and profoundly looked at Su Rui: “Did you feel it?”


Su Rui nodded: “In Yang Zixi’s sea of consciousness, there is a spiritual fluctuation that does not belong to her. It should be the system that is lodging in her mind. It’s similar to artificial intelligence, but it should actually be considered a parasitic spiritual body. I could feel that it currently has very large fluctuations and its spirit strength is a little weaker than mine. However, if we rashly move, I’m not sure if I can destroy it in one go.”

“I know.”

Su Wan nodded: “According to the information that we currently have Yang Zixi is a healing-system and space-system dual-ability user, but in reality, she only has the healing ability that she took the opportunity to plunder from the original Female Lead. The so-called space ability actually does not exist. The space that she uses is her system’s space. It cannot only store materials and produce food, but also living things. Also, once Yang Zixi encounters a life and death crisis, she will be automatically pulled into that space by the system, so we must not rush to deal with her, otherwise we will beat the grass and startle the snake, causing endless disasters.”

System space……..

Spiritual lodging………

Su Rui was silent for a moment: “Xiao Wan, according to our mission prompts, this system is rejected by the laws of this world, and it lodges in Yang Zixi’s sea of consciousness, forcing Yang Zixi to complete all sorts of missions. These missions should be its source to restorespirit power for opposing the laws of the world. I noticed earlier that Yang Zixi and the system’s spirit fluctuations have been in a state of excitement. I guess that they must have other tasks this time at Cangya Base.”

Hearing Su Rui’s words, Su Wan’s gaze suddenly brightened: “You are thinking….. of wrecking her mission?”


Su Rui nodded, “The system in her sea of consciousness still hasn’t discovered my spirit power for the time being. I can constantly monitor their movements and spy for the real purpose they came!”……

Yang Zixi, who had left the conference room, did not know that she was being “monitored” by Su Rui. She was excitedly bringing Yang Wu and another female ability user that she had carefully raised, to tour the sights of the entire Cangya Base with Yan Yu. When she was passing Maple Leaf Laboratory, Yang Zixi specially stayed there for a few more seconds and probingly asked Yan Yu to see the legendary great scientist. Unfortunately, this idea was refused because the other party was in the middle of doing experiments.

However, Yang Zixi was not discouraged. She found an opportunity to leave with Yang Wu, leaving behind the female ability user who was similar in age with Yan Yu to stay with him alone.

Although Yan Yu was young, he was very adept in discerning a person’s thoughts from their body language. Seeing the little girl whose face was flushing red and Yang Zixi’s nimble departing figure, Yan Yu’s face slightly sunk –

What a honey trap, she can even think of this!

After leaving Yan Yu’s line of sight, Yang Zixi relaxed her whole body and unconsciously brought Yang Wu to the outside of Maple Leaf Laboratory. This was the most guarded place in Cangya Base and right now, they could only look from afar.

“Young Miss, is it okay to leave Liu Yu alone with Yan Yu?”

Yang Wu was still worried about Liu Yu in his heart and did not notice the gleam in Yang Zixi’s gaze as she stared at the laboratory.

Liu Yu was a plant-system ability user. She was found and carefully raised by Yang Zixi 2 years ago. Now, she is only 13 years old and was already a level 4 ability user!

At first, Yang Wu did not know the true reason Yang Zixi raised Liu Yu, until on the way to Cangya Base, he accidentally heard Yang Zixi’s command to Liu Yu. Only then, did Yang Wu knew that Yang Zixi painstakingly raised Liu Yu for the sake of giving her to Yan Yu!

This made Yang Wu’s heart very uncomfortable. He didn’t know when it started, but Eldest Miss has become so unscrupulous.

She has been able to call the wind and summon the rain in Longxiang Base, and Yang Wu has also been to Yang Zixi’s space. In that magical space of hers, there were large fields and spring water, just like paradise. 3

For a moment, Yang Wu even imagined that, far away from the bothers of the end of the world just like this, leaving Longxiang Base, just him and Yang Zixi the both of them, depending on his body and her space and finding a place with no disturbances, they could live a carefree life. At that time, men will plough while women will weave, children running around their knees. It would surely be a happy and blissful appearance.


This was all just Yang Wu’s wild wishes.

He personally witnessed as Yang Zixi changed from an ordinary person to today’s Base Leader who could call the wind and summon the rain.

He has followed all the way, the wind and rain did not change.

Now, he is still that unswerving shadow behind her, and she, has long strayed from the appearance in his memory…..

BLU:  uwu Yang Wu is kinda pitiful. Anyway, we’re at 100 chapters! I didn’t think that I’d stick with something for this long seeing how fickle I am~ Pretty sure it’s because my dear readers’ comments encourage me? (*´σ з`) ~♪ *:゚* Hope we all stick around for another 100 chapters!

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  6. Is someone truly pitiful if they can’t get over someone they loved who has turned into someone else and he continues to allow himself to be used for evil. Don’t tell me she isn’t evil, he has witnessed her do evil things like pushing people into Zombie hordes and more. The fact he is still following her even though she isn’t the one he promised himself to just means he is weak minded and doesn’t mind being ruthless.

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