Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 98

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SEG Chapter 5.14 —Supporting Female Reversal System

In 3 years, Yang Zixi was successfully promoted to a high position and became Longxiang Base’s leader. Just 2 months ago, she brought Yang Wu and a group of trusted subordinates and successfully obtained the hot weapons from the military base outside B City!

With these weapons, the ordinary people within Longxiang Base could also gain combat power.

At this time, she also learned of the latest news from Cangya Base. Yang Zixi was surprised at first. As expected, after she was reborn, the world had changed too much –

In the system’s data, there was no “Maple Leaf Laboratory” in the past life.

And Cangya Base should’ve fallen apart after Lu Qin’s death by this time in the previous life.

But now, Lu Qin was still alive and well, and Cangya Base not only developed very well, Cangya even developed a drug inhibitor for the zombie virus!

This may be what is called the Butterfly Effect.

Yang Zixi and the military people have had dealings before. She knows that these people were absolutely determined to have control over the new research drug. Now the forces of all parties have begun to stir. Alone Cangya Base would not be their match at all.

Now it was the best time for her to take a shot – to win over Cangya Base and to obtain Yan Yu’s favorable impression and trust ……

When the surrounding forces were ready to make trouble, the people of Cangya Base still lived their days quietly and peacefully.

Because Yan Yu was there, the zombies around the base rarely attacked humans. Cangya Base had already expanded several times compared to 3 years ago. Now, people had their own fields and orchards and under the care of plant and water system ability users, the fruit trees and vegetable fields all grew very well. The entire base had achieved self-sufficiency a year ago.

In the past 2 years, Lu Qin gradually began to retreat behind the scene. Although he was still the leader of the entire base, all affairs in the base were in fact, handed over to Yan Yu to handle.

Now, Yan Yu was almost 13 years old. Because of the rapid growth of spirit power and high-level tempering these few years, he seemed much more mature than the average teenager.

The entire Cangya Base was well managed by Yan Yu. And Su Wan, who had long upgraded to a level 6 zombie within these past 3 years, still maintained the outer appearance of a zombie. Well, looking at this zombie-like appearance, she got used to it.

On the contrary, Su Rui kept accompanying her and had to put on zombie makeup all the time, causing Su Wan to feel very troubled for him. However, our family’s Doctor seemed to find this very enjoyable, and in order to prove that he had future prospects as a “zombie”, he changed to a new style every year –

Everyone in the base: This year, Mr. Su’s new style is also awesome!

Question: Which family is leading the fashion trend in the zombie circle? Produced by Cangya Base, Mr. Su is the best!

“Mr. Su!”

Today, Su Rui was just considering whether to change his hairstyle or not when Li Tao suddenly walked in with a harried expression.

The current Li Tao had become a level 5 ability user. Although he wasn’t the strongest in Cangya Base, he was still the ability user that had the most influence in the base.

Everyone knows that he is Yan Yu’s “elder”, but very few people know the true reason why Yan Yu respected Li Tao……

“What happened?”

Li Tao was considered a relatively dependable person in Su Rui ‘s heart. An anxious look, such as now was really rare.

“The people of Longyan Base have come.”

In the current end of the world, there were four major bases. The base ranked first was Yanzhi Base, second-ranked Longxiang Base, third-ranked Longyan Base, and the fourth-ranked LLingtian Base.

Longyan was the closest place to Cangya and was also the first major base that Yan Yu destroyed in the past life.

This fellow came really fast.

“You should look for Yan Yu to handle this kind of matter.”

Su Rui looked at Li Tao, his tone was very indifferent.

This doctor has always been responsible for publicly showing affection, do you not understand?

Fighting and killing and whatnot. Those were the most troublesome, don’t you think so!

“The Young Master is not here.”

When he mentioned this, Li Tao hesitated: “Thinking about it, he was called away by the Young Master not long ago and both of them have not returned yet.”


Su Rui raised his eyes. Li Xiang had officially become Su Rui’s disciple.  In the past few years, he followed Su Rui and practiced while leading a group of zombies outside the base. Now, the little kid still wasn’t 8 years old yet and he was already the little overlord of the tens of thousands of zombies outside the base.

Speaking of which, Li Xiang was still young and it was normal to be a bit naughty and playful. However, Yan Yu that child’s self-tempering nature was about the same and would very rarely follow Little Li Xiang to mess around.

Thinking of this, Su Rui couldn’t help but turn and look at Su Wan.

Usually, during her free time, Su Wan would quietly sit in the room and absorb the energy stones. This kind of energy stones was also Maple Leaf Lab’s newest product. Of course, it was still in the research phase but because it was Su Rui’s personal experiment, Mo Yin and Chi Yi just took a shot, so Su Wan still very assuredly used these energy stones.

If the doctor produced it, it must definitely be quality goods.

Actually, Su Wan also heard what Li Tao said. Right now, she felt that Su Rui was looking at her so Su Wan slowly opened her eyes. Now, she was already a level 6 zombie and her mental strength was strong, allowing her to engage in long-distance communication with surrounding autonomous zombies.

“I found Li Xiang and company’s position.”

Su Wan used her mental strength to get in touch with Li Xiang. At this time, her face was somewhat weird: “I think that it’s better for us to go.”


Su Rui stood up, quietly walked over to Su Wan and softly tugged her hand: “Tell me their location!”

Soon after that, Li Tao blankly stared as a pitch-black whirling pit appeared behind Su Rui and both their bodies disappeared after being sucked into it…….

The teleportation ability from the legends!

Li Tao involuntarily thought of the words that his son keep repeating – “My shifu is very amazing, he is the most amazing in the whole world.” [Footnote] Shifu means Master.[/footnote]

In fact, in the past few years, Li Tao had never seen Su Rui lay a hand nor kill anyone, but he still faintly felt that this very mysterious “Mr. Su” is very strong.

But strong to what extent?

No one knew the answer, at least, till now Li Tao still couldn’t even say what level Mr. Su’s abilities were at…..

80 kilometers outside Cangya Base, a space vortex appeared out of thin air. Su Rui brought Su Wan out and walked side by side.

“Shifu! Shimu!” [Footnote] Shimu refers to the Master’s wife.[/footnote]

Little Li Xiang was the first to rush over. He already became a level 4 zombie long ago and could already recover his human form and looked no different from other 8 or 9-year-old children in the base.

“What happened?”
Su Rui was always calm whenever he faced Li Xiang. The so-called strict teacher produced a brilliant student. As a child, our family’s General Su was trained by a large group of mad and iron-willed instructors, so he was always very strict with his apprentice.


Little Li Xiang’s eyes turned, raised his hand to grip the edge of Su Wan’s clothes and hid behind her –

Shifu is a henpecked male, throughout the base, who didn’t know?

Little Li Xiang raised his face and pitifully looked at Su Wan: “Shimu, it really doesn’t have anything to do with me ah! That female zombie is so powerful, Xiang er is no match for her. I looked for Yan Yu gege to help, but who would’ve thought, who would’ve thought…..”

“I know.”

Su Wan stroked Little Li Xiang’s head: “You didn’t do anything wrong, but you made a great contribution!”


Little Li Xiang was somewhat astonished as he lifted his head to look at Su Wan, but he saw Su Wan’s gentle gaze as she looked at that female zombie who was fighting with Yan Yu not far away.

She was obviously only a level 3 zombie, but she had a very abnormal variation of a plant ability. In this mountain forest, every tree, every grass were her weapons!

Following Su Wan’s gaze, Su Rui also saw that female zombie, that was fighting with Yan Yu not far away.

According to Yan Yu’s current level of abilities and spirit power, it should be very easy to handle this kind of enemy,  but on the contrary, he was entangled in the other party’s vines.

The other party did not seem to want to harm him and Yan Yu also didn’t use his spirit power to deal her a ruthless hand.

The two obviously weren’t acquainted with each other, but they had a strange feeling and didn’t want to harm the other from the bottom of their hearts…..

“Is it Su Yan?”

Su Rui couldn’t help but to turn around and look at Su Wan.

“Yes ah.”

Su Wan smiled. It was Su Yan, her younger sister Su Yan.

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