Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 81

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Chapter 81

SEG Chapter 4.22 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (22) 



“Night Rain, do you really believe that Su Cheng Wan Yue has never liked Di Shi Tian?”

Although Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s words did not set off even a tiny bit of a wave in Su Rui’s heart, her sentence made the members of the two guilds, Eternal Night and Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven, especially the sisters in the guild, very unhappy –

Beautiful Woman: Wei wei wei, that shameless person over there, your man went offline already but you’re still here to seduce our family’s Male God? Can you please have some integrity and self-knowledge? Our family’s Leader Male God is naturally Goddess Wan Yue’s. Does it have any relationship with you ah?

Yin on July 7: Precisely. Which woman has not mistakenly liked scum? Even if Wan Yue previously truly liked Scum Man Tian, that is also past tense!

Popular Woman: There is a kind of green tea, called Hui Mou Yi Xiao, fifty cents for one share, buy one get one free!

Dancing Baby:  Aunty, sowing discord is not popular nowadays. Even if you were acting as a vicious female side character, I would still dislike you for being too OUT!1

Before Phoenix Dances’ sisters, Hui Mou Yi Xiao became the incarnation of a slag with only 5 combat power. 2 It’s a reference to an episode in Dragon Ball (?) I’ll put the link at the end.3 She moved her lips, a tear-falling-before-she-could-speak expression.

It’s a pity that the men in the surrounding crowd were just enjoying the fun. Who has the mood to go and show pity for the fairer sex ah?

Also, if everyone still couldn’t see Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s true nature until now, then they should eat some brain fragments to pull up their below average IQ…..

“Really boring.”

Su Rui reached Su Wan and smilingly looked at her: “Want me to bring you go level?”


Su Wan nodded. The two of them were still in a team, so Su Wan frankly went to follow the team leader. Afterwards, the both of them left this hornet’s nest as though no one else was present. By the time Hui Mou Yi Xiao struggled out from the siege of the crowd, only did she realize that Night Rain and Su Cheng Wan Yue had already long walked away, walked away, away………

This day was a very lively day. This day was also a milestone for  Huaxia region’s《Lingshen》.

After Di Shi Tian went offline, there was soon a video of Night Rain killing Di Shi Tian uploaded onto the forum –

Huaxia Region’s PK God unexpectedly appears, refuse to accept? Then, come and fight!

District 4’s number one Di Shi Tian was crushed to slags.

Throughout the day, the entire forum was congested with comments of player’s excited rambling and hundreds of thousands of repeated broadcasts of videos. The entire Huaxia region’s forum nearly became paralysed due to excess traffic.

Night Rain, first fight and was titled a God!

First fight and became famous throughout the entire Huaxia region! Outstanding in the crowd, full of confidence! Even the always self-important North America region’s number one in fighting power, Jack, also climbed over the wall and downloaded Night Rain’s PK video, even republishing it on his own homepage. The stage of reality and virtual was set off by PK God Night Rain, the topic of occupation and occupation changes swept across the global region 《Lingshen》for a time. Even this made a decisive contribution to the future of 《Lingshen》to introduce two occupation changes and two major occupation skills.

In such an atmosphere, an inconspicuous ID, quietly threw in a small video that most people have never seen before into the forum –

Discussing 《Lingshen》which guy’s public display of affection is strong!

Original poster: Ice Cold Small Hands – I won’t talk, I’m just a small video porter!

This was a brief video. The video begins with Night Rain approaching from mid-air, brandished a Mage staff and a glacier immediately formed across thousands of miles.

Then, the video frame turned, it was Su Cheng Wan Yue coming out from the transmission array, the endless yellow sand, among thousands of people, the two people looked at each other, only separated by air.

At this time, the background music sounded, it was the most popular love song in Huaxia this season 《One Glance Millenium》.

After that, a soft light special effect was added onto the video. Night Rain walked to Su Cheng Wan Yue, single-handedly took her into his arms and the two of them quickly flew into the sky. After that, the video’s line of sight changed from the sky to the earth. Everyone could see the frozen monsters automatically composing 5 big words – Little Wan, I love you!

It was already unneeded to watch anymore. A lot of sisters in front of the computer, who inadvertently opened this video, already cried till they were tired. Wu wu wu, Night Rain is so handsome, so infatuated! This husband in this life, even if they immediately died, they were willing!

An hour later, Ice Cold Small Hands’ video actually rose above the large number of PK  videos, occupying the top spot in the forum.

After those originally unconvinced PK madmen clicked in, they wanted to go and pick faults, but in the end, they could only silently withdraw, incidentally wanting to continue ridiculing in their hearts –

Your mother! You grew up so handsome, if your PK is good, then forget about it! Your chasing after a wife skills are also more high-end than us brothers, and the low-key extravagance has connotation!

Can you let us mortals happily play ah?

Damn it, if Laozi has one-tenth of Night Rain, no, even one percent will do, using his one percent, once you go chase the next-door campus belle, you can completely get her easily with no pressure, okay?


Going offline from 《Lingshen》, Su Rui massaged his arm. Although 《Lingshen》 was advertised as the highest degree of immersiveness, but in the game today, when Su Rui used the wooden sword to battle Ye Tian, he used internal his internal force because of the limitations of the game data. He forcefully poured his internal force into the wooden sword. Otherwise, how could he cause such a high damage value?

Now that he went offline, Su Rui’s pair of arms were slightly sore. This was because the game data rejected the internal force, causing a reverse shock.

Sighing, Su Rui simply sat on the bed and began to adjust his internal breathing in his dantian to recuperate his internal force. Time passed by and when Su Rui opened his eyes again, it was already an hour later.

Through the door of the bedroom, he could sniff out the fragrance coming from the kitchen. That fragrance was very rich and was also mixed with a touch of familiarity for Su Rui.

The chef came really early today!

Perhaps because he exerted himself too much today, Su Rui was really hungry. He got up and made a beeline for the kitchen. As a result, when he walked to the entrance of the kitchen, Su Rui was stunned in place.

Su Wan was standing in the kitchen with an apron around her, a head full of straight black hair loosely coiled behind her head. Right now, she was stirring the soup with a serious face. Because her back was facing the entrance the whole time, she didn’t immediately realise that Su Rui had arrived.

Two dishes have already been prepared in the kitchen with an exquisite appearance and rich aroma.

Su Rui recognised the two dishes at a glance. One of them was chicken shredded white fungus and the other was salt stir-fried meat, and what Su Wan was currently making was…..

“Ginger fish fillet!”

Su Rui unconsciously blurted out the name of the dish. This was what he loved to eat the most when he was in the General fu.

“This has also been sniffed out by you.”

Su Wan heard Su Rui and immediately chuckled: “This is my first time making it, if it’s not tasty, don’t get angry ah!”

“How could I. As long as you made it, I will eat it clean.”

Su Rui leaned on the kitchen door, both his hand crossed in front of his chest, silently gazing at Su Wan’s figure: “Su Wan, this is the first time you cooked for me.”

Su Wan’s hand holding the spatula slightly stiffened: “Is it? I didn’t notice.”

“He he.” (Gentle laughter)

Su Rui smiled and remembered that in the last world, he deliberately looked for a pretext to stay over and Su Wan only called an unpalatable takeout to send to him.

Now, is their relationship not the same as before?

“Su Wan, I’m really very happy today, how about I go and open a bottle of red wine?”

As he spoke, he did not wait for Su Wan’s answer and returned to his room. Now, the high-end furniture and precious red wine in the bedroom were all air-lifted by our family’s “Young Master Situ”.

Hearing the footsteps of Su Rui leaving, Su Wan dazedly looked at the fish fillets in the pot, somewhat lost in thought.

She didn’t know what happened to her. Obviously, she always warned herself not to give him any hope, but today he inexplicably moved her, especially when Su Rui brought her levelling in the afternoon. Su Wan had long realized that his arm was different, but seeing him enduring it, Su Wan did not ask further.

But going offline, Su Wan still immediately went to the door to Su Rui’s room. She wanted to look at his situation in passing, but as a result, she saw Su Rui lying on the bed, recuperating his internal force. At that moment, Su Wan suddenly felt a bit distressed.

So when she turned and left, she didn’t return to her room but went directly to the kitchen. Based on the memories of the Little Junzhu that she received when she was in the Great Xia Dynasty, she found some simple dishes that Su Rui liked to eat. So she bustled about in the kitchen alone.

Perhaps, the Su Wan at this time still hasn’t realised one thing that even she was not willing to admit –

Su Rui, for her, was no longer a stranger.


Slag with only 5 combat power explanation link :


Su Rui, for her, was no longer a stranger.

KYAAAAAAA~ I’m so excited! I feel like screaming into my pillow! I feel like bashing my head against a table! *dances around in joy*


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  4. 阿姨,现在不流行挑拨离间了,你连当个恶毒女配我都嫌你太OUT了!
    Aunty, sowing discord is not popular nowadays. Even if you were acting as a vicious female side character, I would still dislike you for being too OUT!
    OUT= slang for being outdated, behind times.

    Thank you for the new chapters! uwu so happy that our MC is finally warming up to Su Rui <3

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