Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 80

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SEG Chapter 4.21 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (21) 



“This, this is impossible!”

Sounds of praise and admiration came from the surroundings, Di Shi Tian dazedly looked at the unharmed Su Rui. He was not convinced that one can solely rely on moving alone to dodge the set attack range set by the game. This was not possible at all! This is not real!

At this time, Di Shi Tian’s vision was distracted. His mind was uneasy and even forgot to continue attacking Su Rui. Right at this moment, Su Rui suddenly raised his staff and released a level 75 Mage skill, Seal of Time. This is a group seal skill and can seal all target characters in the effective range for 10 seconds!

Di Shi Tian naturally couldn’t escape and for the next 10 seconds, violent snow skills and ice curses rained down in succession. Di Shi Tian’s health bar bottomed out again!

This time, Su Wan had already grasped the best timing. Almost at the moment when Di Shi Tian was toppling over, Forced Resurrection was immediately used on him followed by a Cure skill! Following the same pattern as last time!

“Continue ba.”

Su Rui still looked at Di Shi Tian with a cold face: “I don’t want to waste too much time on a good-for-nothing!”


For the first time in more than 20 years, Ye Tian was called a “good-for-nothing”!

At this moment, he tightly clenched the long sword in his hands and suddenly rushed at Su Rui: “Situ Ye, you bully people too much!”

Okay, it seems that all pretence of cordiality has been completely shed, even the real name is used.

Although Ye family was not in Haicheng, but they were also a famous family. Regarding the matters of Haicheng’s Situ family, they more or less understood.

Ye Tian knew that Situ Ye’s body was weak and had been sick a lot since childhood, so he didn’t believe that he, a dignified fighting champion in the game, actually can’t beat a chronic invalid?

Since skills are no good, then close-range combat, physical attacks!

Based on health capacity of Situ Ye that feeble Mage, he can grind him to death!

It must be said that although he was under a raging temper, Ye Tian’s IQ surprisingly rose! Only, it’s too bad that he didn’t know that this “Situ Ye” is already not Situ Ye.

Looking at the swift and fierce attack of the heavy sword before him, Su Rui contemptuously smiled and care-freely tossed his Mage cane into the air, then he took a sliding step and appeared in front of Ye Tian: “A sword, is not meant to be used like this!”

While speaking, a wooden novice sword appeared in Su Rui’s hand. In 《Lingshen》, when every character was born in the novice village, the system will gift a small wooden sword. It did not have occupation restrictions and anyone could use it!

The short and shoddy novice sword formed a distinct contrast with Ye Tian’s sharp and silver long sword. The two swords intertwined in mid-air. Su Rui pulled fancy sword move and stabbed at Ye Tian’s torso. Ye Tian’s longsword also stabbed at Su Rui at this time.

Time seemed to have slowed down innumerable times at this moment. Su Rui’s wooden sword itself was small. With the two people’s current position, it should be Ye Tian’s sword that wounded Su Rui first. Too bad that the opposite was true. Su Rui’s body made the most perfect response almost instantaneously. He made a dive and Ye Tian’s attack was lost!

Right now, Su Rui’s wooden sword directly penetrated into Ye Tian’s armour –

– 1,888

A high damage value floated on top of Ye Tian’s head and once again flashed everyone’s aluminium eyes blind –

Passerby A: Your mother, with the novice wooden sword’s property of 10-20, it can be used to hit 1888 points off Di Shi Tian’s health! System, are you playing me ba?

Passerby B: What do you know? This is the legendary Fatal Blow! As long as your operations and awareness is unequalled, then you can hit up a thousand damage even if you are bare-handed! Otherwise, how do you say that 《Lingshen》is the highest in the world? However, this is also the first time I saw someone achieve this! Night Rain truly is too TM great! Laozi is convinced!

Passerby C: Great God Night Rain! Throughout the ages, live as long as the world!

Passerby D: ……..

Just when the crowd marvelled, Su Rui once again dodged, going around to Ye Tian’s back like a ghost, the wooden sword in his hands made a back stab –


“Holy shit!”

At this time, the Assassins in the crowd seethed with excitement. Because of the way Su Rui used the novice wooden sword, was impressively the Assassin’s assassination skill Surprise Back Stab! 1

Whether it was his speed or his movements, or even the angle and strength of his hands, all were worthy of being called a textbook level of existence!

The Assassins within the crowd hadn’t finished marvelling when Su Rui leisurely gave Ye Tia a series of blows –

-2,000, -2,000, -2,000……

And then, Student Di Shi Tian gloriously fell and GAMEOVER again!

Everything happened too quickly. When Su Wan casted Forced Resurrection on Ye Tian, Su Rui already kept the novice wooden sword and just happened to receive the Mage staff that fell down from midair!

At this time, Ye Tian’s face was ashen, looking as if he lost confidence in life.

The surroundings suddenly became very quiet. At this time, no matter what mood everybody held at the very beginning to come and watch, right now, everyone tacitly kept silent –

Night Rain was formidable. That kind of unfathomable strength like a God even made the courage to be envious and jealous disappear.

No one dared to laugh at Di Shi Tian.

Because they know that before Night Rain, if any person present was switched in, they would be torn to pieces.

“Still coming?”

A casual tone leisurely sounded out.

Su Rui played with the Mage staff in his hands, lightly raised his eyebrow and looked at Ye Tian.

This one look did not have any provocation nor disregard, it serenity caused people to be flustered.

Right at this moment, Ye Tian realised, that from the very beginning, Night Rain was not provoking him at all –

An ant vainly attempting to shake an elephant was naturally overestimating its capabilities!

And the elephant unhurriedly strolled straight through the road, not ignoring the ants at all, but because the ants never appeared in his eyes.

Height is different, field of vision is different, the mood is also greatly different!

No one replied Su Rui’s question. Ye Tian’s figure slightly flashed, directly disappearing in front of everyone –

Di Shi Tian went offline!

Ye Tian at least maintained the pride of a man. Him going offline and haven’t been online ever since, this was, naturally, a story for later.

Right now, seeing Di Shi Tian directly go offline, the surrounding people felt shocked and felt that it was a matter of course –

If this matter was put onto someone else, who would foolishly not go offline ah!

Shitian members, who had been surpressed by Su Rui’s domineering air once Di Shi Tian went offline, all dejectedly left. Those who wanted to return to the city, returned to the city. Those who wanted to go offline, went offline.

Hui Mou Yi Xiao still stood in place, her face ashen.

The man who could originally shelter her from the wind and rain, that could do everything for her, was totally defeated before her eyes.

Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s heart was shaken!

For the first time, she realised that there was actually such a powerful man in the game!

And such an outstanding man was exploited and deceived by Su Cheng Wan Yue that murdering demon. This really was too much!

“Night Rain!”

Seeming to have exhausted all her strength, Hui Mou Yi Xiao suddenly stepped forward to call Su Rui to a stop: “I have some words, that I want to tell you, regarding…… Su Cheng Wan Yue.”


Su Rui raised his eyebrow, not at all concealing the disgust in his eyes: “Very stupid!”

As he spoke, he already unhesitantly strode over to Su Wan.

“Night Rain, do you truly believe that Su Cheng Wan Yue has never liked Di Shi Tian before?”

Seeing that Night Rain was not willing to pay attention to her, Hui Mou Yi Xiao was forced to shout. Her shouting was to make those crowds of spectators, who hadn’t walked far, pause their steps –

Your mother, this drama today you sang to make me appear, is this going from fighting and killing to passion and love?  2

However, we like to watch ah! Continue quietly watching…….

BLU: From ‘And such an outstanding man was exploited and deceived by Su Cheng Wan Yue that murdering demon. This really was too much! ‘ onwards:


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  1. last bit probably means from adrenaline action show to sudden soap opera, that kind of twist, who’d miss it?! Like a movie’s after credit long scene, sit down fellas, chew on some left over popcorn! xD

  2. I think that the last line meant that they are going from action genre to romance genre but they don’t mind watching.

  3. HMYX, your man already logged off, you still want to jump to your death? Su Wan didn’t PK you enough? Want more? Please proceed.

    Thanks for the chapters!

  4. FL is what you would call a cancer it’s just a game why would you take it so seriously lol it’s not like its her livelihood or anything

  5. XD I think the bystanders mean “WOW this drama that drew so many audience members is changing from a revenge story (ML trying to kill Su Rui in place of Su Wan) to a soap opera love story (FL trying to make Su Rui fall in love with her and ‘save him from the evil Su Wan’)!”

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