Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 82

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SEG Chapter 4.23 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (23) 



In the past few days, Su Rui kept bringing Su Wan around the neutral map to level up, and wherever he went, thousands of miles will be frozen.

For such a big scene, every on-looking passerby can only express envy and jealousy, eh, hate? Oh, please! If you don’t want to be hunted down by Night Rain, it’s better to swallow down this word into your stomach.

Ever since that day Night Rain tyrannically made Di Shi Tian go offline, Shitian Guild had changed hands the next day. Hui Mou Yi Xiao also never appeared again, but did you think that this was the end?

On that day, Night Rain issued a wanted order throughout the whole server, all the members of Shitian Guild were wanted!

Just like the time Di Shi Tian put a wanted order on Su Cheng Wan Yue, only, it was one guild setting a wanted order on one person at that time. And now, it was precisely one person putting a wanted order on a whole guild!

It didn’t take long for Shitian Guild to disband, and after Shitian dissolved, Night Rain didn’t revoke the wanted order but changed the target to Wolf’s Fang Guild!

Lone Wolf tried to communicate with Su Cheng Wan Yue and even Night Rain, but it was very obvious that his move did not have any effect. The hunted Wolf’s Fang people withdrew from the guild the next day. Not long after, Lone Wolf also no longer came online……..

After Wolf’s Fang dissolved, when the players in the Huaxia region thought that the reign of terror in the Jianghu was finally over, a big name list suddenly appeared on the forum. The name list impressively contained all the people who took the reward for killing Su Cheng Wan Yue at that time, even those that previously mocked Phoenix Dances as being “unworthy” of Eternal Night were slapped in the face and put on the list!

At this time, only did everyone know, that our family’s Night Rain-daren would turn the whole server into an enemy for the sake of one woman ah!

It should be known that the people who wilfully hooted and jeered on the forum were scattered in various major regions of Huaxia and some were core members of some major guilds in other major regions. Don’t tell me that he wants to be the entire server’s public enemy?

Well, even if Night Rain did not do this, he was also the public enemy of every male player in the server! Because after Night Rain’s big list of names came out, the bottom of the post was filled with enthusiastic messages from the female players. The crowd of sisters felt that Leader Night Rain must not be too domineering! Su Cheng Wan Yue must not be too happy!

In order to let these lovers be well together, the sisters spontaneously decided to clean up the obstacles in their own district and sorting out the “sinners”. This large-scale hunting continued just like this for 2 months, and this experience was still the most popular legend in 《Lingshen》 for a long time after……

With Su Rui’s help, Su Wan very quickly rose to a full level 80 and Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven Guild also gradually established themselves in Huaxia’s District 4, indistinctly becoming the head of District 4. After the alliance with Eternal Night, Phoenix Dances formed an alliance with Xiaoyao Pavillion and the 3 guilds helped and protected each other. Not long after, the first attack on the guild fortress city on the neutral battlefield was opened!

This city was named “Late Moon City” and immediately presented to Su Wan. 1

Phoenix Dances sisters: Brother-in-law is so dashing! Brother-in-law is awesome!

Eternal Night Guild’s sisters: Leader-daren, will you die if you don’t publicly display your affection for one day?

#Our Leader-daren has a disease where he will die if he doesn’t publicly show affection. Can he be saved? Waiting online, very urgent!#

Su Rui didn’t have time to pay attention to that crowd of Eternal Night people whose glass hearts was broken into pieces because after he helped Su Wan increase her level to the max, Su Rui rarely came online. He was occupied with dealing with Ye family offline.

It was said that after Ye Tian retired from 《Lingshen》, he immediately took over the family business and began to lay a trap in the stock market to retaliate against the Situ family. Regarding stock market sniping, Su Rui still didn’t have any experience. Luckily, he had a finance genius by his side, Su Little Wan.

The two of them joined forces and quickly bet Ye family till they were in a sorry state. Su Rui still took advantage of the disease that wanted his life and directly fooled around till Ye family went bankrupt!

After Ye family went bankrupt, Ye Tian’s side finally ceased any movements and Su Wan did not immediately request to leave the mission world like in the past.

Su Wan didn’t leave, Su Rui naturally wouldn’t speak up and make her leave.

In fact, Su Rui liked this world very much, and he knew that 《Lingshen》will be updated again in 2 months. This time, the level will be newly updated to level 100, and will also launch a Marriage System, Shop System, a Territory Warfare System, and even the most followed closely Immigration System. The so-called Immigration System was specially for some citizens who changed their nationality while playing the game. Provided that you pay a set fee, then you can immigrate from your original region to your current region of your nationality.

Of course, Su Rui did not care for these at all. He just wants to wait for the Marriage System to be released and immediately propose to Su Wan, and then the two people will hold a wedding in the game that was more grand that the previous world’s.

Eh, wanting to marry in every world and whatnot, it’s awesome just thinking about it.

Su Wan doesn’t know Su Rui’s thought at all. The reason why she did not leave was because she knew that according to this world’s law, the Female Lead Hui Mou Yi Xiao would not be defeated so quickly. Now that she didn’t have Di Shi Tian, she could only dejectedly leave the game.

But, who was Hui Mou Yi Xiao?

She was that dazedly-go-out-the-door-and-get-hit-by-a-car,-and-the-person-driving-the-car-must-be-an-overbearing-president kind of lead.

If she went to look for a milk tea store to scrape a meagre living, the customer she accidentally meets must be an elite man who returned from abroad!

If she……

Anyway, wherever our family’s Hui Mou Yi Xiao walks, peach blossoms will bloom.

That’s right, this was the Female Lead’s Law!

The Female Lead will get more brave the more she is oppressed! The Female Lead must go out and meet a President!

When the Female Lead is in a difficult situation (when she is framed by people0, there will inevitably be all kinds of Presidents who happened to pass by due to various kinds of reasons……

The facts were just as Su Wan predicted. Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s real name was Yu Xiao Xiao. She and Ye Tian had developed into a couple in reality, but after Ye family went bankrupt, Ye Tian was unable to recover from the setback. Yu Xiao Xiao tried to get him to pull himself together again, so she started to go around to beg for help from those who were originally Ye Tian’s friends. It’s too bad that the rats left when the ship, Ye family, sunk. Who was still willing to help? However, there was a pervert who fancied Yu Xiao Xiao’s good looks and wanted something to happen with her. Yu Xiao Xiao innocently still though that that person was a good person, and by the time she realized that she was fooled, Yu Xiao Xiao hurriedly fled from the hall, sloppily dressed. Afterwards, she didn’t even look and got into an unfamiliar man’s car. Well, this man was coincidentally an overbearing President!

When the private detective passed on Yu  Xiao Xiao’s recent situation to Su Wan’s email, Su Wan also didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Just how many romance novels can be written based on this life of Yu Xiao Xiao’s?

Since the Heavens has let Yu Xiao Xiao have the opportunity to fall in love again, Su Wan thought about it, she’s afraid that she really has to stay in this world for a few more months.


Two months passed in an instant and 《Lingshen》 finally updated the latest version before Christmas, and the Marriage System and Immigration System all opened on time!

After logging into the game once again, seeing red roses as far as the eye can see and those pink words constantly flashing on the World Bulletin Board, all the players in the Huaxia region were all already immune, okay?

What Su Cheng Wan Yue marry me? What Su Cheng Wan Yue, I love you!

Night Rain this is enough!

As a Great God, using your life to publicly display affection like this, have you ever considered the feelings of us single people?

Have you ever understood a ** shred of sorrow of a man?

Crowd of single players expresses: Night Rain and Su Cheng Wan Yue’s big wedding or whatnot, for the wedding, I definitely will not…… not go!

It’s said that gold coins will be given out for the wedding?

It’s said that the beauties in Phoenix Dances are bridesmaids?

Okay, it’s definitely not for the gold coins! Definitely not for the beauties!

Night Rain’s proposal rose in the game for a full 3 hours. Su Wan was online, but right now, she couldn’t get married to Su Rui in the auditorium set in the game.

The matter is the purple drop –

3 hours ago

When you could log in into the game again, Su Wan immediately went online because she remembered that she still had a hidden task to complete. Opening the mission list, she found the task, as expected—

Hidden task: Mermaid King’s Wish (Unique)

Mission Progress 0%

Task Tip: The Mermaid King who has been sealed for a millennium misses her other clansmen. Player, please go to the Mermaid Town to find the Abyss Fish monster and collect 100 amethyst ambers.

This time, the system updated a new level cap and the new map, and the Mermaid Town was a level 85 map.

Su Wan didn’t think too much and directly transferred to the Mermaid Town. Amethyst Ambers were collection items and will fall from defeated Abyss Fish monsters, but the drop rate was not high. She fought and fought, and Su Wan noticed the boundless roses that Su Rui proposed to her on the World Announcement.

Closely following was Su Rui’s private message. Because Su Rui handled some of Situ family’s matters, he came online a little bit later than Su Wan.

Su Rui did not raise the matter of the proposal. He first asked Su Wan her location and very quickly transferred to her side.

When she saw Su Rui holding the most expensive kind of “two hearts beating as one until death do us part” diamond ring from the system mall, Su Wan could only shrug her shoulders at him, and somewhat helplessly said: “I’m doing a mission right now, you wait for me for a while!”

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