Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 71

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SEG Chapter 4.12 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (12) 

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As the backbone of Eternal Night guild, Ice-Cold Small Hands naturaly had Su Rui on his Friend list, but the server had been open for 4 months and he never received a private chat from Leader-daren before. Today was the first time he has received a private chat from Leader-daren–

Night Rain: Where did you run into Su Cheng Wan Yue?

Ice-Cold Small Hands stared at the sentence for half a day and really felt his hand go cold for a moment there–

How should I reply? If I tell the truth, will I be silenced by Leader?

Just casually make up a story to deceive him? Later if Leader-daren found out the truth, will he rake up old scores?

After a few seconds of mental struggle, Ice-Cold Small Hands quickly thought of an excuse and replied to Su Rui–

Ice-Cold Small Hands: My family is from Lijiang City. I coincidentally saw her a few days ago when I was shopping.

Night Rain: Are you familiar with her?

Su Rui replied very quickly. Although Su Cheng Wan Yue was considered a celebrity in the entire Huaxia region,except for the people in District 4 who have seen her, other people from other districts rarely recognised her honorable self. Hearing Small Hands say that he was Lijiang people, Su Rui already believed his words. The story flahsed past in Su Rui’s mind and he did not detect that, in this world, Ice-Cold Small Hands and the original Su Wan were familiar with each other.

In the end, how did this all come about?

Seeing Su Rui’s reply this time, Small Hands hesitated for a bit before quickly sending out a reply.

Ice-cold Small Hands; I don’t know her, but my younger brother is in District 4’s Wolf’s Fang guild. He knows Su Cheng Wan Yue.

Night Rain: Wolf’s Fang people? Has he chased after and killed Su Cheng Wan Yue before?

Ice-Cold Small Hands: No no no, absolutely not!

Although he couldn’t see Leader-daren’s expression right now, when he thought of Leader-daren’s sharp, icy glance that day in the supermarket, Ice-Cold Small Hands seriously truly felt a cold air pierce through his heart ah! So when he heard Su Rui’s question right now, he rejected immediately and after thinking for a bit, Ice-Cold Small Hands couldn’t help but send Su Rui another message.

Ice-Cold Small Hands: Both me and my younger brother are players that love peace, he has never killed anyone.

Night Rain: Oh.

Night Rain: Ask him to withdraw from Wolf’s Fang ba.

Leaving behind this  final sentence, Su Rui went offline again.

Ice-Cold Small Hands: ……

Leader, Leader, what do you mean by your final sentence?

Could it be that you want to……

He didn’t know why, but Ice-Cold Small Hands suddenly shivered. His gaze flashed and immediately logged out from the game……

Sweeping a small day’s worth of experience in the underground palace, when Su Wan logged out from the game, her character in the game was already level 53.

After exiting the game connection, Su Wan moved her somewhat stiff limbs for a bit and when she went out of her bedroom, she saw the figure of Su Rui busying about in the kitchen.

He did not personally cook these past few days, but our family’s “Situ Ye” dug out the chef from Lijiang City’s largest hotel and brought him over.

As a matter of fact, other people’s 5-star chef was cooking and he this Eldest Young Master was happily playing the supporting role.

Seeing the appearance of Su Rui frantically busying about in the kitchen with an apron wrapped around him, Su Wan couldn’t help but knowingly smile.

This was the first time she felt, that there was nothing bad with being in a world with Su Rui. Even if she had to share a portion of the points, of course, if he wanted to take the points from her hands this time, that was still another matter ne…..

The two people’s dinner was four dishes and one soup, nutritious and extraordinarly delicious.

After they finished eating, the two of them looked for a comfortable position and nested on the couch. Su Rui wanted to look for a TV drama to watch while Su Wan indolently took out her tablet and casually operated her stock account. After operating it for a short while, there were already a few million of deposits in Su Wan’s account and now, she invested most of them in TX’s stocks.

After 《Lingshen》 opens the cross-servers, Tx company’s stock will skyrocket, and at that time, because they saw the huge potential of unlimited business opportunities, their corporation would stop selling their stocks and would retrieve the stocks scattered in the hands of small investors for 30% higher than the market price.

Until that moment, these stocks were truly invaluable!

The next day, Su Wan was still at the first layer of the underground palace clearing monsters. Today, she saw Windless the three of them. They called out to each other and Su Wan thought they would go to another place to clear monsters like yesterday. Who would’ve thought that after greeting, Windless would come to Su Wan’s side without telling anyone. While beating the monsters by his side away, Windless sent Su Wan a request—

Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven guild’s Guild Leader, Windless sends you an invitation to join. Join? Yes/No.

Only now did Su Wan take note of the brand new quild name hanging above Windless’ head.

“You guys set up your own guild?” Su Wan didn’t have an impression of this guild name and assumed that this should be a guild they created themselves.

“Yes, Little Dance wanted to manage a guild to play.”

Windless heard what Su Wan said and lowly replied a sentence.

This, perhaps, was what was called a Butterfly Effect.

In the original story, when Dancing Baby entered 《Lingshen》 , the original Su  Wan had already deleted her account number and quit the game. After she knew that her idol left the game, Dancing Baby also didn’t have the mood to play and left the game after a few days, and Firce-Ice Walker who had always played together with Dancing Baby followed after her and went to play another game. The only person left of the team of three was Windless, who was used to playing alone. He kept persevering and at last, due of his nature, he didn’t join any guilds, he created his own guild.

And now, Su Wan was still playing the game, Dancing Baby and them were still here, and under Dancing Baby’s persuasion, Windless created his own guild.

Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven.

In front of the domineering air leaking from their guild name, they were a new and were small and weak, but it was exactly this promising guild that everyone didn’t know that would become the tyrant of the entire server in the coming future.

“If you are willing to join the guild, I can transfer and give you the title of Guild Leader.”

Windless once again spoke by Su Wan’s side. Actually, he originally planned to let his younger sister be the Guild Leader because this guild’s name really suited a female Leader. 1 Too bad that Little Dance didn’t have any interest and also, her level was low and she didn’t have a prominent reputation, and she was also a student. If she became the Guild Leader, he’s afraid that it would be very hard for the guild to recruit members. So Windless didn’t have a choice but to be the Guild Leader himself.

And now, he had an even better choice.

In Windless’ eyes, Su Cheng Wan Yue was very suited as this guild’s leader. She had many years of experience in managing a guild, had fame in District 4, and now that her level isn’t low anymore, he believed that so long as she opened her mouth to recruit people, a part of the scattered players will be willing to join this new guild. 2

“I can join, but excuse me from being the Guild Leader. You think too highly of me. Making me a Vice-Leader is better ba!”

While speaking, Su  Wan already accepted Windless’ request. Right now, she needed a Guild and a group of trustworthy people. Windless’ invite came at the best time.


It was right at this time, a feeble male voice sounded from behind the two people.

Once Su Wan turned around, she saw Ice-Cold Small Feet and Ends of the Earth.

“Can we enter your guild?”

Ice-Cold Small Feet’s voice was somewhat lacking in confidence.

Su Wan didn’t recognise them, but Windless remembered these two people. If he remembered right, these two people were still Wolf’s Fang’s people yesterday. Even if they had already withdrew from Wolf’s Fang, it was impossible for the current Windless to let players who were originally from Wolf’s Fang enter his guild.

This was because at the time he established the guild, his younger sister’s only requirement which was to wait until the guild became level 3 and declare the major guilds Wolf’s Fang and Shitian their guild’s enemies! Won’t rest until they die!

Seeing that Windless silently left without giving them a glance, Ice-Cold Small Feet turned around and looked at Su Wan with glistening eyes: “Su Cheng Wan Yue, you accept us ba, it was my older brother who asked us to seek shelter with you.”

“Your older brother?”

Su Wan continued hitting monsters while chatting. When Ice-Cold Small Feet heard Su Wan heard Su Wan ask about his big brother, he immediately excitedly spoke: My brother’s called Ice-Cold Small Hands. He’s in District 6’s Eternal Night guild. He’s Leader Night Rain’s good friend! It was him that told me to come find you! So, accept the both of us ba!”

Ice-Cold Small Hands.

Su Wan knew that Su Rui’s guild had this person in it. Apparently, the other side is telling the truth.

Not only knowing about her and Su Rui’s relationship in this world right now, but also a person that Su Rui knows, there really was no one else.

But……Su Rui’s good friend?

Su Wan a little curious. Su Rui that temperament could actually be good friends with someone else? Was that person’s striking ability that strong?

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