Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 70

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SEG Chapter 4.11 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (11) 

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《Lingshen》brought players from all over the world together and the eight regions of Huaxia was the area with the most players. When Su Wan went online after a few days, everyone was already no longer discussing about her because in Huaxia’s Fourth Region, new things and sights would occur everyday. Furthermore, many people were paying attention to the latest developments on the official website. After half a month, the system will update and the cross-regional channel will open.

Su Wan was still clearing the Millenium instance alone, the speed of her clearance gradually getting faster along with the improvement in her skills, increase in level and rise in attack power.

After spending money to buy the key to refresh the instance, Su Wan continuously cleared the instance for 2 days and did a few storyline missions, and was successfully promoted to level 50. After the 50th level, she will change to a new map — Land of the Quicksand. That place was an overgrown desert and in that desert was a variety of bizarre monsters.

At this time, there are a lot of players leveling in Land of the Quicksand. Nearly all the places where monsters were concentrated were occupied by the major guilds. Other players could only find a place with less monsters and slowly level up, or they could take an alternative path which was to form a group until they could go to a higher-leveled monster area to level.

In  《Lingshen》, the more the difference between the monster’s and player’s level, then the more the experience gained from killing that monster. However, the chances and dangers of killing monsters above your level exist side by side, because in the game world of 《Lingshen》, from level 55 onwards, all the monsters on the level maps will actively attack, and their lethality was not low.

If you don’t have a strong sense of cooperation, then hastily forming a group to kill monsters above your level will cause your absolutely miserable death.

However, Su Wan did not have this concern because she was very confident in her awareness and operations. More importantly, after reaching level 50, she had the Priest’s first group attack skill called Holy Light skill. This was a necessary skills for Priests in guild group warfare.


Level 60 field map, Underground Dream Palace.

There weren’t many players in the game that have reached level 60. Underground Dream Palace had 5 floors altogether and monsters were extremely dense on every level, their attacks were also very sharp. As a result, there weren’t many people killing monsters on this map.

When Ice-Cold Small Feet and his teammate Ends of the Earth entered the first floor of the underground palace, the monsters at the entrance seemed to have just been cleaned up, the items still hadn’t disappeared from the ground.

The monsters here were level 60 and was the lowest-leveled monsters in the entire underground palace.

Ice-Cold Small Feet just reached level 57. He and Ends of the Earth had already been clearing this place for 3 days and were planning to clear this floor until they reached level 58 and then descend to the second floor.

“We came late today.”

Ends of the Earth sighed at the side. Even though their Wolf’s Fang guild’s public reputation was not very good, as a first-rate player, Ends of the Earth had always disliked using the guild to pressure others and also disliked fighting over monsters with other people.

“Let’s go to a corner inside. There are a lot of monsters over there.”

While conversing, Ice-Cold Small Feet were already walking towards the underground palace. Ends of the Earth naturally followed after him. The two of them passed the entrance when they heard sounds of fighting not far away. Following the direction of the sound, they saw a dark green palace guard. There was a slim figure holding a Priest’s staff, flying fast between mobs, her actions especially quick. And every time she cast a skill, it was right at the time when the skill’s CD time ended, working without wasting a single second.

“It’s Su Cheng Wan Yue.”


Although the person among the mob of monsters couldn’t be seen, but judging from the skills, it should be a female Priest.

In the entire Huxia Fourth Region, the number of female Priests with operations like this could be counted on one hand. And the person who was leveling in the underground palace’s first layer was clearly not level 60 yet so, the identity of this person was very easy to guess.

“Su Cheng Wan Yue?”

Hearing Ends of the Earth speak, Ice-Cold Small Feet suddenly cried out. This shout did not disturb Su Wan who was concentrated on leveling nearby. Instead, it caught the attention of a small team behind them who just entered the first layer of the underground palace.

“Hey, the two Wolf’s Fang people in front! What do you guys want to do?”

A crisp and fresh female voice sounded from behind them. Immediately after, a young, lovely female Priest wearing light green Priest robes appeared beside them: “Speak! Are you guys thinking of sneak attacking my Master? Are you asking for trouble? Do you want to withdraw from the server like White Wolf?”

Ends of the Earth: “Your Master? Su Cheng Wan Yue?”

Ice-Cold Small Feet: White Wolf withdrawing from the server is related to Su Cheng Wan Yue? Wait, maybe it’s really related?

Ice-Cold Small Feet suddenly recalled everyone’s discussion in the guild that White Wolf withdrawing from the server was because his family went bankrupt. It seems that the day that White Wolf withdrew from the server was the day he and his older brother came across their guild’s’ Guild Leader and Su Cheng Wan Yue?

Could it be that…..

Unconsciously, Ice-Cold Small Feet had already imagined a melodramatic, heaven thundering annual drama. The truth of the matter naturally greatly differs from the content of his imagination, but one thing that he perceived correctly was —

Making White Wolf’s family go bankrupt, was certainly Su Rui’s work.

Cool Day Emperor Broke” this skill was one of the necessary skills of an overbearing President that Su Rui learnt from novels! It’s also amazing to use. 1

At this time, Ends of the Earth still didn’t know that his unreliable teammate was imagining and looked at the female Priest who looked like a student before him. She wore leve 50 equipment and looked like she came here to level.

But….. Dancing Baby?

He had no impression of this name at all, but for the one behind her…..


Ends of the Earth has heard of this Warrior. It was a very powerful character. The elders in the group once wanted to rope him into the guild, but was finally rejected by him.

Out of fear towards Windless, Ends of the Earth couldn’t help but explain: “The both of us only came here to level, not to cause any conflict with others. If there’s nothing else, we’ll leave first.”

As he spoke, he pulled Ice-Cold Little Feet who was still not himself and the two of them quickly walked in the other direction.

“Hmph, you know what’s good for you!”

Dancing Baby clenced her fist behind them. Fire-Ice Walker on the side could only reluctantly smile and then look at the nearby Su Wan. Right now, she had already wiped out a group of monsters and were luring the second group.

“Windless ge, how about we group up with her?”

Fire-Ice Walker had a pretty good impression of Su Wan, not to mention she was his cousin’s idol.

“Don’t go over. Let’s also change our leveling area.”

Windless, who had been quiet this whole time, softly said a sentence and then also turned to leave. Fire-Ice and Dancing Baby could only closely follow behind him. The two of them were normally brought around by Windless to level and didn’t understand the common sense in games too well. Just now, Windless observed for a long while and realized that although Su Cheng Wan Yue was a Priest, her clearing speed was not slower than a Mage’s. Not only that, when a Mage lures monsters, they don’t dare to lure too many at once because they have less health. Howevevr, Priests were not the same. Su Cheng Wan Yue could restore her health any time, so se can ubridledly continuously lure monsters.

Such calculations, she alone earning the experience, was in fact, more than the experience that they could get as a team…..

Huaxia District Six, Eternal Night Guild.

Although Su Rui had the record of not going online for a few days, his level was still far ahead other players.And after coming online today, Su Rui was even more frenzied and went to a level 80 field map alone, which was currently the highest level map in 《Lingshen》.

Looking on as the Guild Leader moved up 2 levels in a row, they couldn’t help but look at the ‘Level 72’. The entire guild channel was boiling–

Beautiful Woman: What’s up with Leader-daren? If you doesn’t go online for 3 days, then once you go online, you’ll have the rhythym of leveling up three times in a row?

Cloud Poet: Leader-daren is mighty!

Melancholy Sheep: I checked Leader’s coordinates and he’s actually at the level 80 field map! Really too amazing!

Beautiful Woman: 9494, with such a formidable President, we Eternal Night will be unrivaled in the cross-server! 2

Cloud Poet: Why is Little Hands so quiet today?

Ice-Cold Small Hands, who just came online, expresses I just want to be a quiet handsome man.

Beautiful Woman: Small Hands, your great aunt is here? 3

Ice-Cold Small Hands: ……

Inexplicably thought of the encounter at the supermarket, what to do?

With demons and gods at work, Ice-Cold Small Hands typed a sentence in the guild channel–

Ice-Cold Small Hands: I ran into Su Cheng Wan Yue!

Beautiful Woman: ??

Night Rain: When?

Melancholy Sheep: Ah! Ah! Leader-daren appeared again!

Beautiful Woman: Capture the overbearing Leader alive!

Cloud Poet: Leader is good, Leader has worked hard to level!

Currently, due to Su Rui’s re-entrance, the originally lively guild channel got even more lively. In addition to these few talkative members, other members of the guild who had been lurking all year round has started to send messages.

Looking at the guild channel being flooded, Su Rui knitted his eyebrows. He opened the list of guild members, found Ice-Cold Small Hands and immediately sent a private chat  —

Night Rain: Where did you run into Su Cheng Wan Yue?

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