Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 61

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Chapter 4.2 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (2)

After the original Su Wan “broke up”, she went online the next day and left Shi Tian Guild 1 and then joined the third guild of Huaxia’s Fourth District, Xiaoyao Pavillion. On that day, Su Wan brought a team of Xiaoyao Pavillion elites and killed Hui Mo Yi Xiao (Glance Back One Smile), who recently ascended to the 45th rank/level, in the wild.

This kind of situation where hostile guilds kill each other in《Ling Shen》were the most common in every major PK games. Su Wan couldn’t swallow it down and must personally kill Hui Mo Yi Xiao. Only then, could she work off her anger. But what she didn’t expect was, that this one move made Ye Tian truly get angry because of a woman.

On the evening of the same day, Shi Tian Guild declared war on Xiaoyao Pavilion!

Xiaoyao Pavilion’s leader, Shi Li Hua Mei was a female fire mage. She and Su Wan were online friends and had known each other for many years, and for the friendship between the two, Shi Li Hua Mei did not compromise with Di Shi Tian. The end result was naturally getting crushed miserably by Shi Tian and even lost the guild stronghold that they had been occupying.

Xiaoyao Pavilion who lost their stronghold suddenly fell from third place in the district to tenth place.

Even so, Ye Tian still hadn’t vented his hatred. He put a message in the world channel. As long as Su Cheng Wan Yue was still in Xiaoyao Pavilion, he and Xiaoyao Pavilion will fight to the death!

One man could go as far as to seek revenge just for an angry look. To say it nicely, it was an  overbearing president who wanted to take revenge for his little hussy. To say it badly, it was a shameful son of a bitch who was narrow-minded and only knew how to bully a woman.

Regardless of whether Ye Tian was fond or not fond of Su Wan, at least Su Wan was sincerely liked him for five years. For five years, her heart had been for him and never did anything to let him down. Him acting like this, was he really a man?

Shi Li Hua Mei had a hot temper. Hearing Ye Tian’s grand words, this sister actually planned to fight Ye Tian to the death. However, Su Wan did not want to involve Hua Mei and she took the initiative to leave the guild.

Su Wan, who had her heart broken by Ye Tian, roamed around the places that still had her and Ye Tian’s footprints in game map alone. When she was passing by the Wishing Tree, Su Wan saw Hui Mou Yi Xiao and Du Lang talking and laughing together. At this moment, new hatred piled up on the old ones and bubbled up together in Su Wan’s heart. She moved in without any further thought and killed Hui Mou Yi Xiao again.


Well, there wasn’t an afterwards.

Right now, Su Wan gloomily looked at her novice priest staff. Su Wan killed Hui Mou Yi Xiao twice and Ye Tian and Du Lang released an order to chase her down and kill her throughout the whole district. They wanted to kill her till she deleted her number and stop playing!

《Ling Shen》was the only holographic game in the world and has already occupied 80% of the global online game industry. Almost everyone in the world was playing 《Ling Shen》.

Moreover, according to rules of 《Ling Shen》,  every legal citizen can only have one account. Once registered, unless the number was deleted, then the you cannot change the occupation and ID, and you also cannot change your nickname.

When Su Wan entered the task world, it was already the fifth time the original “Su Wan” had been killed back to the novice village.

The first time she was killed to level 10, she dropped a lot of high-end equipment and the “Su Wan” at that time was not reconciled. She leveled in the field overnight. Because she was previously too loyal when she was in Shi Tian, she displeased too many guilds and other people. This lead to her automatically attracting hatred everywhere she went.

In this way, she rebelled again and again and kept being killed back to the novice village again and again.

In this virtual world, level was extremely important. If there was no corresponding level, you can’t wear good equipment and you can’t use corresponding high-class skills.

The original Su Wan had the most powerful priest skills in the area, but right now she was reduced to the novice village.

If Su Wan didn’t enter the task at this time, perhaps the former owner would be just like the story. She would have deleted her account number and stop playing.

After all, she was just cannon fodder no. 1 who carried the title of “Ye Tian’s ex-girlfriend” and was also the no. 1 cannon fodder for the capture of the female lead Hui Mou Yi Xiao and her rival.

After this, 《Ling Shen》will undergo a system update and will open a new BOSS instance. Competitions between major guilds will reach a climax at this time, and after competing over the instance, the system will open the ‘cross-regional channel’!

Throughout the eight regions of Huaxia, after the opening of the cross-regional channel, the cross-regional military campaign of the eight regions will also start. At that time, the true geniuses will come forth and at the gathering of elites in the game world, Hui Mou Yi Xiao would have an unparalleled Mary Su halo. Wherever she walked, her Maru Su halo will shine on the earth, automatically attracting the admiration and pursuit of various local tyrants. 2

From then on, the battle of the eight war zones would simply become a struggle for a woman, their thought will also be intoxicated. 3

Su Wan did not continue thinking about the story line after that. She inquired about the inventory in her warehouse from the novice village’s warehouse manager. The previous equipment was lost and her level fell to level 10. Luckily, the life skills that she learnt before were still existed and her warehouse was filled with large quantities of ores and fabrics that she never used.

Looking at her current belongings, Su Wan pondered for a while and simply closed her eyes and logged out from the game.

Waking up from the game connection capsule, Su Wan found that it was already 5 in the afternoon in the real world. She went to her bedside and opened her computer to check the official website for 《Ling Shen》. Sure enough, the latest news had already been released at the website. After a week, the first large-scale system update will be carried out after the beta test and they will release a new BOSS instance. In this instance, not only would the latest outfits be released, several materials for special equipment will also be released.

High-leveled materials and outfits have always been a must for the major guilds, and they are also the foundation of every major guild.

Su Wan knows that after the system is updated, whether it was Ye Tian or Du Lang, they will both be entangled in the new instance. They wouldn’t have the time to care about her at that time. This was the only chance for her to turn this over. Su Wan decided to seize this opportunity.

She wanted to leave the game for a week and create the illusion of her leaving the game. This way, no one would continue paying attention to her. After a week, she will log in again and look for someone to bring her to level.

As for who that person is, Su Wan had the best candidate…….. 4

When Su Wan went offline to draw up a strategy and target, in a private villa in another city, Su Rui withdrew from the game connection capsule with an expressionless face–

Who can tell him, what the heck was a so-called ice master?

What he wanted was a swordsman. A swordsman, you understand?

“Young Master!”

Seeing that Su Rui’s face was not good, the middle-aged housekeeper who had been standing next to the connection capsule looked at him with some concern: “Would you like to replenish the nutrient fluid?”

Right now, the housekeeper uncle was deeply worried about the body his family’s young master ah!

Because of Young Master’s thin and weak constitution, he could only pick a mage in 《Ling Shen》. Fortunately, the Situ family didn’t lack money so, after spending a lot of money to build it, Young Master’s mage character “Ye Yu (Night Rain)” had become the Huaxia’s sixth area’s number one Ice mage. Only, this Young Master still seemed dissatisfied. He desperately leveled and spent most of his time running the map in the game. It was only three months after the servers opened and the average level of everyone in the game was level 50, and his family’s Young Master was already level 66, the first in the district!

At this moment, when he heard the housekeeper uncle’s words, Su Rui merely shook his head. He could feel that his body was full of energy. After all, in the lost time and space, when every task taker received starting points, you can use the points to exchange for a “golden finger” once to carry around the mission world. This “golden finger” was not too thick, but it was better than nothing.

Just like how Su Wan’s “golden finger” was to use her own name in every task world, what Su Rui chose was to use his original body in every task world.

Others would be dubious of its worth, but for Su Rui, it was the biggest golden finger!

The original Situ Ye originally wanted to be an assassin, but his body was ill and his vitality was weak. The assassin occupation required superb sensitivity which was impossible for Situ Ye.

As for warriors and swordsmen, hehe, this weak chicken Young Master who can’t even carry an epee 5, you shouldn’t hold too much hope for him.

As a result, Situ Ye chose a mage. It was just like a priest. It was an occupation where you don’t need much physical strength and could attack from a distance.

And now, everything was about to change with Su Rui’s arrival……..

Su Rui looked down and thought of his character attributes in the game–

ID: Ye Yu

Gender: Male

Occupation: Mage

Level: 66

Affiliated Guild: Yongye 6

Good and evil value: 0

The former Situ Ye was not militant. He only knew to raise his level so three months after the start of service, he hasn’t killed anyone.

Of course, this also stemmed from that fact that several other elders in the Yongye Guild protected their noble and weak leader too well.

“I will go and rest for a while. Call me at 8 pm sharp.”

In his mind, he was recalling the story line of this world. He anticipated that he had to wait at least one month before being able to advance his character across the region. Su Rui was a little annoyed.

He knew that Su Wan was in the fourth district and that her current situation was very bad.

However, Su Rui believed that even if the situation was worse, Su Wan would definitely be able to come over.

Su Wan, you just wait for me.

All those who have chased you to kill you, I will kill them until they delete their account number and quit the game. No, not only that. Even if they go offline, I will use the power of the Situ family to make it impossible for them to make a living in the real world! 7

【 Don’t be worried about civilised gangsters. You should worry about a mage who knows military arts! In the world of《Ling Shen》, the most powerful mage since the beginning of history was about to be born — What was called a big BOSS in human shape? Please see our family’s General Su!

What was the thickest and largest golden thigh in the whole service? Please see our family’s General Su!

Su Wan, you obediently come into the bowl. Our family’s General Su will spoil you oh~

Don’t need 998. Also don’t need 98. Only need 9. 9, General Su will bring you home and then overturn the male lead without any pressure! Controlling and ruling over the entire service is not a dream! 】

BLU: I haven’t proofread the thing yet. I’ll do it later uwu. Sigh, maybe I should get an editor ( ̄▽ ̄).

Anyway, should I write the names in english instead of pinyin?

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