Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 60

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Chapter 4.1 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (1)

A lush and green forest, unknown wildflowers abundantly bloomed at the base of the tree, a cold breeze occasionally blew, birds were singing and flowers were giving off fragrance. 1

Su Wan opened her eyes and realised that she was sitting underneath a big tree. This tree, like other trees in the forest, was not well-known, but it was flourishing.

There was a slight tingling sensation on her waist. Su Wan looked down and saw that the pure white robe was stained with a tinge of red.

Is it blood?

No, wrong. There was no smell of blood. This is……

Once Su Wan’s thoughts moved, a transparent panel immediately appeared in front of her.

ID : Su Cheng Wan Yue 2

Gender: Female

Profession: Priest

Level: 11

Affiliated Guild: None

Good and evil value: -867

This world was where the world’s first holographic game,《Ling Shen》was released world-wide by TX company and right now, Su Wan was in the game. This game was made using the world’s most advanced technology and could directly link people’s brain waves to the game. 3

This was just like the execution room where Su Wan carries out her tasks. 4 This game can link a person’s conscience and let the person potential get the most out of it.

Looking at her character’s level, Su Wan was a bit speechless. The game world’s novice’s level was 10 and she was killed by people until she was level 11. It can be seen how miserable this situation was. Su Wan then opened her equipment panel–

As the Huaxia Four Districts’ once most powerful priest, Su Wan was now only wearing the most tattered novice priest dress.

《Ling Shen》was a game that directly connected people’s spiritual consciousness, so it was not like normal online games. For example, the character’s strength or wisdom levels. At every player’s initial login into the game, the highly intelligent game system would match you with  basic attributes based on your physique. These attributes will influence your conscious operation (of the character), but it would not influence the character’s level and attack power.

In 《Ling Shen》, every character’s attack power would depend on one’s own skills and equipment. The higher the skill, the better the equipment, the higher the character’s attack power. These two points were based on the character’s level. 5

It can be said that this was a world where the weak are the prey of the strong. Because most of the game resources were monopolized by the large guilds, the existence/living space(?) of ordinary casual players was very small.

Su Wan breathed out a sigh of relief and slowly stood up. Right now, the priest gown on her was already completely covered with dust and “blood”. Very obviously, just a moment ago, she just escaped a round of killers chasing to kill her……

Really is a ‘tiger falls flat and is bullied by dogs’ ah! 6

In this virtual world, her former advantages have all disappeared and she is now facing a very bad situation.

Su Wan was secretly sighing with regret when a burst of cold wind suddenly hit her. The perceptually sensitive Su Wan suddenly dodged and waved priest staff in her hand, immediately flinging a light ball. The white sphere hit the void ahead, the air fluctuated and the figure of an assassin wearing black leather armor was revealed. Now, the number “- 80” was floating above his head.

“You actually avoided it.”

The assassin looked at Su Wan with some surprise. He didn’t think that she could have escaped a sudden backstab.

Su Wan looked at the “friend” before her. Without any pause, she flung light balls towards the other party as if they were free– 7

– 80, – 80, – 80, – 80…….

The bright red numbers were constantly floating above the assassin’s head, but he remained calm and stood in the same place. It didn’t even tickle nor did it hurt.

《Ling Shen》actually had real pain, but the highest was only 15% of the actual feeling and the lowest that it could be adjusted to was 5%. It was obvious that the damage Su Wan’s attacks gave was simply too little to make a difference, no feeling at all.

Su Wan was also speechless about the attack power of this primary light ball attack of hers. Taking advantage of the lack of movement of the other party, Su Wan once again threw out light balls and then quickly gave herself a elementary acceleration and wanted to slip away. At this time, a huge blaze suddenly formed in the air and directly landed on Su Wan. This was Blaze skill from a fire system’s Master! 8

EzoicThe blazing fire enveloped Su Wan’s body in an instant–


Instant kill! 9

When Su Wan opened her eyes again, she was already at the resurrection point in the novice village and she checked her current attributes. Su Wan’s face immediately darkened–

She was killed back to level 10.

In《Ling Shen》, level 10 was a novice’s level. Level 10 novice players were not allowed to PK. They won’t lose experience and cannot be transferred to other cities.

It has been three months after the start of service and there are still newcomers in the novice village, but it was already miserably little.

Su Wan walked on the novice village’s run-down street and thought about the main story of this mission world–

EzoicThe main story of this world takes place in the holographic online game of 《Ling Shen》. The male lead Ye Tian was the standard local tyrant Mr. Perfect. He loved online games since young and formed Shitian Guild five years ago. He became the guild leader, ID Di Shi Tian. When they were in 《Ling Shen》, the entire personnel of Shitian Guild took part in the beta test. After the game went public, Ye Tian lead his guild and entered Huaxia’s Four Districts and became the Four District’s overlord.

It’s worth mentioning that Su Wan was not only vice-leader of Shitian Guild but also Ye Tian’s “wife”.

In the world of online games, the ratio of male and female has always been unbalanced. Those who play games like Su Wan, have pretty good PK skills and is also young and pretty were the rarity of rarities.

So when Su Wan first joined Haotian Guild five years ago, she became the object of everyone’s pursuit and at the guild’s first offline meeting, Su Wan fell for the handsome Ye Tian at first sight.

Afterwards, the conditions were ripe since one was in love and one had the intention. Very quickly, the two became lovers in the game and in the following years, each time the game was changed, Su Cheng Wan Yue and Di Shi Tian were the model husband and wife in everybody’s eyes.

Until the public beta of《Ling Shen》, all of the systems for  《Ling Shen》 were not opened all at once when they started the service and this included the very popular marriage system.

After the service was started, Su Wan was the same as before, leveling up with the fastest speed with the brothers of Haotian Guild and occupied some major spots for leveling.

Although Su Wan’s status was the Vice-leader of the guild, everyone calls her the leader’s wife in private. Su Wan had been waiting for the marriage system to open and marry Ye Tian in the game again, but where the story was headed was destined to disappoint Su Wan.

Although the amount of time Ye Tian went on the game was less than Su Wan, his rank was always the highest in the whole district. In the entire Four Districts of Huaxia, as long as Di Shi Tian this chivalrous swordsman appears, the rest of the crowd will retreat ninety li and flee. 10

This kind of lonely feeling of a master made Ye Tian feel very bored and when he was extremely bored, he accidentally came across a small level 10 player in a level 50 monster area. 11

This small player was called Hui Mo Yi Xiao, wearing a novice priest robe and had a neat ponytail who looked like a very youthful and dull little girl.

Hui Mo Yi  Xiao was naturally this task world’s female lead. She was a novice at games and had a poor sense of direction. She just left the novice village, but because she couldn’t automatically transfer to the main city, she had to run the map. The result was that she ran to the wrong place on the map.

Luckily, the monsters in this area were passive in attacks, but being surrounded and looked at by a crowd of extremely terrifying tall, red monsters, also made Hui Mo Yi Xiao feel scared. 12 It was right at this moment that Hui Mo Yi Xiao saw the glistening clothes of Di Shi Tian within the large group of monsters.

At first, this younger sister regarded him as a big wild BOSS, all sorts of onlookers, all sorts of poses. And finally, when Di Shi Tian opened his mouth to speak to her, Hui Mou Yi Xiao was immediately stunned……

Just like this, Ye Tian hooked up with Hui Mou Yi Xiao, no, it was a predestined encounter. Afterwards, he took all kinds of liberties and gave various kinds of help, and finally our family’s Shitian Guild’s leader directly pulled Hui Mou Yi Xiao into the guild and gave her all sorts of privileges.

Because Yi Xiao seemed very silly and would call “Older Brother” “Older Brother” to whoever she sees, the other backbones in the guild liked her very much.

Of course, Su Wan was an exception.

A woman’s intuition has always been accurate and Su Wan was keenly aware of Ye Tian’s interest towards Hui Mo Yi Xiao, which made her feel very upset in her heart.

Hui Mou Yi Xiao was a novice at games. Not only was she clueless about everything, she also constantly cause trouble for the guild. Su Wan had to bring people to clean up after her time and time again, and when she returned to the guild, she also had to appease the other people in the guild.

And Ye Tian ne?

Regardless of what Hui Mou Yi Xiao did, he would always feel that it was very pleasing to his eyes and liked it very much.

As expected, being favoured would forever be the best.

Afterwards, Ye Tian aggravated the situation even more by making public displays of affection towards Hui Mou Yi Xiao. This made Su Wan loose a lot of face. She contacted Ye Tian in reality and hoped that he would give her an explanation, and Ye Tian told her–

Them getting “married” in the game before was merely playing and it did not count.

Also, he had never done anything intimate with her, so they were never lovers!

That night, Su Wan cried in her room alone until midnight and she felt that it was very difficult to bear–

If Ye Tian didn’t regard her as a girlfriend, then every time someone calls her “sister-in-law” at the offline meetings, why didn’t he explain?

Everyone played till late at night and stayed at a hotel, when they were arranged in a room, why did he tacitly approve?


Even if nothing happened between them, this kind of thing had already happened more than once. What would the people in the guild think?

In the past, there was one person in Shitian Guild that was secretly in love with her and even confessed in private. As a result, because of Ye Tian’s existence, Su Wan rejected him and had his face torn by Ye Tian in the game. In the end, he left Shitian Guild and formed his own guild.

In the past, Su Wan felt that she was deceived by Ye Tian.

He used ambiguity as a net to cling to her and her heart, and at the turn of his head, he showed true love to other women.

Su Wan hated Ye Tian and hated Hui Mou Yi Xiao even more.

Everyone else would say how innocent Yi Xiao meimei was and how she was silly and adorable. 13

Su Wan merely felt that Yi Xiao was very hypocritical. 14

She obviously knew that Su Wan and Ye Tian was publicly accepted as a couple by everyone. No one in the guild dared to get too intimate with Ye Tian in front of Su Wan’s face, but Hui Mou Yi Xiao wielded the so-called “Dai Meng” as a weapon. 15

All day long, she would call out “Tian gege” “Tian gege”, her words and speech noticeably intimate. 16

Su Wan did not like this kind of seemingly naive young woman who actually did some things to break up other people’s affairs but still show a face of innocence–

At first, she set her mind on Ye Tian. No matter how outstanding and infatuated the other man was, she would remain unmoved.

At that time, as long as Su Wan was willing to be ambiguous a bit, even give the man a little hope, it was highly unlikely that she would sink this low now ba?

That’s right. The other man who always had a crush on her was now the leader of the second largest guild called Langya in Huaxia’s Four Districts, Du Lang.

After falling out with Ye Tian, Du Lang created Langya Guild and always opposed Shitian. In the numerous fights between the two big guilds, Su Wan displayed a lot of strength. There was even one time in a very important guild war, she strategically brought people to dispatch Du Lang.

This made Du Lang grow to hate her because of unrequited love and since then, both of them become enemies who wouldn’t rest till the other dies……

Naturally, Su Wan never regretted falling out with Du Lang, but what made it most unbearable for her was that after she left Shitian, Du Lang also sent people to chase after her and kill her, and the reason for it was actually also because of Hui Mou Yi Xiao?

Su Wan only felt old blood surging upwards and wanted to spit but she couldn’t spit it out–

This, was, life!

The life of a cannon fodder and the life of a female lead, could it not differ too much?

BLU: 3,500 characters. My god. *holds head*

There’s a teaser for the next chapter, so go ahead and have a look~ (I should probably make the teaser longer, huh (ಢ⊱ಢ 。))

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