Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 56

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SEG Chapter 3.21 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (21) 

When Su Wan went to  the hospital ward after getting off work, Su Rui was leaning on the hospital bed watching a TV series on his laptop.

That’s right. It was exactly that kind of melodramatic and brain-dead 8 o’clock idol drama that also starring those cringey Mary Sue characters. 1 Actually, from that day when Su Rui stayed overnight at her home, Su Wan found that Su Rui seemed to have a special preference for these kinds of TV series. That day, Su Wan really merely gave it a few looks out of boredom, but Su Rui actually knew the names of the characters and their relationships, and he even had the development of the story at his fingertips.

Actually, what Su Wan didn’t know was, that Su Rui truly was the Ultimate Villain who had destroyed a plane. His character was a bit distorted, which got even worse after Su Wan stimulated him at his original plane. After he became a Plane Restorer, because the way he completed his missions were too crude and cruel, he was evaluated as an S-rank dangerous task taker by the General Headquarters. And in order to let him better adapt to various mission planes, General Headquarters let him learn how to be a competent “Affectionate Male Support” by specially looking for a number of TV dramas and novels similar to task planes for Su Rui to watch. 2

Since then, watching all kinds of melodramatic, brainless TV drama and reading various ‘Overbearing President fell in love with me’ romantic novels has become one of Su Rui’s hobbies.

After encountering Su Wan, our family’s General Su automatically got a second skill on his own initiative, which was to use the scenes from novels and dramas that he had seen and reproduce it in reality.

Of course, the target of Su Rui’s skills was only Su Wan, ng, for example, pretending to be drunk, heroically saving the beauty or something……

“You’ve come?”

Su Rui, who was in the ward, saw Su Wan’s figure. His gaze immediately left the laptop screen and unblinkingly stared at Su Wan.

Su Wan raised the insulated lunch box in her hand: “Hungry? There was a little traffic jam today.”

She still seriously meticulously fed Su Rui his meal, no special expression could be made out from her face.

During the meal, neither of them spoke until after the meal was finished. Su Wan washed the lunchbox clean in the bathroom and she saw Su Rui narrowed his eyes and looked at her lovingly from the bed.

“You have a fever?”

Su Wan also narrowed her eyes and looked at Su Rui with ridicule.

Su Rui stretched out his arm that was intact: “Didn’t you say that you were going to wipe me at night?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

As if she just remembered something, Su Wan turned and walked to the door. She opened the door and call out: “You come in ba!”

As a result, Su Rui saw a valiant-looking middle-aged aunty dressed in a blue costume like a nurse slowly walk in.

“Serve Young Master Fang well. Wipe him clean ah!”

Su Wan very solemnly patted the care worker aunty’s shoulder and quickly left when Su Rui was dumbstruck. When she left, she did not forget to close the door.

In the ward, the care worker aunty still stood at the same place. She was dumbstruck and stared at the patient that “miraculously” stood at his bedside and was letting off a cold air at her.

This year, it’s also life threatening to be a care worker ah~

The care worker aunty was stunned by General Su’s cold air and killing intent, and didn’t know how to she should react for a while.

After Su Rui put aside his killing intent, he remembered the new TV series that he watched–

It seemed that a black bellied person selling foolishness was not the kind that Su Wan liked. Should he change his style next time?

There are thousands of presidents in this world. There would inevitably be one that was to her taste…… 3

At this time, Su Wan had already arrived at the hospital’s flower garden downstairs. She didn’t know that Su Rui had already decided to change his style in the next world. Right now, she merely wanted to stroll around downstairs, but she didn’t expect to run into Xiao Jing Mo who was looking for her.

“How clever.”

“I came here specifically to find you.”

Xiao Jing Mo seemed as if he was travel-worn and weary. He spoke while his gaze deeply looked at Su Wan: “Su Wan, do you know who the person who wanted to harm you this time is?”

“It’s Ouyang Jing ba. It hasn’t been long since I returned to the country. It appears that I’ve offended her alone.”

Su Wan’s mood was not high, her voice was also overcast: “I didn’t expect that Ouyang Jing would want my life. What I didn’t expect even more was that Fang Zi Mu he…….”

“Su Wan, do you truly like Fang Zi Mu?”

Xiao Jing Mo suddenly raised his hand and gently pressed Su Wan’s shoulder.

Su Wan’s body stiffened. She suddenly looked up at Xiao Jing Mo with surprise: “Jing Mo, you……”

“I heard everything that you said to grandpa that day.”

Xiao Jing Mo’s eyes were especially beautiful. At the moment, he was very seriously looked at Su Wan. Those pair of eyes seemed to be unable to see everything at the moment and could only reflect her face.

“Xiao Wan, I’m sorry. I didn’t protect you.”

His voice lowered, bringing with it a trembling remorse.

“Jing Mo, don’t be like this.”

It seemed that she couldn’t stand this situation. Su Wan forced herself to turn her face sideways and didn’t dare to look at Xiao Jing Mo in the face: “Matters of the past has passed. Now you already have Luo Chu Chu. I……”

“Xiao Wan……”

Sensing that Su Wan was desperately suppressing her emotions and sorrow, Xiao Jing Mo suddenly felt very distressed.

This was Su Wan, this was the person that he once fell in love with. She would always be as such in his memory. Always so kind, only knowing how to think of others.

How can such a kind person be deceived by Fang Zi Mu that beast in human form?

Thinking of this, Xiao Jing Mo couldn’t help but slightly lean over close to Su Wan: “Xiao Wan, I’ve investigated. The driver that drove into you certainly received the money from Ouyang Jing at the beginning, but his real boss was actually Fang Zi Mu!”

“What did you say?”

Su Wan once again her head back again, looking at Xiao Jing Mo with surprise.

“You didn’t mishear me. It was Fang Zi Mu. Don’t know where he found out from that Ouyang Jing wanted to deal with you. Afterwards, he looked for that driver and gave him a lot of money. After that, he put on a self-guided a play of a hero saving the beauty! I came to the hospital this afternoon and later looked for the doctor-in-charge of Fang Zi Mu. The injuries on his body are all fake! I saw him from outside the ward today walking around here and there like a fine person! Xiao Wan, Fang Zi Mu was deceiving you from the very beginning. You must not be fooled by him!”

“How, how could it be….. like this?”

As if she was shocked by the information Xiao Jing Mo declared, Su Wan dazedly stood in the same place, her face changed for quite a while before she returned to her senses.

“Jing Mo, this….. is this true?”

Su Wan bit her lips and the emotion on her face changed from shock to anger: “I’m going to look for him to confront him!”

“I’ll follow you!”

When Su Wan and Xiao Jing Mo arrived at the private ward upstairs, the frightened care worker aunty had already left and Su Rui was depressedly looking at the computer, releasing a cold air.

Hearing the sound of the door opening and seeing Su Wan’s face, Su Rui’s face became happy. After seeing Xiao Jing Mo behind Su Wan, Su Rui immediately lowered his eyes: “What wind blew Chief Xiao here?”

His tone carried unconcealable indifference.


Xiao Jing Mo replied him with a sneer: “Fang Zi Mu! Don’t act again right now! Everything you’ve done, me and Xiao Wan know it.”

Xiao  Wan……

Actually still dared to call with such intimacy.

Su Rui still looked down, the long, thick black eyelashes completely covered the gloomy and cold murderous intent that flashed past his eyes.

“What do you guys know?”

Su Rui seemed calm and lifted his eyes, and immediately dropped his gaze on Su Wan.

“Fang Zi Mu.”

Right now, Su Wan’s face was very poor, her voice was somewhat trembling.

Well, this was acting mode. Su Rui was no stranger to her performance.

“Xiao Wan, did he say something bad about me in front of you?”

It was only a matter of moments and Su Rui also automatically entered acting mode.

As for the address Xiao Wan, Su Rui told himself in his heart that in he future, only he can call this name. Other people, whoever calls her will be killed~

Of course, it’s said that male protagonists cannot be killed by task takers, but playing with him till he becomes a vegetable, Su Rui said that he is very professional in this, completely no pressure……

BLU: Su Rui…. is a hopeless case. Creative… but hopeless.

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  1. I think the author should’ve changed the title from “Sinister ex- girlfriend” to “sinister self-proclaimed boyfriend” ‘coz honestly Su Rui is more sinister -more like possessive, XD- than Su Wan. Lol

  2. I’d never thought that our young master Su Rui since the beginning of his mission never intented to give male and female leads any happiness on his tasks. But i like this kind of psychopath 🙂 poor Su Wan-chan your hubby is a twisted man

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