Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 57

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SEG Chapter 3.22 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (22) 

In the ward, Xiao Jing Mo stood on one side like a guardian, wearing disdain on his face as he looked at Su Rui. Su Rui simply looked at Su Wan in bewilderment.

“Fang Zi Mu.”

Su Wan seemed to have stabilised her emotions and slowly spoke: “The perpetrator, the driver was bought by you, the wounds on your body are fake, you’ve been deceiving me from the very beginning, is that right?”

Every time she spoke a word, Su Wan’s expression became sadder and sadder. After she finished, the rims of her eyes were already red.

The powerlessness and disappointment from being deceived by the person she deeply trusted, was what she was developing.

“Xiao Wan, what are you talking about?”

Su Rui looked at Su Wan somewhat inexplicably, and then turned his head to fiercely look at Xiao Jing Mo: “Xiao Jing Mo! What did you say to her?”

“I only told her the facts that I investigated and saw.”

Xiao Jing Mo’s tone was very tranquil: “It has already reached this point. Fang Zi Mu, you should stop acting.”

“Fact? For what reason would you say the facts?”

Su Rui on the hospital bed coldly smiled: ” Are the facts you’ve investigated truly facts? You say that I bribed that driver?  I’ll also say that he was bribed by you to frame me! Xiao Jing Mo, you and Su Wan have already broken up. I am now Su Wan’s boyfriend. Can you not be so meddlesome? The matters between us, can you, an outsider, not blindly interfere?”


This one word seemed especially piercing at this moment.

Therefore, Xiao Jing Mo’s face became unsightly when he heard Su Rui’s words: “Fang Zi Mu you are simply resorting to sophistry! If you truly have a clear conscience, do you dare to open up the bandage on your leg and let us see?”

“You ask me to open it, then I open it. Who do you think you are?”

Su Rui ruthlessly answered back sarcastically. Right now, Su Wan and Xiao Jing Mo both stood with their backs to the door, so the both of them did not realize that there was already an extra figure outside the ward.

However, Su Rui saw Luo Chu Chu and the ridicule in his eyes became even more intense: “Xiao Jing Mo, have you forgotten that you are a person who already has a girlfriend? Even if you want to turn around and get back with Su Wan, at least you should first throw away Luo Chu Chu. This kind of being burdened with a family but still want to bother with our affairs, don’t you feel that you’re very shameless?”

“You’re the one that’s shameless!”

Seeing Su Rui resorting to sophistry and Su Wan seeming somewhat shaken, Xiao Jing Mo momentarily got angry. He couldn’t bother with his normal gentlemanly etiquette and suddenly went to Su Rui’s hospital bed and lifted the quilt on Su Rui’s body. Both his hands aimed at his injured leg and abruptly tore the bandages open with force and crudely.

Red blood oozed continuously. The wounds that had originally begun to heal split open because of this sudden touch. From the wound that was constantly pouring out blood, you could even see the white leg bones inside.

Real deep wounds that could see the bone!

Xiao Jing Mo dazedly stood in place.

Su Rui’s expression remain unchanged, his face coldly staring at Xiao Jing Mo: “In the end, who was truly the one harbouring evil intentions? Xiao Jing Mo, if I remember correctly, you were also on the scene on the day of the accident? Don’t say that you happened to pass by! You always pester Xiao Wan, what do you want in the end? You having a foot in either camp like this, does that Cinderella in your villa know?”

“I…… I……”

For a moment, Xiao Jing Mo was tongue-tied and speechless.

Until Su Wan, who seemed to have been shocked by the blood on Su Rui’s leg, looked flustered and turned, immediately running to the door: “I’ll go call the doctor!”

The door of the ward was opened without warning and Su Wan dazedly looked at Luo Chu Chu, who was standing at the door without saying a word.


Su Wan wanted to say something, but in front of her, Luo Chu Chu barely smiled: “I seem to have come at an inappropriate time. I’ve disturbed you.”

As she spoke, Luo Chu Chu very quickly turned her body and left. Su Wan did not hesitate to go out to call the doctor in charge of Su Rui.

“Why aren’t you chasing?”

Su Rui’s leg was still bleeding, but he seemed indifferent to it. He tauntingly looked at the motionless Xiao Jing Mo: “If you don’t go chase, then your Cinderella will certainly escape.”

“Was it you who called her here?”

Xiao Jing Mo finally recovered his reason and calm. He finally understood that he had played by Fang Zi Mu’s plan from the very beginning.

“I called her to come.”

Su Rui heard what Xiao Jing Mo said and very straightforwardly admitted it: “Xiao Jing Mo, since you are already with Luo Chu Chu, don’t the two of you get along? Although I do not know what Su Wan’s thinking, I clearly understand my heart. I know what I want. I also know that I love her. Since you’ve already gave up on her once eight years ago, then what  qualifications do you have today to interfere with my and her feelings eight years later?”

What qualifications do I have?

Xiao Jing Mo’s eyes gradually darkened–

Yes ah, what qualifications did he still have ne?

The him now, didn’t even have the qualifications to hope for Su Wan’s forgiveness.


Did he really want to helplessly watch Su Wan be deceived by Fang Zi Mu this liar?

He couldn’t be so indifferent.

But that’s Su Wan ah! The one who had to pay everything for him, the one who kept foolishly loving him dearly.

“Fang Zi Mu.”

As if he finally made up his mind, Xiao Jing Mo deeply looked at the person on the bed: “I will recover Su Wan. I will not give her to you!”

Whether it was remorse or the desire to save in his heart, Xiao Jing Mo could only think of this method at the moment. 1 He resigned himself to using this method to help Su Wan break away from Fang Zi Mu’s gentle trap…….

By the time Su Wan came back with the doctor to give Su Rui a fresh bandage, Xiao Jing Mo had already left.

After wrapping the wound and replacing the medicine, the doctor and nurses also left. Only two people were left in the ward, Su Wan and Su Rui. Su Wan quietly sat in front of the bed and calmly looked at Su Rui.

Su Rui also didn’t speak. The air between the both of them was especially strange, but was also strangely harmonious.

Only until the clock on the wall reached 9 pm, did Su Wan stand up with saying a word. She was going to leave.

“Xiao Jing Mo said that he wanted to recover you.”

Su Rui suddenly spoke in an overcast voice towards Su Wan’s back: “This kind of person, who was it that gave him that blind confidence?”

He believed that if he thought that he didn’t want it, then he didn’t want it. He wanted to look for a scapegoat, then he found a scapegoat. He wanted to recover it then he could recover it?

Does he think that the world revolves around him?

Well, fine. Even if he was the male protagonist that was favoured by this world’s law, but what about it?

Even though Su Rui had seen no less than 100 TV dramas and novels so far, he still couldn’t understand the male protagonists’ feelings.

He did not consider this kind of man who looked for a substitute for his lover would be an infatuated person. If he was truly infatuated, then he should keep himself as pure as jade for the woman he loves.

He didn’t understand the romance stories where the characters harmed each other and detested each other and abused each other but still managed to achieve a miraculous HE– 2

Love, should be pure love. It should not include even a bit of impurities and shouldn’t exist to be used by someone to deceive or harm others.

Because this word ‘Love’, was too fragile in reality.

Once there were too many scars between two people, even if they could love each other now, they would be domed to be unable to love each other for their whole lives.

What reunion of husband and wife after a separation. Only ghosts would believe that.

“This kind of person, who was it that gave him such blind confidence?”

The words that Su Rui just spoke still echoed in Su Wan’s ears.

That’s right. Xiao Jing Mo, who gave you that confidence?

Do you think you are saving your past lover? 3

Then, where are you placing Luo Chu Chu?

Do you think you’re some Casanova? You’re doing nothing but hurting two women again, that is all.

Su Wan was expressionless. Ruthlessness flashed past her eyes.

Should be concluded, this world.

She had already spent a lot of time here.

In the end, what was she expecting?

Walking to the ward entrance, Su Wan slightly paused: “Do not hurt Luo Chu Chu.”

Leaving behind these six words, Su Wan quickly opened the door and left.

“As you wish.”

Su Rui looked at the tightly closed door. A strange smile rose in his pitch black eyes.

He knew that he was a little closer to the edge of Su Wan’s heart.

This world was like a breakthrough.

Xiao Jing Mo, Luo Chu Chu.

Don’t know what was so special about these two to deserve Su Wan’s soft approach.

Yes, Su Wan hadn’t stayed in this world for that long, but her methods were truly too soft. This was not like the legendary cruel and merciless Plane Destroyer No. 3.

Why do you want to show mercy onto Luo Chu Chu?

Why do you want to use such a lukewarm method and give Xiao Jing Mo a chance?

That answer, only Su Wan knew……..

BLU: Maybe Su Wan’s circumstances in her previous plane was similar to Luo Chu Chu’s, which is why she’s being lenient on her?

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