Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 55

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SEG Chapter 3.20 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (20) 

After Su Wan left, there was only Su Rui alone in the ward. He put away the gentle smile on his face and his whole person returned to the innate indifference and gloom.

He looked at the plaster and bandages on him with some disgust, and then he thought that only like this would Su Wan willingly accompany him. After weighing the situation for a while, Su Rui felt that the current situation was better.

He felt for his cell phone from under his pillow and took it out, and then dialed a familiar number.


A cold male voice came from the phone.

“How is Ouyang Jing?”

Su Rui coldly asked. Even if Ouyang Jing wasn’t here, when he spoke this name, the bottom of his eyes still flashed an unconcealable killing intent.

“She has already been served in accordance with boss’ instructions. She cannot die for the time being.”

The person on the phone respectfully answered Su Rui’s question.

“Ng, I got it. Any new developments from Ouyang family’s side?”

Su Rui felt somewhat uncomfortable after sitting on the bed for too long. While holding the phone in one hand, he fumbled on the bed. The wounded leg that was bandaged seemed as if it had nothing to do with him, and he could walk around on the ground.

The person on the phone was still respectfully reporting about Ouyang family’s matters.

“Ouyang Qi already promised to work together with us. Tomorrow, he will enter the board of directors. Now, Ouyang family’s is in a mess from internal disturbance and no one is bothering with Ouyang Jing’s matter.”

“Ng, not bad. Ouyang family’s matters should be finished as soon as possible. At the same time, Haoyue’s shares should also be inhaled as much as possible.”

The door that separated the ward from the corridor was not too thick. Xiao Jing Mo stood in the corridor bolt upright. Through the faint gap on the side of the door, not only could he clearly hear every sentence Su Rui spoke, he could even see a certain injured person walking around on the ground…..

Xiao Jing Mo’s eyes darkened and finally quietly left from outside the ward.

In the ward, Su Rui also hanged up after Xiao Jing Mo left. He rubbed the stiff neck from lying down these past few days. His eyes swept across the entrance of the ward. Su Rui drooped his eyes and on the corner of his lips, a small taunting smile formed.

Xiao Jing Mo, was never an opponent inn Su Rui’s eyes.

That was merely a dispensable mission goal.

Just like Su Wan’s mission which was to make Xiao Jing Mo this ex-boyfriend change from the main character to the cannon fodder, Su Rui’s mission was to merely ensure that this world’s male and female protagonists get together smoothly.

As for whatever matters that happened in the middle, Su Rui never cared about it. When Su Wan does her tasks, she was actually already very human. She was very diligently doing what she wanted to do, but Su Rui does things in an oversimplified and crude way compared to everyone else.

Before entering this world and meeting Su Wan, Su Rui had already completed many tasks at incredible speed. At the HQ of the Plane Restorers, each actor had completely different ways of completing missions. Just like Qi Yue who engages in the great occupation as a “VILLAIN BOSS” 1 , and his sworn enemy Yun Sheng who always played the role of the “Life Advisor” around the male lead, which was an abusive role that was brilliant but made him very vulnerable to being cannon fodder.

As  a newcomer, Su Rui only received the “Affectionate Male Support” this hard task route. This was the most difficult and unrewarding task route. Often, for the female lead to grow, it was better to die for the female lead. It was said that the squad who used to work on this route had to live in a sanatorium because of severe depression. Only then was it Su Rui’s turn.

At that time, the people at Headquarters did not know, that they would have the most insane “Affectionate Male Support” actor since the beginning of history.

Isn’t it just to let the male and female lead loyally be together for their whole lifetime?

At that time, bringing together the killing intent that he still carried, Su Rui entered into the first time and space that was also a figurehead dynasty. According to the golden rule of the male support, Su Rui’s status at that time was a powerful and overbearing vassal king.

The female lead of that mission world was an innocent and kind-hearted palace maid. The male lead was a prince who was soured by the loss of his hopes.

At that time, for the sake of quickly completing the mission and receive points, after entering the mission world, Su Rui immediately organized his forces and plotted a rebellion to make the Emperor abdicate, killing the monarch. Afterwards, he made the male lead the new Emperor and controlled him and commanded the nobles about in the Emperor’s name.

Su Rui even went as far as to directly drop the female lead onto the Emperor’s bed. From a small palace maid, she was immediately promoted to the mother of the world, the Empress.

Under Su Rui’s high-handed policy of tyranny, the little Emperor lived with caution and shivered. He and his Empress at that moment had not one bit of affection for each other, but the large Imperial harem was disbanded by Su Rui. The little Emperor only had one woman, his Empress. The two people were oppressed by Su Rui and were forced to be together everyday. Later, they finally gave birth to the Crown Prince. The two people finally resigned themselves and accepted this kind of life.

And at this time, Su Rui contacted Headquarters and received the affirmation that the mission was accomplished.

It turned out that you can accomplish the mission like this as well?

You could only blame the first task to be completed too smoothly and wonderfully, which led to Su Rui later take the path of completely distorting the task further and further–

For example, in a cultivation world, the flesh and blood of the female and male leads were melted together into a magic weapon, making their spirits trapped in the magic weapon for generations, or simply turning the male and female lead into zombies at the end of the world and keeping them in captivity and feeding them or something. This way, the male and female lead really would be together forever, you only have me, I only have you. 2

And the rules of the Headquarters actually acquiesced to this method of completing the task!

Your mother, this was cheating!

Well, in fact, Su Rui did not know how to complete the task normally, because he himself was not a normal person.

When he entered this world, regarding Xiao Jing Mo’s and Luo Chu Chu’s ending, Su Rui already had a particularly simple and crude way, but all his original plans were changed after encountered Su Wan.

Previously in those task worlds, Su Rui was bored through and through. He only strived for the quickest and simplest way to mechanically finish the task. He never truly integrated into any identity. No one nor any matter in those worlds could not arouse even an iota of his interest. Of course, Su Wan was a special existence in Su Rui’s heart. As long as he was in the same world as her, breathing the same air, as long as he could see her often, only then could Su Rui feel particularly meaningful…… 3

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  1. *dumbfounded* I don’t know if I should give Su Rui applause, standing ovation, or kicking him for his “extraordinary” ways to complete his tasks…

  2. Which idiot thought he’d do great at plane fixers…. Even a small time villain would do, you know!? And fixers do that too! Look at that second arc meddlesome creepy flirty fella!!

  3. This is why when there are rules and laws there are usually people who interpret those rules as well. Just following the words of the law…
    Really a smh but also very interesting plot twist and character twist.
    (just read about the judicial process for my gov class. It’s all still fresh in my mind)

  4. GOD…. truly an insane way to complete a task.. i couldn’t help shiver when i read the part about merging blood to captivity of the male and female lead… or the way that the male and female lead ended up as zombies together.. giving me a new view… i don’t really know how to react to SU RUI’s way… should i be impressed or scared… -_-‘

  5. Everyone, let us discuss to make our translator happier. (TBH, I need to reread the first arc lmao, it was really funny and cute and a lil weird cause they were siblings…)

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