Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 54

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SEG Chapter 3.19 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (19)

Su Rui’s behaviour of doing whatever he wants to do really brought a lot of inconveniences to Su Wan. In fact, when she took up her current post as the General Manager of Huaxia District, it’s not like there weren’t oppositions to it in Headquarters. On the contrary, her competitors were extremely powerful. Finally, only by depending on her weak position did she get this opportunity. And now, because of the rumours of her and Fang Zi Mu, abandoning her duties because of personal reasons, and also the spreading of the news of her wanting to force the termination of the contract with Haoyue, had made the people who were ready to make trouble start moving.

Su Wan, who left the teahouse, didn’t know that Xiao Jing Mo was actually following her the whole time. She didn’t want to go back to the company right now. She parked the car at an open-air parking lot. Su Wan tightened her coat and quietly strolled alone while following the path. Xiao Jing Mo drove the car and followed Su Wan from afar. His mood at the moment was very turbulent.

In his mind, he still kept lingering on those words that Su Wan and his grandfather had said. Originally, she kept loving him dearly. Originally, she had never abandoned and betrayed him.

However, because of him, someone else’s family had almost ended up broken.

Xiao Jing Mo’s heart was crammed with remorse and uneasiness. It faintly brought long-unseen nervous palpitation and sorrow.

Some feelings seemed to be unconsciously resurrecting. Looking at Su Wan’s desolate and lonely back through the car window, a strong impulse suddenly welled up in Xiao Jing Mo’s heart. He really wanted to hold her tightly in his arms, wanted to embrace her, to see her.

He wanted to personally ask her, if she was alright all these years……

Unwittingly, Su Wan already walked till the entrance of the park. As time passed, the park in the original owner’s memory and the small dilapidated park before her overlapped. Su Wan merely shook her head slightly.

When the pressure was too large or when she was too tired, she liked to stroll alone on the streets like this, relaxing her body and mind.

Once she walked far enough, Su Wan simply turned around at the gate of the park and walked back in the direction she came from. It was right at this moment when the roar of a car sounded behind Su Wan. It was especially grating to the ears.

“Su Wan, be careful!”

Xiao Jing Mo, who was sitting in the car, personally saw a car accelerate and insanely rushed towards Su Wan.

At this time, Xiao Jing Mo was flustered. He was at his wits’ end and jumped out of the car. He desperately ran towards Su Wan, and right at this moment, he was horrified and blamed himself. He blamed himself, for what reason did he not have the nerve to stand in front of Su Wan but only knew how to follow her from behind.

Just like right now. He desperately wanted to protect her, but he could only run like this. 1

Accidents often happened in a split second.

When Su Wan returned to her senses, she realized she was pushed hard to the other side of the road. That car clearly deliberately wanted to kill. It hit a tall figure until the tall figure flew and the out-of-control car crashed a tree by the roadside. Only then did it stop.

On the smooth road, blood spread.

Su Wan’s eyes widened and looked at the man lying in the middle of the pool of blood. Her breathing stagnated for a moment.


“Fang Zi Mu!” 2

Catching the sight of Xiao Jing Mo’s flustered figure, Su Wan still called Fang Zi Mu’s name.

The scarlet blood stained Su Rui’s black coat. He lied on the ground and his hair was in a mess, but he still smiled at Su Wan: “I…… I’m fine.”

“Ng, nothing will happen to you.”

Su Wan, seemingly calm, took out her phone and immediately dialed the numbers for the police and the ambulance.

Her tone was cold and calm just like on normal days, but Su Rui could vaguely see that Su Wan’s hand that was holding the phone, had been trembling uncontrollably……

The ambulance arrived promptly. Su Wan and Xiao Jing Mo accompanied Su Rui to the nearest hospital, and the driver responsible for the incident had been taken away by the police.

Sitting in the corridor of the hospital, Su Wan still rigidly grasped her phone with her hands.

Seeing her excessive silence, Xiao Jing Mo on the side could help but raise his hand and lightly pat Su Wan’s shoulder: “Don’t worry too much. Nothing will happen to him.”

In fact, although Su Rui had lost a lot of blood, he had not suffered critical injuries.

With Su Rui’s skill, at the instant the accident occurred, he had the chance to avoid his vital parts and minimize the degree of the injury.

As for why there was so much blood, cough cough, General Su did not want to tell you…… 3

Actually, Su Wan was also very clear that there should not be anything in this world that could endanger Su Rui’s life. Nevertheless, she was still a little uneasy. She had not experienced this kind of uneasy feeling in a long time.

Only until the doctor transferred Su Rui to the ordinary private ward, did Su Wan’s heart truly calm down.


The ward was filled with the typical hospital smell that made people uncomfortable. Su Rui was on the hospital bed. His arm was plastered and his left leg was wrapped in layers and layers of bandages. He looked especially pitiful.

“Let’s eat ba.”

Su Wan held the insulated lunchbox and placed it beside the cabinet. Once the lid of the lunchbox was opened, a strong and rich fragrance floated out from its insides.

“You have to avoid certain food, so you should drink some soup first.”

Su Wan spoke while taking out a small bowl that was prepared beforehand and gave Su Rui a spoonful of soup.

Right now, it was already the third day after the accident happened. Su Rui didn’t transfer hospitals and rejected the senior care worker that the family invited for him.

In Su Rui’s own words, he was only injured because of Su Wan, so Su Wan had to be responsible for him.

Take full responsibility.

Considering his status as a wounded and her saviour, Su Wan had to reluctantly become Su Rui’s care worker.

Because Su Wan was busy with work, she could find the time to come over during lunch and dinner. Although the time when the two people really got along did not add up to much, Su Rui still seemed content with the feeling of being served by Su Wan.

At this time, he saw that Su Wan was done transferring the soup into a small bowl, Su Rui immediately harmoniously opened his mouth wide–

Injuries to the arm is good. He could finally enjoy the life of being clothed at the stretch of his hand and being served meals the moment he opened his mouth again. Also, he could also drink the soup that Su Wan was personally feeding him. The taste of the soup was not ordinary. Of course, it would be best if Su Wan boiled the soup herself instead of buying it…… 4

After he finished drinking the soup, Su Rui still wasn’t finished. He slanted his head and stared at the appearance of Su Wan busying about the ward. For a moment, he felt very satisfied. As a result, General Su couldn’t help but want to reach for a yard after getting an inch.

“Su Wan, I haven’t taken a bath for a few days. I feel uncomfortable all over.”


When Su Wan, who was changing the flowers in the vase in Su Rui’s room with fresh flowers, heard what Su Rui said, her actions slightly paused. She turned her head and gazed at Su Rui’s injured arm and leg: “You want to take a bath? With your injuries, it’s not convenient to bathe. Touching water is also not good. If you can’t stand it any longer, then you can only wipe your body.”

“Wiping…….is also okay ah.” 5

Su Rui seemed a bit discontent, his tone was weak.

Acting, then I’ll let you act! 6

Su Wan coolly smiled: “Okay la, I got it. Wait for me to come at night. It’s too busy at the company recently, so I have to go back first.”

Hearing Su Wan mention about the company’s matters, Su Rui couldn’t help but question closely: “Was last time’s matter handled?”

‘That matter’ naturally referred to the noisy matter of the cancellation of the contract.

“Ng, it’s been handled.”

Su Wan responded. In the end, Xiao Jing Mo took the initiative to personally resolve the matter.

Perhaps he somewhat felt like he owed her, the matter of the contract was perfectly settled by Xiao Jing Mo. The Headquarters side no longer pursued the matter.

In the past few days, Xiao Jing Mo had been investigating the car incident. He felt that someone was targeting Su Wan and he wanted to help Su Wan find the behind the scenes manipulator.

Actually, Su Wan didn’t need to investigate and she also knew who the person was.

In the original story plot, because Fang Zi Mu liked Luo Chu Chu, Ouyang Jing bewitched Fang Zi Wen to spend money to hire someone to fabricate a car accident.

And now, seeing that Fang Zi Mu and Su Wan were getting closer, adding together the new enmity and old grievances, only Ouyang Jing that spoilt girl who’s envy had become second nature to her, could arrange this kind of matter.

BLU: Ouyang Jing’s in trouble~ Ouyang Jing’s in trouble~ *sings* “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

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