Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 53

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SEG Chapter 3.18 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (18)

When she received the call from Headquarters in Europe, Su Wan was driving on the way to the company.

“May, when this matter happened, you must give the company and the media a perfect answer. Otherwise, the board of directors will question your work capability. May, these past few years, in my opinion you’ve always clearly separated work and private. How are you so confused this time?”

Ken, who had the special ability to chatter, had been endlessly chattering on the phone. Su Wan listened for quite a while and finally returned to her senses. Taking advantage of the traffic jam, she took out the tablet and searched up for some news in Xiang City. As expected, the news about how EVFA wanted to cancel the contract with Haoyue, and the picture of her and Su Rui hugging at the entrance of the hotel was already the hottest on the search list.

“Ken, this was an accident. Give me three days time and I will handle it well. If I didn’t handle it well, I will take the initiative to take the blame and resign!”

Hearing Su Wan speak with so seriously, the voice on the phone seemed to freeze: “May, because of our friendship, I still believe in you. You should not be too worried. These days, I had been helping you deal with the board of directors. You get things done as soon as possible.”

“Ng, okay. I know what to do.”

Hanging up the international, long-distance call from headquarters, Su Wan somewhat agitatedly rubbed the space between her eyebrows.

As expected, Su Rui didn’t know how to sit still. Truly a worrisome guy.

The phone impatiently rang again. She glanced at it and found that it was Xu Jie’s number. When the phone connected, Xu Jie’s familiar voice transmitted through. In the former days, he was a well-dressed elite and was a very calm gentleman, but  today, his voice showed some urgency: “Chief Su, have you seen the news?”

“I’ve also seen it.”

In contrast, Su Wan’s tone was as flat as ever: “The news is very unfavourable to us now. Xu Jie, first inform the Public Relations Department to form a crisis team. Don’t bother with other matters. Wait for me to reach the company and then we’ll deal with it together!”

“Okay, I understand!”

Xu Jie hadn’t hung up the call when another call connected. Su Wan straightforwardly shut off her phone and concentrated on driving while the car was moving slowly.

Very early in the morning, the whole company was chaotic. When Su Wan drove to the company door, she saw familiar financial reporters standing outside the company entrance waiting for a windfall.

She simply drove the car around and entered the office building from the back door.

When they saw Su Wan appear, the large and small employees all came up to her: “What are you panicking about? Do you all have nothing to do? Already told you what you guys ought to do. Hold a meeting in the meeting room at 9:00 am exactly!”

After throwing some cold words, Su Wan directly took the elevator to return to her office. Xu Jie was already waiting for her at the door of her office. Seeing Su Wan’s figure, Xu Jie immediately handed over the draft that Public Relations prepared. Su Wan merely gave it a cursory look and stuffed the draft back into Xu Jie’s hands: “For the time being, arrange it like this ba! Help me cancel all my appointments for this morning and help me arrange a meeting with Haoyue’s Xiao Laoye!”

Xiao Laoye?

Xu Jie paused for a bit. Because Xiao Laoye hadn’t bothered with matters of the company for a long time, Xiao Jing Mo had the final say in the large and small matters for almost two years.

Although a little unexpected, Xu Jie still seriously nodded and carried out Su Wan’s instructions one by one……

This morning, Su Wan was particularly busy. She appeased the media that rushed over after they heard the news, she started to reassure the elites of various departments in the company, and finally, she had to deal with the bomb of phone calls from collaborators.

Until she saw Xiao Laoye at the agreed tea house for their appointment, Su Wan’s face still brought an unconcealable exhaustion.

“Tired? Try this place’s Dahongpao.”

Xiao Laoye was already more than 70 years old this year, but he still had rosy cheeks, and was hale and hearty. Right now, he was wearing a black silk Chinese shirt and was sitting erect on the pearwood chair, seeming especially vigorous.

Su Wan smiled at Xiao Laoye and gracefully took a sip from the teacup and kept the fragrance between her teeth. It was indeed a good rare tea.

“Although I do not know much about tea, it feels pretty good.”

Su Wan put down the teacup and smiled at Xiao Laoye.

Xiao Laozi looked at Su Wan with some surprise. Just now, regardless of her movement when she held the teacup, or her posture when she was tasting the tea, she was very skilled and authentic. Originally, Xiao Laoye thought that Su Wan was intentionally showing off in front of him, but he didn’t expect that she would bluntly say that she didn’t know.

This girl had grown a lot in the past few years.

Thinking this way, Xiao Laoyezi gaze on Su Wan became softer: “Su family’s girl, did you arrange this meeting with me this time because of the news report this morning? These old bones have long ignored the matters of the company. Whatever you want to talk about, you should look for Ah Mo and speak to him about it.”

Because of the noisy rumours that EVFA wanted to cancel the contract with Haoyue, once the stock market opened this morning, Haoyue’s stocks crashed. Although the trend rose again, it did not rule out the possibility of ill-intentioned people from taking the opportunity to acquire Haoyue’s shares. 1

Concerning the manipulator behind the scenes of this matter, Xiao Laoyezi had already found out that it was the handiwork of that little bastard of the Fang family.

Regarding the current relationship between Xiao Jing Mo and Su Wan and also Fang Zi Mu, Xiao Laoyezi did not care too much. But Su Wan suddenly wanted to meet with him, which made Xiao Laoyezi surprised. Because his mind had some doubts and curiosity, Xiao Laoye did not hesitate at all and agreed to Su Wan’s invitation.

“Xiao Laoyezi, this younger generation made an appointment with you today is for a somewhat private matter.”

The expression on Su Wan’s face suddenly became a bit complicated and lonely: “The matter eight years ago, I know…… that it was you who did it.”


Xiao Laoyezi faintly raised his eyelids. A seemingly murky pair of eyes flashed a faint glimmer of light. He stayed calm and collected and looked at Su Wan. Seeing that Su Wan did not continue, Xiao Laoyezi simply took a sip of tea. Then, he leisurely put down the teacup and looked at Su Wan: “Since you already know, then this time’s matter, you did it on purpose?”

Purposely looked for Fang Zi Mu to cooperate with him, purposely spread rumours that were harmful to Haoyue.


Su Wan made a wry smile: “If I want to retaliate, I would have looked for Jing Mo after I returned and laid all the cards on the table. If he knew the truth of that year, what do you say he would do?”

Su Wan knew Xiao Jing Mo’s personality, and Xiao Laoyezi knew his grandson better.

In those years, because of his great fight with the affectionate couple, he lost his father. Xiao Jing Mo’s mother got depressed because of this and died. If Xiao Jing Mo knew the reason why Su Wan left him and departed from the country, and that it was his handiwork, Xiao Laoyezi is very sure that he and this very difficult to retrieve grandson would definitely fall out.

“In the end, what do you want to do?”

At this time, the gaze which Xiao Laoyezi looked at Su Wan with, already did not conceal its sharpness.

In those years, Xiao Loayezi could see that this girl was very clever and she also came from a merchant family. This kind of granddaughter-in-law, Xiao Laoyezi did not like.

He would rather let Xiao Jing Mo and Luo Chu Chu that somewhat foolish/stupid girl be together, and did not want the property of Xiao family to fall into the hands of outsiders.

“Laoyezi, you seem to loathe me?”

Sensing XIao Laoyezi’s gaze, Su Wan somewhat mocked herself and picked up the teacup. Her slender fingers softly rubbed the edge of the boccaro ware teacup: “Actually, Jing Mo he somewhat noticed the matter. These few days, my overseas friend gave me a call. He said that someone was investigating me. I suspect that the person was sent by him.”

As she spoke, Su Wan lifted up her head. Her gaze was clear as she looked at Xiao Laoyezi: “This time when I returned, I saw that Jing Mo was very happy. I was very happy for him. The matters of the past have passed. I do not wish to increase his worries. I met with Laoye today was merely because I wanted to let you know in advance. Once the matter that happened in the past comes to light, please prepare a good reply. As for me…… I will make it clear with Jing Mo. The matter of canceling the contract this time may be final involvement between me and him.”

Perhaps because Su Wan’s expression was too serious, her gaze didn’t contain a single trace of impurities. Hearing what she said, Xiao Laoyezi’s heart was slightly shaken.

In fact, he had also understood the life of Su family these past few years. Su Wan had not lacked pursuers abroad, but in these eight years, she kept cleaning up her character and conduct, and had self-respect.

Maybe, she really had been deeply in love with XIao Jing Mo this whole time?

Xiao Laoyezi suddenly felt that  he really was old. Concerning those matters of love and affection between young people, he really couldn’t understand.

“Laoyezi, I will leave first. There are still a lot of things to do on the company side.”

As she spoke, Su Wan stood up and got ready to leave.

“You don’t hate me?”

When Su Wan was standing up, Xiao Laoyezi suddenly asked a question.

Su Wan departing figure slightly paused. She turned sideways and slightly smiled at Xiao Laoyezi: “You are Jing Mo’s grandfather. How can I hate you? After all…… everything you did was for his well-being. I believe that he will understand and comprehend even if he knows it in the future.”

This remark seemed to have finally entered Xiao Laoyezi’s heart. He lightly sighed a sigh of relief. His gaze gradually softened and he looked at Su Wan: “Su family’s girl, do you still like Ah Mo?”

“Don’t like.”

Su Wan gently turned around with her back facing Xiao Laoyezi, her voice as she replied was complicated: “He was the only man I have ever loved in my life.”

After she finished speaking, she quickly left.

Until Su Wan disappeared from the entrance of the tea house, only then did Xiao Laoyezi heave a sigh and leaned on the chair. Deeply he spoke: “You heard it?”

Behind the red sandalwood screen behind him, a tall slender figure walked out. This person, was Xiao Jing Mo.

Actually, Xiao Jing Mo had already knew the truth of what happened eight years ago yesterday. Today, when such a big matter came out at the company, he didn’t bother with it. He abandoned the big matter and went back to the old house to look for his grandfather to confront him. He didn’t expect that Xiao Laoyezi would suddenly receive Su Wan’s invite.

It was Xiao Laoyezi who brought Xiao Jing Mo with him. Laoyezi originally wanted to let Xiao Jing Mo see Su Wan’s “true face”, but as a result, he saw a deep and cruel love.

This was counted as a mistake due to a strange combination of circumstances. Su Wan was originally supposed to erase the favourable impression in front of Xiao Laoyezi. Who would have thought that there would still be unexpected gains. This was only called a life-like play. Everything depended on acting.


The Fourth 2

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