Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 52

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SEG Chapter 3.17 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (17)

When Fang Zi Wen drove her car and reached the vicinity of the hotel, she could already see her big brother holding Su Wan with one hand from far away. It was unknown what he was gesturing,  but Su Wan’s expression looked somewhat impatient.

Thinking of those things about Su Wan and big brother in the newspapers and the Internet, Fang Zi Wen was also hesitant. Finally, she drove the car to the entrance of the hotel.

Getting down from the car, a burst of cold wind rushed to her face.

Fang Zi Wen still wore a short skirt that did not reach her knees. Luckily, she was used to dressing like this, or else she would feel very cold.

“Your brother is drunk. You bring him home ba.”

When Su Wan saw Fang Zi Wen appear, she immediately struggled to get out of Su Rui’s embrace. Pushing his swaying body, she pushed him to Fang Zi Wen.

This kind of feeling of going back to one’s family to look for each other at any time made Su Rui look a little flustered.

“Su Wan, Xiao Wan……”

He raised his hand and clutched it midair in a hurry, but only caught Su Wan’s warm fingertips.

“You’re drunk. Go home and have a good rest.”

Su Wan pulled out her hand and then politely smiled at Fang Zi Wen: “Go home and don’t forget to prepare hangover soup for him. I’ll leave first.”


Fang Zi Wen was dumbfounded. But before she even had the time to say a word, she looked on helplessly as Su Wan turned and got onto her car and drove away.

What was this called?

Fang Zi Wen gloomily turned her head and looked at her unsteady brother beside her. Somewhat hating for iron not bring able to turn to steel, she said: “On ordinary days you’re shrewd like a fox! Such a good opportunity, you actually drunk yourself drunk. You had the ability to make her drunk ah! Where did your strong arrogance go ah?”

As she spoke, Fang Zi Wen raised her hand to support Su Rui to the car. But who would have thought that as soon as she drew near, Su Rui suddenly opened her hand.

Straightening out his disorderly coat, Su Rui narrowed his eyes. He looked at Fang Zi Wen with a fierce and dangerous look: “What did you say just now? Come, say it again!”


Fang Zi Wen’s expression changed: “Brother, you actually weren’t drunk?”

It was actually just acting! Sure enough, he was still a sly fox!

Fang Zi Wen thought for a bit. She felt that she was such a hindrance ah!

“Brother, I was wrong. How about I chase after Su Wan?” 1

Fang Zi Wen put on a pitiful expression and very cautiously looked at Su Rui.

“Forget it. Get in the car.” 2

Su Rui waved his hand and took the lead to get into Fang Zi Wen’s car. He directly sat in the backseat.

Fang Zi Wen cautiously trembled. Seeing that her brother wasn’t flipping out, she immediately got into the car and started the engine. The car drove all the way to Fang family’s villa. Because Su Rui was in the car, Fang Zi Wen didn’t dare to drive too fast.

A gloomy faced Su Rui made several phone calls after he got into the car. Fang Zi Wen didn’t understand much about doing business, but when she heard Su Rui tell people to spread the rumour that EVFA wanted to cancel the contract with Haoyue, and also heard him ask people to take the opportunity to inhale Haoyue’s stocks when the stock price dropped tomorrow, Fang Zi Wen’s hand that had been driving steadily trembled. Although she was somewhat fearful of her brother, but when she thought of her fiance, she picked up the courage and lowly asked: “Big brother, you…… Is this a plan to get rid of Haoyue?”

Get rid of Haoyue?

Su Rui lazily looked up and indifferently looked at Fang Zi Wen. This spoiled daughter of a rich family still didn’t seem to know how she could become Xiao Jing Mo’s fiance. Everything was because Xiao Laoye was scheming against Fang family.

Fang family had stayed as first place in Xiang City for far too long. The matter of Xiao family wanting to replace was not a matter from a day or two ago.

And many people in the business world knew that along with the continuous rise of the Xiao family, the Fang family was gradually declining.

It was only a matter of time before the Fang family would be replace by the Xiao family or even absorbed.

When Su Rui accepted Fang Zi Mu’s body, he also received the original owner’s memory. Fang Zi Mu was also considered as a genius in business, but compared to the Xiao family, he was a step worse.

Xiao Laoye was old, so he put all his hopes on Xiao Jing Mo. Xiao Jing Mo’s performance these past few years had finally lived up to his expectations. Only, the thing that made Xiao Laoye dissatisfied was Xiao Jing Mo’s approach towards feelings.

Therefore, Xiao Laoye personally appointed a marriage with Fang family. The person in charge of Fang family was also muddle-headed and actually thought this was a good thing.

However, Fang Zi Mu understood. How could his own sister enter Xiao Jing Mo’s eyes?

Understanding Fang Zi Wen’s character very well, Fang Zi Mu knew that sooner or later, Fang Zi Wen would irritate Xiao Jing Mo. Xiao Jing Mo that person would absolutely ruthlessly wipe them out if he was angered.

So, Fang Zi Mu acted ahead of time. He secretly gathered funds while creating a lot of chance encounters with Luo Chu Chu.

Since Xiao Laoye started by putting his hand on his sister, then he would simply start with the women around Xiao Jing Mo.

In this world’s original plot, Fang Zi Mu first approached Luo Chu Chu only with the purpose of making use of her to strike Xiao Jing Mo. Who knew that after some time, he would actually fall in love with Luo Chu Chu. And at this time, Xiao Jing Mo broke up with Luo Chu Chu and got back together with Su Wan. Fang Zi Mu took this opportunity to keep staying by Luo Chu Chu’s side, wanting to win her heart.

It’s a pity that Fang Zi Mu had a worrisome person by his side, a person who dug pits for their own people, his sister.

Fang Zi Wen kept receiving the instigation of Ouyang Jing who admired her brother. She even bribed a criminal to drive into Luo Chu Chu. In the end, Luo Chu Chu entered the hospital because of a car accident. Because of this matter, Xiao Jing Mo came to realize what he really wanted in his heart and finally successfully got together with Luo Chu Chu.

Afterwards, Xiao Jing Mo investigated the true perpetrator behind the scenes and found that it was Fang Zi Wen. He canceled the engagement with Fang family and in addition to madly attacking Fang family’s industry in the business world, Fang Zi Mu lost his beloved. His career was also not successful. He was out of control and made mistakes in his decisions. He became Xiao Jing Mo’s hands and feet and ended up causing Su Wan’s death……

He straightened out some thing in his mind. Su Rui thought for a bit and then made another call. This call was to the private detective agency that he had been patronizing.

“Any movements from Ouyang Jing recently?”

When Su Rui asked about Ouyang Jing’s current situation, a low male voice was heard on the phone: “Miss Ouyang is still quietly recuperating in the private hospital. I’ve asked the private nurse. She should be discharged from the hospital this weekend.”

Since being thrown into the barren cemetery that night by Su Wan, Ouyang Jing received a huge fright and had been recuperating. So, she had been calm and tranquil the whole time. But once she gets discharged, she’s done for.

Actually, Su Rui had already secretly planned and prepared to knock down the Ouyang family. But because this matter was particularly secretive, the speed was a bit slow.

“After she gets discharged from the hospital, closely keep an eye on her for 24 hours. Once she makes any unusual behavior, report to me immediately.”

After ordering the private detective, Su Rui put away the phone. When he looked up, he saw Fang Zi Wen using the rearview mirror to sneak peaks at him.

Su Rui sighed and stretched out. He comfortably leaned on the backseat and slowly closed his eyes.

Seeing that Su Rui didn’t want to say anything, Fang Zi Wen pursed her lips. Her face was unhappy. Just when she was going to continue concentrating on driving, Su Rui who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened his mouth without warning: “Ouyang Jing is not anything good. You usually stay away from her. If she tempts you to do something, you must not be fooled!”

“I got it, big brother.”

Fang Zi Wen obediently nodded her head, but her heart was pondering. Didn’t know what Ouyang Jing that woman did to actually make her older brother unhappy. It seems that she would see her numerous times….. in the future.

BLU: Ouyang Jing’s in trouble~ *evil smirk*

Also, a little request from me! 3

P.S. The character I’m interested in is that Shizue fella from that  Slime anime.

Inner voice: Awww, look at you tryin’ to be all uninterested and stuff! Lolololol (`ω´)

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  1. Shizue? I’m not a cosplayer myself but I think that’s feasible. I don’t really remember if she had sword since I read the web novel one. If she had one, that should be the hard part.

    Edit: I checked, she had one. Looks kinda hard to make if you want to make it a very detailed one.

  2. I feel bad for poor Luo Chu Chu. ML took her in only as a replacement for SW and now she has 2 reincarnators hell bent on destroying her.
    I hope in later arcs original FL get a few cheats to balance out things.

  3. Cosplay huh.
    I don’t really do it but I have a friend who does and he invited me into doing cosplay once, though I must say that the quality of his cosplay isn’t good, he and I enjoyed it still, while I don’t regret sewing mine etc. because the resulting product is nice, it’s really troublesome, time-consuming, and really need effort since I’m quite not satisfied with the ‘just enough’ quality, sigh. the materials too … whew. Now there’s also those ready-made one’s but I just don’t like those 😛
    If you just want to cosplay and won’t mind much of the quality, it should be easy for you to do it as long as you aren’t shy of crowds or that picky of your ‘cosplay’. Shizue — you mean the slime mc taking on the appearance of Shizue or exactly Shizue? I haven’t watched the anime yet. anyway, it should be feasible and it will be easier too. good luck.!!
    Simple cosplay the most comfortable to do, for me at least.
    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

  4. Thank you for the chapter ???
    Lol! !! He’s trying to create a beautiful scene, but lil sister was too dense to play along.. .

  5. Everyone can cosplay 🙂 (recently I had to stop but I plan to restart in the future)
    Do you plan to do every thing yourself or go to a seamstress to make the costume? For a sewing begginer, the clothes can be a bit challenging but if you have experience in sewing or someone to help, i think it can be done easily 🙂

    1. OwO I see! I know someone who can sew, but I think I’ll end up doing it myself since she said that it was a pain (._.)….
      Anyway, thanks! Oh yeah, any advice on making masks?

    2. I don’t cosplay but I’m quite curious about how others sew their clothes for it? do you know how they do it? my friends requests me sometimes to sew some for them, though I reject most of it since I’m almost always busy. I always spend quite a time and effort in making it even just for one of those characters that have relatively simpler look.

      1. Personally I pick a basic pattern, do it a bit larger and then do the alterations to fit the costume and my body. There are tons of sewing patterns online but you can always pick a fitting piece of clothes and cut along the seems to have your own pattern. Then you can trace it onto a card or keep it that way. If you are not sure of the alterations to make, maybe do a small ersion of the costume (like for a doll) and try it 🙂

        1. so that’s why… hmm.. I don’t really use the internet when it comes to sewing/clothing so I’ve been doing it from the scratch, start to the end always, maybe because I got used to my teacher’s way of doing it 😛 sigh.

          Guess I’ll see if it can help me later on. Thanks ^^

          1. For the fabrics, depends on the money you are able and willing to spend and the design… I always try to find a fabric with cotton and a bit elastic but thats my preference. They are more malleable and breathe much better than polyester

          2. Hmm.. it would have been easier for me if I have a specific preference when it comes to it but I don’t have one, it’s always varying since I change what I use depending on the piece I’m making and the intended design. Even if I already have something in mind, acquiring it most of the time is troublesome and sometimes doesn’t meet the expectation, haha, well, that’s only natural though.
            The good thing about when they ask about my help so far is that they don’t give me a limit in the expense though, so I can go with what I want as long as it satisfies them.
            Well, never mind, I’ll just have them accept my demand as usual, I will just have to bear with the usual process in regards to the fabric, lol.
            — Thanks anyway ^^.

          3. Maybe avoid fabrics 100%polyester…? Its not good for photos (to bright for the flash) and when the person sweats, its more unconfortable than cotton or other fibers because its very noticeable and stinks more 🙂 I made a pirate jacket + cape with one of those (for hetalia – pirate versions) and the whole weekend during a convention, I was hot, sweaty and try not to stink to much XD

          4. lol. unfortunately, I already received that lesson and I must say it’s still good for photos outside of certain conditions. If I do then it’s only going to be used for limited time, won’t be for convention or gathering. It’s troublesome for them to maintain it so unless really needed I try to avoid using 100%. maybe for accompanying pieces it’s fine.

          5. As long as you don’t do as I did ( a full reversible jacket made with the cheaspest 100%polyester) its fine. Most blends are not bad at all actually. They are just more rigid and not so breathable.

          6. so that’s why :O
            Well, nice knowing ^^
            Haha, 100% polyester isn’t really recommended for wear since it’s so suffocating, sticky, whew, using it on sleeveless shirt can be acceptable if really asking for the fabrics’ property at least that’s the least I can endure, tried it too. Obviously, using the blends are better though unless really needed or really want the effect of it..

          7. Hah I was low on my fund (I make a fund to not be always asking my parents for money and to control my expenses) so I had to choose the cheapest fabric available in store (which was the 100%Poly)… The weekend of the con was an adventure. Between hot unconfortable jacket, my prop with the country flag bending and high-heeled boots with too much high, I don’t know what tired me the most XD

            A PRO thing about polyester is that the colors are usually very vibrant so if you go to a meeting (here in Portugal we have 1day-meetings just for fun and some of us go in cosplay :D) and the costume doesn’t have much fabric maybe it can help with the photos (at least outdoor because not always using flash is the best for the scene…).

            BTW for the props i.e. the sword, any ideas?

          8. sword huh, I only handle the clothing so I don’t really know that much about it, another friend of mine always handles the creation of props so I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to make it myself. I notice that friend using foam build though, says that it’s easier, there’s also wood and the kind of glass-thing(dunno the name) but they are harder to make from, though the result will be better but if it’s only for appearance then better just use the foam build. I’m saying the base material only though since I just follow orders when the props are being made so I don’t know the other specific materials used.

          9. Ooh that’s nice. I do my own and most of the times don’t turn how I wanted them :
            I use foam too. Mostly polyurethane foam which is awesome because is light and cuts very well with a cutting knife. The prep work before paint can be a hassle but this foam is the best if you are going to carry around the prop 😀

          10. True, I already gave up on props making, it’s not meant for me since I just can’t get my way around it XD I only help when there’s specific orders or guidance 😛 if there’s none, I’ll just make a mess and waste the materials too.

            I remember that one time my friend first tried making a sword-prop using wood, obviously it results in failure. So many practices before my friend got used to it and there’s still times that it messed up, now I remembered their expense just because of practices…. so many wasted materials :O
            The cleaning that I have to do too. ~ ~

          11. Same 😀
            For the cleaning, its easier to do the stuff on top of a towel so then when you finish, it goes to the washing machine

          12. Unfortunately, they aren’t really that aware of the mess they are making, always.!
            The wood dust and shavings are easy to spread too, unfortunately.

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