Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 51

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SEG Chapter 3.16 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (16)

Meige President Fang Zi Mu actually signed to become the spokesperson of the latest EVFA autumn products!

Once the news came out, it caused Xiang City’s business and upper-class circle shake. Soon, the well-informed media turned over the photos that people secretly took at Xiao Jing Mo’s birthday party. Those photos were taken exactly when Su Wan and Su Rui were dancing. Very quickly, the news on Young Master Fang and EVFA’s President Su Wan love affair had been spread mouth to mouth throughout the entire Xiang City……

At this time, Su Rui had already taken photos for the latest products of the quarter in accordance with the contract. Because the foundation of Su Rui’s body was good, the samples taken were also especially excellent. Su Wan sent the samples to their overseas Headquarters. They received a positive response and praise from the Headquarters that day itself.

Soon, the counters of Xiang City’s EVFA were replaced with the latest spokesperson’s pictures. Fang Zi Mu was very appealing in Xiang City. On the day the billboards were changed with new ones, the latest products on the counters almost sold out.

Making use of such enthusiasm, EVFA’s product launch for the new season was paid especially close attention to. It was a exceptionally grand occasion and the sound and lighting were outstanding.

This was the first shot after Su Wan took office. Because the completion was simply perfect, Su Wan reserved a hotel to celebrate with the staff after the press conference ended. 1 Of course, Su Rui, the brand spokesperson, also participated in this time’s celebration.

The two people had very little contact lately. Su Wan was always making sarcastic comments while Su Rui didn’t seem to want to continue inviting snubs.

After the celebration feast, everyone was in high spirits and at the end of the banquet, an overwhelming majority of people were drunk.

Perhaps it was because he drunk too much wine, Su Rui’s gaze was somewhat blurry. He saw that Su Wan didn’t drink a many glasses of wine throughout the night and kept unconcernedly drifting away from others. Other people took her position into consideration and no one dared to go up and urge her to drink. Su Rui didn’t care too much and took a bottle of wine over and sat beside Su Wan. With drunken eyes, he stared fixedly at Su Wan’s face: “I went through so much trouble to help you. You have to drink with me.”

“We are merely doing this for mutual benefits.”

Su Wan raised her hand and pushed away the bottle that Su Rui placed in front of her.

“Mutual benefit? Why didn’t I feel like I received any advantages?”

Su Rui smiled somewhat discontentedly and stubbornly pushed the bottle back.

“Is your Fang family not planning to advance into department store industry?”

Su Wan turned sideways and supported her cheek with one hand. She looked at Su Rui from the corner of her eyes: “If I can persuade Headquarters to cancel Haoyue Group’s contract and then switch to cooperating with Meige ne?

Fang family relied on financial investment to thrive and the wealth originally accumulated rapidly. However, such development was not a long term solution for today’s rapidly developing economy. In comparison, Xiao family had always been going about things steadily and surely. They relied on supermarket chains and department stores. Although Xiao family’s Haoyue Group had begun to get involved in all trades and professions including the most violent real estate industry. However, in fact, the department store industry was still where the foundation of Xiao family lied.

The period where real estate would rake in huge profits would not last a long time in the end. Especially after the country had issued a restriction, the entire market had begun to show signs of decline.

On the contrary, as young people gradually entered society, they had become the most mainstream consumer groups. And, these high-consumer groups will soon drive the development of the department store industry. Especially after the combination of e-commerce and cabinet trade 2, they received the love and pursuit of even younger people.

Actually, Fang family saw the advantages of developing in this area and was planning to establish the first nationally connected department store in Xiang City.

EVFA was very influential in the fashion industry as a high-ranking and luxurious European jewelry brand. At this time, if EVFA abandons Xiao family and switched to cooperating with Fang family, it would affect the choice of many other brands.

Fang family would say that it simply was a profit as large as the Heavens.

Sure enough, hearing Su Wan’s words, the tipsy feeling Su Rui felt disappeared in an instant. He stared at Su Wan: “Is what you said the truth?”

“Of course it’s true. The people at Headquarters really appreciate you. If cooperating with you would give us even more profit, why would they refuse?”

For businessmen, taking advantage to make the largest profit was a prerequisite.

In the business world, there were no friends and enemies forever.

“It seems that there’s still half a year in the contract between you guys and Haoyue?”

Su Rui tapped on the table with his finger: “It’s uncertain that there would be other changes in this half year.”

Although he didn’t know the specific content of their cooperation, Su Rui could still imagine that penalty in the contract was definitely an astronomical number.

“You should know, I can’t wait that long.”

Hearing Su Rui’s words, Su Wan merely mysteriously smiled: “I have a way to make Xiao Jing Mo take the initiative to cancel the contract.”

Su Wan had always liked to do things step by step. Calculating the time, she thought that Xiao Jing Mo should have investigated some things at this time.

Next time they saw each other, truly didn’t know what the scene would look like.

Seeing Su Wan look as if she had a well-thought-out plan, Su Rui merely felt his chest tighten.

That’s right, she had always been so versatile. Otherwise, she would not have played so many people in circles.

Regarding Su Wan’s acting and scheming, Su Rui had the deepest understanding.

He was so depressed that he poured another glass of wine. Su Rui did not say a word and just drank the full glass of white wine in one gulp……

After the celebration banquet ended, in addition to Su Wan, within the large crowd, only Xu Jie could barely remain sober.

“Chief Su, I will send them to the car one by one. You take care of Young Master Fang ba!”

Xu Jie felt that he was the most understanding assistant in the world.

Seeing Xu Jie supporting a drunken colleague, they were sent to the taxi one by one. Su Wan turned around and looked at Su Rui who lied on his own Maserati, his artistic image gone.

After watching for half a day, Su Wan still shook her head and walked to Su Rui’s side. She extended her hand into his pocket and fished out Su Rui’s phone.

“What’s the password?”

Su Wan stared at the display of the phone while she raised her hand and gently patted Su Rui’s cheek.


Su Rui somewhat confusedly raised his eyes and looked at Su Wan in a trance. After that, he somewhat dazedly smiled: “Password, password is……0607.”

Su Wan immediately unlocked the phone after she received the password. She found Fang Zi Wen’s number in his contacts and pressed her number without the least hesitation.

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