Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 50

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SEG Chapter 3.15 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (15)

Ever since he had returned to Xiao family, Xiao Jing Mo had changed from an ordinary boy to an elegant and noble young man within a short period of one year under the supervision of Xiao Laozi 1. These past few years, he had already become accustomed to wearing a noble mask and conduct himself with culture and grace.

Today, the ridicule towards Su Rui was merely nothing but Xiao Jing Mo’s momentary arrogance. Once the words left his mouth, Xiao Jing Mo did feel some regret.

He and Su Wan had broken up eight years ago. Now, he already has Luo Chu Chu. Why did he still want to be like this, bothering about who Su Wan wanted to be with now?

What happened to him?

Su Rui on the side actually understood what Xiao Jing Mo said, but he didn’t appear to be angry at all. On the contrary, he raised his hand and put Su Wan in his embrace as if he was holding a treasure: “Come to speak of it, I really want to thank Chief Xiao for giving the spokesperson position to me. Otherwise, I don’t know when I can hold the beauty ne!”

Su Rui spoke very affectionately and thoughtfully, as if he really wanted to thank Xiao Jing Mo. Seeing him feigning appreciation, Xiao Jing Mo got even more irritated. He perfunctorily said a few words and left with Luo Chu Chu.

Until their car completely disappeared, Su Rui took down the smile on his lips and indifferently looked at Su Wan by his side: “You used me again?”

“Did I? If you’re unwilling to be my boyfriend, then you can…….ng….”

Su Wan spoke halfway when Su Rui suddenly took advantage of her and resolutely kissed her lips. Unlike the previous accidental light kiss, this time Su Rui kissed very hard and collided without any technique which left a bloody mark on Su Wan’s lips.

This was by no means a public display of affection. This was murder ah! 2


Su Wan pushed Su Rui hard, and her slender fingers wiped the blood on her lips. Right now, her  face was more cloudy than Su Rui’s: “Su Rui, don’t reach for a yard after getting an inch, otherwise, I won’t let you off.”

Su Rui licked his lips, his gaze wantonly rested on Su Wan’s lips: “No matter what you do to me, I will always accompany you.”

“Then let’s wait and see!”

Su Wan shot a glance at Su Rui, turned away from the indifferent face and walked away.

Looking at her back that was not at all reluctant to leave, Su Rui lifted his finger and lightly touched the side of his lip. On it, her breath still lingered, even her blood-

Su Wan, you’re not as hard and indifferent as you pretend to be.

I’ll make you obediently lay down your arms and surrender. I definitely will……


In the evening, pedestrians hurried on the streets. At this time, they were either anxiously on their way home, or stopped at a certain intersection, waiting for the person on their minds.

The heart had some expectations. The heart had a place to return to. Only then would one feel happy and warm.

Su Wan stopped at a busy street. She watched the signal lamp at the crossroads turn from red to yellow and then gradually change to green. She watched the crowds rushing through the zebra crossing.

Everything in front of her, was so real and also so illusory.

Everything, was a sham.

She only need to close her eyes and it was as if Su Wan could see that place where she grew from a child, the place that turned into ashes in a sea of flames-

This world is going to collapse, come with me ba!

The voice of that man was always so gentle, the gentleness that made her despair and irritable.

Living like this, was still better than dying in despair.

Su Wan had thought of dying. She also put it into action, but in the end, she still lived.

Alone, living with sorrow and despair.

Those who she had loved, those who she missed, were all like a joke from the old days-

Yes, it was ridiculous. When she thought she was the happiest person in the world, one person suddenly told her, that everything was to fool her.

She was merely a cannon fodder piece in the hands of others. Her existence, was merely to let the protagonist loved by the Heavens live a happy and joyful life

Su Wan somewhat powerlessly fell and sat on the street. Everything before her eyes gradually become blurry. The thing she didn’t like the most was to recall the past.

The memories of other people still had a brief moment of sweetness and true happiness at least.

But what about her memories ne? In addition to people in the family trying to cheat each other, there was also her sweetheart who ruthlessly used her and abandoned her.

She was a person who was not loved by fate because she was born to be cannon fodder in other people’s lives-

Su Rui, your mood, I actually sympathize with you even more.

Su Wan sat on the street, silently laughing.

She actually understood why Su Rui relentlessly chased after her. After all, she felt unwilling.

It was just like everything that she herself did all those years ago.

She was also unwilling. She desperately wished that other people would not be happy. But every time, she also extravagantly wished that someone could save her from this hopeless abyss.

Unfortunately, after transmigrating in one world after the next, she was increasingly disappointed, increasingly indifferent.

Transmigrating till now, her heart was still not settled, with nowhere to place……


Su Wan, my poor darling (iДi)I hope your happiness comes soon ヾ(_ _。)

There’s an author’s note here, but…… I’m too lazy to translate that (´꒳`)

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  1. I really feel for Su Wan. Imagine living your whole life and then finding that your fate was to be a side character, and even more miserable a cannon fodder just because fate dictated it. I mean we live our lives as the main lead in our own existence. Plus it seems she really went through some bad stuff. And her life afterwards she was probably betrayed and used by the Ce guy, who I already do not like.

  2. Thank you very much for the holiday treat! \(^__^)/

    Although, I thought crossroad lights change from orange to red and not the other way around?

    1. I think the author meant traffic lights at a ‘+’ junction when he said crossroad lights. Are the ones that change from orange to red the traffic light for trains? There aren’t any trains from where I’m from, so I have no clue (?.?)

  3. I hope she breaks away from the darkness with her Hubby’s stubborn will to claim her!

    And that (´꒳`) emoji is so cute! The cat mouth, fufufu~! So cuuute! ^(o≧∀≦)o

    We just hope that ML succeeds in his endeavors! (He probably will) So fighting, you both!!!

    Thank you for the chapter~☆

  4. This glimpse into SW’s heart… Is very sad…

    How much suffering had she gone through ,to be the personality she is now… ..???

    Thank you for the chapter update !

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