Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 49

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SEG Chapter 3.14 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (14)

After being hung up on the phone by Su Wan, Xiao Jing Mo put down his phone and fixed his eyes on Luo Chu Chu beside him: “I will bring you together with me after work.”

Luo Chu Chu didn’t expect Xiao Jing Mo to say as such. She hesitated, and finally still nodded.

In fact, the both of them clearly knew that if they couldn’t solve the problem of Su Wan once and for all, then they would never return to how it was previously in the beginning.

When the seed of suspicion had been planted, only if it was heartlessly removed from its roots, it would keep on existing till it overgrows until it was impossible to control…….

At this point, Su Wan’s mood was very relaxed after she had hung up Xiao Jing Mo’s call. It was said that a lover that was snatched was not a lover.

As for Luo Chu Chu, Su Wan did not have any sort of malice towards her. She only did not believe in a man like Xiao Jing Mo. The rags-to-riches (Cinderella) story of a so-called big-shot was used to deceive naive little girls.

Even if all the endings of the stories ended with a happy ending where Cinderella married the president, what about after the marriage?

Men were the world’s most untrustworthy creatures.

If Xiao Jing Mo truly loved Luo Chu Chu, faithful till death, deeply loved her, even if she failed this time’s task, Su Wan will recognise it.


Su Wan had experienced many worlds and had never lost.

Those men were undoubtedly not fickle and ruthless in nature. No one, could surpass…….

An hour later, without any accidents, Su Wan received a call from Su Rui.

“I really like the tie you sent me. I will pick you up for dinner at night.”

Su Rui had always been blunt. Su Wan also liked to deal with these kind of people. When she heard what Su Rui said, Su Wan did not refuse. Instead, she even reminded him that he must come to the company and pick her up earlier before he hung up the call.

Seeing that the first big show that she guided and developed herself was going to start, Su Wan’s good mood made her finish her work ahead of schedule. She rested in her office for a while and even deliberately freshened up her face in her private bathroom before work hours finished.

Su Wan always got off work late on weekdays. Today was no exception. She stood at the window and watched Su Rui’s car park at the company entrance. Su Rui didn’t call her. Rather, he flirtatiously leaned on the side of his car. It attracted a crowd of people from the company that just got off work.

Regarding outsiders’ views, Su Rui had always been immune.

Today, Su Rui specially wore his favourite pair of hand-made custom gray suit. The gorgeous material and exquisite tailoring made people feel a kind of luxurious and noble air hit them in the face even from afar. 1

Sure enough, high-profile as always.

No, it should be said that Su Rui this person never knew what being low-key was.

Su Wan leisurely took the escalator down. When she reached the hall, she already saw Xiao Jing Mo’s car slowly coming.

The timing was just right!

Wearing a sapphire-blue business suit, Su Wan flipped her hair. Holding her exquisite white handbag, she gracefully walked out of the company’s entrance.

“You’ve waited for a while.”

Su Wan apologetically smiled at Su Rui. Su Rui didn’t speak and directly handed over the dark red silk tie that he had hung on the crook of his arm to Su Wan: “You help me tie this.”

This was the tie that Su Wan had gifted to him and it especially suited the gray suit that Su Rui was wearing.

Su Wan took the tie and her slim fingers lightly swept on top of the tie. That action had indescribably seductive and captivating.

Su Rui’s breathing deepened and subconsciously leaned over in front of Su Wan: “Hurry up.”

“So anxious to let me immobilize with a lasso ah?”

It was said that personally tied a necktie for a man could immobilize him with a lasso for the rest of his life. 2

Su Wan’s peach blossom eyes flashed a smile. The moment Su Rui bowed his head, she raised her arms and put the tie around Su Rui’s neck. The two people were very close to each other and their foreheads were almost touching.

Between their intertwined breaths, Su Wan noticed that Su Rui’s neck was red……

When Xiao Jing Mo and Luo Chu Chu drove to Su Wan’s company, they saw such a scene.

Fang Zi Mu bending down his head and stood in front of Su Wan. Su Wan very intimately and naturally raised her arms to tie his necktie for him. The gazes of the two intertwined from time to time and voluntarily staggered.

The air around them seemed to have isolated the outside world. The two people standing there seemed to look particularly harmonious and beautiful. It seemed like they were naturally should be together. They can’t accommodate anyone else between them……

“It’s done.”

The necktie was beautifully tied. Su Wan was satisfied and she lifted her finger and slid it on Su Rui’s tie. As a result, without waiting for her to withdraw her hand, Su Rui suddenly grabbed er finger.

Grasping the slender white fingers, feeling the temperature of Su Wan’s fingertips, Su Rui softly put her fingers on his lips without any reason and lightly kissed it.

At the end of the kiss, both people blankly stood in place.

Her fingertips still carried a shuddering temperature and breath. Su Wan’s conditioned reflex was to take her hand away, but Su Rui subconsciously gripped tighter.

“Su Wan, I……”

“Su Wan!” 3

Xiao Jing Mo’s voice suddenly sounded from behind him, interrupting Su Rui. Su Rui’s gaze darkened. When he turned around, his handsome face was already filled with haze.

“Jing Mo, you’re here!”

Su Wan saw Xiao Jing Mo’s cold face coming down from the car. Along with him came Luo Chu Chu with a complicated and shocked face.

“Su Wan, you guys……”

Luo Chu Chu’s gaze fell on Su Rui’s hand that was holding Su Wan’s. He never let go, as if he wanted to declare his sovereignty at all times.

“I was seen by you guys.”

Su Wan smiled, and her other hand took the opportunity to climb onto Su Rui’s arm: “Su Rui (Fang Zi Mu) signed a contract with our company. He is our newest spokesperson and is also…… my new boyfriend!” 4

The word “new” was especially harsh to her ears at the moment. Luo Chu Chu was somewhat ashamed and couldn’t show her face. It turned out that she misunderstood Su Wan this whole while.

Not long ago, she even thought that she (Su Wan) wanted to deliberately break the relationship between her and Xiao Jing Mo. 5 Once she thought till here, Luo Chu Chu felt more and more embarrassed.

Contrariwise, Xiao Jing Mo, who was on one side, dazedly looked at Su Wan’s hand that tightly held Su Rui.

For a person who once belonged to him but had now become someone else’s, a man would still feel a little uncomfortable. 6

Moreover, just a short time ago, Xiao Jing Mo thought from the bottom of his heart and even wondered whether Su Wan still had feelings towards him on the way here.

As a result……

Obviously, it was me who imagined that my love was reciprocated.

This made Xiao Jing Mo’s mood lower. Seeing Su Rui’s somewhat provocative glance, Xiao Jing Mo thoughtlessly said: “Didn’t expect Young Master Fang to be interested in shooting advertisements. If I had known earlier that it was like this, I would also have joined in on the fun. When Su Wan first looked for me, I wouldn’t have rejected her.” 7

Xiao Jing Mo’s words were already very frank. He was undoubtedly telling Su Rui that what he got was only the things he did not want already.

The girlfriend was. So was the spokesperson position.

BLU: My my, looks like a certain REJEC- *ahem* PERSON is getting salty. *smirks*

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