Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 5

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SEG Chapter 1.5 — Princess Substitution Marriage (5)

Su Rui’s sudden appearance caught everyone off guard. When they had a clear look of the person in Su Rui’s embrace, all the guests could only put on a strange expression on their faces.

“Hai, hai.”

Su Wan softly and weakly coughed a few times in an attempt to make Su Rui release her from his embrace.

At this time, Xuan Yuan Rui naturally saw Su Wan. Ever since she was demoted to the cold yuan, he had never gone to see her.

With extreme self-confidence that had extreme self-conceit behind it, Xuan Yuan Rui did not allow anyone to deceive him. So, he regarded Su Wan as someone who was crazy and ruthless.

This was the true face of this man! Born in the royal family, would he really have a sincere heart?

“Your Highness Yue Wang, congratulations to you.”

Su Wan step by step, with a slight sluggish gait, stood before Xuan Yuan Rui. At this moment, her eyes were calm, just like the calm surface of a lake and there were no traces of embarrassment on her face.

Xuan Yuan Rui had never met such a cold and calm Su Wan. For a moment, he had a dumbfounded look.

In the face of such an awkward situation, Ye Zhi Hua who was clothed head to toe in red, felt slightly alarmed. She subconsciously grabbed Xuan Yuan Rui’s sleeves and then lifted her eyes to look at Su Wan. With a tone full of deep concern: “Jiejie, your health, is it good?”

“I am not your jiejie.”

Su Wan looked at Ye Zhi Hua with a gaze that was as sharp as a knife.

This cold, detached way of speaking and sharp gaze made Ye Zhi Hua subconsciously want to hide behind Xuan Yuan Rui. Xuan Yuan Rui immediately knit his brows in displeasure. Looking at Su Wan with a cool gaze : “Su Wan, pay attention to your status. This is not a place where you can kick up a fuss!”

He thought that she already thought it through thoroughly in the cold yuan. Didn’t expect….


A sneering tone suddenly sounded out.

Su Rui raised his face and looked at Xuan Yuan Rui with hostility: “Wangye, please also pay attention to your status! My jiejie, the dignified Junzhu, specially came to congratulate you. Is this how you treat your guests?”

Su Rui deliberately emphasised the word “guests”, rendering everyone confused.


At this time, Su Rui also dropped a cold gaze on Ye Zhi Hua: “My jiejie only has me as a younger brother. Not everyone is worthy of calling her jiejie. Yue Wangfei, do not improperly claim someone is your relative a!”


Ye Zhi Hua did not dare to look face to face with Su Rui. In her previous life, Ye Zhi Hua did not live a few years more than Su Wan so she was not too clear on Su Jia’s ending and Su Rui’s matters. Regardless of the past life or this life, Su Rui’s fiendish reputation was very well-known by everyone. No one wanted to offend this kind of man.


An aggrieved sigh rang out, which seemed to immediately cover up the discordant atmosphere in the hall. Su Wan gave a deep sigh and gave Xuan Yuan Rui a quick glance: “I was really sincerely congratulating Wangye on finding your beloved. This Yue Wangfu has already no place for me to seek shelter anymore. So tonight, I actually came to bid farewell to Wangye!”

Bid farewell?

Xuan Yuan Rui looked at Su Wan with surprise. Even though Xuan Yuan Rui no longer had any feelings for her, he never thought that Su Wan would leave him herself.  So, at this moment when he heard that Su Wan wanted to leave and to personally say it in front of all these guests, Xuan Yuan Rui felt that he had lost face. Under the flames of fury, he immediately furiously shouted: “Impudence! You are my legally married Wangfei. Where do you think you’re going?”

“Wang Fei? Isn’t she by your side?”

Su Rui, who was not very far away, couldn’t help but have a sharp look on his face again and at this moment, Su Wan’s acting broke out. Looking at Xuan Yuan Rui and Ye Zhi Hua with an unwilling but determined look, her voice stained with despair rang out in the hall: “There will be someone who will send the divorce papers tomorrow. Biaoge, I cannot be….the obstacle between the both of you anymore. Without me here biaoge, you will finally be happy. You and I… the end, we only had a shallow predestined relationship. It was this small Wan who did not have good fortune….”

Even though the words have not been completely spoken, Su Wan’s face went pale and she fainted, surprising everyone.

Xuan Yuan Rui, who was closest to her, subconsciously wanted to reach out but a figure was a lot faster than him.

Su Rui took Su Wan into his embrace once again, and stood tall and upright. He lifted his brows and curved his lips, glancing at Xuan Yuan Rui with a provoking gaze. Using his ability, he said in a low voice that only the two of the could hear: “Wang Ye, don’t bother jiejie in the future. Otherwise, I absolutely won’t let you  off!”

Perhaps it was because Su Rui’s expression was too fierce and malevolent, and perhaps his words made Xuan Yuan Rui to think of something. In a flash, Xuan Yuan Rui’s look changed and became particularly unsightly…

No one in the wangfu dared to stop Su Rui in his steps. The imperial guards of the wangfu could only look on helplessly as Su Rui brought Su Wan and Lu Zhu away from the wangfu.

Sitting inside the General’s horse carriage, Lu Zhu shrunk in a corner and did not dare to breath, trying her utmost best to reduce her sense of presence.

Su Rui had a sullen look while holding an unconscious Su Wan. He softly combed her hair with his hand: “Why is it, that you’re so disobedient?”

There was a trace of ferocity in that dejected voice.

It came It came! The legendary severely crazy patient!

Su Wan who had been acting this whole time had already felt Su Rui’s movements earlier but she did not move and continued acting till the end.

“Haven’t I told you already that the men outside could not be trusted and that Xuan Yuan Rui is the same.”

Su Rui’s voice became soft and gentle, his fingers gently coiling Su Wan’s long hair: “It’s enough that jiejie has me to protect her. Those people, those people who greedily covet for you, should all just die.”

Kid, you probably didn’t take your medicine when you left the front door this evening?

Regarding Su Rui, Su Wan could only slightly sympathize with him. For this child, it was also not easy for him.

As the only male in Su Jia, Su Rui received the most rigorous training from young. When young, not only could he not experience the warmth of his parents but also had to face harsh training every day. Gradually after a long time, his thoughts were unable to be made out, gloomy and difficult a.

The original Su Wan and Su Rui were complete opposites because she lost her mother and was born weak. When Su Rui was young, he was the treasured son of the General Su fu. Whatever he wanted, he got it.

At that time, Su Wan was also soft and cute, and she treated her didi well though she didn’t really have much to say to him. So they were both on especially friendly terms at that time. Every time Su Rui was beaten till he couldn’t get up from bed, Su Wan personally took care of him.

As Su Rui slowly grew up, he became a lot stronger than Su Wan. Because he practiced martial arts all year round, his figure was awesome. At this time, he also felt that Su Wan was very weak and started to learn to protect his sister.

“A Rui can already protect me now, really makes me happy.”

This sentence said by Su Wan unintentionally made Su Rui always keep it in his mind.

He told himself that he wants to become stronger and even stronger and finally, become the strongest so that he can protect his sister for the rest of his life!

Protect jiejie.

Su Rui felt that he found the meaning of his life but at the time when he was busy and wasn’t looking, they grew up and Su Wan reached the age where she could be married off.

Su Rui still remembers the spring of that year. It was the second time he returned from the battlefield. He imagined that he would be able to see the brilliant smiling face of his jiejie as soon as he entered the door. To hear her tell him –

A Rui is so smart. You are the smartest man that jiejie has ever met.

With that expectation, Su Rui did not see the familiar figure at the door. At that moment, he got flustered. Ever since he knew that his sister’s health wasn’t good, he was always worried about her every time he was out.

However, in the middle of the splendid peach forest, he saw her gently snuggling in Xuan Yuan Rui’s arms. In that instant, Su Rui felt as if his whole world was falling apart.

Jiejie doesn’t need him anymore…..

Jiejie doesn’t need him anymore…..

Jiejie doesn’t need me to protect her anymore. Jiejie has abandoned him…..

At that moment, Su Rui was angry. His anger burnt the last light at the bottom of his heart.

“Su Wan, do you think Xuan Yuan Rui truly loves you?”

“The males outside cannot be trusted! Only I have the ability to wholeheartedly and truly protect you! Why do you fail to understand that?”

From that moment onward, their relationship became drifted apart and became strange.

Su Rui also realized that Su Wan began to evade him. Even to the extent that she was afraid of him, afraid of his approach, afraid of the persistent and ruthless gaze that he looks at her with.

Although the marriage between Su Wan and Xuan Yuan Rui was not bestowed by the Emperor, they still had a harmonious relationship, and were the target of envy and admiration of other people.

Before the day of the marriage between Su Wan and Xuan Yuan Rui, Su Rui who was very drunk, rushed into Su Wan’s room while holding a sword.

“If you dare to marry him, I will kill you!”

That night, the always weak Su Wan was incomparably tough.

Even if she was going to die, she wanted to be with Xuan Yuan Rui!

In the end, Su Rui couldn’t bear to raise a hand at his jiejie. He only spoke out ferocious words. Once she married out, she would never be allowed to step a single step into Su Jia in this lifetime unless, unless,….she left Xuan Yuan Rui.

After that day when he let out those ferocious words, Su Rui did not think that in his lifetime that Su Wan would really come back. After all, in the original plot, even after being cast aside and abandoned by Xuan Yuan Rui, she still loved him until her death…..

All these memories of Su Rui did not exist in the original plot, but only in the depths of the original owner’s memory.

When Su Wan received these memories, she knew that she would definitely win.

She got the best card in the deck.

She wasn’t afraid even if god was on the same team as her enemy but she was afraid of having pig teammates.

Su Wan is clearer than anyone else on how Su Rui was a god-like teammate.

With this gravely mentally ill patient on her side, there’s no pressure to trap that scum male a!

Correct! It’s like this!

In the face of this mentally ill person, it is necessary to take medicine!

Thus, Su Wan who had been “unconscious”, wrinkled her brow when the carriage jolted and lightly twitched her eyelashes.


Su Rui who carried her for a whole day with a sullen and ruthless expression, immediately became gentle and anxious the moment he felt that Su Wan was on the verge of waking up: “Jiejie, have you woken up?”

Su Wan still did not open her eyes but exerted her strength to grip the back of Su Rui’s hand: “A Rui, A Rui, Jiejie has nothing anymore, everything is gone.”

“Jiejie, you still have me. You still have me a.”

In Su Rui’s voice, there was a hint of fanaticism: “You still have me. I will always be by your side to protect you.”

For Su Rui, the meaning of his life was to protect Su Wan. There was nothing more important than this.

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