Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 6

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SEG Chapter 1.6 — Princess Substitution Marriage (6)

General Su’s fu was located in the northwest corner of the capital. These past few years, General Su had been guarding the borders and rarely returned to the capital. Therefore, in the entire fu, Su Rui has the final say.

Su Rui didn’t know that Su Wan was awake the whole time. To him, she seemed as if she was groggy and even talked nonsense at times. This made Su Rui very worried that he even asked for a doctor. Everyone in the capital knows that Si Jia has the best medical skills but at the thought of Imperial Physician Si, that beast in human clothing, who did not have good intentions towards his jiejie, Su Rui firmly gave up the idea of asking the opinion of the people from Si Jia.

An old grey-haired Imperial Physician felt Su Wan’s pulse and carefully reported her physical condition to Su Rui. Because she was well-looked after recently, although Su Wan’s health was still weak, her illness was not life-threatening.

After sending off the Imperial Physician, Su Rui sat beside the bed and kept staring at Su Wan. Su Rui only got up when the day started to brighten up. He resolutely stared at Lu Zhu with a gloomy look on his face: “Look after your master well. If there are any mishaps, I’ll chop you up!”

Chop, you, up…..

Lu Zhu’s body curled up into a ball and shivered. Although, she has left the General Su fu for four years, she was still very clear on this young master’s temperament. In these past years, the people in Junzhu’s courtyard had been changed one batch after another. In the end, the only person who could follow Junzhu when she married into the wangfu was only herself.

Other people, other people……

That’s right. You guys didn’t guess it wrongly! Because they were not attentive when caring for Junzhu, all of them were chopped down by the young master into pieces and were fed, to , the, dogs!

The means were extremely cruel, the scene was extremely bloody!

When she thought of how she had returned to the General’s fu and had to live under the cruelty of the young master from this moment on, Lu Zhu felt that she couldn’t feel any feelings of attachment…..

The first night after she returned to the General’s fu, Su Wan felt that she had a rare good night’s sleep.

The next day, when she opened her eyes, she noticed a sweet fragrance that filled the whole room. Su Wan got up from bed in doubt and saw a group of servant girls carrying plates and dishes of an exquisite breakfast.

“Junzhu, the General has instructed all of us servant girls to wait upon Junzhu for the morning meal.”

The group of servant girls lined up in a row, and that row was more exaggerated than in Yue Wangfu.

Su Wan used her finger to lightly knead the space between her brows. Did the illness of this madly-in-love-with-his-jie demon get even worse?

With her small body and small stomach, even if she went all out, just how much could she eat? However, this easy life where clothes are brought at the wave of a hand and where food comes the moment you open your mouth, was a lot better compared to being in the cold yuan of Yue Wangfu.

Su Wan was extremely satisfied with this and after eating her breakfast, knowing that Su Rui will not return for a while, let Lu Zhu support her as she roamed around the General’s fu. The General’s fu was very big. It had many pavilions, buildings and winding corridors.

In the memory of the host she’s residing in, right now the courtyard is very cold and desolate. Only after Su Wan asked the servants of the fu did she know that the courtyard has not been occupied for a long time. The old General hasn’t returned for many years and the Gongzhu had been staying in another courtyard due to her poor health.

The servant spoke tactfully but Su Wan knew that the relationship between Su Rui and his mother was very strained, especially when Su Rui fiercely opposed Su Wan’s marriage, causing the family to fall apart.

Currently in Su Jia, the only family member was Su Rui.

What a lonely child a!

When Su Wan was resting in the pavilion, she saw Su Rui who was wearing a General’s court dress, quickly rushing towards her.

“Jiejie, why aren’t you resting in your room?”

Perhaps it was because of his gloomy nature, Su Rui’s face looked very cold and sharp. Even on ordinary days, his whole body seemed as if it was shrouded by an indispersible layer of haze.

But at this moment, Su Rui looked very gentle. In fact, his facial features were very handsome. As long as the person calms down, he would clearly be a very handsome and gentle youth.

The moment she saw Su Rui’s figure, Su Wan’s eyes brightened up. Not caring for her weak body, she staggered forward and gripped Su Rui’s sleeve: “Where’s the person? Is the person over there?”


There was a flash of ferociousness in Su Rui’s eyes but it was quickly replaced by gentleness: “Jiejie, you just returned home. Take care of your health first. Other matters can wait…..”

“I can’t wait anymore!”

Su Wan’s voice was weak but it was very sharp: “I have nowhere to go, I have nothing to my name! I can’t wait anymore!”

At this moment, she acted like a sorrowful wife who expressed her vivid resentment and misery after she was abandoned.

“I’m unwilling to let him be well-off. I’m will not let them be well-off!”

Su Wan still murmured to herself as her eyes struggled with resentment.

Su Rui froze. He had never seen Su Wan in this state before. Thinking of Xuan Yuan Rui who made his jiejie turn out this way, his hatred for that man surged and could not be suppressed.

Was the calm farewell last night just to maintain the very last bit of pride my jiejie had in front of other people?

Originally, she was royalty and everyone should have held her in the palm of their hand. For what reason should she be so cruelly trampled on by that man?

“I’ll help you kill him!”

Su Rui suddenly gripped her hand, his eyes glistened with frenzied bloodthirst. He will live up to his words even if he loses everything.

Su Wan was stunned. She carefully recollected herself after that moment of astonishment and looked at Su Rui with an absent-minded look: “After killing him, and then what? Let him and Ye Zhi Hua die as an affectionate couple? No, we cannot let him off so lightly.”

As if she was sinking into her own nightmare, a complicated hatred flashed past Su Wan’s pale face: “Aren’t they truly in love with each other? I want to make them fall out and turn against each other. Doesn’t he, Xuan Yuan Rui, wish for that position? I want to make him have nothing to his name!”

Who doesn’t know how to kill someone?

Su Wan has passed through many worlds and has learnt tons of techniques to kill someone but she has never personally killed anyone because the rules did not allow it. Secondly, it was because she disdained killing other people.

She has never considered herself as a good person. Precisely because it was like this, she was able to justly be cruel, ruthless and two-faced.

It is too simple to kill someone and the process of dying is way too short. This is not the satisfaction that Su Wan wishes for.

She liked to take her time by destroying a person’s conviction and then wrecking his life.

Of course, this wish incidentally involves destroying the loving relationship–

What is true love?

Su Wan had personally destroyed many couples and watched as their so-called “true love” fall apart with her own eyes.

True love, that plaything, has never ever existed…..

Su Wan’s hatred and resentment seemed to have infected Su Rui who was beside her. He suppressed his inner wish that was screaming at him to kill Xuan Yuan Rui. He calmed down and looked at his sister deeply: “If this is what jiejie wants, then I will give it to you. Let’s go. I will accompany you to drink medicine then I will take to see them.”


Su Wan nodded her head. The moment her head was bowed, her eyes flashed brightly. She held a little expectation and looked forward to meeting the transmigrated woman and the Fifth Prince for the first time….


Author’s note:

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