Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 4

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SEG Chapter 1.4 — Princess Substitution Marriage (4)

Yue Wangfu was all ready for a joyous occasion. The whole courtyard was filled with bright red as if they were afraid that others would not know how happy they were.

The tall walls of the courtyard only heard the laughter of the new bride but not the crying of the previous wife.

The common people had completely no idea that Yue Wangfu had a new Wangfei.

You say Yue Wangfei? Who is that? That kind of person who was high above the masses, how were we the common people supposed to recognize?

Yes a, the Shilichang Street in the capital is still very lively as usual. Only high ranking officials and those close to the Emperor knew that the one lately favoured by Yue Wang was unexpectedly not the small seriously ill Junzhu but had changed to Ye Daren’s di daughter who was, in the end, made to be the Wangfei.

On ordinary days, this would make the Emperor angry but this time it was not the same. Ye Jia had just recently exposed the Fifth Prince’s conspiracy. This was a “great and righteous” contribution and eclipsed the news of the seriously ill small Junzhu who was close to death.

Even though the small Junzhu Su Wan was of royal blood, the well-informed people of the royal court knew that Su Wan was not favoured in the General’s fu. Ever since her marriage into the Yue Wangfu, she broke off her relationship with Su Jia.

So for a small Junzhu who’s father and father-in-law who was not fond of her, her joys and sorrow and also her life and death, who will care?

In the Great Xia Dynasty, it was clear that females had a lower rank than males. Even if they were of Imperial lineage, in this dynasty they were only considered chess pieces to be used in marriage alliances. Thus Su Wan, a useless chess piece who will soon die had already been abandoned by everyone long ago.

The cold yuan was also part of the wangfu. There were no red festive decorations here. It seemed to be incompatible with the entire wangfu.

As the sun was setting, the cheerful and joyful sounds from the front yard did not seem to be stopping anytime soon.  Su Wan who was wearing an unlined garment stood in the courtyard, looking far into the distance in the direction of the main house.

“Master, the weather is cold. Be careful of your health.”

Lu Zhu carefully draped a snowy white cloak on Su Wan’s shoulders.

“If the weather is cold, then could it make my heart cold?”

Su Wan gently nibbled her lips. These **** under the care of Physician Si her whole body had gotten a lot better. It’s just that this body is too frail. Right now, she is just acting out a bitter drama, and felt dizzy and weak in her limbs.


A slender figure swiftly entered through the moon gate. Tonight, Physician Si was wearing an ink blue brocade robe which was specially made by the tailor of the fu just for this wedding banquet.

The clothes were brand new and the pattern was especially beautiful but Physician Si looked very awkward when wearing these clothes especially when he heard his colleagues saying that things like “women-like clothing” and “If the old doesn’t go, the new will not come” during the banquet. Physician Si couldn’t restrain his irritation any longer.

They compared the small Junzhu to old clothes even though they didn’t know anything at all!

Physician Si also knew Ye Zhi Hua. When he had diagnosed Ye Zhi Hua’s illness before, he thought that she was a very kind and gentle woman. However, tonight when he saw her and Yue Wang happily and joyfully carrying out the grand ceremony to confer the seal to the wife, he immediately recalled that her happiness and well-being was built on the pain and suffering of the small Junzhu and used it as a foundation. At this point, Physician Si’s favorable opinion of her declined immeasurably.

“Imperial Physician SI!”

Seeing Physician Si’s figure, Su Wan’s eyes lit up and immediately went silent.

“Si Daren, you came at the right time.”

Lu Zhu didn’t seem to feel awkward towards the ambiguous atmosphere between the two people. She quickly walked to Physician Si’s side and looked at him with a pleading look: “Quickly persuaded Junzhu that her health is important! Her body won’t be able to stand it anymore if she keeps getting blown by the wind like this.”


Physician Si’s heart hurt but also couldn’t help but speed up.

“Please return to you room. Today, I……brought your favorite soft jade cake.”

As he said this, Physician Si gently brought out a small parcel from his bosom which was made by an esteemed store in the capital.

“I’m not hungry.”

Su Wan’s gaze glistened and looked at the lights in the distance. Then, she looked at Physician Si with eyes that gradually firmed: “Physician Si, you…..bring me…”

Physician Si’s eyes abruptly brightened. What is the small Junzhu going to say?

She asked him to bring her away?

The thought abruptly popped into his mind and he couldn’t suppress it anymore.

This place is where she feels very sad. There’s nothing wrong with her wishing to leave this place.

And she also was not the Yue Wangfei anymore so for what reason could he not bring her away?

Thinking this way, Physician Si’s body could not help but tremble. However, Su Wan’s voice stopped there.

The word “away” was not spoken because suddenly, a tall and sturdy figure appeared from the darkness.

Gloomy brows and blood thirsty eyes.

The man stood with an extremely heinous and aloof manner under the moon gate and smiled at Su Wan with a strange smile full of evil charm: “Xiao Su Wan, I’ve come to pick you up…..let’s go home!”

The instant that voice rang out, Lu Zhu looked as if she saw a ghost. Her complexion when deathly pale and subconsciously hid behind Su Wan.

“General Su?”

Physician Si was momentarily stunned. He quickly turned and saw Su Rui who was wearing soft armor.

It is said that if the father is a lion, the son cannot be a dog. Su Jia was an old and prominent general’s family, though in this generation, although Su Rui was the only son, he was more powerful and bloodthirsty than his own father. At a young age, he already shocked the country by becoming the youngest general in the history of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Su Wan tightly gripped her hands and finally weakly let go.

She was still afraid.

Physician Si was very close to Su Wan. He was the first to notice her and Lu Zhu’s abnormality. Outsiders said that Su Wan was abandoned by the Su family. What is the true reason for abandoning her?

This inside secret, nobody knows.

“Small Junzhu…”

Physician Si subconsciously wanted to grab Su Wan’s hand regardless of everything else but Su Wan avoided it. She gave Physician Si a hopeless laugh: “Didi (Younger brother), you really came to pick me up?”

You came at this time moment a!

You seriously fucking came at this timing? 1

Su Wan scolded Su Rui a hundred and eight times at the bottom of her heart. On her face, she still looked very delicate and weak, but her heart was dead and calm like still water. She can’t put on a loving appearance anymore.

“Do you still remember what I said when you married out?”

Su Rui walked step by steady step, full of oppression and finally, stopped in front of Su Wan. Ignoring Physician Si at the side, Su Rui’s strong and imposing stature covered Su Wan’s whole line of sight. A pair of powerful arms easily circled Su Wan and pulled her into his embrace.

This embrace was ice-cold with a strong and dense smell of blood.

“The moment Xuan Yuan Rui didn’t want you would be the moment I came to pick you up.”

Su Rui leaned down near Su Wan’s ears, his lips nearly touching her ears. His dense and warm breath blew into Su Wan’s ears.

Your mother, her whole body got goosebumps you know?

Su Wan closed her eyes as if she had accepted her fate and let Su Rui hold her in his embrace. The man’s breath seemed to hold some ice-cold malevolence but the action of holding Su Wan was unconsciously gentle.

“Lu Zhu, still not coming over!”

The low voice rang and Lu Zhu was had long been scared by Su Rui immediately returned to him and followed him in a panic.

“General Su, the small Junzhu, she….”

Behind him, Physician Si couldn’t help but open his mouth again but was mercilessly interrupted by Su Rui: “There is no need for you to care about my jiejie’s matters. It is enough that she has me.”

Your sister is controlling the wild demon~

Su Wan simply closed her eyes and leaned into Su Rui’s embrace. She had no strength to ridicule anyone. She thought that she would max out Physician Si’s favorable impression of her but it looks like there’s no chance anymore.

Physician Si a, Physician Si. You can give this jie face by sowing discord between the male and female master later. This jie still needs your fighting power a~

From the cold yuan to the main house, it actually wasn’t that far.

Along the way, there were bright red lanterns everywhere. Su Wan buried her face in Su Rui’s chest. Although he was wearing a very thick soft armor, Su Rui clearly noticed Su Wan’s movement. She was crying.

“For such a fickle and ruthless person, was it worth it?”

Hearing the disguised sneer in Su Rui’s voice, a red-eyed Su Wan suddenly firmly gripped Su Rui’s arm: “Bring me over!”

“Still unwilling to give up?”

Su Rui’s heavy brows perked up and his tone did not carry a single trace of worry.

“No, it is to make myself completely give up.”

Su Wan’s voice was very low but Su Rui could hear it clearly. A cold light flashed in his eyes and his lips hooked up with a blood thirsty smile. In a turn, his whole body suddenly leaped into the air and stepped on the high walls. Su Rui held Su Wan in his arms as he leaped into the air.

At this time, the grand ceremony for bestowing the title of Wangfei had already concluded. Xuan Yuan Rui was in a great mood with Ye Zhi Hua, who was in a red palace dress. They were talking and laughing with a group of ministers. At this time, the guards at the door suddenly cried out and everyone felt a harsh cold wind attack them. A tall and imposing figure soared over.

“Someone come! Protect the Wangye!”

A group of guards quickly rushed in and waited to see who was it that suddenly wanted to intrude, and all the guards were stunned and froze.

No, it should be said that everyone in the hall was dumbfounded.

No one ever thought that Su Rui would come, but to also come in this fashion.


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