Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 47

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SEG Chapter 3.12 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (12)

Su Rui sent Su Wan to the company early in the morning and immediately signed a one-year endorsement contract with her. After he signed the contract, Su Rui did not stop and arranged for a photo shoot after he greeted her. After that, he couldn’t wait to leave.

After handing Su Rui’s contract to the newly appointed assistant, Su Wan gave a long sigh of relief. This matter was finally settled.

Actually, from the beginning, her target was Su Rui. It was never Xiao Jing Mo.

She habitually opened the stock trend. Looking at the stock price of Haoyue Group today, the stock rose again. Although it was only a small increase, an increase in such a stable period and in a situation where there weren’t any news that caused a rise in the stock index, such a rise was already enough to attach importance to Haoyue Group.

It can’t be Su Rui ba?

Su Wan thought about it. It’s possible that the person was also constantly secretly buying Haoyue Group’s stock just like her, who else could it be but Su Rui?

However, if that person really was Su Rui, Su Wan could only sigh that he was still weak in financial aspects. The increase these past few days was somewhat obvious. I’m afraid that it would beat the grass to scare the snake, immediately arousing Xiao Jing Mo’s suspicion. This really wasn’t a good thing.

Su Wan thought about it and still texted her stockbroker. She asked him not to buy Haoyue Group’s stock in the next few days.

After she sent the message, Su Wan once again buried herself in dealing with official business until the newly appointed assistant, Xu Jie knocked on her door to come in. Only then did Su Wan kneaded her somewhat aching shoulder and looked at the refined-looking bespectacled man in front of her.

“Chief Su, it’s lunchtime. What do you want to eat for lunch?”

Xu Jie was the candidate who was directly transferred from the Secretariat by Human Resources (HR). He had been a secretary for many years. He was very neat and tidy with whatever he did, and he was a lot more reliable than that guy Chen Wei.

“Get my lunchbox from the company cafeteria!”

Su Wan subconsciously answered Xu Jie who was at the door. He nodded his head and was just about to turn and leave. Su Wan, who was in the office, suddenly saw the calendar on her desk. This date……

“Wait wait!”

Su Wan called out to Xu Jie: “Let’s eat out ba. I’ll treat you today. Consider it as celebrating you being newly appointed as the assistant!”

Xu Jie pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and looked at Su Wan: “Then, I’ll thank Chief Su.”

“There’s no need to be polite!”

Su Wan took her purse and directly took Xu Jie to the underground parking lot to pick up the car. This time, she chose to have lunch at the centre of Xiang City. The two people had a hearty lunch. When she came out of the restaurant, Su Wan was not anxious about returning to the company. Rather, she pulled Xu Jie and made a beeline for the shopping mall.

Seeing Su Wan stop at the entrance of a men’s clothing store, astonishment flashed in Xu Jie’s eyes.

The EVFA brand was rare in Xiang City and because it always had a cooperative relationship with Haoyue Group, EVFA’s menswear had always only been in Haotian shopping mall which was under Haoyue Group.


As son as the two entered the door, there was a young lady who smiled and greeted them: “Is there anything you need my help with?”

” I want to buy a tie for my boyfriend.”

Su Wan smiled at the shop assistant. Xu Jie subconsciously withdrew half a step and maintained a safe distance from Su Wan.

Just yesterday, when he was informed that he would serve as Su Wan’s assistant, Xu Jie went to the fourth floor to look for Chen Wei. He wanted to carefully understand the temper and preferences of his new boss.

As a result, Chen Wei merely looked at Xu Jie and said with incomparable calmness: “Su Jie that person, there’s nothing bad when getting along with her. The one that is bad to associate with is her man.”

As he spoke, Chen Wei raised his chin towards Xu Jie. Seeing the tragic sight of his face, even the calm Xu Jie immediately shivered. He became even more fearful of Su Wan’s legendary “boyfriend”……

Only when Su Wan reached the showcase where the neckties were displayed did she realize Xu Jie was very far away from her.

“What are you doing there? Come and help me try!”

Su Wan turned her head and yelled at Xu Jie.

Xu Jie took small, quick steps like a young married woman. He looked at Su Wan with hidden bitterness: “Chief Su, this is what you’re going to give your man. No, it’s what you’re going to buy for your boyfriend. Me trying it……. it not very good ba?”

It was said that Chen Wei merely served as Su Wan’s male companion once and he was almost beaten till the point he couldn’t take care of himself. Right now, Xu Jie was very worried about the safety of his life.

“What is there to be inappropriate about? It’s not like you’re some virgin unmarried young woman. What are you doing acting coy here?”

Su Wan really didn’t expect that her new assistant would be such an awkward person.

Of course, if she knew what Chen Wei told Xu Jie, she might not think so.

“Miss Su?”

Just when Xu Jie was tangled between whether his work or personal safety was more important, a female voice suddenly sounded behind them.

To Xu Jie, this voice was simply the sound of nature ah!

He immediately turned around at lightning speed, and when he saw the woman in front of him, his entire person couldn’t help but freeze.

This person really looked just like Chief Su. It can’t be her long lost sister that she was separated from for many years ba?

“Luo Chu Chu!”

Su Wan also saw Luo Chu Chu. She immediately smiled and greeted her: “How coincidental ah! We meet again.” 1

“En, yes ah!”

Luo Chu Chu looked at Su Wan and then she looked at Xu Jie: “You’re accompanying your friend shopping?”

When she heard what Luo Chu Chu said, Su Wan hesitated. Xu Jie, who was good at understanding others, immediately explained: “I’m merely Chief Su’s assistant. I accompanied her because she wanted to buy a tie for her boyfriend.”

Sure enough, with such an understanding assistant by her side, life really is wonderful.

“Miss Su, you have a boyfriend?”

When she heard Xu Jie’s words, Luo Chu Chu immediately widened her eyes and incredulously asked. Her voice was somewhat excited. Thanks to the sound of her voice being too loud, it caused some shop assistants to look over.

Seeing everyone look at her, Luo Chu Chu felt somewhat embarrassed. She subconsciously lowered her head and habitually tugged at the clothes.

“Actually, he’s not my boyfriend.”

Su Wan didn’t seem like she saw Luo Chu Chu’s predicament. She slightly lowered her gaze, her expression softening a bit: “I really like him, but I don’t know whether he likes me.”

Speaking till here, Su Wan’s voice carried some delight.

“Is, is it?”

When she heard what Su Wan said, Luo Chu Chu’s expression darkened: “That person, that person is really blessed ah. I……. Do I know him?”

Seeing Luo Chu Chu’s hesitating manner, Su Wan already knew what this sensitive little girl was thinking of.

Su Wan didn’t reveal anything and merely mysteriously smiled at Luo Chu Chu: “You know that person, but I can’t tell you who it is now. After he becomes the spokesperson for our company’s products, you will soon know who he is. Today, I came to help him pick a suitable tie for the day of the photo shoot.”

After speaking, Su Wan no longer looked at Luo Chu Chu, and instead called the shop assistant to let her see all ties of the latest styles.

Actually, if Su Wan wanted a tie for her company, she didn’t need to personally come to the mall in person. Also, a large portion of their EVFA’s latest products for this season hadn’t come out yet. The reason why she specially came here today was because Su Wan unintentionally saw the calendar. She knew that she would come across Luo Chu Chu here today.

Today was the two-year anniversary of Luo Chu Chu’s first meeting with Xiao Jing Mo. Luo Chu Chu held the money she saved up these past few months and wanted to buy a tie for Xiao Jing Mo from EVFA…….

Since she thought of this matter, Su Wan thought that she might as well do something so that she could finish the mission in this world as soon as possible.

Sure enough, after hearing Su Wan’s words, Luo Chu Chu did not have the desire to buy a tie and dazedly left alone.

Seeing that Luo Chu Chu left, Su Wan picked two ties in the latest styles from the display rack and casually compared them  in front of Xu Jie’s body: Just these two ba!”

Xu Jie: …….

So casual, is that okay?

The two ties were placed in two exquisitely hand-crafted boxes. After Su Wan returned to her office, she tore two pages of sticky notes and wrote some words on them. The notes were placed in the tie boxes.

After doing all this, Su Wan lifted her head and beamed at Xu Jie who had been standing in front of her desk: “Yes, I’ll give you two tasks.”

Su Wan pushed the two boxes towards Xu Jie: “Send the blue Phnom Penh to Haoyue Group. It must be handed to Chief Xiao before work finishes today. The purple Phnom Penh tie is to be sent to Meige financial group. Hand it over to….. en, Fang Zi Mu ba!”

“Got it.”

Xu Jie took the two gift boxes and nodded seriously.

Today, Young Master Fang had signed an endorsement contract with the company. This matter was temporarily confidential , but the contract was handled by Xu Jie. He knew this matter better than anyone else, so today in the mall, Xu Jie already knew that the person Su Wan liked was Young Master Fang.

Thinking of Chen Wei’s injury again, Xu Jie felt that the day his own boss left to become Fang family’s Young Master’s wife was not far.

However, what was the relationship between Haoyue Group’s Chief Xiao and Chief Su?

Xu Jie was a bit puzzled by Su Wan’s command, but this wasn’t not a matter that he, a small assistant, should worry about. Xu Jie maintained his attitude of doing things seriously and drove to Haoyue Group for the first time. Because they had a good cooperative relationship, he very smoothly met Xiao Jing Mo. Furthermore, he personally handed over Su Wan’s gift.

“This is a gift from Chief Su. She said that I must personally deliver it to you.”

When he heard what Xu Jie said, Xiao Jing Mo was absent-minded for a bit, and Xu Jie, who had already already  managed this matter well, respectfully withdrew went Xiao Jing Mo was dazed. It should be known that  Fang Zi Mu’s company was in another district of Xiang City. It’s very time-consuming to drive there.

Xu Jie didn’t want to follow in Chen Wei’s footsteps. When he thought about Young Master Fang’s bossy and domineering manner in the business world on ordinary days, and thought of how he handled Chen Wei, Xu Jie practically didn’t dare to stay for a moment longer. He hurriedly came out of Haoyue Group’s building. Because he was preoccupied and too rushed, Xu Jie didn’t realize that he brushed past Luo Chu Chu that he met early in the afternoon at the entrance of Haoyue Group’s building.

BLU: There’s an author’s note, but I didn’t bother translating it. My head hurts and it’s hot and humid and stuff, so I’ll put up another chapter later! Maybe in 5/6 hours?

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