Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 48

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SEG Chapter 3.13 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (13)

Luo Chu Chu had always clearly remembered the day she and Xiao Jing Mo got to know each other. Two years ago, two people accidentally met each other at the bar where she took up a  part-time job. This accidental meeting, changed her whole life.

These last few days, the relationship between Luo Chu Chu and Xiao Jing Mo was somewhat cold. In fact, both of them were aware that the problem between the two people was not just a single Su Wan.

On the day of the birthday party, the instant he saw Su Wan, Xiao Jing Mo let go of Luo Chu Chu’s hand. Regardless on whether it was intentional or unintentional, this action really hurt Luo Chu Chu’s heart.

That day, she was alone in the villa’s guest room. She rested her head on the pillow and couldn’t sleep. She thought that they would end like this. However, the next day, everything was still as before. Xiao Jing Mo did not lay all his cards on the table and break up with her.

Even last night, he bought a large bouquet of roses and hugged with tenderness for the whole night.

Perhaps, these two years of get along well, they still had true feelings.

Luo Chu Chu really can’t deceive herself anymore. She really did not want to let go at all.

In her whole life, there was never a man like Xiao Jing Mo cherished her and loved her. What’s more, she was just an ordinary and simple girl before she met Xiao Jing Mo.

Every girl dreams that they can meet an overbearing President like Xiao Jing Mo one day who would unconditionally dote on you, who would give the best in the world to you. 1

No matter how cold and tyrannical he was in front of others, he would always be gentle and considerate of you.

This kind of dream lover, Luo Chu Chu only dared to imagine it then. If she actually met one one day, how could she be willing to let go?

She was not willing. It should be said that once any normal woman changes, she would not be willing.

So, Luo Chu Chu encouraged herself in her heart. Love was equal. She also had the right to fight for her own happiness, isn’t that so?

Even if she was originally a substitute for Su Wan, but…… she also had the right and qualifications to obtain love.

Gathering her courage, Luo Chu Chu thought of giving Xiao Jing Mo a surprise on the anniversary of their meeting, but what Luo Chu Chu did not expect was, that she would run into Su Wan again.

Was Su Wan’s so-called “person that she likes” Xiao Jing Mo?

Did she deliberately say it in front of her? 2

Leaving the shopping mall, Luo Chu Chu’s heart was disorderly. A woman’s emotions were different from men’s.They were creatures that were easily disturbed and were especially easy to indulge in flights of fancy.

Luo Chu Chu kept thinking about it and involuntarily walked to Haoyue Group’s building.

Looking at the tall office building before her, Luo Chu Chu stared blankly. The afternoon sunshine was especially dazzling. She squinted her eyes to regain her vision and ended up just catching sight of Xu Jie’s hurriedly departing figure.

Wasn’t that Su Wan’s assistant?

Why was he……

Luo Chu Chu’s heart began to get anxious and worried again. She bit her teeth and went straight into Haoyue Group’s building.

Because Xiao Jing Mo brought Luo Chu Chu to the company several times before, the staff of Haoyue recognized Luo Chu Chu. The receptionist had contacted the chairman’s secretary on the top floor. When Luo Chu Chu reached the top floor using the elevator, Xiao Jing Mo’s secretary was already waiting at the elevator door.

“Miss Lu, Chief Xiao is waiting for you in the office.”

“I know.”

Luo Chu Chu politely smiled at Xiao Jing Mo’s secretary and walked to the entrance of his office. Her fingers touched the cold door. She hesitated and finally pushed the door to enter.

Xiao Jing Mo was sitting upright behind his desk. He was wearing a white shirt, two of the buttons of his shirt was unbuttoned  and loosened, and he seemed as if he had just finished his lunch break.

“You’ve come?”

Regarding Luo Chu Chu’s sudden arrival, Xiao Jing Mo was still very happy because Luo Chu Chu usually did not take the initiative to come to see him. In this relationship, he had been constantly investing and giving, yet Luo Chu Chu did not accept it from the start. Up until now, after a long time, Xiao Jing Mo almost forgot the last time she took the initiative.


When she entered the room, Luo Chu Chu nodded at Xiao Jing Mo. She saw the recently opened gift box on his desk almost at a glance. Inside quietly lied a brand new silk tie.

“Su Wan gave it to you?”

Luo Chu Chu’s voice could not stop shaking.


Xiao Jing Mo was stunned. Realising that Luo Chu Chu was talking about the tie, he softly nodded his head: “Su Wan did give it to me. Her company’s latest style.”

Speaking till here, Xiao Jing Mo’s gaze also fell onto the box. The silver-grey silk tie had gorgeous low-key dark gold strips embroidered onto it and was actually his favourite style. It’s said that Su Wan’s taste and vision had always been good. Otherwise, she wouldn’t obtain the position of CEO of EVFA’s Huaxia’s branch.

Luo Chu Chu was already standing before Xiao Jing Mo.

She lowered her head and looked at the gift box on the table. There was a note beside the necktie.

A return gift for last night’s dinner. I think it matches you well.

A very simple sentence. There was also a mischievous smiley face drawn behind it.There obviously weren’t any touching words of love written nor were there any excessively ambiguous language. However, Luo Chu Chu felt that the note looked exceptionally offensive to her eyes.

It turned out that Xiao Jing Mo returned home late last night was because he had dinner with Su Wan?

So he bought her a large bouquet of roses because he felt guilty!

How could he be like this? After hiding it from her and having dinner with his first love, he could still have a emotionally touching night with her without regard for others.

Don’t tell me that these kind of men could clearly separate desire from love?

“The necktie…….is very pretty.”

Hypocrisy was the top-notch skill that every female was born with.

Hearing what Luo Chu Chu said, Xiao Jing Mo also smiled: “It’s good. Su Wan always had good vision.”

“She really does have good insight.”

Luo Chu Chu’s face turned pale and both her hands were clenched: “I  heard that she looked for you to be the new spokesperson for her brand?”

Upon hearing this sentence, Xiao Jing Mo was obviously stunned. He looked at Luo Chu Chu with some astonishment: “Chu Chu, how did you know?”

Xiao Jing Mo was indeed a little surprised. Because he already declined Su Wan yesterday, according to Su Wan’s character, it was impossible that she would proclaim this in public ah!

It turned out that it was true?

Luo Chu Chu didn’t give Xiao Jing Mo a reply. She resisted the bitterness in her heart and turned her face to the side. She lowly asked: “Xiao Jing Mo, you……. do you still love Su Wan?”

Love? He was once indignant and unwilling, and the throbbing and loss when they met each other again…….

After eating dinner with Su Wan, Xiao Jing Mo felt that it was time to let go of the attachment to the past.

That  attachment was not love.

Perhaps, he really loved the girl who was once pretty, kind, lively and cheerful.

However, the moment the girl uncaringly left him, he already did not want to continue loving her.

These years of obsession was because of the pride and unwillingness of men.

He earnestly hoped that one day, she would turn back, she would weep bitter tears in front of him, to say that she was blind as bat. 3

But, just yesterday, when he heard Su Wan talking about the past with a mild tone, when he heard that she told him to cherish his current girlfriend, at that moment, Xiao Jing Mo felt that he was ridiculous. 4

In these past few years, he had already let go of Su Wan.

Although she let him down that time, she also left the most true most beautiful memories of the past of what they once were.

So, if you miss it, you have to learn to let go.

Xiao Jing Mo felt that he had figured it out overnight and even specially bought a large bouquet of roses for Luo Chu Chu.

Everything was originally fine, but now……

Xiao Jing Mo was keenly aware of the abnormality in Luo  Chu Chu. So when he heard Luo Chu Chu’s question, he subconsciously muttered to himself. Seeing that Xiao Jing Mo was uncommunicative, Luo Chu Chu looked deathly pale and laughed: “Xiao Jing Mo, since you’re not talking, then does that mean you’re tacitly agreeing? You still love her, isn’t that right? It just so happens that she still loves you. Both of you are the ideal couple and were childhood sweethearts! I was always the unnecessary person. In that case, let’s break up! Both of you can be a couple and I don’t need to be another person’s substitute!”

“That’s enough.”

Xiao Jing Mo’s cold voice interrupted Luo Chu Chu: “What nonsense are you speaking? Me and Su Wan have already passed. She knows that I have a girlfriend. She has already let go early on. It is impossible for me and her!”


Luo Chu Chu sneered and laughed at Xiao Jing Mo: “Then what’s up with this tie? Su Wan personally told me in the mall that she wanted to give this tie to her beloved man. She even said that she invited that person to be the brand’s spokesperson!”

“How can this be?”

Xiao Jing Mo looked at Luo Chu Chu in disbelief. Words of denial had already been blurted out.

From the beginning, he felt that Luo Chu Chu was making trouble without a reason, but the current remarks were even more nonsense!

“You don’t believe me? Don’t tell me that I would lie to you about these kinds of matter?”

Luo Chu Chu felt that she was being suspected by Xiao Jing Mo. Perhaps, he had never believed in her?

“Xiao Jing Mo, let’s break up.”

These words seemed to have exhausted all of Luo Chu Chu’s strength.

“Chu Chu!”

Xiao Jing Mo, who finally returned to his body, firmly seized Luo  Chu Chu’s hand.

“Let go. Things had already reached this stage. What else do we have to say?” Two people, four opposing eyes. Luo Chu Chu’s eyes were filled with heartbreak and Xiao Jing Mo’s eyes flashed: “I’ll call Su Wan and clearly ask!”

As he spoke, he had already taken out his phone and dialed Su Wan’s private number. The phone was quickly picked up, transmitting Su Wan’s tired voice.

“Jing Mo, is there anything?”

“Su Wan, I have something to ask you. Today……”

“Jing Mo, wait a moment. I’m very busy now. If you have an urgent matter, then wait for me at the entrance of my company after work. That’s it. Sorry about this.”

Without waiting for Xiao Jing Mo to reply, Su Wan had already hung up in a hurry.

BLU: Oh, how I love a fight~ When it’s not happening in my immediate surroundings, of course. Ufufufu~ Maybe XJM and LCC will go to Su Wan’s company, kick up a fuss, get spotted by Su Rui and get destroyed by him~ 

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