Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 46

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SEG Chapter 3.11 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (11)

Su Wan ordered two dishes and one soup from the small restaurant downstairs. Su Rui didn’t seem to have any appetite. He ate very little and very slowly. Until three episodes of the TV series finished, he only ate less than half a bowl of rice.

“Are you going to eat this meal as breakfast?”

Su Wan didn’t expose Su Rui’s careful mood and only propped her chin on her hand, a teasing look on her face.

“Today’s weather forecast said that there will be thunderstorms at night.”

Su Rui laid down his chopsticks and faintly looked at Su Wan: “I’m not going at night.”

Seeing him act like it was proper and should be expected as a matter of course, Su Wan softly raised her chin: “I am naturally courageous. Not afraid of rainstorms, not afraid of thunder, even more unafraid of lightning. In short, I don’t need anybody to accompany me. Do you understand?”

“You’re not scared, I’m scared. You accompany me.” 1

Su Rui did not bat an eyelid and replied without a guilty conscience.

Su Rui who murders without blinking an eye is afraid of thunder and rain? What a huge joke!

Seeing that he made up his mind and simply refused to get out, Su Wan was also not worried. She leaned back in her chair and leisurely looked at Su Rui: “If you want to stay, then sure. You can stay in the guest room. However, I have a condition.”

As she spoke, Su Wan squinted her eyes and sized Su Rui up and down: “Be my spokesperson ba!”


Su Rui looked at Su Wan with some astonishment: “Are you joking?”

Aren’t you supposed to ask a celebrity to be a spokesperson? Su Rui was naturally clear on what Su Wan was doing. He also knows that her company wanted to change to a new spokesperson recently. However, there are so many Huaxia celebrities and international supermodels in Xiang City. How not find someone and ask him, an amateur, to be a spokesperson?

What’s more, Su Rui was currently the top Fang family’s sheltered son. Who dared to ask him to be a spokesperson ah? Then, how much would be the spokesperson fees ah!

“You don’t want to do it?”

Su Wan stared at Su Rui: “If you don’t want to be my spokesperson, then we have nothing to say. After you finish eating, quickly leave. Tomorrow, I’ll contact Xiao Jing Mo and let him…….”

“I’ll do it!”

Su Rui suddenly loudly interrupted Su Wan: “Isn’t it as a spokesperson? I’ll sign the contract tomorrow morning.”

“That’s great. You slowly eat ah. I’ll go and tidy up the guest room.”

Su Wan, who had achieved her goal, turned around and left the dining room with a face full of smiles. At night, just as Su Rui said, it rained in the middle of the night and thunder and lightning disturbed the people’s peaceful sleep.

Su Rui did not close his eyes for the whole night. When he thought of Su Wan who was sleeping next door, his heart was smooth and steady.

At that time, she disappeared in front of him. Su Rui, who almost sunk into madness, brought his elite troops and massacred the Imperial City of the Great Xia dynasty in a day.

That night, the bricks of the Imperial City were dyed blood red. The water in the moat was still red even after half a month.

Since then, Su Rui felt that his heart was missing something. No matter what he did to fill it, that gap would not fill up. Only incessant slaughtering could calm his feelings.

He already couldn’t remember how many people he had killed, how many people’s lives and family he had destroyed.

Su Rui only remembered a certain day when he woke up, in the middle of the bloody sea of corpses, a man with a light and elegant temperament stood in front of him with a smile.

That man said: “This world is on the verge of collapse. What about I bring you out of here?”


Su Rui’s ice-cold gaze at the time no longer had a breath of humanity: “Why  should I leave?”

Even if he was the only one left in the world, he still wouldn’t leave. Otherwise, when “she” returned one day, he wouldn’t want to miss it right?

Seeing Su Rui remain unmoved, that scholarly man only smiled a little: “Don’t you want to see her again? I can bring you… her world!”

The world she is in –

The lost time and space.

“Welcome you to join us.”

After Su Rui arrived at the lost time and space, he found out that the refined man who brought him back was called Xu Ce. He was the Plane Restorer HQ’s No. 1.

And the entire lost time and space was entirely independent from the universe. It was at a higher plane from other inferior planes.

“Was everyone in HQ brought out from collapsed planes by you?”

Su Rui still remembered that in the Plane Restorer’s HQ, he asked Xu Ce this question before.

At that time, Xu Ce seemed to have paused for a bit before continuing with a mild reply: “The reason why everyone is here is different. Over the years, I’ve only brought back two people from collapsed planes. You are the second person. As for the first person, you also know her. She is Su Wan.”

When he spoke of Su Wan, Xu Ce still had a mild tone, but he was unwilling to talk about Su Wan’s past as well as the reason why Su Wan finally became a Plane Destroyer.

At that time, Su Rui’s heart was particularly unsettled. He originally only knew that Su Wan was a heartless woman. When she was in the Great Xia dynasty, Su Rui secretly vowed in his heart that if he could see her, he must ruthlessly torture her and make her know how miserable it was to abandon him.

However, ever since he knew that Su Wan was also from a collapsed inferior plane from Xu Ce, Su Rui’s mood unconsciously became complicated.

In the end, where did Su Wan come from?

What had she experienced?



BLU: 【Midnight】What does the author mean by this? Ooooohhhh mysterious~

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  1. suspicious xu ce appears again… doesn’t want to talk about what happened between him and su wan…. rather than sinister ex-girlfriend maybe we should worry about this ex-boyfriend instead

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