Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 44

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SEG Chapter 3.9 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (9)

Xiao Jing Mo parked the car at the entrance of a Japanese cuisine restaurant. He remembered that Su Wan liked to eat sushi when she was studying. Unfortunately, him and his mother were poor and had no chance to invite her for a delicious meal.

Now, he had the wealth and status that ordinary people couldn’t hope to accumulate throughout their whole lives. He could invite her out to Xiang City’s most expensive restaurant, eat top-notch ingredients that were flown in by air and enjoy the craftmanship  of world-class chefs.

These were what the former them did not dare to hope for.

Coming down from the sports car, Su Wan looked at the sign of the restaurant and stared blankly, as if she was lost in a myriad of thoughts.

“Go in. I’ve already booked a room.”

Xiao Jing Mo’s voice was still pleasantly low-pitched. He was a Platinum VIP here and could always enjoy the most considerate service.

However, hearing Xiao Jing Mo’s words, Su Wan still stood at the entrance without any thoughts of entering. Her gaze merely wandered around the door and the street, her lips slowly formed a slightly bitter smile: “I thought you still remembered. It turns out that, you’ve already…. forgotten everything.”

Su Wan’s voice was filled with mockery.

Xiao Jing Mo, you only see the prosperity in front of you. You only remembered the pains of the past.

In the past you’ve abandoned, there were not only betrayal and poverty. The old days that were buried in dust also had once been sweet and happy ah.

“Su Wan?”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Xiao Jing Mo’s confident expression changed. He followed Su Wan’s gaze and looked at the store’s entrance and the street, waiting to see the street signs and those abundant leafy old poplar trees on crossroads of the street. Xiao Jing Mo’s face immediately changed.

“This actually was……”

“This was formerly a bookstore. It was the place of our first…….date ne.”

At that time, e-books were not popular and there were no tablets. Even computer games were scarce.

For Su Wan’s and Xiao Jing Mo’s first date, they planned to take a bus from this street to Xiang City’s largest park. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. There was a heavy shower that day. Both people originally stood under the old poplar trees to get shelter from the rain. Seeing that Xiao Jing Mo’s worn shirt was drenched, Su Wan was distressed. She pulled him and ran into the bookstore across the street.

Su Wan frequently visited this bookstore in the past and was very familiar with the female boss who ran the store. On that day, she borrowed a hair dryer from the bookstore owner and helped Xiao Jing Mo blow dry his clothes and hair.

And so, the two of them did not go to the park that day and instead, they sat and leaned on the window seat. They looked at the drizzle outside and enjoyed the sweet time that they were alone for the first time.

“It’s been eight years.”

Su Wan ruefully sighed: “Didn’t expect that Liu jie’s bookstore already became a Japanese restaurant.”

Hearing Su Wan’s lamentation, Xiao Jing Mo gradually recalled a lot of past events that he had deliberately forgotten.

It was said that time was the most merciless thing in the world. At this moment, Xiao Jing Mo finally realized it.

In the past eight years, he was firmly tied up by the feelings of those years. He refused to accept being close to any woman. There had only been one person close to him was only Luo Chu Chu who was six or seven tenths similar to Su Wan.

He treated Luo Chu Chu as Su Wan’s replacement, but it was not as a substitute for his feelings like others had imagined.

In fact, Xiao Jing Mo had imagined more than once that if Su Wan knew that he was Xiao family’s sole successor in those years, would she still have chosen to leave him?

In these past eight years, Xiao Jing Mo was not reconciled.

Eight years ago, he felt that he was cheated, was betrayed.

At that time, he was a poor and impoverished boy and Su Wan was born as a daughter into a family that was rich.

At that time, many people talked behind the scenes that the two people would not develop their relationship. Su Wan was certainly playing around with Xiao Jing Mo.

When he heard those words, Xiao Jing Mo didn’t care. Until Su Wan quietly left the country. Only then did he feel like a fool. That he was ridiculed by others. That he was played with by Su Wan and abandoned.

Since then, Su Wan had become the knot in Xiao Jing Mo’s heart.

This knot, nobody could untie for him. Until he met Luo Chu Chu.

Xiao Jing Mo gave the best of everything, the most doting to Luo Chu Chu.

He saw Su Wan of the past through Luo Chu Chu.

Su Wan, you see, anything you want, I can give it to you.

Even the things that you did not dare to imagine of, I can also give it to you.

Now, are you regretting?

Are you regretting?

From the beginning to the end, what Xiao Jing Mo merely wanted was for Su Wan to regret what she did in the past. 1

As fo the romance between the two people……

Perhaps as soon as his mother died, the moment he was forgotten by the world, he was buried by himself.

Xiao Jing Mo had long ceased to love Su Wan.

Even later when he and Su Wan got back together, it was only because he knew the truth of the past and felt guilty towards Su Wan. Nothing more. 2

This world’s Su Wan was pitiful. She believed that Xiao Jing Mo had kept on loving her for eight years. In the end, she gave her life for Xiao Jing Mo…… 3

“How about, we change the restaurant?”

After a long silence, Xiao Jing Mo spoke again, his tone was somewhat complicated.

“No problem. This place is good. I also haven’t eaten this cuisine in a long time.”

Su Wan put away the sadness on her face and smiled at Xiao Jing Mo. The two people entered the restaurant door.

They haven’t seen each other in eight years. This was the two people’s first time having a meal alone after meeting again after so long. Fortunately, today, the two people were elites of the business world. Apart from little awkwardness at the very beginning, the atmosphere when the two people ate was still considered lively-

“You’ve always been abroad and now you’ve returned to Xiang City. Are you used to the life here now?”

Regarding Su Wan’s private life, Xiao Jing Mo still seemed to be quite concerned. When she heard his question, Su Wan merely smiled: “Nothing to not be used to. These years, I had been depending on myself and working hard throughout the way. I’ve experienced more challenging and more difficult situations before.” Speaking till here, Su Wan couldn’t help but lift her head to deeply look at Xiao Jing Mo’s eyes: “You’ve been well-off these past few years. I could see the reports about you in the financial magazines abroad ne!”

“You’ve seen it?”

When he heard Su Wan, there was a slight change in his expression: “Why didn’t you contact me?”

Just four years ago, a foreign magazine gave Xiao Jing Mo an exclusive interview. At first, he didn’t intend to accept it. Later, he accidentally found out that the area where the magazine was issued also covered the university where Su Wan was studying at. Due to the curious coincidence, Xiao Jing Mo accepted the interview. He also revealed his emotional life in the interview. He said that he had been separated from his first girlfriend for many years. Although they’ve never contacted each other, he still loved her.

At that time, Xiao Jing Mo thought that if Su Wan saw the magazine, maybe she would take the initiative to contact him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t wait till that day……

“Why didn’t you contact me?”

The question that Xiao Jing Mo blurted out revealed his true feelings.

Su Wan’s hands stopped moving. At that moment, her whole body was motionless.

“Actually,…… No, it’s nothing.”

Su Wan subconsciously lowered her eyes and concealed her true feelings: “I wanted to contact you then, but at that time, I was very busy with studies. I was too busy till I forgot about this matter. Also,…….”

Su Wan paused for a while and seemed to be trying very hard to adjust her emotions: “Don’t you have a new girlfriend now? She looks like a good person. You have to properly cherish her ah!”

Was it Luo Chu Chu?

Xiao Jing Mo thought of Luo Chu Chu. His expression also slihgtly softened. Although Luo Chu Chu was so simple till she was almost foolish, he precisely liked her this way where she doesn’t scheme. She was a foolish girl who didn’t scheme whatsoever.

This kind of person would never betray and harm him.

Regarding Xiao Jing Mo’s emotional life, Su Wan didn’t ask too much. The two people just kept on the topic of work and other things till they finished their meal and walked out of the restaurant’s door. Su Wan seemed like she suddenly thought of something. She somewhat hesitantly called Xiao Jing Mo: “Chief Mo, I have a matter to speak with you about.”


Seeing Su Wan change to a formal way of address, Xiao Jing Mo got distracted.

Because they had chatted cheerfully during their meal just now, the two people had recovered from the strange way of address at first to a more familiar one.

“Our company recently launched a new product this season. Before the press conference, we must find a new brand spokesperson and make new advertisements.”

When she spoke till here, Su Wan looked at Xiao Jing Mo up and down: “Chief Xiao, I think that you are the best candidate to be my spokesperson. You see…..”

“Su Wan, are you joking?”

The expression on Xiao Jing Mo’s face was somewhat helpless: “You want me to help you shoot ads?”

Sensing that the air around Xiao Jing Mo was getting colder and colder, Su Wan wasa not timid. She still calmly looked back at him: “That’s right. Not only the condition of your figure, the air around you is also what we, EVFA, want.”

“Don’t joke around.”

Xiao Jing Mo shook his head at Su Wan: “If you can’t find a good spokesperson because of connections, I can help you look for one. If you set your sights on a celebrity, you only need to tell me and I can help you settle it.”

Xiao Jing Mo did not believe Su Wan’s words. He felt that Su Wan must be asking for his help, but she was too embarrassed to say it, so she used this kind of roundabout way to request for help.

“Since you think it’s a joke, then forget about it.”

Su Wan waved her hand at Xiao Jing Mo: “I’ll leave first. Goodbye!”

Without waiting for Xiao Jing Mo’s reply, Su Wan already left around and left in large strides.

Looking at the back of her leaving figure, Xiao Jing Mo stared. A moment later, he took out his phone and h=gave his assistant a call: “Wen Yuan, help me investigate Su Wan’s situation when she was abroad for these eight years. En, yes. The more detailed, the better.”

Although Su Wan tried to conceal it at the dinner table, Xiao Jing Mo could still sense that there was something fishy going on. His intuition told him that Su Wan must be concealing a matter from him, and that matter must definitely be related to him……

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