Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 43

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SEG Chapter 3.8 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (8)

“Chief Su, this is Assistant Chen’s application for leave.”

As soon as Su Wan entered the entrance of the company in the early morning, the front desk respectfully handed an application for leave to Su Wan. Su Wan glanced at Chen Wei’s neat and handsome handwriting, her hand did not move. Those pair of peach blossom eyes involuntarily narrowed: “You tell Chen Wei if he wants to come to work or not, otherwise, directly give me a resignation letter. The time limit is half an hour!”

Who was it that gave him the guts and had the face to write a request for leave? She still hadn’t gotten even with him about yesterday’s matter.

Seeing Su Wan unhesitatingly turn around and enter the company’s elevator specially for executives, the young woman at the reception desk flattened her mouth and quickly dialed Chen Wei’s number: “Chen Ge, I really did my best. Chief Su was too strict…..”

Half an hour later, a very sweaty Chen Wei appeared in Su Wan’s office.


Chen Wei wiped the sweat on his forehead while cautiously looked at Su Wan who sat on the boss’ chair.

“You’re 1 minute and 27 seconds late.”

Su Wan lifted her expressionless face and looked at Chen Wei’s pig face. Su Wan was stupefied for a bit and then slightly lifted her eyebrow: “This is your reason for not coming to work?”


Chen Wei was beaten up till his head was swollen like a pig’s head and was now showing a complex and entangled mood. He was too unpleasant to look at.

Su Wan straightforwardly turned her gaze away to a chart of the stock trends on her computer. Haoyue Group’s stock had slightly increased these past few days.

Seeing Su Wan not look at him with a strange expression anymore, Chen Wei finally breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t dare to directly tell Su Wan that the person who bestowed a beating to him till he was black and blue was Young Master Fang.

Regarding narrow-minded, highly possessive, highly jealous and oversensitive males, it’s not like Chen Wei had never seen them before ah. However, wasn’t this Young Master Fang unreasonable?

He wanted to forcefully make Wan jie his second partner? The most intimate action was holding her arm. His and Su Wan’s fingertips never even touched before ah. As a result, he was oppressed by Fang Zi Mu at Xiao family’s villa’s toilet cubicle. That was called a fat strike. The injury on his face was not considered serious. It was the bruises in places that can’t be seen on his body that was truly painful ne! 1

Thinking of how Fang Zi Mu’s beatings were comparable to the torture methods used by the FBI to extract confessions, Chen Wei still felt the pain all over his body till now.

We cannot afford to provoke, we must hide.

“Wan jie.”

Chen Wei, who made up his mind that he definitely must take a detour if he ever saw Young Master Fang, started to grapple with his own work problems.

“Why are you still here?”

Su Wan once again turned around to look at him when she heard his voice: “Don’t you have work today?”

“That…….Wan jie, do you think I can….can change my post?”

Chen Wei cautiously smiled at Su Wan: “You’ve seen that I’ve made big mistakes these two days. I really am…..”

“You’re right.”

Su Wan raised her hand and used her slender fingers to knock on the papers on her desk: “Today you will go to the Business Department on the fourth floor to report for work. I will let the Department of Human Resources to arrange for an Assistant candidate.”

Eh, ah?

Chen Wei dumbfoundedly looked at Su Wan. In all honesty, he just didn’t want to continue to work as an Assistant this high-risk job, nothing more. He didn’t intend to directly downgrade to the Business Department downstairs and restart from the beginning ah?

“Wan jie, Boss, Chief Su! Look at me, actually I……”

Chen Wei didn’t know where to start speaking once he was anxious. He was overjoyed in front of Su Wan for half a day, but he was also sweating profusely due to anxiety.

“It’s settled.”

Su Wan didn’t look at Chen Wei’s anxiously twisting face. She gave the final word and transferred Chen Wei’s job to someone else.

Soon, Chen Wei drooped his head and head back to pack his personal articles. Su Wan smiled. She took out her private tablet from the desk drawer and lightly undid the password of her overseas bank account. Seeing the eight digit savings in it, Su Wan couldn’t help but frown. This money was just a fraction of the total assets of the Haoyue Group.

It seems that with her current position, wanting to one-handedly shake Xiao family is an impossible task.


Su Wan leaned on her chair and unconsciously thought of Su Rui. He was now Fang family’s Young Master. At the same time, he should be Luo Chu Chu’s pursuer.

Although she was currently uncertain how Su Rui wanted to handle Luo Chu Chu, but at least, Su Rui and Xiao Jing Mo were opposing each other.

The enemy’s enemy would be your ally.

Well, though he wasn’t a very reliable ally, at least there was value in using him, isn’t that right?


In the Huaxia region, the EVFA brand was a popular premium brand. They engage in premium menswear, men’s cologne as well as a variety of men’s skincare products.

It has already been a day since Su Wan landed in Xiang City and in this time, she managed to finish and hand over all the work that her predecessor had left behind.

Now the main job in the company was the product launch of new Autumn products and the problem of a new spokesperson.

Originally, EVFA’s Huaxia region’s spokesperson was Huaxia’s most popular fashion junior Chu Chen. However, two months ago, there was a breaking news about Chu Chen marrying his wife’s relative that went off the rails 2. This made his reputation in the circle suffer a drastic decline. EVFA also naturally terminated the contract with him due to this. Now, the seat of the spokesperson was empty. There were manyn brokerage companies that were taking the initiative to engage with them, but no one could enter Su Wan’s eyes.

Su Wan was accustomed to doing her utmost when acting any part. Any jobs that she did, she would try her best to achieve the best results.

The positions of EVFA’s consumers were high-income elites. In the first place, it was because Chu Chen developed a strong president’s face 3 that the company settled on him to be the spokesperson. But, now the derailing scandal had already critically affected EVFA’s prestige and sales.

The main purchasing power of the greater part of men’s articles were, in fact women, and every woman would not like unfaithful feelings. And the person who was unfaithful to his wife was endorsing the brand……

It was another busy day in the office. The staff of various departments had been leaving the company after work. Su Wan kneaded the space between her eyebrows and threw all the piled up data and pictures of those handsome but effeminate young men on her table into the bin. Only then did she get up and picked up the overcoat she hung on her chair, and turned to exit her office.

The underground parking lot was much more empty at this time than in the daytime. A crisp echo sounded from her high heels that sounded with every step of the way in the empty parking lot.

The company arranged a fast, white car for her. This morning when Chen Wei left the office, he already returned the keys to Su Wan. Only, Su Wan didn’t anticipate that Chen Wei that improper guy would park her car in the innermost part of the parking lot.

“Su Wan!”

Without waiting for Su Wan to walk to her car, she was called to a stop by Xiao Jing Mo.

Hearing Xiao Jing Mo’s low, pleasant voice, Su Wan froze for a bit. Her body stiffly slowly turned around. At a glance, she saw that Xiao Jing Mo was leaning on the side of a limited edition black Corvette which symbolized the luxury and elegance of a first rate sports car. Paired up with a handsome appearance of an overbearing president.

This luxurious lineup, don’t know if there was a half-price for the second one?


“Chief Xiao.”

No matter how she ridiculed him in her heart, Su Wan still affectionately looked at Xiao Jing Mo with an expression as if she wanted to speak but instead stopped and waited with great anxiety.

Originally, when he heard Su Wan address him unfamiliarly, Xiao Jing Mo felt very irritated. However, seeing her look at him with affectionate eyes, Xiao Jing Mei’s mood suddenly calmed down.

“How about finding a place to talk?” Xiao Jing Mo smiled at Su Wan and turned around to open the door like a gentleman.

“Not a bad idea.”

Su Wan fixedly looked at Xiao Jing Mo: “It just so happens that I also have matters to talk to you about.”

BLU: Fuwaaaa~ I’m going to sleep! I’ll try to churn out more chapter tomorrow! Emphasis on ‘try’.

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