Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 45

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SEG Chapter 3.10 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (10)

When Su Wan returned to her apartment, she saw the familiar Maserati at a glance.

Su Rui was leaning against the car, his slender legs arbitrarily overlapping. His whole upper body was leaning on the black Maserati. When he saw Su Wan’s figure, his slightly leaned sideways. The pair of dark and narrow eyes looked directly at Su Wan’s face.

The bottomless eyes were violently strong and held some danger in them.

Tonight, Su Rui wore a black trench coat. The dark inky colour made him look even more cold and sharp.

Su Wan walked towards Su Rui under his gaze: “Waiting for me?”

She raised her eyebrow and her tone was calm as always.

“You met Xiao Jing Mo today?”

Su Rui did not reply to Su Wan’s question, but instead asked her a question with a gloomy face.

“You looked for someone to follow me?”

Hearing his words, Su Wan squinted her peach blossom eyes in confusion. Her lips carried a smile that was not a smile and looked at Su Rui before her: “Really make people distressed. It can’t be that…… you’ve fallen in love with me?” 1

“I did not fall in love with you.” 2

Su Rui’s body slightly leaned forward and moved close to Su Wan’s face. He lowered his head and closely intently looked at Su Wan’s eyes: “I am —- thinking, of, topping, of, you!” 3

From her sudden departure, the entire plane collapsed. He walked out the bloody hill of corpses and sea of blood, and thought that his heart had died and became numb.

Until he was taken to the Headquarters of the Plane Restorers by Xu Ce and found out “her” true identity. At that moment, Su Rui heard his long dead heart beat…….


When she heard Su Rui, Su Wan just smiled faintly: “It’s good that you have a dream that you want to pursue. Only, you have to know that dreams and reality have always been different.”

Su Rui did not get angry at Su Wan’s ridicule-filled speech. He still maintained his posture from before, his gaze still tightly locked on her body.

After being baptised by missions in many task worlds, today’s Su Rui was no longer the savage General Su from the Great Xia dynasty.

His appearance now looked even more mature and elegant, his heart was even more formidable and cold.

If you say that, in this world, Su Wan this person was Xiao Jing Mo’s first love and the knot in his heart,……

Then, in Su Rui’s world, Su Wan’s heartless departure was the death of his heart.

From meeting her, he was destined to escape from calamity. 4


Su Rui kept staring at her. Su Wan merely felt her body go chilly all over: “Would you like to go upstairs for a while? I just happen to have a matter that I wanted to look for you for.”

Seeing that Su Wan took the initiative to invite him, Su Rui immediately nodded.

Both people entered the apartment, one in front and one at the back. The apartment that Su Wan stayed at was the main room of the two-bedroom apartment. Before she checked-in, it was finely decorated. Su Wan didn’t move the furniture in the room. After all, she didn’t plan to fight a prolonged war.

“I’m going to change clothes. Make yourself at home.”

She put on a pair of slippers and Su Wan threw Su Rui a sentence. Then, she went back to her room to change her clothes.

Although a certain man had shamelessly boasted that he wanted, to, top, her, the words “top” and “strong” were two completely different styles. So, concerning Su Rui, Su Wan was still very at ease with Su Rui. She wasn’t worried that he would force her to do something.

While waiting for Su Wan to finish changing to home clothes and come out, Su Rui already took off his trench coat and rolled up his sleeves, minding his own business in the kitchen.

“What are you doing?”

Su Wan curiously looked at Su Rui in the kitchen.

“I’m hungry. Getting something to eat.”

As if he wasn’t regarded as an outsider at all, Su Rui replied Su Wan while turning on the gas stove in the kitchen.

The kitchen in Su Wan’s house was very neat and she doesn’t eat at home on normal days, so the kitchen utensils in the house are new. Besides some beer, the refrigerator only had a few packs of noodles and a few eggs. This was what she bought from the supermarket when she had a holiday last week.

“Do you still want to eat something?”

Su Rui beat the eggs while he asked a question towards the living room.

“I’m full. You don’t need to look after me.”

Su Wan bluntly sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. This happened to be the time when the first nighttime TV show played.

Hearing Su Wan’s reply, Su Rui didn’t continue speaking in the kitchen. Su Wan was also sitting comfortably on the sofa watching the TV show. When Su Rui came out of the kitchen with the noodles, the male lead in the TV series was doing his utmost to explain something to the female lead due to a misunderstanding-

“You listen to my explanation, listen to my explanation ah! It isn’t what you think!”

“I’m not listening I’m not listening I’m not listening!”………

Seeing Su Wan surprisingly watch with great interest, Su Rui couldn’t help but say: “Isn’t that man foolish?”


Su Wan looked at Su Rui who had sat beside her at some point: “What did you say?”

“In this episode, Qing Yue personally saw Zheng Hong and another girl holding each other. She then sulkily left her home. In fact, that girl was Zheng Hong’s younger sister who he was separated from for many years. Just now, he spoke so much nonsense. Just saying ‘That girl is my sister’, wouldn’t those five words solve the problem?”

“He wanted to directly say it, but what is a TV series? How do you want to let male number two to come out? What do you want the audience to see?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but reply to Su Rui’s sentence, but Su Rui frowned again and said in dead earnesty: ” Don’t tell me that not going through misunderstandings in a relationship is not true love? A woman that no other men fight over is not considered a good woman?”

It was the first time Su Wan saw Su Rui’s earnest and serious appearance.

Actually, isn’t it just a melodramatic, brainless TV series? Did he have to go so far?

How inexplicable. Su Wan felt a bit like laughing.

“Are you going to eat your noodles?”

Resisting the great urge to laugh, Su Wan dropped her gaze on the bowl of noodles in front of Su Rui. Seeing the broken, starchy and gooey things in the bowl, Su Wan raised her brows. She gave Su Rui sidelong glances: “These were the noodles you cooked?”


Su Rui revealed a little bit of a rare embarrassment: “I cooked it a little bit too long, but……. the poached egg is cooked.”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but take his chopsticks and pinch the poached egg in the bowl and shake it in front of Su Wan. 5

What is he showing off?

Originally, when she saw him roll up his sleeves and busy himself himself in the kitchen, Su Wan was still curious. She really shouldn’t hold too much expectations for Su Rui.

How can this guy be a good stay-at-home man? 6

His hands were used to wield weapons. Absolutely not to be used for frying eggs and definitely not for cutting potatoes.

Thinking that she still had a favour to ask him, Su Wan sighed. She pushed down Su Rui’s chopsticks and forced him to put the bowl of noodles.

“Forget it, nevermind. You’ve come as guest. Is this one poached egg enough for you to eat? Or I’ll do something ah!”

Seeing Su Wan speak as she got up and turned towards the kitchen, Su Rui started to smile. But before he finished smiling, he saw Su Wan very skillfully fish out a business card from the kitchen bar and nimbly dialed a number-

“Is this Zhangjia restaurant? I want to order a meal!” 7

Order a meal!

Order a meal!

The smile that was just about to appear on Su Rui’s face disappeared without a trace in an instant-

Wasn’t she supposed to personally cook?

This was all written in the novel ah! 8

So, General Su, how many melodramatic, brainless novels and TV shows have you recently seen ah?

You’re so stupid. Does your family’s Su Wan know?

BLU: *still laughing manically* *deep breath* I can’t even- *continues laughing* 

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  1. Su Wan: Why should I cook and ruin my own reputation if I could take my phone and order from the restaurant?
    The-one-who-cook-and-ruin-his-reputation Su Rui: …………….

  2. Ah I remember why I love Su Rui x Su Wan pairing so much!!! Su Wan is a bit like Sheng Ge… She is so savage towards Su Rui initially LOL!!!! ????

    Su Rui also a bit hopeless with his reference to CEO novel and drama while pursuing Su Wan ah ????

  3. Seeing Su Wan surprisingly watch with great interest, Su Wan couldn’t help but say: “Isn’t that man foolish?”
    –> Seeing Su Wan surprisingly watch with great interest, Su Rui (?) couldn’t help but say: “Isn’t that man foolish?”

  4. Hahaha! So SR did his study! But our dear MC is not like other Nadeshiko wifey MCs lol!

    Thank you for the chapter! I knew XJM shouldn’t be trusted, I made a mistake at saying an FL in a vampire arc was decent but turns out she wasn’t.

  5. This literally my favorite chapter of this novel and probably my favoritw chapter of a novel for the rest of 2018. lmaooooo Su Rui what even, no wonder Su Wan ridicules you, you’re so… The role reversal reminds of me Shi Sheng’s novel lololol

  6. “So, General Su, how many melodramatic, brainless novels and TV shows have you recently seen ah?

    You’re so stupid. Does your family’s Su Wan know?”

    *Laughs hysterically* This…. is the best bit of this arc (and potentially the novel) so far. *continues laughing in between breaths*

    1. hahahahahaha i don’t expect Su Rui to be so cute and Su Wan? hahahahaahh damn girl you are so cool in a good way hahahaahahaha

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