Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 3

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SEG Chapter 1.3 — Princess Substitution Marriage (3)

It was already night when Xuan Yuan Rui and Ye Zhi Hua returned to the wangfu. In the afternoon, they had personally supervised Xuan Yuan Qing and Ye Zhi Jin’s execution. Ye Zhi Hua finally felt as if a weight lifted of her mind. It can be said that she has never been so happy and at ease ever since her rebirth.

Ye Zhi Jin was finally dead and Xuan Yuan Qing was beheaded. They no longer had the chance to harm her and Xuan Yuan Rui.

“Zhi Hua, what are you thinking of?”

As soon as he entered the door of the wangfu, Xuan Yuan Rui keenly perceived the change in Ye Zhi Hua’s breath. Her whole person seemed to become more lively as if she was relieved of a heavy burden.

“No, I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

When Ye Zhi Hua heard Xuan Yuan Rui’s voice, her face turned red.

Until now, she was very grateful to Heaven for this rebirth as in her past life she did not have the courage nor the opportunity to be with Xuan Yuan Rui. She could only secretly watch Xuan Yuan Rui and Su Wan be deeply in love with each other. Watched as he was deeply infatuated with Su Wan without regrets.

At that time, her heart felt really hurt a!

Fortunately, Su Wan won’t live for long…

Thinking of the short-lived woman who seized Xuan Yuan Rui’s heart in the past, Ye Zhi Hua told herself that she did not need to fuss about a person who was going to die, but…

“Wangye, Junzhu, she….”

“Why are you bringing her up?”

When he heard Ye Zhi Hua took the initiative to mention Su Wan, Xuan Yuan Rui’s original gentle expression turned a few degrees colder.

Although he and Su Wan grew up as childhood sweethearts, Xuan Yuan Rui accepted that he had deep feelings for her but in exchange, she purposely stirred up trouble. She even cruelly killed his and Zhi Hua’s child. The moment he recalled that woman who he had loved for many years was unexpectedly weak and delicate on the outside but was a vicious and poisonous woman on the inside, Xuan Yuan Rui felt like he was cheated. The anger deep in his heart rose sharply.

Seeing Xuan Yuan Rui very disgusted by Su Wan, Ye Zhi Hua finally relaxed her heart. She consoled herself deep in her heart by saying that Su Wan was dying anyway. Let Wangye forget about her. Not to mention, it was good for everyone else too. Presumably, after Su Wan died and went to the Nine Springs, Wangye became a grieving and heartbroken mess that could not be seen by outsiders.

Hopefully, Wangye will find and be together with his one true love in this lifetime.

Thinking like this, Ye Zhi Hua felt that the reason why she was reborn was to save Xuan Yuan Rui. Not only to save him from his fate but more importantly, for her to save his love….

This night, some felt lingering tenderness, some felt extreme grief and also people who a dreamless night…..

By the time Su Wan leisurely woke up, the sun was already high in the sky and her whole room was filled with the light smell of herbal medicine. Through a heavy curtain, she saw the sight of Physician Si busily bustling back and forth.

“Imperial physician Si?”

Su Wan softly raised the bed curtains and stared at the male standing not far away. Her eyes that were hazy and still had a trace of sleepiness made her seem extremely lovable at the moment.

Physician Si froze for a bit then quickly dropped his eyes: “Junzhu, you’ve awoken. The herbal extract will be ready soon, I will feed it to you later.”

Noticing Physician Si’s unnaturalness, Su Wan merely smiled secretly.

Rather than say that Physician Si was a fool, it would be better to say that he was too innocent. However, a man who was easily confused was, at the root of it muddleheaded? Or a slag?

Su Wan might as well not consider such a naïve problem anymore. Looking at Physician Si’s appearance who seemed as if he whole heartedly wanted to help her, then it seems as if he gets to live his small life for another three to five years. That amount of time should be enough to put Ye Zhi Hua and Xuan Yuan Rui to death, nice and properly.

After a short time, Physician Si finished extracting the herbal decoction, he very cautiously brought it in front of Su Wan.

Men and women should not touch hands when receiving things. Even the Imperial physician did not need to personally feed medicine to a patient, but Physician Si confidently and boldly did it. Naturally, Su Wan won’t refuse as this was originally part of Ye Zhi Hua’s treatment. She got up from bed to enjoy this treatment with a peace of mind.

The medicine that was going to enter her mouth had an unspeakable bitterness. However, Su Wan did not feel the bitterness at all, but she still puckered her mouth and bent her brow. There were tears in her eyes as she looked pitifully at Physician Si: “So bitter, I don’t want to drink anymore.”

There was a saying that a spoiled woman is to be doted on. The original Su Wan had a very good figure and appearance but was a Junzhu with restrained pride. She would never act spoiled in front of Xuan Yuan Rui. Even more so, she wouldn’t speak at all in front of other males.

Truly a waste of natural resources!

“Is it bitter?”

Seeing Su Wan’s directing a pitiful look while coquettishly grumbling at him, Physician Si only felt his heart beat getting faster. Physician Si quickly turned his head away and then picked up a golden silk jujube from the small bowl on the side: “Junzhu, eat this.”

As he said this, he directly put the jujube in front of Su Wan’s mouth. Su Wan squinted her eyes and opened her red lips. Her warm lips brushed Physician Si’s fingertips. Physician Si felt as if he was struck by an electric shock and quickly withdrew his hand.

What did he just do?

What a foolish male, is absolutely not Imperial Physician Si! Definitely not!

The atmosphere between the two people right now was a little bit warm and dubious. Su Wan felt that the pressure she put on Physician Si was just about right, so she opened her mouth again: “Imperial Physician Si, right now I don’t taste the bitterness anymore. Thank you. You….you are so kind to me.”


Physician Si looked as if he still wanted to say something but Su Wan continued saying: “In the past, biaoge would always personally feed me medicine. At that time, I felt like I was the happiest person in the world. What a pity…..”


Physician Si didn’t know what to say as his heart was floating one moment and sinking the next. He felt that his mood was a bit weird today.

“Actually, it’s also fine this way.”

Su Wan gave Physician Si a forced smile: “Biaoge has found his beloved. I should be happy. Who let my fate to not be good? No way to bear and rear children. Furthermore, I can’t always keep him company. Now, biaoge doesn’t like me anymore. I should be happy. If I die like this, then he wouldn’t get hurt….”

“You will not die!”

Physician Si rather agitatedly broke Su Wan’s line of speech. Su Wan lifted her head and looked at Physician Si for a while.

Physician Si felt a bit guilty as Su Wan gazed at him: “I can cure you. Junzhu, you should have faith in this servant’s medical skill.”

The two people looked at each other for a long time. Su Wan finally smiled and nodded. She said: “Physician Si, I believe in you.”

This may be the best voice that Physician Si has heard in his lifetime. After many years, every time he is drunk and dreams, he will always see a woman smiling brightly and saying to him, Physician Si, I believe in you.

He clearly knew, at that moment, he was very tempted but she not only laid a gentle trap for him but also an infinite abyss…

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