Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 35

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SEG Chapter 2.20 — The Ninth Nightmare (Epilogue)

“Why aren’t you walking?”

Fang Tian Tian saw Qin Lu dazedly standing at the same spot. She somewhat worriedly took a step forward and stood beside Qin Lu. She hesitated and lightly tugged on his sleeve.

“I suddenly remembered that I left some things at home.”

Qin Lu suddenly turned his face and looked at Fang Tian Tian: “Tian Tian, you accompany me back ba. Let’s not look for Su Wan first.”

Now, nowhere is safe for Fang Tian Tian. The most reliable place that Qin Lu can think of is his own home.

“Ah? Oh.”

Fang Tian Tian didn’t suspect Qin Lu’s words. Seeing Qin Lu turn back and walk, Fang Tian Tian obediently followed behind him.

The two people hadn’t walked far when they bumped into three familiar figures.

“Qin Lu!”

Bai Xiao Yue was the first to recognize Qin Lu’s figure and caught sight of Fang Tian Tian behind him. Bai Xiao Yue seemed lost in thought. Her expression also became somewhat strange as she looked at Qin Lu’s expression.

With Qin Lu’s strength, dealing with Fang Tian Tian was as easy as turning one’s hand over, but Fang Tian Tian was still alive and well, and she still had Qin Lu’s jacket draped over her body.

This truly was surprising.

Bai Xiao Yue didn’t act rashly. She didn’t know what Qin Lu was planning and only silently looked at the two people.

From the very beginning, Bai Xiao Yue knew that she was a ghost. Three ghosts, six people. Though it seems like there are very few ghosts, there are many targets. Relatively speaking, this situation was very advantageous to them.

But actually ne?

When you kill a person, you have the opportunity to replace that person to continue surviving. It sounds simple, but after familiarizing herself with the rules, Bai Xiao Yue then knew how cruel the rules of this world are.

When you kill a person, while you gain the chance to survive, that person will also become a ghost. That is, the number of people will get less and less. If everything goes well and every ghost kills a person, and the new ghosts kills the remaining three people. So, in the end, there are exactly six people who can live.

Unfortunately, reality was not a mathematics formula. At least, Bai Xiao Yue hasn’t killed anyone and it seems like Qin Lu hasn’t made any moves. Now, two people had died.

According to the rules, there should ought to be five ghosts now with only four people remaining. According to this development, it would only lead to killing each other in the end.

Bai Xiao Yue, who had always been familiar with the laws of the jungle, was very nervous. She was afraid that Qin Lu would expose her identity, and her current situation would become very dangerous and passive.

Fortunately, Qin Lu merely deeply looked at Bai Xiao Yue and then let his gaze fall on Yi Zi Xuan and Meng Ting Yao. Right now, there are five people here. Except Bai Xiao Yue, no one will hurt Fang Tian Tian.

Qin Lu hesitated, and finally decided to go together with them. It seemed like a good choice…..

“Qin Lu.”

Su Wan, who saw everything, was also surprised. She didn’t expect that Qin Lu would not lay a hand on Fang Tian Tian, and it seemed that he was determined to protect Fang Tian Tian.

Truly admirable.

Fan Shu Jun, who was comatose, was already slowly waking up. He realized that he was still alive and Su Wan sitting on the side with a smile.

“Leave this world or dominate this world. Two choices. Which do you want?”

Su Wan looked at Fan Shu Jun, her voice low and deep, and somewhat captivating.

“If I want both?” Fan Shu Jun already sat upright and and sharply looked back at Su Wan.

“Humans are really greedy.”

Su Wan smiled. In the original story, Yi Zi Xuan wanted both and as the male lead, he finally achieved this.

“Greed, is one of the original sins of mankind.”

Fan Shu Jun also smiled. Only, this time, he smiled particularly bashfully: “Actually, I was joking earlier. I only want to leave from this place. I’m not at all interested in anything here. I only want to be an ordinary person in this life.”

An ordinary person.

Su Wan focused her gaze on Fan Shu Jun. In fact, she realized from the very beginning that Fan Shu Jun was not at all simple. He was outstanding compared to many people. However, contrary to expectations, this kind of sharp thinking, high IQ and also high military value person only wanted to be a game otaku.

Perhaps, this was what he was pursuing. An ordinary life of an ordinary person.

People who were born with everything only wanted a peaceful, ordinary life.

And those people who were born with nothing desperately wish for a superior life.

But actually, who was higher than who?

Even if people were divided into various grades and ranks since birth, everyone was still entrusted with equal opportunity to seek for their happiness, to pursue their dreams.

Whether your life was happy, whether your life was worthwhile, it was never measured by money and status.

Fan Shu Jun saw it clearly from the beginning, but Yi Zi Xuan’s heart was blinded by his sudden powers……

“Fan Shu Jun, I’ll give you two tasks. You only need to accomplish them, then I’ll let you leave this world.”




Yi Zi Xuan shouted as he sat up from his bed, the pain on his body seemed as if it hadn’t dispersed yet. He opened his eyes and looked at the strange yet familiar bedroom. Yi Zi Xuan didn’t return to his body for a while.

“Zi Xuan!”

At this time, Chen Yu Feng, who was sleeping above him, suddenly bent down, hung his head and looked at the sweating Yi Zi Xuan: “Did you have a nightmare? Scaring people with your shout!”

Chen Yu Feng…..

Looking over at Chen Yu Feng’s young and real face, Yi Zi Xuan’s heart was even more perplexed–

Was he killed in the thirteenth floor of hell by devil and the demon king? 1

Why did he return to the bedroom at the university? And why did he unexpectedly meet Chen Yu Feng, who he personally killed in the past?

For a moment, Yi Zi Xuan’s head was a little chaotic. And at this time, someone pushed open the bedroom entrance. Wearing loose pajamas and glasses, a confused Fan Shu Jun wandered in. Seeing Yi Zi Xuan and Chen Yu Feng, Fan Shu Jun seemed somewhat surprised: “Zi Xuan, why are you so late ah? Didn’t you say that you wanted to go to Tianxing street to pick a birthday present for Su Wan?”

Tianxing street, birthday present, Su Wan.

A loud crash sounded in Yi Zi Xuan’s mind, his eyes gradually becoming deep and dangerous–

Was he reborn? And he was even reborn on the day he and Su Wan broke up!

Regarding this day, and everything that happened on this day, Yi Zi Xuan remembered it very clearly. It wasn’t because he missed his ex-girlfriend, but because he bought a jade pendant in Tianxing Street that changed his life.

Thinking till this point, Yi Zi Xuan refused to think about anything else. He hastily put on his clothes and flew out of the room.

“Wow, how quick, rushing to reincarnation ah!” Chen Yu Feng looked at Yi Zi Xuan’s figure and couldn’t help but whisper a sentence. When he heard his words, Fan Shu Jun merely mysteriously smiled: “Who knows? Maybe he really his rushing to reincarnate?”………

He was perturbed and excited all the way to Tianxing Street. From afar, Yi Zi Xuan saw the jewelry store that wasn’t considered big where he bought the jade pendant. He rushed into the store, but he ended up being stunned at the door.

Meng Ting Yao, who was wearing a white one-piece dress, partly looked like a female celestial from a dream. She was quietly and calmly standing in the store, and was holding the jade that originally belong to Yi Zi Xuan in her palm.

Ting Yao…….

Yi Zi Xuan was in a trance. In the past life, he and Meng Ting Yao were a couple. At that time, they were trapped in a nine-layered nightmare world. Yi Zi Xuan used his ability to kill the real Nightmare and obtained his ability. Then, he hid his true ability and escaped from the nightmare world with her by the skin of their teeth.

Yi Zi Xuan admits that at that time, he had selfish motives. He liked Meng Ting Yao and wanted to obtain her heart. So, he became the only hero in her heart and became the most important man in her life.

After coming out from the dreamworld, Yi Zi Xuan thought that he and Meng Ting Yao were saved, but the two people realized that they hadn’t returned to their original world.

It turned out that the place where they had a car accident was the place where the Human World and Hell were connected. The souls of the eight of them were drawn into the world of Hell, and the nightmare they experienced at the beginning was only the first layer of hell.

Hell had a total of 18 layers. Only after passing through the 18 layers could you return to the human world. Yi Zi Xuan couldn’t  remember how many years he stayed in that world, how many people he killed. He only remembered that his ability become more and more powerful at that place, the younger brother by his side, the increasing number of females. But even then, his favorite person was still Meng Ting Yao. 2

Recalling the end of his previous life, he was ambushed and sniped. Meng Ting Yao was also caught in the same dangerous situation as him. Don’t know if she was in any danger in the end?

Ting Yao…..

Yi Zi Xuan deeply sighed at the bottom of his heart. Everything in his previous life has already passed. They still had this life to be together.

When Yi Zi Xuan sorted his mood and looked at Meng Ting Yao again, he realized that she had already paid for that mysterious jade.

Seeing that she was about to leave his side, Yi Zi Xuan’s heart got anxious, and he suddenly pulled Meng Ting Yao’s arm.

Meng Ting Yao was suddenly pulled to a stop by someone, her face immediately became cold. Seeing that the person that was pulling was Yi Zi Xuan, her face slightly relaxed, but there were still some disappointment between her brows: “It’s you ah. Is there anything?”

“This piece of jade….”

Yi Zi Xuan’s eyes fell on the jade pendant that Meng Ting Yao wore on her chest. Although he tried to cover it up, Meng Ting Yao still saw the hidden light in his eyes.

“You like this jade pendant?”

Meng Ting Yao pried open Yi Zi Xuan’s hand and coldly asked a question.

“Ng, I’m actually…, Su Wan likes this jade pendant, and I wanted to buy it and give it to her as a birthday present.”

This piece of jade was originally in a style for females. Yi Zi Xuan conveniently found an excuse which seemed reasonable.

“Oh, it’s this simple. Actually, I bought a few pieces in this style and intended to give it to the sisters in the dormitory. You don’t have to specially buy it for her. Choose something else ba.”

As she spoke, Meng Ting Yao was about to take a step to leave, but Yi Zi Xuan wasn’t about to let her go.

“Ting Yao!”

He stopped her again, and this time, Meng Ting Yao’s face got even colder: “I don’t seem to be very familiar with you, Yi Zi Xuan.”

Yi Zi Xuan’s face also changed slightly. He just remembered that now, he and Meng Ting Yao were merely ordinary classmates, nothing more.

“Ting…. Meng Ting Yao, I already promised to buy this for her, and she only likes the one you’re wearing. Could you part with it and sell it to me? However much you want is alright!”

“You have money?”

Meng Ting Yao somewhat strangely lifted her eyes to look at Yi Zi Xuan: “Gentlemen do not forcefully seize people’s love. I don’t know if Su Wan likes it or not, but I like it very much. I’ll have to trouble you to let me pass. I’m in a hurry!”

As she spoke, Meng Ting Yao passed Yi ZI Xuan and left in large strides.

Looking at her departing figure, Yi Zi Xuan’s gaze flashed, and finally still did not chase after her…..

The days passed day by day particularly tranquilly. On Su Wan’s birthday, Yi Zi Xuan broke up with her. After that day, Yi Zi Xuan kept looking for various opportunities to approach Meng Ting Yao. Unfortunately, Meng Ting Yao’s character was particularly cold and it wasn’t easy to talk to her.

Until half a year later, Chen Yu Feng proposed that everyone go out together to the forest park for a spring outing. For this, he especially prepared a super-luxurious seven-seater Audi, just enough to fit eight people.

Yi Zi Xuan, who had been paying close attention to Meng Ting Yao all this while, knows that Meng Ting Yao still wore that piece of jade. She still hasn’t activated that piece of jade, nor did she realize the secret of the jade.

So, this spring outing became the matter that Yi Zi Xuan was most concerned about.

He was familiar with the dreamworld in his memory. In that world, he can once again obtain Meng Ting Yao’s trust, and then have the jade pendant in his possession, activate his abilities, and defeat the Nightmare again. This way, it would just be like in his previous life where he brought Meng Ting Yao into Hell and battled through difficulties and dangers. This time, he must let the people who betrayed him in the past pay ten times, a hundred times the price of blood!

Yi Zi Xuan’s plan was perfect, but unfortunately everything went wrong from the beginning.

Che Yu Feng organized this spring outing to pursue Meng Ting Yao. Although Meng Ting Yao agreed to Chen Yu Feng’s request, she temporarily changed the location of the outing…..

No car accident, no Nightmare, even no ability.

Yi Zi Xuan was muddle-headed and ignorant. He felt that the whole world was wrong.

There definitely something wrong somewhere. His life should obviously not be like this.

At the time when his emotions were about to collapse, Yi Zi Xuan finally stopped Meng Ting Yao, who was about to go for a walk, at the door of her villa.

Looking at the jade pendant that she was still wearing on her chest, Yi Zi Xuan’s eyes flashed with a greedy ad frenzied red light: “Give me the jade!”

Jade pendant, jade pendant, he wants the jade pendant, he wants the ability. He doesn’t want to be an ordinary person. He was born to be above people!

Yi Zi Xuan’s dark expression gradually became ferocious. Looking at this familiar and strange face, Meng Ting Yao finally sighed and put her finger on the jade that had become very shiny and smooth: “Yi Zi Xuan, I know you like me. You entangling yourself with me in this way is actually because you want to be together with me, isn’t that right? Actually, you this person isn’t that hard for people to accept. In fact, I can consider being with you.”

As she spoke, Meng Ting Yao lifted up her face and fixed her gaze on Yi Zi Xuan: “Yi Zi Xuan, you and me together. Both of us can be happy for a lifetime. Do you think that’s good or not?”


Yi Zi Xuan’s gaze was still fixed on Meng Ting Yao’s chest. He was already used to being above people. He has already regarded ordinary people as ants a long time ago. He felt that his existence was already just like a god-like being’s. How can he be willing to be an ordinary person?

“Ting Yao, I love you. I also want to be with you for a lifetime. Be obedient and give me the jade. I can bring you to the peak of glory. No one in this world can surpass me.”

It seemed as if Yi Zi Xuan saw his past life again where he sat and embraced a countless amounts of money and numerous beauties. That was the life he should have.

“Ha, haha.”

Hearing what Yi Zi Xuan said, Meng Ting Yao couldn’t help but laugh loudly. She laughed while crying.

It turned out that everything that Fan Shu Jun said was true.

She actually prayed for a pair that she could spend her lifetime with. She actually wished to be together with Yi Zi Xuan once again. To live a lifetime to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss. It truly was her own lunatic ravings!

“Jade pendant or me. You can only choose one.”

Meng Ting Yao took off the jade pendant and put it in her palm. Her heart still held some extravagant hope.

However, Yi Zi Xuan merely hesitated for a bit, but still chose the mysterious jade pendant…..

Yi Zi Xuan, that kind of person, seemed smart and decisive on the surface, but in fact, he was actually a selfish person.

Su Wan quietly watched as Yi Zi Xuan happily and excitedly take back his ability, quietly watched as Meng Ting Yao broken-heartedly turn and left.

They say that in love, whoever was moved first would be the first to lose.

This way of speaking is sometimes not accurate.

Some people are easily moved and some will easily cease to be faithful.

Since ancient times, men have been fickle. Su Wan also believes that there are good infatuated men in this world such as Qin Lu.

But even more are just like Yi Zi Xuan. Unwilling to be ordinary, bites off more than one can chew, thinking that they developed infatuation, but actually is the most fickle person…..

“Fan Shu Jun, you did your task pretty well this time.”

Su Wan turned her head and looked at Fan Shu Jun, who had been silently standing behind her, Fan Shu Jun still shyly smiled: “What are you going to do next?”

“I want Yi Zi Xuan to continue being betrayed in the next layer of dreams and continue to be reborn……. until the day he has nothing.”

Su Wan’s voice was tranquil, not one bit of chilliness. But Fan Shu Jun felt his whole body go cold.

Females, truly are formidable creatures.

Fan Shu Jun didn’t understand why Su Wan wanted to torment Yi Zi Xuan in this way. However, he also didn’t intend to pursue the matter.

He and Su Wan were merely partners, perhaps it should be said a relationship of subordination. He does whatever she commands. Everybody will get what they want and everybody will be happy in the end. This was enough…..


When Su Wan once again opened her eyes in the executor’s warehouse, her gaze was particularly sharp.

In the world of dreams, she repeatedly caused Yi Zi Xuan to be opposed by all and deserted by his friends. Finally, Meng Ting Yao also no longer had any expectations of him. Everyone left him, leaving him alone to strenuously struggle in yesterday’s dream.

This was Yi Zi Xuan’s ending.

Leaving from the execution room, Su Wan checked her accumulated points, and then she frowned and immediately opened the task panel in the communicator. She randomly picked a lower level task without looking at it and directly returned to the executive room–

This time, she unexpectedly ran into the people from over there, making Su Wan’s mood bad. She now urgently needs to enter a simple and comfortable task world to nicely calm down her mood….


Author’s note!

I finally finished writing.

Seeing that the little friends are very concerned about our family’s Su Rui, he will re-debut in the next volume [Scapegoat Sweetheart].

Today is just these two things. I wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance!


Phew. What a chapter, aye dear readers? I guess it’s time I get started on that summary huh…… *cries* I have to read this arc again (┳Д┳) (*ノω-) Gonna be MIA for a few days for this. Just keep in mind that I suck at summaries. Instead of a summary, it always ends up being a one-shot story. (´∀`;)

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