Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 34

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SEG Chapter 2.19 — The Ninth Nightmare (19)

In the magnificently decorated private room, Su Wan and Fan Shu Jun blankly looked at each other.

In the end, Su Wan took the lead to break the silence between the two people: “Would you like me to handle the wound for you?”

Her gaze fell on the wound on Fan Shu Jun’s body. His injury was quite serious.

“No need.”

Fan Shu Jun  gasped and sat down on the chair: “I…. I’ve killed Chen Yu Feng. Now I have the ability to recover a wound in a short time.”

When Fan Shu Jun was stopped on the road by Chen Yu Feng, his body wasn’t steady. He was injured just like Bai Xiao Yue.

With his keen observation, Fan Shu Jun saw through Chen Yu Feng’s identity. When the two people were entangled, Fan Shu Jun killed Chen Yu Feng.

Before Chen Yu Feng disappeared into nothing, he told Fan Shu Jun that he was killed by Qi Mu. Qi Mu is a ghost!

At that time, Fan Shu Jun suddenly recalled that he saw Qi Mu and Su Wan together. He didn’t have time to think to much and immediately chased after them in the direction in his memory. As a result, he saw Qi Mu’s car at the door of the store…..

Everything happened very quickly. From the moment Fan Shu Jun charged in, till Su Wan killed Qi Mu. Everything that happened up till now, Fan Shu Jun was still somewhat unclear on the truth.

Seeing Fan Shu Jun lost in thought, Su Wan didn’t say anything. She walked straight to Fan Shu Jun and softy raised her hand and made a noise with her finger. Fan Shu Jun’s wound quickly healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. The blood on his body also disappeared without a trace.


Fan Shu Jun returned to his body, his gaze full of astonishment and vigilance towards Su Wan: “How did you do this?”

Su Wan indifferently smiled: “As you can see, I killed Qi Mu and I got….. absolute control over the whole nightmare world!”


Fan Shu Jun suddenly stood up, his voice bringing excitement: “You said that Qi Mu was…..”

“That’s right. He’s the Nightmare. It was him who trapped eight of us in this strange nightmare world.”

Su Wan’s voice was sonorous and forceful.

The Ninth Nightmare, nine layers of dreams, nine people’s dying struggles.

Everything seemed fair and reasonable, but actually, after Su Wan entered this world, she felt very indisposed.

First of all, when she entered this task world, this task world actually automatically changed the story plot. This kind of matter certainly hasn’t not happened before. There are several possibilities why the plot changed. The biggest possibility is the intrusion from outsiders.

Then, why did this outsider want to change the plot?

In this world of dreams, what ability did he have to change a fixed plot?

The only answer that Su Wan could think of was that this person could control the nightmare world.

So, if there was a person who had the ability to control the nightmare world, then who was this person? Why did he want to forcibly change the original plot because of her arrival?

One by one, the questions plagued Su Wan. Until she came into contact with Qi Mu in the first layer of dreams.

She realized that Qi Mu’s nature was different.

The Qi Mu she saw was completely different from the Qi Mu in the original plot.

After suspecting that Qi Mu was the outsider, Su Wan remembered the phone call that she received from Fan Shu Jun in the dream. Su Wan thought that that was also the manipulation of the Nightmare, but afterwards, Su Wan had a new idea.

Why did Fan Shu Jun want to call her?

If it wasn’t under the manipulation of the Nightmre, who had the ability to pierce through that layer of dreams and connect that call?

Was it….

That phone call was her future self inciting Fan Shu Jun to call. Then what was the information that he wanted to let her know?

The ninth the ninth, Meng….

This was indeed the clue that Su Wan left for herself.

The ninth, the ninth person.

And as for ‘Meng’, Fan Shu Jun was actually saying “Meng”. 1

The actual meaning of this clue was that the ninth person was the Nightmare.

So, this world was known as The Ninth Nightmare, and not called Nine-layered Nightmare.

In fact, from the beginning of the trip, it was always eight people. It was never nine…..

After the eight people were involved in the road accident, they were invaded by the Nightmare at that particular place and time. He controlled everyone’s thought and memory, and became the ninth person.

Su Wan completely figured it all out at that time–

Chen Yu Feng was actually very good at driving. His driving skills were top-notch. There was no need to find someone else to drive.

Also, they had two dorms. One was 503, one was 305. This was actually the first numerical hint that suggested that there were only 8 people. 2

Qi Mu was the most conspicuous. Maybe it should be said that he magically changed his appearance based on everyone’s memory, falsified everyone’s memory and started a game of nine layers of dreams.

This way, everything in the original plot was explained. Why was it that it Qi Mu was the first to discover the rules of the nine-layered dream? In fact, the so-called rules were also controlled by him.

And why was it that the two people, Yi Zi Xuan and Meng Ting Yao, peacefully left the dream together ne?

That’s because after killing the other six people, when Qi Mu wanted to dispose of Yi Zi Xuan, Yi ZI Xuan turned back time. His hand slipped and Yi Zi Xuan took the opportunity and succeeded in piercing Qi Mu’s heart.

The blood from the heart was the foundation  of the Nightmare.

That is, Yi Zi Xuan obtained the Nightmare’s ability, but he didn’t tell Meng Ting Yao. Rather, he used his ability to control dreams and went out together. It seemed as if they narrowly escaped death, but in fact, they actually left the world very easily.

This was what that should’ve happened in this task world.

After clearly knowing everything, Su Wan used her willpower to wake herself up from the deep dream. After waking up, her body was already in the hospital and started a new round of the game in the dreamworld.

This time, she disguised herself. She pretended that she was deceived by the appearance of the Nightmare, and slowly let Qi Mu approach her.

In fact, from the moment Qi Mu killed Chen Yu Feng, Su Wan already knew that Bai Xiao Yue wasn’t No. 1. Chen Yu Feng was.

So, Chen Yu Feng was the first person to die. Also, although he disappeared after dying, he didn’t leave from this world. Rather, he changed into a ghost with a wound.

That’s right. In this dream layer, there were originally three ghosts. Those three ghosts had a common trait, and that was the wound on their bodies.

Qi Mu had an injured arm and he said that he was in an accident.

Bai Xiao Yue also had injuries. When Meng Ting Yao saw her, it seemed as she was being chased by Fan Shu Jun because he wanted to kill her. Fan Shu Jun was actually No. 2. After Chen Yu Feng died, Bai Xiao Yue started to chase after Fan Shu Jun to kill him, but she wrongly judged Fan Shu Jun’s strength. Afterwards, it became that Fan Shu Jun chased her while she ran. If Meng Ting Yao didn’t appear, Fan Shu Jun would’ve already eliminated Bai Xiao Yue…..

As for the third ghost, it was Qin Lu.

Su Wan closed her eyes. She searched through the dreamworld and immediately “saw” Qin Lu and Fang Tian Tian who had been loitering on the streets this whole time.

Qin Lu hid himself very well. At least, Fang Tian Tian never realized that Qin Lu had a wound.

“Qin Lu  and Fang Tian Tian aren’t far from here.”

Su Wan opened her eyes and profoundly looked at Fan Shu Jun: “You’re No. 2. Fang Tian Tian is No. 3. If you died, do you think that Qin Lu will kill Fang Tian Tian?”

“You want to kill me?”

Fan Shu Jun looked at Su Wan. He looked straight at her eyes.

Su Wan only deeply smiled. Now, this world was under her control. She once again made sound with her finger and Fan Shu Jun fainted.

See, the ability of the Nightmare was invincible and easy to use. Yet, why did Qi Mu wanted to do so many twists and turns ne?

Sigh, because he’s a troublesome plane repairer ah!

His existence was for the sake of serving the male lead while he still needed to eliminate her, a plane destroyer. But, he couldn’t directly kill her off. So, Qi Mu, no, he should be called Qi Yue. Qi Yue chose the most common emotional offensive. He intended to deceive her memory and then make her fall in love with him. This way, he could help the male lead upgrade, help the male and female leads grow their feelings and could finish her, a plane destroyer, off. This really was a way to satisfy both sides.


If she was still her original self, she may have been fooled by him.

Unfortunately, since I met Xu Ce…..

Su Wan’s heart hurt for no reason–

After being ruthlessly deceived by the guy, she refused to allow herself to be deceived by anyone, to be abandoned by everyone.

Using the most genuine feelings to deceive you, use the most ruthless way to abandon you.

This kind of conduct, Su Wan learned directly learned from Xu Ce.

Over the years, she already slowly approached Xu Ce. She already gradually became merciless like him, unfeeling like him, unscrupulous just like him.

Therefore, in this world, this game, Qi Yue was never Su Wan’s opponent….

An empty street, one tall one short, two figures walked in tandem. Suddenly, the tall figure in front paused.

“Qin Lu?”

Fang Tian Tian looked at the person in front of her with a puzzled gaze: “Qin Lu, what happened to you?”

“It’s nothing.”

Concealing the surprise in his eyes, Qin Lu slowly tightened his fists. From the moment he woke up from the nightmare, he knew that he was dead. The severe wound on his back was proof that he already died.

At that moment, his head was blank, until Fang Tian Tian called. Hearing her sweet, weak voice, Qin Lu gradually recovered his consciousness.

In his mind, there was a name list of people to kill. Everyone was arranged in sequence and they had to kill them in sequence– No. 1 Chen Yu Feng, No. 2 Fan Shu Jun, No. 3 Fang Tian Tian, No. 4 Su Wan, No. 5 Yi Zi Xuan, No. 6 Meng Ting Yao.

At that time, Qin Lu  suddenly got scared. He wasn’t scared that he wouldn’t have a chance to come back to life. Rather, he was scared that Fang Tian Tian would meet any mishaps. 3

So, he told Fang Tian Tian his home address. He wanted to protect her. This mood has never been so strong.

Just now, some information flashed through Qin Lu’s mind– the line ‘No. 2 Fan Shu Jun’ had disappeared.

This meant that No. 3 Fang Tian Tian is everyone’s next goal…….

BLU: So much info in this chapter O_O I need some time to digest all this lol.

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