Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 36

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SEG Chapter 3.1 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (1)

Sitting in the first class cabin of the plane, Su Wan looked down at the financial magazine lying on her lap. The person on the front cover of the magazine was the country’s hottest nouveau riche owner of a shopping mall  and also the newly appointed CEO of Haoyue Group, Xiao Jing Mo.

Xiao Jing Mo was Xiang City’s Xiao family’s eldest son. When he was young, he was already relying on his accurate foresight and vigorous means to methodically govern the big Haoyue Group, letting it flourish more day by day. He was also Xiang City’s most desirable bachelor and many celebrities’ dream lover.

Such a person who has money and power, was young and promising, and was also handsome and elegant man, which woman will not like it?

Of course, there was no one in this world who would have a favourable wind throughout their lifetime. In other people’s eyes, Xiao Jing Mo was the winner in life, but in Xiao Jing Mo’s eyes, he was a loser in love.

Before being found by Xiao family, Xiao Jing Mo was merely an ordinary youth. He and his mother lived together and depended on each other to survive. The two people’s lives weren’t considered poor, but was also not at all well-off.

When Xiao Jing Mo entered highschool, he fell in love with a girl. That girl was his deskmate. Her academic grades were good, her looks was also pretty, and most importantly, her temperament was very good. She was especially kind-hearted and warm.

At that time, Xiao Jing Mo was at the age where he first awakens to love. He and the girl had favorable impressions of each other and the two people quickly got into a romantic relationship. Moreover, they agreed to go to the same college and enroll in the same major after they graduated from highschool.

At that time, they expected a happy and glorious future, but everything changed after the college entrance examination.

The girl with a prosperous family background decided to go abroad to study. Before leaving, she never told him about it and only left Xiao Jing Mo a cold break up letter.

That year was the most painful and decadent year of Xiao Jing Mo’s life. It wasn’t long after the girl went abroad when Xiao Jing Mo’s mother passed away due to acute disease.

He had no one to turn to for help in the huge Xiang City and for many nights, Xiao Jing Mo relied on the sweet and happy memories of the past to pass the time until one day, Xiao family found him. Only then did he know that he was Xiao family’s eldest son who was wandering outside in destitute.

Xiao Jing Mo’s unfortunate life experiences was part of the melodramatic Cinderella story of a rich and powerful family. In the past, Xiao family’s Eldest Son fell in love with a pretty but poor girl. The two people’s romantic love was strongly opposed by Old Man Xiao who was still the head of the Xiao family at that time. Afterwards, Xiao family’s Eldest Son and the girl simply agreed to elope together. On the agreed day to elope, when Xiao family’s Eldest Son was rushing to the agreed place, he met with a serious accident. He was immediately picked up and directly sent abroad by Old Man Xiao for treatment. Although the medical equipment over there was better, Xiao family’s Eldest Son still departed the world a month later.

And as for that commoner girl, she couldn’t wait for him anymore and could only dejectedly board the train towards her hometown. Only after returning to her hometown, did she know that she was pregnant. Finally, she gave birth to Xiao Jing Mo. She worked hard alone to take care of her son, until many years later, she took her son and once again stepped foot into Xiang City. She unexpectedly learned that Xiao Eldest Son didn’t abandon her all those years ago. Rather, he got into an accident and passed away.

Since then, Xiao Jing Mo’s mother’s health began to rapidly go downhill, and she finally left this world.

Xiao Jing Mo only found the note left by his mother after she died and at this time, Xiao family also came calling at his door. According to his mother’s last wish, Xiao Jing Mo returned to Xiao family. Facing the grandson whose face and temperament was extremely similar to his son, Old Man Xiao loved everything about him and wished to give the whole Xiao family to Xiao Jing Mo.

Although Xiao Jing Mo held some grudge in his heart at the time, he still didn’t blame his own grandfather. On the contrary, he quite envied his mother and father’s feelings. Thinking of how the girl who he first fell in love with left without saying goodbye, Xiao Jing Mo’s heart ached dully.

Some of the wounds appeared to have faded away and subsided, but the wounds have actually entered the bone marrow.

In Xiang City, there were countless women who were vying and scrambling for Xiao Jing Mo’s full attention, but he never felt his heart beat. Until the day he saw the girl working in the bar. Her figure had a shadow of “her”……

The young girl named Luo Chu Chu was still a university student. Because of her poor financial situation, she had to work several jobs everyday. Though her life was full of hardships, she was still optimistic. At that time, Luo Chu Chu never thought that she would one day run into Xiao Jing Mo, that kind of noble Young Master. By the time she returned to her body, Xiao Jing Mo had already walked step by little step into her heart.

Luo Chu Chu fell in love with Xiao Jing Mo. Her love was pure, but at that time, she didn’t know the reason why Xiao Jing Mo treated her especially well. It was because her face was extremely similar to the girl Xiao Jing Mo first fell in love with — Su Wan.

That’s right. Su Wan was the girl that Xiao Jing Mo loved dearly all those years ago.

Her finger lightly caressed the front page of the magazine a few times and the corner of Su Wan’s lips leisurely rose up in a sneering smile–

What was a true cannon fodder?

In the feelings between Xiao Jing Mo and Luo Chu Chu, the original Su Wan was 100% cannon fodder.

Eight years ago, she and her sweetheart arranged to be admitted into the same college, but before her college entrance examination, her father suffered a heart attack and had to stay in the hospital. In the hospital, her mother told her that her father was deceived by other people and not only was the company facing bankruptcy, they also owed a huge debt outside.

Because her father couldn’t stand this stimulation, his disease acted out. And now he was in the intensive care room, facing life and death, but the family couldn’t even fish out the money for the most basic surgery expenses.

Su Wan was muddleheaded at the time and completely didn’t know what she should do. And at this time, her mother told her that someone was willing to send her father abroad and pay for his surgery, and that the man was willing to help pay their debt.

However, that person had a condition. He wanted Su Wan and Xiao Jing Mo to break up, and wanted the whole family to go abroad together. For at least five years, they were forbidden to take half a step into Huaxia. 1

At that time, Su Wan was merely a naive young girl. She couldn’t understand the twists and turns on the inside. She only knew that she must save her father.

As a result, she left a breakup letter and quietly left the country with her parents. Once they left, they didn’t return for eight years.

After eight years, after becoming the Manager of a brand in the Huaxia region, Su Wan once again returned to Xiang City. When she was in Xiang City, she encountered Haoyue Group’s President Xiao Jing Mo.

Actually, for these eight years, Su Wan never forgot about Xiao Jing Mo. She felt that she had disappointed him. On one hand, she wanted to let him forget her and begin a new life, but on the other hand, she hoped that he would remember her and still love her.

This kind of contradicting state of mind made Su Wan not know what kind of appearance she should adopt when facing Xiao Jing Mo.

Meeting again after eight years, waves rippled in the two people’s heart.

Right now, Xiao Jing Mo and Luo  Chu Chu were already in a relationship for more than a year. He always regarded Luo Chu Chu as Su Wan’s replacement and when the real Su Wan returned, Xiao Jing Mo had some uncertainty. In the end, was it the person, Su Wan, or was it the unreciprocated first love, that he couldn’t forget? 2

In the meanwhile, Su Wan also knew of Luo Chu Chu’s existence and also met someone she didn’t expect to meet–

Fang Zi Wen.

She was Xiang City’s Fang family’s Third Miss and she claimed that she was Xiao Jing Mo’s fiancee.

Fang Zi Wen told Su Wan that the bankruptcy that Su family’s company faced was actually Old Man Xiao’s plot. He would never permit his own grandson to get married to the likes of Su Wan and would perhaps make a girl like Luo Chu Chu Xiao family’s granddaughter-in-law. 3

After knowing the truth, Su Wan drunk alcohol for a whole night in a bar and finally couldn’t help but give Xiao Jing Mo a call and tell him about everything that happened over the years.

The secrets from the past made Xiao Jing Mo incessantly shocked and he felt that he owed Su Wan too much. As a result, Xiao Jing Mo decided to break up with Luo Chu Chu and get together with Su Wan.

The two people got together again and afterwards met with Old Man Xiao’s opposition. So, Xiao Jing Mo moved out of Xiao family and stayed in an apartment not far from the company.

It was as if the two people returned to the period where they were passionately in love, they passed every day in happiness. However, Su Wan keenly felt that there were many times when Xiao Jing Mo would absent-mindedly stare at her, as if seeing another person through her.

At that  time, Su Wan forced herself to not think too much. Until one day, Su Wan sprained her foot. Xiao Jing Mo was helping her change the bandage, but right at the moment when he saw Luo Chu Chu who was just in an accident, it was as if he went crazy for a bit and abandoned Su Wan. His entire person, in his heart, in his eyes, was only Luo Chu Chu.

It was at that moment that Su Wan knew that her first love from eight years ago had already ended. They can no longer go back…..

In the end, who exactly was who’s scapegoat ne?

Su Wan dejectedly withdrew from Xiao Jing Mo’s emotional world. She intended to resign from the domestic position and go back abroad to take care of her parents.

On the day of her departure, Xiao Jing Mo drove to see her off. Halfway there, the brakes of Xiao Jing Mo’s car suddenly failed to work, and at the moment when his life was at stake, Su Wan used her frail body to protect Xiao Jing Mo, which also ended this brief cannon fodder life.

After Su Wan’s death, Xiao Jing Mo investigated and found that the person responsible for the car breaks was actually Fang family’s Young Master Fang Zi Mu. The reason Fang Zi Mu wanted to assassinate him was because he was infatuated with Luo Chu Chu. 4

Well, the final ending of the story was that Fang family was played by Xiao Jing Mo to bankruptcy, Fang clan’s brothers and sisters did not have a thing to their name, and Xiao Jing Mo and Luo Chu Chu finally got married. The two people also married right in front of Su Wan’s grave to show their love–  5

Xiao Wan jiejie, we’re very happy. You rest in piece ba! 6

Su Wan: Rest in peace your meifu! 7

If you truly love a person, you would die for him. Then can you bear it when he marries someone else and publicly displays it immediately after you died? 8

Su  Wan didn’t know what other people thought, but if it was her, she absolutely cannot bear it.

The person she loves has to always love her. Even if she died, he will only love her for the rest of his life.

If he dared to transfer his affections to someone else while she was still alive, then even if she became a ghost, she will kill him.

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  2. yeah i agree with su wan… like in most novels/shows/movies etc… ppl are like i want you to be happy even without me so you must find someone else after i die or some BS like that…

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