Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 146

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SEG Chapter 7.19 – Misplaced Daughter

Su Wan’s backstory was finally no longer a secret in Feng Heng, and Ouyang Luo, who originally intended to use her identity to strike at her, could only temporarily give in, waiting for the next opportunity to embarrass Su Wan.

After Luo Yu sent Su Wan back home that day, the school naturally began to quietly circulate the news that Luo Yu returned to his old flame Su Wan, but unfortunately since then, the paths of the two people never intersected again, and Luo Yu concentrated on preparing for the college entrance examination. Without Jiang You’s harassment, Su Wan began to concentrate on studying without going out of class.

In a blink of an eye, it has reached the annual Christmas. Feng Heng has the custom of holding a masquerade on gala nights every year, and teachers and students of the school will participate in this gala.

In fact, Su Wan had no interest in this kind of dance, but Su Rui’s studio’s game has entered the most important testing stage, so he couldn’t spend time with Su Wan at Christmas. Bored, Su Wan I had to order a set of witches’ robes in a specialty store, and went to the school’s banquet hall with no interest. She was planning to look at the place where the Female Lead –  daren and Wen Wenhao’s teacher-student relationship began.

As Su Wan knows, Jiang You has been preparing for this time’s dance. During this period, she gradually came out of the romance with Luo Yu. In fact, Jiang You also thought about looking for her childhood friend, Elder brother Xiao and exposing Su Wan’s true face in front of him. Unfortunately, how could General Su give her this opportunity?

Although Su Rui also lived in the Su family during this period, Jiang You had no chance to speak with him alone.

After a long time, Jiang You saw that Su Rui really was disgusted with her and could only bury this matter in her heart.

Tonight’s masquerade, Jiang You chose Snow White’s blue princess dress, coupled with her sweet figure, fair skin, and a headful of black hair like snowfall, it really felt like a dream.

Everyone tonight is wearing a mask to hide their true identity. Jiang You ’s mask is a half-face mask embroidered with white flowers and lace. That mask which matched the style of Snow White, immediately became the focus of the crowd. 

In comparison, Su Wan is wearing a dark witch robe with a dark golden full-face mask full of strange patterns on her face. Her whole body was wrapped in darkness, showing only a pair of cold eyes and a gorgeous red lips.

This outfit looked like some other offbeat vampires at the ball, but this niche style is considered a minority. After all, they are 17 or 18 years old. Which girl does not love beauty? Which girl does not long for love?

The banquet hall was full of dancing princes and knights, as well as beautiful princesses and elves.

Dancing is Jiang You’s weak spot, so although she was invited to dance all night, she refused them until a person wearing a silver-white pastor’s robe came to her. Didn’t know what he said to Jiang You, but Jiang You hesitated for a while before slowly entering the dance floor with him.

Su Wan knows that the man in the priest costume is Wen Wenhao. The so-called ‘scum of the literati’ generally refers to this kind of person ~

“Can I sit here?”

A weak female voice suddenly rose next to Su Wan. Su Wan turned her head slightly and saw a girl wearing a silver-gray mask and a gray dress standing next to her.

“No one here, feel free, Cinderella.”

Su Wan looked at each other’s rough cloth skirt a little familiar. Seems that it was Cinderella’s first dress in the fairy tale. When she heard what Su Wan said, the girl smiled slightly: “I’m not Cinderella. The one who danced with the prince on the dance floor and wore crystal shoes is. S for me, I’m Cinderella’s sister. “

Without Cinderella’s good luck, I was jealous of Cinderella’s sister who was loved by the prince.

She has no magic, no crystal shoes.

Everyone just remembers that Cinderella was bullied by her stepmother and elder sister at the beginning, but no one cared what kind of life her elder sister led after Cinderella and the prince had their happily ever after.

Compared with Cinderella who was blessed by the Heavens and was favored by the prince, her sister can only be regarded as a cannon fodder.

“Cinderella’s sister?”

Su Wan heard the other person’s words and immediately sat up straight and looked at the girl sitting opposite her with interest: “I have a magic mirror. Would you like me to ask the magic mirror, who will be your destined lover?”

Destined lover…

When the girl heard Su Wan’s words, she stared at a place in the banquet hall. After a short while, she returned to her senses, smiling and shook her head at Su Wan: “Isn’t your magic mirror only able to tell you who is the most beautiful person in the world? When was it upgraded to a new version? “

“It has many uses. When you appeared, it already told me who you are.”

Su Wan slightly leaned her body over, and those dark eyes looked particularly charming under the strange mask.

“Do you know who I am?” After hearing Su Wan’s words, the girl who claimed to be Cinderella’s sister seemed to be interested, and looked at Su Wan with some anticipation-

In fact, she did not believe that Su Wan recognized her, because this version of her, at this moment, was her other side that she usually carefully hid.

“You are … Xu Nuo.”

Su Wan smiled at the girl opposite her and softly called out her name.

Xu Nuo stiffened on the sofa, and stared at Su Wan’s eyes, “You… how did you know?”

“I guessed.”

Su Wan smiled Xu Nuo. In fact, she really didn’t really she was Xu Nuo at first, but Su Wan noticed that she had been staring at a certain direction when she was in a daze, and that direction was very remote and only had one solitary figure.

The man was wearing a knight costume which was dark as night, and his entire face was covered by a mask. He stood alone outside the crowd. Perhaps because his aura was too strong, no one dared to rashly step forward to say hello.

That dark knight is Luo Yu.

And the girl who can recognize Luo Yu at a glance, had always paid close attention to him, and also claim to be Cinderella’s sister, Su Wan can only think of Xu Nuo.

In fact, Xu Nuo has been secretly in love with Luo Yu, but she is a girl who can hide her feelings. These things were not mentioned in this world’s story plot that Su Wan knows. It can be seen how perfect Xu Nuo hid herself.

However, when you love someone and care about someone, you look at him with a different eyes compared to other people, and you can’t help paying attention to his every move, even a tiny blink.

Therefore, Xu Nuo’s “interest” towards Luo Yu was finally found by Su Wan by accident …

After Su Wan guessed her identity, Xu Nuo blanked for a while, and finally smiled calmly: “Su Wan, you really are not the same as before. Before … I kind of hated you, but now it is truly like you a bit.” Xu Nuo suddenly stood up, raised her arm and pulled Su Wan off the sofa:” Your Majesty the Witch, I don’t know if I can have this honor. Would you please have a dance with me? “

Su Wan looked at her right hand which Xu Nuo held in her hand: “Can I still refuse? Cinderella’s sister?”

“Hee hee.”

Xu Nuo slightly stuck out her tongue, and then dragged Su Wan into the middle of the dance floor.

At this time, there were a lot of people dancing. Su Wan also noticed that Jiang You and Wen Wenhao were still dancing. The two were very close together. Wen Wenhao almost hugged and held Jiang You in his arms while dancing. It seemed like he was very carefully teaching her how to “dance” while in fact, the posture of the two at this time was already extremely ambiguous.

Seeing Su Wan looking around casually, Xu Nuo to open her mouth to say something to Su Wan when her back was suddenly pushed hard, and Xu Nuo fell out of the dance floor.

This accident happened too suddenly. Su Wan was about to reach out and hold Xu Nuo when her wrist was already tightly held by a big hand: “Don’t move, you are now the prey of this Marquis.”

Messy silver hair, a dark elegant tuxedo.

Su Wan raised her eyes and saw a dark red mask. The owner of the mask was currently smiling at Su Wan, exposing two pointed teeth belonging to the vampire.

“How did you come?”

Su Wan’s tone was full of surprise, she just recognized the handsome vampire in front of her was her family’s General Su.

“Wife, you could recognize me at a glance, it’s awesome.”

When Su Rui saw Su Wan recognize him, he suddenly smugly took her by the hand and took her into his arms: “I want to surprise you, let’s dance together!”

Dancing with Su Rui was definitely work!

Su Wan had previous experience of this, so she her eyes turned and immediately thought of an excuse: “Wait a minute, I’ll go look at Xu Nuo first!”

“No need.”

Su Rui forcedly squeezed Su Wan’s arms and left her unable to turn away: “I already glanced around earlier and pushed her directly into Luo Yu’s arms. En, there’s no need to thank me, please call me Lei Feng. ” 1Lei Feng – made into a model of altruism and dedication to the Party by propaganda from 1963 onwards. (Source: Pleco)

After answering all her questions and dragging down his former rival, General Su felt that he was becoming more and more resourceful.

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