Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 145

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SEG Chapter 7.18 – Misplaced Daughter

The news that Luo Yu and Jiang You broke up soon spread throughout Feng Heng School. Of course, the situation (that only happened in dumb idol dramas where Luo You’s crazy supporters who went to look for trouble with Jiang You) did not occur.

With Jiang You’s skill, who dares to trouble her?

In Feng Heng’s forum, there were many opinions about the end of Yu You’s love. Most of them speculated that Su Wan was closely related to the reason Luo Yu and Jiang You broke up. 1Yu You – both Luo Yu and Jiang You’s last names.

In short, as a former cannon fodder, Su Wan was shot every time. Fortunately, this time she was not completely “innocent”. At least in Jiang You’s heart, the culprit that caused her to break up with Luo Yu was Su Wan.

So at the end of school, Jiang You once again blocked Su Wan’s way. This was the first time she watched Su Wan condescendingly.

It sucks to be short ah~

Su Wan was blocked by Jiang You and couldn’t help but frown: “Is something the matter?”

Su Wan thought that Jiang You still wanted to discuss “Brother Xiao” with her, but this time, Jiang You changed her style, staring at Su Wan’s face tightly, questioning loudly: “Su Wan, Now that you saw me and Luo Yu broke up, are you very happy? “

Su Wan: …

I already said earlier that whether the two of you are not together or not has no relationship with me? Anyway, you guys will NP  in the future, so who cares if you guys are together or separated?

Regarding Jiang You’s questioning, Su Wan could not help but rolled her eyes. There is a state called ‘speechless’ →→ Please look at Su Xiao Wan.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Feeling guilty?”

Seeing Su Wan silent, Jiang You began to be aggressive again: “Su Wan, what reason do I have to be sorry towards you? You grew up in Su family without needing to worry for neither food nor clothes, then how about me? Do you know how much have I suffered with my adoptive mother? You stole my identity. Have I ever argued with you about that? “

The surrounding audience in the classroom where mostly gossip-loving people. At this moment, when they heard Jiang You’s words, everyone couldn’t help whispering.

Where did the word “stole” come from? In fact, most people really don’t know the true identity of Jiang You and Su Wan.

Seeing that Jiang You finally blabbed and laid out the circumstances of their identity, Su Wan was not surprised. In the original plot, under Su Wan’s constant provocation, Jiang You also couldn’t handle it and burst out. “Unintentionally ” laying bare the true identities of the two people. Since then, Su Wan had become a ” lower class person ” that everyone looked down on at Feng Heng, and she was forced to leave Feng Heng because she couldn’t stand such a blow….

“I didn’t say you have to be sorry to me, what are you getting all excited about.”

Su Wan finally spoke slowly. At the same time, she dropped her school bag on the table in front of the door, and her eyes swept sharply the audience: “I see that everyone seems to be very interested in our identities. You guys actually don’t know yet? I’m not the eldest young lady of Su  family, Jiang You is the real eldest young lady. I’m just the wrong child that Su family took home that year. No, to be precise, it was my mother ’s selfish desire to let her daughter live a good life, so after I was born, I was swapped with Jiang You. “


“Oh my god!”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, the crowd immediately exclaimed, is this the legendary exchanging a racoon with a Prince?

“Su Wan, you …”

Seeing Su Wan spill everything, Jiang You’s face changed: “Why do you …”

In her heart, she has always known that Su Wan’s taboo was her identity, but now Su Wan actually acknowledged her identity in front of everyone. What is going on?

Jiang You froze, looking at Su Wan inconceivably.

“Jiang You, I’ve told you long ago not to use your IQ, but your eyes are forever on other peoples actions. The big things in your eyes are nothing but trivial things in my eyes. I don’t care about the identity of the real daughter of the Su family. I also don’t care if you are with Luo Yu or with other people. It’s always been you who thought too much and kept interfering with my life. Now I’m giving you a final warning. Do not harass me again or to harass Xiao Qi. He will not be as good-natured as I am! “

Su Wan confidently picked up her school bag and put it on her back, and walked directly into the crowd: “Excuse me, let me through!”

The surrounding audience heard Su Wan’s words and immediately made way for Su Wan, but in the end, a tall figure blocked Su Wan’s way.

Su Wan looked up, and ended up facing Luo Yu’s handsome face.


She frowned at the teenager in front of her, and her tone was as cold as ever.

“I drove today and I will take you back.”

Luo Yu also spoke coldly, but while talking, he snatched Su Wan ’s school bag in his own hand and took it into his own hands, and then regardless of whether Su Wan agreed or not, Luo Yu turned and strode away.

Su Wan: …

Mr. Top Student, it’s not right for you to do it this way.

Regarding the Top Student Male Lead’s domineering move, Su Wan can only give a bad review.

However, thinking that she really didn’t want to go back with Jiang You, Su Wan finally ended up catching up with Luo Yu’s footsteps in the end. The two left side by side, one figure tall and one short, but they seemed more harmonious than before …

Without any more excitement to watch, the people in the corridor gradually dispersed. Jiang You was still standing at the entrance of the classroom and watching the empty corridor. In her heart, the scene of Luo Yu and Su Wan leaving side by side kept flashing–

Sure enough, Su Wan still cares about Luo Yu.

Everything she does is to make Luo Yu change his mind …

Jiang You bit her own lip, and unconsciously, her vermillion lips had exuded bright red blood.

“Xiao You, it’s not worth it for a man like Luo.”

The sound of Ouyang Luo sounded behind her. Today, Young Master Ouyang wore a set of off-white casual clothes. At this time, he was currently posing to show off his good side. He leaned against the window behind Jiang You. He looked at Jiang You with affectionate and distressed eyes. 

“I, I’m fine.”

Hearing Ouyang Luo’s voice, Jiang You immediately wiped the blood on her lips, turned her head and smiled at him with a happy face.

Jiang You did n’t know about Ouyang Luo ’s “love at first sight” with her. She only “knew” of Ouyang Luo only a week ago. At the time, Ouyang Luo’s chuunibyou disease was acting up again and was in the middle of feeling melancholic over the passing of spring and the arrival of autumn alone on the school rooftop, but ran into Jiang You, who was cleaning upstairs.

Ouyang Luo, who did not wear a school uniform, was regarded by Jiang You as an outsider, and seeing that he has been pacing around on the rooftop, Jiang You thought he wanted to commit suicide, so she immediately saved the “foolish youth who took a wrong step in life” with her strong skills, um, to be accurate, It was because of the sudden appearance of Jiang You that Ouyang Luo almost really ‘took a wrong step in life’ and fall off the building.

But in the face of Jiang You’s caring eyes and those words of consolation from the heart, Ouyang Luo’s little heart that had a good impression of her was immediately overwhelmed by the little angel in front of him —

He felt that Jiang You was sent by heavens to save him. She must be.

When he finally determined that his heart had beat, Ouyang Luo, was planning to use his nefarious charm to aggressively conquer his sweetheart, but he accidentally saw Luo Yu and Jiang You holding hands on campus.

It turned out that the goddess was already taken, and the glass heart of a sensitive chuuni broke into pieces immediately.

Ouyang Luo felt that he had been jilted, and the pain of being jilted made him forget what he planned to do against Su Wan in the beginning.

And just today, Ouyang Luo, who was scrolling through the school forum in boredom, suddenly saw the news of Luo Yu and Jiang You breaking up. His first feeling was not ecstasy, but fury-

Our family’s little angel, Jiang You, who is so hot and kind, and so hot and cute, Luo Yu actually dared to turn his back on her?

Absolutely unforgivable!

Unforgivable …


A certain unforgivable “slag man” had sneezed and arrived to his car at this time.

Luo Yu’s car was a very low-key Audi. After all, the government and private sectors were different, and their Luo family has always been low-key.

“Have a seat.”

After Luo Yu unlocked the car, he went directly to the other side of the car and opened the door of the passenger seat. He raised his hand and tossed Su Wan’s school bag into the car.

Su Wan glanced up at Luo Yu: “I didn’t see you so attentively opening the door when we were together!”

When I heard Su Wan’s ridicule, Luo Yu straightened his expression: “It’s true that I didn’t take your feelings too seriously before. Su Wan, I owe you an apology.”


Su Wan raised an eyebrow at Luo Yu: “You wouldn’t be the same as Jiang You, that brainless woman, right? Do you think I really want to get back with you?”

“Chi.” (laugh/jeer/scoff)

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Luo Yu could not help but smile: “Su Wan, I feel like I truly know you today.”

In fact, Luo Yu was also absent-minded today. He was thinking about himself and Jiang You all day. Even after school in the evening, he walked involuntarily to the door of her classroom.

Because of this, Luo Yu heard and saw the confrontation between Jiang You and Su Wan.

At that moment, for some reason, Luo Yu suddenly become clear-headed–

In the end, what does he like about Jiang You?

Kind and innocent? Or pure and passionate?

In fact, Luo Yu first noticed  Jiang You not because of her beauty, nor because of her excellent skills and just character. It’s just that Su Wan often spoke of Jiang You’s faults in front of him, and Luo Yu naturally put Su Wan’s words onto Jiang You. In the end, he found that the girl was much better than Su Wan said.

It was also from that time that Luo Yu began to notice Jiang You, watching her smile and greet Su Wan again and again, and she was smiling even after suffering a setback again and again.

That smile made Luo Yu’s heart beat.

But today, that heart beat suddenly faded a lot when seeing Jiang You chasing after Su Wan and questioning her–

In fact, how is Jiang You different from other girls?

She was also just an ordinary girl.

If anything was different, she can be considered pretty, and had good kung fu skills, but…it was only limited to this.

Luo Yu remembered the girls he had known since childhood and the girls he had interacted with, and they were actually no worse than Jiang You.

No one is perfect, everyone in this world will have their own personality and their own shortcomings.

Just like Su Wan.

She used to be full of shortcomings in his eyes. In fact, if you explore it carefully, you can still find her good side …

As a top student, Luo Yu’s approach to problems is quick.

Thinking of how Su Wan always silently compromised for him in the past, Luo Yu felt that he owed her an apology, which was something she deserved.

As for turning back …

Luo Yu never thought of getting back together with Su Wan, because now he can’t completely let Jiang You go, and he also understands that he has no feelings for Su Wan anymore. Today he took the initiative to send her home, just for that one sentence “I’m sorry”.

Seeing that Luo Yu really didn’t mean anything else, Su Wan was also relieved. She didn’t like people who suffered from unrequited love, but now Jiang You is unwilling to forgive. If Luo Yu came in to join in the fun, Su Wan thinks that Jiang You will go berserk and pester her even more. 

If that time comes, I’m afraid that I really can’t help but want to choke her to death …

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