Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 147

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SEG Chapter 7.20 – Misplaced Daughter

The atmosphere of the dance on gala night was just right, and the continuously flashing auditorium lights were dazzling.

Su Rui seized Su Wan into his arms and the two just started dancing slowly on the edge of the dance floor. Slowly, Su Rui began to take Su Wan to the center of the dance floor. Soon after, the two danced towards Wen Wenhao and Jiang You.

At this time, Jiang You has mastered the most basic footwork under the gentle and careful teaching of Wen Wenhao. The two have just reached a tacit understanding. They are staring at each other gently, and it seems that the atmosphere is romantic ~

“Wife, give them some excitement.”

Su Rui leaned his face forwards, his lips leaned against Su Wan’s witch hat, and his long fangs bit the brim of her hat twice.

Naughty ~

Su Wan could not help but smile slyly at Su Wan. The next second she did a gorgeous spin. When she turned and was beside Jiang You, the heels under her feet immediately stepped on that Snow White’s long dress with an accurate angle. 

The quality of the dresses in the specialty store is naturally guaranteed. The situation that the clothes were torn apart upon stepping on did not happen, but because Su Wan used all her strength and had already aimed at a certain angle before she stepped, the princess dress that had been designed for Jiang You immediately fell off, exposing the white underwear inside.


The accident came too suddenly. At the moment when she realized that she had exposed herself, Jiang You immediately screamed. Wen Wenhao’s eyes flashed. Because he didn’t wear glasses, Wen Wenhao could only see a black figure flash through the crowd. He couldn’t catch the culprit who deliberately played tricks on Jiang You.

At this time, Jiang You’s exclamation had attracted the attention of everyone around her. Wen Wenhao immediately took off his pastor’s robe, and the whole robe was wrapped around Jiang You’s body.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid.”

Wen Wenhao was wearing only a thin white shirt. He bent down and swept Jiang You into his arms: “I’ll take you away first!”

At this time, Jiang You was still frightened out of her wits. When she saw the gentle and intimate eyes under Wen Wenhao’s mask, she immediately subconsciously buried her face in his warm chest.

The person’s arms were so warm and made her feel particularly relieved …

Seeing that Wen Wenhao had left the dance floor while carrying Jiang You, Su Rui yanked the corner of his mouth while looking at the back of the man and softly whispered in the crowd: “Eh? I recognize that shirt, isn’t that Teacher Wen? “

Wen Wenhao is also a relatively well-known teacher at Feng Heng. Young and handsome, and only by looking at his clothes, one would know that he is of extraordinary origin.

White shirt is indeed the longest worn by Wen Wenhao, and he only wears a brand.

Hearing Su Rui’s voice, the people on the dance floor couldn’t help but turned their eyes to the entrance. At this time, Wen Wenhao had already reached the entrance with Jiang You, and naturally he couldn’t hear the whispers behind him.

“Who was the one dancing with Teacher Wen?”

“I don’t know. She didn’t even take her dress.This should be counted as directly going into battle stripped to the waist, I suppose?”

The crowd did not know who could not help but maliciously guessed two sentences, but immediately lit the fire of the gossip of everyone-

Is the one with Wen Wenhao a school teacher? Or perhaps a female student?

Tsk tsk, it seems that a teacher-student romance hasn’t appeared in Feng Heng yet ~

One must know that Feng Heng’s students were of wealthy and respectable origins. They had high standards and strict family upbringing. Even if some of the playboys partied outside like crazy, even if they don’t give Principal Ouyang face at school, they always pretend to be students for their parents’ face. 1Face – if you’re new to Chinese novels, face can mean one’s honor, reputation and self-respect. So this sentence means, they personally don’t give a damn about Principle Ouyang but they pretend to be good students for the sake of their parent’s reputation.

In this school where all the children of officials and entrepreneurs of City D were gathered, if there is any scandal, it will become really well-known in the city ~

While everyone was discussing and speculating, Su Rui had taken Su Wan and slipped out of the auditorium through the side door.

Cold outdoor night wind.

Su Wan subconsciously tightened her robe tightly. The next second, Su Rui had embraced her tightly from behind: “Wife, let’s go home.”


Su Wan nodded.The ‘home’ that Su Rui referred to was not the Su home, but the small apartment they had rented near the school.

Everything in the apartment is almost the same as before they left. Su Wan had hired a part-time worker to come and clean it at noon every day.

Opening the door of the apartment, warm air hit her face.

Su Wan raised his hand to turn on the light at the door, but Su Rui stopped him.

“Don’t turn on the lights.”

Su Rui pressed Su Wan next to the door and kissed her face: “Xiao Wan, guess what Wen Wenhao and Jiang You are doing?”

“how could I know?”

As Su Wan spoke, she lifted her hands and pulled out the two fangs in Su Rui’s mouth that had been bothering her face.

“Well, let’s see how Teacher Wen’s technique is?”

Su Rui suddenly took out a small receiver from his arms and shook it in front of Su Wan: “I seem to have “accidentally” stuck the newly developed mini camera made by the company to Jiang You’s hair earlier.”

Your mother, how is there such an “accident”?

It was obviously intentional. 

Su Wan raised her eyes and looked at the receiver in Su Rui’s hand seriously: “You seem to be interested in Jiang You? En?”

“Wife, I …”

Su Rui was just going to explain but Su Wan quickly grabbed the receiver in his hand: “It just so happens that I am – in fact – also very curious about Wen Wenhao’s technique. It is said that this person has big, dick, energy, and extraordinary unlike any other, able to get Jiang You in one go. Sigh, it’s understandable that some guys who are less skilled than others are eager to watch it! ” 2big, dick, energy – I’m sorry. I had to. In my defence, I really couldn’t find what the phrase in the RAWs meant. So with with Vin’s and Kiki’s suggestion,… I put ‘big, dick, energy’. IT MEANS THE SAME THING SO I’M STILL RIGHT LALALALALA MY EARS ARE BLOCKED I’M NOT LISTENING TO ANY ARGUMENTS~~~~ Samui: *facepalm*

“My wife, I was wrong. It is immoral to peek at others!”

Upon hearing Su Wan’s words, Su Rui’s face immediately darkened: “Wife, what does Wen Wenhao have that is good to look at? Does he have six pack abs? Does he have a mermaid line? Does he have my handsomeness? Wife, you turn on the light, I’ll let you see, how about it?

General Su regretted a lot at this moment. Why did he forget that Wen Wenhao’s little – that gigolo – was one of the most “ferocious” men in this world?

Looking at such a weak gigolo still serving as a role model (teacher) for others, but was actually seven-times-a-night wolf, and General Su expresses that this is simply unscientific, okay? 3seven-times-a-night wolf –  meaning he shoots 7 times per night during intercourse /// Blu: (*ノ∀`*) *shy* Samui: *cackles in the distance after running away in fear*

Of course, if you have good skills, you can definitely kill this gigolo into slag ~ 

Just when Su Rui was distracted, Su Wan had turned on the light and connected the high-tech receiver directly to her smart phone, and immediately a scene appeared on the screen.

This new product is really awesome, fast receiving, high-definition effects – your mother – it even has sound!

Su Wan raised her eyebrows and raised the volume of her phone. There was a breathless voice from Jiang You—

“Don’t, you can’t do that, you quickly … let go of me.”

In the picture, Jiang You has been pressed against the corner of the living room by Wen Wenhao. From the perspective of the camera, the two are still wearing masks, and the priest robe that was draped on Jiang You has been scattered on the ground. Because the video recorder was in Jiang You ’s hair, you can’t see Jiang You’s figure at all, but she can clearly see the pair of slim arms struggling.

At this time, Jiang You had torn off the mask on Wen Wenhao’s face because he was struggling too hard. For a moment, Jiang You froze there.

“Teac- Teacher Wen?”

Her voice was shaking.

“Jiang You.”

Wen Wenhao narrowed his eyes and slowly leaned close to Jiang You’s face: “I’ve liked you for a long time.”

As one of the many pursuers of the Female Lead – daren in this world, Wen Wenhao is undoubtedly the most special one. This outwardly handsome guy is actually very passionate about a certain kind of bed exercise. He was a beast in human clothing.

When Wen Wenhao first entered Feng Heng, he actually fancy Jiang You at a glance. Later, he discovered that Jiang You can do martial arts, and the flexibility of the body is also good, which further aroused Wen Wenhao’s desire to conquer.

He calmly approached and wanted Jiang You to fall in love with him like a spring breeze and rain, but today they were both single and in a secluded setting, an explosive situation, especially with an enchanting beauty before him, Wen Wenhao was restless and couldn’t control his feelings…

Confronted with Wen Wenhao’s sudden confession, Jiang You was stunned.

And while she was in a daze, Wen Wenhao had already held the back of Jiang You’s head with one hand and violently kissed her lips. His skillful technique made Jiang You – who knew nothing about love – immediately lose …

The battle between the two escalated quickly. Seeing Wen Wenhao started to take off his clothes, Su Rui really couldn’t stand it. He abruptly snatched Su Wan’s phone and stared at her with deep eyes: “Wife, you are not allowed to look at him, you can only look at me. “


Su Wan smiled and nodded solemnly: “I’ll only look at you, okay? Don’t turn off the phone, help me copy this wonderful video. I’ll give it to Jiang You as a souvenir.”

What ‘leave as a souvenir’ ~

Su Rui’s eyes flickered, and he couldn’t help but smile at Su Wan. It is still his wife who understands him best in this world!

She even guessed that he was going to castrate that guy – Wen Wenhao?

General Su expresses, that this time he was absolutely ridding the people of a scourge. He’s only doing it because he happened to see injustice, not because of other reasons ~ 

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