Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 143

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SEG Chapter 7.16 – Misplaced Daughter


Wen Shu being able to wake up from her coma was the happiest thing that had happened in the Su family today. In the evening, Su Haicheng brought the number one chef under the Su family restaurant chain and hosted a sumptuous dinner in the villa.


The long table was filled with six people. This is the most popular and lively dinner for the Su family during this period.


Su Haicheng and Wen Shu separated and sat at the host’s seat at each end of the table, while Su Wan and Su Rui both sat on the left, while Jiang You and Luo Yu sat on the right.


During the meal, Wen Shu kept smiling and kept adding food to the bowls of her two daughters. Su Haicheng was also in a good mood. He opened a bottle of red wine and personally poured a glass of wine for Su Rui: “Xiao Qi, this time it was really thanks to you!”


Although ‘Little Xiao’ and ‘Little Qi’ were all calling the same person, the tone and meaning were completely different.


In fact, Su Rui would rather Su Haicheng always call him ‘Little Xiao’, it’d definitely sound better than “stingy” ~ 1


When Luo Yu, who sat on the other side of the table, saw that Su Haicheng passed over him to pour wine for Su Rui – that “country bumpkin”, and Eldest Young Master Luo’s face immediately became gloomy.


Feeling Luo Yu’s dissatisfaction, Jiang You’s gaze turned round and round, and immediately smiled and put a piece of fish in Luo Yu’s plate: “Luo Yu, have a taste, this dish is very delicious.”




Seeing Jiang You’s smile, Luo Yu’s mood improved for a moment, but when he saw the fish that she placed in his bowl, he couldn’t help but frown —


Luo Yu does not eat fish, this was no secret at Feng Heng.


However, of all people, Jiang You didn’t know.


“Wife, you also eat fish, your favorite.”


At this time, Su Rui also smiled and gave Su Wan a piece of fish, and the bones were picked out by him.


Su Was was used to Su Rui’s attentiveness, but when Wen Shu, who was sitting in the host’s seat, saw Su Rui being so tender and gentle to Su Wan, she couldn’t help but smile and said softly, “Our family’s Xiao Wan loved to eat fish since she was a child. I remember that she was accidentally swallowed a fishbone when she was six years old. At that time, this girl hugged me with her face full of tears and snot after she came out of the hospital. She said that when she grows up, she must find a husband who could help her pick out fishbones, did not expect her wish to come true so soon! ”


After hearing Wen Shu’s words, Su Haicheng looked at Su Rui with an even softer gaze. In fact, after Su Rui rescued Wen Shu, Su Haicheng had already acknowledged this “son-in-law” in his heart. Now he was a father-in-law who was looking at his son-in-law. The more he looked, the more pleasing Su Rui was to his eyes.


And when Jiang You heard her parents praised Xiao Qi so much, she suddenly felt a little shocked.


Zhao Mei loved to eat fish, and Jiang You grew up with her adoptive mother from a young age, and she also developed this habit. She remembers that when she was a child, the Xiao family brothers often quietly gave her the rest of the fish, and every time all fishbone were removed.


At that time, Jiang You didn’t feel much. Now, seeing his eldest brother Xiao being so tender and considerate to Su Wan, Jiang You’s heart was complicated for a while.


It turns out that Brother Xiao could treat her so tenderly, but she has never realized it.


And now, he would barely look straight at her.


Like Jiang You, Luo Yu’s heart also felt a little strange.


When Su Wan was with him before, he didn’t like to eat fish, and Su Wan never ate fish with him when they were together. At that time, Luo Yu thought that she did not eat fish like him.


He didn’t expect……


This may be the difference between love and being loved.


Luo Yu, who was loved by Su Wan then, only saw the flaws of the other party, but never paid attention to what the young lady, who loved him, did for him.


Now Luo Yu loves Jiang You, and he is willing to give everything for Jiang You, but Jiang You, who he loved so much, has not even noticed Luo Yu’s needs.


In love, although it was not always the case, whoever cares first would be the one to lose.


The loser is always the one whose pay is not proportional to the return — they may not be the first one to be moved, but after their heart moves, they will always be the one who pays the most …


After eating dinner in melancholy, Luo Yu said goodbye to the Su family, and Jiang You very sensibly sent him out to the door.


As for General Su, Su Haicheng was convinced by his “medical skill” and took the initiative to invite Su Rui to stay for a while and observe Wen Shu’s health in passing.


To this request, Su Rui naturally agreed.


However, when Su Haicheng ordered his servant to clean up the room for him, General Su’s face immediately cooled down.


“Uncle, there’s no need to trouble you.”


Su Rui, as always, embraced Su Wan’s shoulders intimately: “I can stay with Xiao Wan in one room. I can’t sleep without her.”


Su Haicheng: …


Aren’t you embarrassed to say this in front of this prospective father-in-law?


“Well, we’ll leave it to you to our family’s Xiao Wan.”


Without waiting for Su Haicheng to answer, Wen Shu smiled and agreed to Su Rui’s request.




Su Haicheng looked at Wen Shu in surprise. Wen Shu whispered a few words in Su Haicheng’s ears. Su Haicheng’s expression changed a few times. Only then did Wen Shu pulled him upstairs. It was also considered acquiescence to Su Rui’s “unreasonable request”.


“Guess what Wen Shu said to Su Haicheng?”


Su Rui continued to rest his chin on Su Wan’s small shoulder and asked with a smile.


“I can’t guess.”


Su Wan doesn’t know martial arts, and her hearing is naturally not as sharp as Su Rui’s.


“She told Su Haicheng …”


Su Rui slowly raised his face, her lips moving close to Su Wan’s ears, and he was about to continue talking, when a loathsome voice suddenly sounded behind the two of them.


“Brother Xiao!”


Jiang You came in from outside the door and saw Su Rui being intimate with Su Wan, seeming to be kissing her earlobe.


At that moment, Jiang You’s brain went blank, and she subconsciously shouted “Brother Xiao”, interrupting Su Rui’s movement.


“Truly a nuisance.”


Su Rui murmured in dissatisfaction, turned his face, and looked at Jiang You coming from the door indifferently: “Do you need something?”


“Brother Xiao, thank you for saving my mother. I really … I really don’t know how to thank you.”


At this moment, Jiang You stared at Su Rui in front of her sincerely. A lot of past events flashed in her mind. When Zhao Mei was hospitalized last year, and when Zhao Mei died, at that time, Jiang You was completely helpless and alone with no one to depend on. At a loss, she didn’t know what to do. Every time, Xiao Qi always stepped forward to help her as much as possible, and he has always been silently supporting and encouraging her.


These things originally were gradually forgotten by Jiang You with the beginning of her new life, but today when she saw her brother Xiao Xiao once again turned the tide and rescued her biological mother from the line of life and death, Jiang You’s grateful and dependent feelings was once again rekindled.


“All the time, it’s Brother Xiao who helped me, I really, I really feel that me being able to meet you, was the luck of my life.” 2


At this moment, Jiang You just wanted to express her inner gratitude, well, she really didn’t mean it, she didn’t mean to show her sense of presence in front of his girlfriend. 3


However, this kind of misleading and causing-people-to-misunderstand attitude is really not good, at least Su Wan doesn’t like it.


She hates other women looking at Su Rui with admiration or dependence–


What are you looking for? Never seen a man before?


Well, when you truly love someone and the love was carved in your bones and engraved in your heart, it is absolutely normal to transform into a small vinegar jar.


“Ah Qi, I’m tired. Carry me upstairs, let’s wash up and go to sleep.”


Su Wan did not directly flip out towards Jiang You. Su Wan had a deep understanding of the level of brainlessness of the Female Lead – daren.Su Wan have long learned from experience that she would not waste time with her nonsense.


At this time, Su Wan just spoke gently and softly, while lightly pulling Su Rui’s fingers.


“Very well, wife.”


After hearing Su Wan’s words, Su Rui didn’t think much before agreeing, and immediately princess carried his wife in his arms, and then smilingly carried Su Wan quickly and went up the stairs. As for the Female Lead – daren’s gratitude, What the hell was that?




Walking to the door of the bedroom, Su Wan suddenly struggled in Su Rui’s arms, Su Rui hesitated, and subconsciously released her and let her down.


“Wife, you …”


Su Rui’s words had not finished, and he had been forced by Su Wan  to lean against the wall next to the bedroom door in front of her.


“Stick to the wall, don’t move!”


Su Wan face was cold, staring sharply at Su Rui.


General Su, who had no idea what crime he had committed, was treated so coldly by his wife for the first time and stared at Su Wan with a blank stare for a while.


Then General Su saw a scene that made his heart beat faster–


Su Wan, who was not tall, raised her arm and supported herself against the wall with one hand. Although her arm only reached Su Rui’s shoulder, Su Wan still raised her other hand with arrogance and held Su Rui’s neck. While tiptoeing, she fiercely kissed him —


Kabedon, the sure-kill PDA skill! 4


Jiang You, who was walking upstairs behind the two people, stood completely shocked at the top of the stairs.




Kabedon (pic):

I imagine Su Wan and Su Rui’s kabedon scene would be like this, except reversed.

(lol Su Wan, such a power move, you go girl)


Samui: hhahahaha opposite hahaha does she need a step ladder. Did he sit against the wall hahahah. I went on a hunt for pics so we could all picture this together. Sadly didnt find it and saw a few things i didnt need to, but I found this lol

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