Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 142

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SEG Chapter 7.15 – Misplaced Daughter


“You know what he did?”


Upon hearing Su Rui’s question, Wen Shu lowered her eyes, and the expression on her face was a little complicated: “That child – Su Yu – is such a pitiful child. I know he has been … sigh.”


Wen Shu sighed and did not continue. Maybe she felt that it was strange to start such a topic at the moment in front of her “approved son-in-law” — her husband’s nephew had a different kind of desire towards her. This kind of thing, a lady like Wen Shu wouldn’t tell anyone of it even if she knew about it.


The reason why she told Su Rui today is that Wen Shu felt that Su Rui had already seen through the truth.


Yes, the eyes of this young man can really look into people’s hearts.


Feeling that Wenshu didn’t want to mention Su Yu’s affairs any more, Su Rui also stopped asking questions. He put the container filled with blood on the bedside cabinet, his palms facing down, and his qi gathered at his dantian and the inner power shot out from his palm. That full container of blood is constantly evaporating at a rate visible to the naked eye! 1


When Wen Shu saw this kind of thing beyond the scope of science, she first froze, then she noticed Su Rui’s pale face, and there was a gentle admiration in his eyes—


This child not only did not mind showing his “unique ability” in front of herself, and even deliberately destroyed the evidence of all the toxins that Su Yu injected into her body, which was also a disguised protection for Wen Shu.


Of course, everything he does is not because of how important she was to him.


Everything is because of Xiao Wan.


He loves Xiao Wan and everything about her. It was only because of this that he would do his best to consider her interests. 2


The smile on Wen Shu’s face became even gentler when she thought that her daughter, who she had been worried about, finally found a good home to return to this time.


When Su Rui finished everything and raised his eyes, he saw Wen Shu leaning on the headboard, looking at him with a gentle look, with a slight smile on the corner of her lips. There was no open windows in the room, but right now at this moment, Wen Shu’s body seemed to have the radiance of the sun.


Su Rui began to understand why Su Yu, who had lost his parents since he was a child, had a paranoid affection for Wenshu, and why Jiang You, who had completely inherited Wen Shu’s good looks, was so popular with men.


It turned out that the halo of the Female Lead was inherited from her mother, but Wen Shu was born in a literary family. Jiang You expressed the virtuousness and gentleness deep in Wen Shu’s bones by always wanting help out with good intentions but would instead end up being a burden. The Female Lead – daren who did things without using her brain simply cannot compare to Wen Shu in this regard.


“All right.”


Recalling his thoughts, Su Rui smiled at Wenshu: “Auntie, I’ll ask them to come in. Uncle Su is already anxiously waiting outside!”


Su Rui turned and walked towards the bedroom door. He gently opened the door, and everyone outside the door immediately turned their heads to look at Su Rui.


Seeing that Su Rui’s face was a little pale, Su Wan immediately took a step forward and held his hand in concern: “Are you okay?”


“I’m fine.”


Su Rui smiled at Su Wan, raised his head and looked at Su Haicheng: “Uncle, aunt is already awake, why don’t you go in and see her?”




Su Haicheng looked at Su Rui in disbelief, then hurriedly lifted his feet and rushed in, behind Su Haicheng, Su Rui raised his hand and shut the bedroom door.


“It’s better not to disturb them at this time.”


With that said, Su Rui staggered, and his whole body fell into Su Wan’s arms.


“Su … Xiao Qi!”


Su Wan turned pale with fright and immediately nervously supported him: “You … don’t scare me.”


“I’m just too tired.”


Su Rui rested his head on Su Wan’s thin fragrant shoulders, and even his tone became weak. “Wife, can you help me to your room to rest for a while?”


“Okay, okay.”


Su Wan immediately turned around and helped Su Rui walk towards her bedroom. Jiang You and Luo Yu who were left outside could only continue to be ignored…


Su Wan’s bedroom was not far from Wen Shu’s bedroom. Su Wan laboriously helped Su Rui into the bedroom and was about to turn around to close the door when Su Rui suddenly pressed her under his weight. As a result, the two of them fell onto the furry carpet together.


She didn’t hurt much, but the two noses bumped into each other, which made her frown a bit, but at this moment she was more concerned about Su Rui’s body: “Are you okay?”


She raised her eyes and looked anxiously at the man on her body.


“Drip drip.”


Drops of bright red blood fell on Su Wan’s face.


“Your nose is bleeding.”


Su Wan struggled a bit, trying to get out of Su Rui’s body, but Su Rui suddenly bent his head down and hugged Su Wan tight: “Wife, don’t move, alright? I’ll be fine after hugging you for a while. ”


Feeling the change in a certain part of Su Rui’s body, Su Wan’s complexion immediately turned brilliant red ——


Being able to be on heat anytime, anywhere. How did you get this skill, General Su?




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