Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 144

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SEG Chapter 7.17 – Misplaced Daughter


After returning to the Su family, Jiang You lost sleep for the first time.


This night, as soon as Jiang You closed her eyes, she would see the scene of Su Wan tiptoeing on her toes and pressing Brother Xiao against the wall to kiss him, and when she opened her eyes to look at the ceiling, Jiang You could also see the scene of Brother Xiao turning around abruptly and pressing Su Wan in his arms and kissing even more passionately …


In short, using certain-kill skill to display affection until the Female Lead of a world had insomnia,


the Su couple were the first among the missionees……


Early the next morning, Jiang You was awakened by an alarm clock for the first time. She haphazardly put on her school uniform and walked out of the door of her room with dark circles under her eyes. As a result, she was just walking by the door of Su Wan’s room when Su Wan opened the door. Su Wan, who was wearing loose pajamas at the door, still looked drowsy. Obviously, she had just gotten up.


Noticing the little hickeys under Su Wan’s collarbone, Jiang You immediately became a little embarrassed.


“Wife, I’m done with the shower. Quickly go and wash up.”


Su Rui’s voice suddenly appeared in the bedroom at this time. It turned out that the two people who were being sweet to each other for most of the night were busy washing up because they woke up late in the morning. It was obviously a little crowded to use one bathroom together at the same time, so Su Wan simply gave up the bathroom to Su Rui first. She just opened the door and planned to go out to the independent bathroom on the second floor to wash up. However, she did not expect to see Jiang You at the door.


“Xiao, Brother Xiao.”


Hearing Su Rui’s voice, Jiang You subconsciously glanced behind Su Wan. As a result, she saw a man in a white bathrobe, walking out slowly while rubbing the drops of water on his hair. .


At this time, Su Rui looked particularly sexy. The fluffy white bathrobe exposed his entire strong and charming chest. On the strong and sexy muscles, there were faint glimmers of water droplets, and the red hickey on the chest really made one’s imagination roam …


Jiang You only glanced, and the whole face turned red: “You guys, you guys seem to be busy, I’ll go downstairs first!”


While speaking, she turned around and fled.


At this time, Su Wan also turned around, raised her eyebrows, and looked up and down at Su Rui, sizing him up.


“Wife, why are you looking at me like that?”


When General Su was looked at by Su Wan with an inexplicable look, a bad feeling suddenly rose in his heart.


“Hmph hmph.”


Su Wan took a step forward and raised her hand, she grabbed a corner of Su Rui’s bathrobe and dragged him to her eye level, while the other hand took the opportunity to forcefully pinch the soft meat on his waist: “Say, you’re not doing this one purpose, are you?”


Su Rui: …


This General is innocent!




Wife, how do you have such discerning eyes? You can even find out that I’m intentionally “seducing” the Female Lead?


Fine, General Su acknowledged that he was intentional, but it was not for the Female Lead. He just wanted to see the jealous look on his wife, and when he thought of how his wife was so enthusiastic after that, General Su felt that those glib-tongued specialists were finally right about one thing—


Being jealous is good for your health ~




Wen Shu, who had just woken up from a coma, did not go downstairs in the morning. Su Haicheng, a twenty-four filial husband, naturally accompanied his wife upstairs.


Therefore, on the first floor of the Su house, only Su Wan, Su Rui and the Female Lead were left.


Jiang You, who had not had a good rest last night, had no choice but to once again suffer and look at General Su’s style to show affection at the table.. Even when they were going to leave, Su Rui still reluctantly dragged Su Wan towards him. “SMACK”, He gave a loud kiss and then went to work in the studio with satisfaction.


Seeing Jiang You with a bitter face all morning, Su Wan felt really comfortable.


This time, both people were sitting in the back seat of the car. Su Wan softly hummed a little love song along the whole way. That pleased face made that Jiang You knit her eyebrows.


Until they arrived at the school gate, watching Su Wan stepping out of the car with her school bag, Jiang You immediately chased after her: “Xiao Wan, I have something to say to you.”




Su Wan continued to move forward and didn’t stop to wait for her. Fortunately, Jiang You was accustomed to Su Wan’s cold attitude towards herself. She quickly followed Su Wan’s footsteps, and she bit her lips, seeming to be preparing her thoughts, then she started to speak softly: “Xiao Wan, you and Brother Xiao, are you…… serious about him?”


“Is it related to you? This is something between me and Xiao Qi. Just care about your and Luo Yu’s relationship.”


Hearing Jiang You’s words, Su Wan’s footsteps paused, her tone was still cold as always.


After hearing Su Wan bring up Luo Yu’s name, Jiang You’s face immediately became a little tangled: “Little night, do you still like Luo Yu? So you deliberately got together with Brother Xiao to make Luo Yu angry? Don’t be like this, Xiao Wan. Brother Xiao is a good person. If you resent me and Luo Yu, you should vent your anger on us and not involve innocent people. ”


Su Wan: …


Su Xiao Wan was speechless at the Female Lead’s divine logic, okay?


Seeing Su Wan was calm and not talking, Jiang You thought she was right, she immediately looked at Su Wan more sincerely: “Xiao Wan, we are sisters, we should have an unbreakable bond, I really only got together with Luo Yu after you broke up with him, I … if you are not happy with it, I … I’ll go look for Luo Yu to break up! ”




This time, Su Wan’s cold face finally had an expression: “You want to break up with Luo Yu? Just for Xiao Qi?”


Su Wan’s question naturally drew people in to have fanciful thoughts, but according to the suggestion that Jiang You just expressed, isn’t this the meaning?


Seeing that Su Wan finally gave her some slack, Jiang You was more firm in her guess. She hesitated for a moment and immediately nodded vigorously: “I am willing, as long as you …”


“No need.”


Suddenly, a quiet and indifferent voice came from behind them.


Jiang You stiffened, blankly watching Luo Yu tread on the morning sun, standing quietly beside the two.


“We are breaking up now.”


Luo Yu glanced at Jiang You. The pride belonging to Luo family made him unable to tolerate his love being trampled on like this. 1


In fact, at the dining table yesterday, Luo Yu saw Jiang You continuously staring at Xiao Qi in a daze. At that time, he already had some premonitions. Today, when he heard Jiang You’s words with his own ears, Luo Yu had to declare where he stood at this time.


Although he admires and likes this girl, Luo Yu has his own principles and pride.


The Luo Yu in this life did not hate Su Wan as much as in the original mission world, and without the contrast of Su Wan’s bad side, he did not love Jiang You as deeply as in the original world.


So, when he declared that they break up at this moment, although he was a little uncomfortable, he didn’t feel sorrow piercing his heart.


“Luo Yu ……”


Jiang You stared blankly in place, watching Luo Yu stepping further away step by step, as he would never walk into her life again. At this moment, Jiang You’s heart suddenly hurt.


Only now did she realize that she had long unwittingly fallen in love because of Luo Yu’s constant help and consideration.




If love and kindness cannot satisfy both sides, …… thinking of how Brother Xiao’s family helped her, Jiang You hardened her heart and unyieldingly stared at the “chief culprit” Su Wan: “Now I and Luo Yu have already broken up, you must also keep your promise and let go of Brother Xiao. ” 2


Seeing the expression of righteousness and altruism on the face of the Female Lead – daren, Su Wan couldn’t help but chuckled and said, “Jiang You, did you leave your IQ at home before you left this morning? Whether or not you and Luo Yu break up, what does it have to do with me? (Add or no?: The relationship between )Xiao Qi and I are doing well, and I intend to spend a lifetime with him. ”


Having said that, Su Wan swung her school bag hard, and quickly turned to leave.


Su Wan ……


Jiang You stood in place, staring at Su Wan’s back, her eyes became a little complicated–


How can you do this to me?


What did I do wrong that you want to do this to me?


BLU: Oh, how I wish to just “accidentally” push her off a cliff like how she always “accidentally” causes others to misunderstand her and hurt the previous Su Wan ~ I’m such a terrible person hahahaha~

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  2. “Jiang You’s face immediately became a little tangled: “Little night, do you still like Luo Yu?”
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