Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 141

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SEG Chapter 7.14 – Misplaced Daughter


In the memory of Su Haicheng, her daughter Su Wan has been spoiled since she was a child. She has also lost a lot of temper in front of him, but Su Haicheng had never seen such a calm  and firm look on Su Wan’s face.


Looking at the closed door, Su Haicheng finally sighed: “None of us will go in, but Little Xiao … does he know medicine?”


There is a saying called ‘to give medicine to a dead horse’. Everyone would hope for a miracle when mired in despair. At this time, Su Haicheng may be holding such a hope — 1




Sorry, General Su easily knows one thousand and one ways to kill people, but as for saving people …


“He does.”


Su Wan answered calmly, without any guilt on her face, but Jiang You opened her mouth and wanted to speak, but noticed that Su Wan was stared at her with a cold gaze, Jiang You gently closed her mouth, but she was still worried about Xiao Qi.


Jiang You has known Xiao Qi for almost ten years. She thinks she knows Xiao Qi enough. He knows kung fu, how to cook, and even take care of housework and how to take care of others. But …medicine – such a difficult thing – how could brother Xiao know?


Being able to help his adopted father in martial arts to take care of those injured companions and help them to massage is already all Xiao Qi has learned …


No matter what the mood of the crowd outside the room was, in the room, Su Rui had already reached Wen Shu’s bed.


Although Wen Shu, who was in her early forties and had been ill for a long time, she looked like she was in her early thirties, because of good maintenance and good looks. Even if she was in a coma, it was difficult to hide her elegance.


Su Rui looked at Wen Shu’s face, and his slender and powerful fingers were voluntarily put on Wen Shu’s pale and emaciated wrists. At the same time, Su Rui used his left hand to pull out the scalpel from his waist that he got from Su Yu that day. He made a light cut on Wen Shu’s fingertip, and a drop of purplish red blood flowed out.


Su Rui’s eyes flashed, and dripped that blood into the container on the table. Unlike Dr. Xu’s carefulness, Su Rui directly stained the blood with the blade of the scalpel and sniffed in front of his nose.


this is……


Smelling the particular smell in the blood, Su Rui closed his eyes slightly, and the structure and smell of countless viruses and toxins flashed in his mind. At last, he opened his eyes sharply and an understanding look flashed in his eyes.


“It turns out…that it’s like this.”


Su Rui couldn’t help but look at Wen Shu on the bed again, and his expression on his face became a little weird.


Picking up a white towel and casually wiping the blood on the scalpel, Su Rui hesitated, and finally took the glass container to Wen Shu’s bed again, and pointed her bleeding finger at the opening of the container.


“Since it’s my karma, let’s just settle it.”


Softly whispering, Su Rui’s right hand’s finger suddenly jabbed on the acupuncture point of Wen Shu’s heart veins, and a drops of slightly purple blood slowly dripped out of Wen Shu’s fingertips. Before long, the entire container was almost full, and the room also began to be permeated with a strange smell.




Wen Shu on the bed murmured softly, long eyelashes fluttered, and slowly opened her eyes.


Everything in front of her was still blurry and swaying. After a while, Wen Shu adapted to it before realizing that she was lying in the bedroom, surrounded by familiar medical equipment.


this is……


She remembered that she seemed to have fallen unconscious, and now …


Wen Shu turned her face slightly and saw an unfamiliar young man standing beside the big bed. At this moment, he was still holding a container filled with blood.


The eyes of the two were unexpectedly opposite. The youth’s eyes were too cold and sharp, but Wen Shu did not feel afraid when facing such cold eyes, but smiled gently at Su Rui: “You are … are Xiao Qi? ”


She had seen his picture and knew he was her daughter’s current boyfriend.


Wen Shu’s voice was as gentle and kind as herself.


It was just a gentle inquiry but that immediately made Su Rui’s gaze soften: “I am Xiao Qi, auntie, how are you feeling?”


“I feel good.”


Wen Shu smiled at Su Rui again and her eyes fell on that container of blood: “This is … my blood?”


“Yes, you are poisoned. Chronic poison. It wasn’t continuously injected within a certain period of time which caused you to suddenly fall into a coma. These toxins are actually …”


Before Su Rui finished, Wen Shu interrupted him with a light tone: “I know.”


“You know what he did?”


Su Rui’s eyes flickered, and he looked at Wen Shu with surprise.


This woman is really not an ordinary person.


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