Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 139

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SEG Chapter 7.12 – Misplaced Daughter


After the short weekend, Su Wan had to return to Feng Heng to go to school. Su Rui also took a small amount of startup funds from Su Wan and was planning to open a network technology studio in City D.


School days are particularly boring. In the task plots that Su Wan knows, there is actually not many school scenes. Now that she is a person of this world, she has to report to school on time every day. In fact, Su Wan initially planned to leave the school to buy stocks, but since she knew that Su Rui became Xiao Qi, she had to change her strategy.


In order not to cause unnecessary trouble for Su Rui, Su Wan felt that it was not a big deal for her to temporarily be a high school student.


The Female Lead – daren, Jiang You, still bothered Su Wan every day, trying to move her cold and heartless heart with her sisterly’ affection. Of course, her idea is good, but unfortunately Su Wan doesn’t want to see her at all?


Every time Jiang You comes over, she would encounter a group of brain-impaired ‘ flower knights’, which made Su Wan very annoyed –


Brothers, don’t you know that your family Jiang You is a master of martial arts?


Could I still beat her regardless?


Every time we meet, you guys look at me with eyes saying “You vicious woman, how dare you bully Jiang You! You are dead!” Even if you guys don’t find it tiresome, I do.


“Su Wan.”


On this day, Su Wan had just ran back from the physical education class to the classroom to take a nap, but was stopped in the corridor.




Because the voice that stopped her sounded familiar, Su Wan couldn’t help but stop and look back.


Appearing in front of her was a particularly elegant figure. Instead of wearing the stereotypical school uniform, he wore a limited edition casual suit handmade by a famous foreign designer.


It seems that there is only one person who can do this in Feng Heng.


“Ouyang Luo?”


Su Wan found this exotic flower in the memory of the original owner. Ouyang Luo, the grandson of Principal Ouyang and the young master of the Ouyang family, always considered himself an elegant person.


Throughout Feng Heng, he was the only one who did not wear school uniforms, just to show his so-called elegance.


Hearing that Su Wan straight out call his name, Ouyang Luo’s handsome face sank: “Su Wan, it is not just anyone’s name who you can just call, who do you think you are?”


Throughout Feng Heng, if Luo Yu is the top student that everyone worships collectively, then Ouyang Luo is like an unattainable emperor.


He can turn clouds and rain in this school. He is the dream lover in the hearts of countless girls. When everyone sees him, they will call “Young Master Luo”.


It’s such a young master, whose appearance is high-cold and elegant and noble, but in fact it is a chuuni, exotic flower with an extreme lack of love. 1


At this time, seeing Ouyang Luo looked at himself with contempt, Su Wan was speechless–


Young Master, should I be kneeling on the ground, crying my heart out, and continue praying for your forgiveness for my mortal lips which spoke your name?


Who do YOU think you are?


Su Wan decided to ignore this troublesome chuuni male!


So under Ouyang Luo’s ‘you’d better come and admit your mistakes, and even if you did, I wouldn’t forgive you’ face, Su Wan calmly turned and left, and left, left ……


“Su Wan!”


Looking at Su Wan’s departing back, Ouyang Luo feircely clenched his fist. Originally, while meeting Su Wan today, he wanted to teach her a lesson. so that she would never go against Jiang You. He didn’t think that she would dare to ignore him!


Does she really think she is Young Miss Su? No, she’s just a fake! 2


Even if the Su family intentionally concealed information regarding Su Wan ’s identity, those big families in City D, without doubt, had their own channels of information. Since Ouyang Luo had fallen in love with Jiang You at first sight in the corridor, he immediately sent people to investigate Jiang You’s life, so Su Wan’s true life had also surfaced–


Jiang You is the real Su family’s daughter, and Su Wan is just a child of a rural woman.


After knowing this, Ouyang Luo admired Jiang You even more, and naturally, he hated Su Wan more and more.


For the real daughter to keep entreating her piteously as an elder sister, while she – that fake goods – still dared to carry herself so arrogantly? Truly a shameless lower-class person!


Such a person is not worthy of being Jiang You’s sister, let alone staying at Su’s house …


Su Wan didn’t know that Ouyang Luo had decided to help Jiang You expel this “lower class person” from Su’s family. Of course, even if Su Wan knew, she didn’t care.


Aiya, our little angel Jiang You’s ‘loved by all’ halo keeps attracting countless handsome talents.


Su Wan also knew that this man had always wanted to deal with her, she had just waited to see their tricks. She didn’t want to waste her brain cells over it, so the matter left her mind after she left.


The boring day slowly passed with the nitpicking and malice of the various flower knights.


Because Su Rui’s network studio has been gradually entering market. In recent days, Su Wan returned to his apartment by herself after school, and today would be no exception.




As soon as she left the school, Su Wan saw a familiar figure.


Su family’s driver, Uncle Liu.


“Uncle Liu, come to pick that person after school?”


Uncle Liu is also an old man of the Su family. He is an honest man with a very good personality. Since the beginning of elementary school, Uncle Liu has been responsible for picking and sending Su Wan to school.


So when I saw Uncle Liu, Su Wan’s tone was quite mild.


“Young Miss, Sir ordered me to pick you up and Young Miss Jiang You back, Madam she … Madam misses you.”


When he spoke of Wen Shu, Uncle Liu’s expression was a bit complicated: “Eldest Young Miss, Madam truly misses you, please go back and see her.”


Since Su Yu is gone, no one has specially nursed Wenshu’s body, and her already weak body cannot survive for long.


Wen Shu ……


Su Wan remembered that kind and gentle woman who was short of time. She couldn’t help but sigh. Seeing that Jiang You and Luo Yu were already walking over, Su Wan quickly got into the front passenger seat: “Uncle Liu, I’ll go back.”


When he saw Su Wan got into the car, Uncle Liu finally smiled comfortably. The eldest young miss was someone he had watched ever since she was a child. Although her temper is a little bit bad, she has always been a good filial child. All these, Uncle Liu knew.


At this time, Luo Yu and Jiang You had already reached the entrance. Seeing that Su Wan had entered the car from the corner of his eye, Luo Yu’s eyes became cold, and turned to see Jiang You’s joyful face. Luo Yu couldn’t help but pull her hand and say, “Jiang You, be careful, Su Wan is returning to Su house today, she might be up to something.”


“She wouldn’t. Xiao Wan is finally willing to go home. Mom and Dad will definitely be very happy when they see her, and I am also very happy today! Luo Yu, I told you long ago, I will surely move her, right?” Feeling that she had finally gotten sisterly feelings through her persistent efforts, Jiang You couldn’t help but smile brightly at Luo Yu.


Just two days ago, the two people  had formally confirmed their relationship. Although Luo Yu had kept pressuring her in the beginning, Jiang You had always refused. However, after seeing Su Wan and Xiao Qi come together, Jiang You, who used to have the psychological burden of “seizing someone else’s love”, now is involuntarily attracted to Luo Yu when she’s with him. In the end, she still followed her heart and choose to get together with Luo Yu.


“Fine, if something goes wrong at home, remember to call me.”


Luo Yu was already accustomed to such a kind and beautiful side of Jiang You, he couldn’t bear to hit her, he had no choice but to hold her little hand again, and then he reluctantly said goodbye to his lover.


Seeing that Jiang You had also gotten in the car, Uncle Liu, who was standing next to the car, nodded respectfully in Luo Yu, and then returned to the car and started it and drove away .…..


As soon as Su Wan got into the car, she lied down on the front passenger seat and took a nap. When the car started up, she also put on a CD in the car. Jiang You, who sat behind her, tentatively called her a few times. Seeing that Su Wan didn’t respond, she could only gloomily bow her head in silence.


The car resounded with melodious and gentle music. This was the favorite song of the original owner before. It seems that during her absence, at least some people in the Su family did not forget her existence .…..


Returning to the Su family villa after a while, the car hadn’t even entered the courtyard when Su Wan opened her eyes and saw unfamiliar cars parked in the courtyard. Su Wan’s eyes changed slightly: “Uncle Liu, have guests come to the house?  ”




Uncle Liu then saw the cars that Su Wan was referring to. When he saw the license plate number of the car, Uncle Liu’s face also changed: “Eldest Young Miss, that’s Dr. Guo’s car, it shouldn’t be … … madam, madam she … ”


Without waiting for Uncle Liu to finish, Su Wan quickly jumped out of the car.


“Xiao Wan, wait for me!”


Jiang You closely followed behind Su Wan. When the two people entered the villa, the whole villa was filled with a sense of tension and depression. Su Wan quickly went up to the second floor to Wen Shu’s bedroom door. At this time, Su Haicheng pacing at the door of the room with blood-shot eyes.


“Dad, how is my mother?”


“Xiao Wan, you’ve come back, your mother, she ……”


Su Haicheng was not pleased with the return of his daughter at this time. He remembered his beloved wife, who he still didn’t know if she was alive or dead, and his eyes were full of pain: “Since your cousin died unexpectedly, your mother’s health got worse day by day. I have asked Dr. Guo, a Chinese medicine expert, to come and see your mother in person. Old Dr. Guo’s acupuncture is famous at home and abroad. I hope he can wake your mother out of a coma. ”


Just half an hour ago, Su Haicheng was still in a meeting at the company. As a result, he received a phone call from his house servant and the news that Wen Shu went into a coma. When he learned that his wife was suddenly unconscious, he immediately drove back and called people to bring Dr. Guo over, but even now, Dr. Guo was still in the room giving treatment. What exactly had happened to Wen Shu, Su Haicheng had no way of knowing.


Not waking from a coma?


After hearing Su Haicheng’s words, she glanced at the closed shut bedroom door again. Su Wan could not help but stepped aside and pulled out her mobile phone to call Su Rui: “Come here immediately, I will send you the address!”


After hanging up the phone, Su Wan sent Su house’s address directly to Su Rui.


When she saw Su Wan speaking into the phone, Jiang You couldn’t help but look at her again: “Xiao Wan, who do you call?”


“You don’t need to care.”


Su Wan glanced at Jiang You, and stood on the other side of the door, leaning against the wall, lowering her eyes, staring at her feet in a daze.


Su Haicheng, who had been anxious for a long time, did not have the mood to adjust his two daughters’ contradiction. He still drew circles in front of the bedroom door. It seemed that Jiang You was about to open her mouth to say something, but a phone ringing interrupted her. .


It was Luo Yu.


Obviously, Luo Yu has been uneasy about Jiang You’s situation.


“Luo Yu!”


After picking up Luo Yu’s call, Jiang You’s emotions were immediately stirred up. One can hear her voice trembling from the microphone, Luo Yu could not help asking: “Xiao You, what happened?”


“Luo Yu, my mother, my mother, she ……”


She hadn’t finished speaking when Jiang You couldn’t help but to choke up: “I have lost a mother and don’t want to lose the second one, Luo Yu, what should I do, what should I do?”


What to do? Chill.


Su Wan, who was leaning against the wall, heard Jiang Yousheng speaking with a tearful voice on the phone. She could not help knitting her eyebrows. Then she raised her face involuntarily and looked at Jiang You with a cold look: “If you want to call and show your unreasonableness, then please go further away! My mother will be fine. Why are you wailing here like you’re at some funeral? ”


This time, Su Wan didn’t restrain on her coldness and tone, and Luo Yu on the phone also clearly heard Su Wan’s voice.


Immediately, his face sank: “Xiao You, don’t worry, I will bring over my family’s personal doctor right away, my aunt will be fine!”


Luo Yu then hung up the phone in a hurry, and Jiang You clenched the phone in her hand and looked at Su Wan with a look of grievance: “Xiao Wan, I’m also worried about my mother, I don’t know what to do, I don’t … ”


“That’s enough, stop quarreling!”


Su Haicheng, who had been silent, finally ran out of patience and said, “Your mother is still unconscious, can’t you two be quiet?”


“Dad, I …”


Jiang You bit her lip and saw that Su Wan had lowered her eyes again, so she had no choice but to swallow down what she wanted to explain .…..


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