Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 140

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SEG Chapter 7.13 – Misplaced Daughter


When Luo Yu rushed to Su family’’s house with Luo family’s personal doctor, Old Guo had not yet come out. Because Luo Yu had been to the Su family with Su Wan several times before, the servants of the Su family did not stop Luo Yu and the people he brought.


Routinely going up to the second floor, Luo Yu first nodded at Jiang You and signaled her not to be anxious. Then he turned to look at Su Haicheng on the side: “Uncle Su, how is Aunt Wen?”


Hearing Luo Yu’s questioning, Su Haicheng shook his head slightly: “Old Guo hasn’t come out yet, and it’s unclear how the situation is inside.”


Having said that, Su Haicheng couldn’t help sighing again.


“Uncle Su, don’t worry, Old Guo has always been second to none in the country and should be able to help Aunt Wen, and I brought my grandpa’s personal doctor this time. If there is a need for his help, then Uncle Su must not be polite.”


The three generations of the Luo family were government officials. Although Luo Yu’s grandfather has retired, he was also an influential figure who can cause a big earthquake when takes a single step in D City, and his personal doctor is also an extraordinary person. Even an average wealthy person could not invite him.


At that moment, when Su Luocheng heard what Luo Yu said, Su Haicheng’s eyes brightened, and he immediately turned to look at the middle-aged man in a gray suit behind Luo Yu. Meeting Su Haicheng’s eyes, the middle-aged man nodded slightly at him.


“Young Master Luo ……”


Su Haicheng wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Luo Yu with a smile: “Aunt Wen is Xiao You’s mother and my elder. I should do these things.”


“Luo Yu, thank you!”


Jiang You, who had been silent on the side, immediately felt touched and looked at him when she heard Luo Yu.


“Foolish girl, auntie will be fine, don’t worry!”


Luo Yu smiled at Jiang You, raised his hand and touched her hair lightly, and Jiang You immediately lowered her eyes in embarrassment.


Towards Luo Yu, Su Haicheng’s thoughts were also complicated. When Su Wan and Luo Yu were together at the beginning, Su Haicheng hoped that Luo Yu could be his son-in-law. That way, he had a tough backing in City D, but after Luo Yu and Su Wan broke up and he began to pursue Jiang You, this gave Su Haicheng a bigger headache.


These two children were his daughters. Although Su Wan was not his biological daughter, they had raised and spoiled her for more than ten years. The relationship between the father and the daughter has long been severed. Now, because of a man, the sisters turned against each other. This made Su Haicheng’s thoughts of wanting to rely on the Luo family weaken by a lot.


Especially after Wen Shu was seriously ill and Su Yu had an accident, Su Haicheng suddenly felt that in this world, no matter how much power he had, no matter how much money he had, he could not buy back the life and health of his loved ones.


The so-called riches and honor is nothing more than a cloud of smoke.


Now, Su Haicheng really doesn’t have the original idea of wanting to curry favor with the Luo family, but watching Luo Yu treat Jiang You with all his heart and do his best to help the Su family, Su Haicheng is also relieved, but Su Wan ……


Su Haicheng glanced subconsciously at Su Wan, who had been leaning against the door with her face down, no one could see the expression on her face at the moment, but ……




The sound of a door opening interrupted Su Haicheng’s thoughts and made everyone at the door subconsciously raise their head to look at the door. An old man in a black tunic suit was helped out of the room by a young man. The old man looked pale and his forehead was also sweaty.


“Old Guo!”


Su Haicheng looked at the old man with a nervous expression on his face, “My wife, has my wife woken up?”


Hearing Su Haicheng’s question, Lao Guo’s face dropped slightly: “Mr. Su, this old man has done his best, but your wife’s health …… alas.”


Old Guo sighed, his eyes fell on Su Haicheng’s face: “Please excuse my incapability.”


How could this be? How could this happen??


When Su Haicheng heard Old Guo’s words, and his face instantly went deathly pale. His tall figure could not help but sway. He resisted the disappointment in his heart. Su Haicheng trembled and took a check from his arms and handed it to Old Guo: “I’ve troubled you even though you’re so old, I will send someone to drive you back. ”


Old Guo shook his head and did not pick up the check: “I had a lot of dealings with the Wen family back then, and today this consultation fee was waived.”


After speaking, Old Guo slightly glanced at the young man next to him. The young man was Old Guo’s apprentice. After receiving Master ’s signal, he immediately helped Lao Guo to walk towards the stairs: “I will send Master back. No need to bother Mr Su. ”


After seeing that the teacher and apprentice had left, Su Haicheng turned around in a hurry as if grasping at the last life-saving straw. His eyes glistened as he stared at Luo Yu and that doctor he brought.


“Doctor Xu, I’ll have to trouble you.”


Luo Yu’s heart was clear and he didn’t need Su Haicheng to speak. He had already was already one step ahead.


When Dr. Xu heard what Luo Yu said, he immediately nodded and went into Wen Shu’s bedroom. This bedroom already had a lot of medical equipment prepared, most of which were prepared by Su Yu before, and can be regarded as the most advanced medical equipment in the world.


Looking at the unconscious patient on the bed, Dr. Xu put on the medical gloves he carried with him, then picked up the instruments already prepared in the room and started the most basic examination ……


Time passes every minute and second, waiting was always the most difficult.


Su Haicheng experienced a disappointment once, and now he has worried red eyes, and Jiang You was gently comforted by Luo Yu in his arms.


Su Wan still leaned by the bedroom door alone, lowering her eyes, and looking at the watch on her wrist — Soon. It would normally take forty-five minutes from Su Rui’s studio to Su family’s villa. Of course, if you keep running the red light all the way, you can save ten minutes.




Su Wan was counting the time, and the door of the villa was suddenly opened with a violent quake from the outside—


“Sorry, my hands slipped.”


Still wearing the studio’s blue work clothes, Su Rui innocently smiled at the people in the villa, and behind him were the security personnel of the Su family.


“Mr. Su, this gentleman forced his way in, and there was no time to notify you. We couldn’t stop him.”


“Forget it, it’s already happened!”


At this time, how can Su Haicheng care about the entrance of the villa and Su Rui coming in uninvited?


The security personnel outside the door immediately felt relieved their hearts when they heard their boss’s instructions, and obediently withdrew — Ai ya, the bonus for this month was finally saved ~


This is the first time that Su Rui has come to Su family’s house. When he saw the strange expressions of the crowd in the hallway upstairs, Su Rui also put away the smile on his face and quickly walked to the second floor and made a beeline for Su Wan: “Wife, what happened?”


“Mom is unconscious and hasn’t woken up yet.”


Su Wan whispered softly to Su Rui.


Su Rui’s gaze sharpened, though Wen Shu was destined not to live long, but she should never be in a coma at this time!


According to the original world story, Wen Shu’s health would only deteriorate day after day after Su Wan was cannon fodder, before falling into a coma and passing away.


After glancing at Su Wan, Su Rui immediately understood Su Wan’s meaning. He gently pulled Su Wan’s hand and nodded slightly at her.


All variables have a certain cause and effect. So, was the cause of Wen Shu’s sudden coma because Su Rui killed Su Yu?


At this moment, the two were not quite sure of the connection between the two things, and could only wait for Dr. Xu to give them some good news.

After a while, the bedroom door finally opened again. Dr. Xu did not look as tired as Old Guo, but his expression was also very bad.


“Doctor Xu, how is Aunt Wen?”


Luo Yu was the first to ask. After hearing his question, Dr. Xu slightly hesitated before shaking his head: “Mrs. Su’s condition is very bad. I conducted many examinations on her and found that there was a kind of unknown toxin. This toxin has spread to the blood vessels and meridians of her body. I suspect that this unknown toxin is the culprit that caused her coma, but at present, I am at a loss with what to do with this toxin. I have extracted a sample and am planning to take it back for research, but …… ”


After a pause, Dr. Xu’s eyes slowly fell on Su Haicheng: “It takes at least two months to analyze the composition of this unknown toxin. I’m afraid …… Mrs. Su can’t wait that long.”


Dr. Xu spoke indirectly but what he said was actually the same as that of Old Guo. At present, there is nothing he can do about Wen Shu’s physical condition.


Disappointment again, perhaps it was despair.


Su Haicheng’s eyes were empty at this moment. At this moment, he even lost the strength to speak and had no idea what kind of expression he should have.


At this time, Su Rui, who was next to Su Wan, suddenly entered the bedroom, “I’ll take a look.”


While talking, Su Rui waved a hand, and the bedroom door was slammed shut—


With a loud bang, Su Haicheng returned to his senses from the bottom of the valley of despair.




Su Haicheng’s response was still a bit slow, and Luo Yu had already stepped forward, trying to open the bedroom door.


“No one is allowed to go in and disturb him!”


At this time Su Wan suddenly raised her arms and stopped Luo Yu.


“Su Wan, you’re actually going to let him mess around like this? What if something happens to Auntie Wen, can you bear the responsibility?”


Stopped by Su Wan, Luo Yu couldn’t help lowering his eyes, and looked at the person in front of him coldly.


“She is my mother. How can I not bear the responsibility?”


Su Wan also stared coldly, looking at the Luo Yu in front of her in displeasure: “What’s more, this is our Su family’s home, and it’s not yet the turn of you – an outsider – to give out orders here!”




Luo Yu’s lips flashed an ridiculing smile: “It’s clear in our hearts who the outsider is in the end!”


In this way, Luo Yu suddenly turned around and looked at Su Haicheng behind him: “Uncle Su, are you going to let these two people act recklessly in your Su family?”




Without waiting for Su Haicheng to speak, Su Wan was already standing at the door, and looked at Su Haicheng with a stern face: “If you believe me, give us this opportunity. If you don’t believe me, I will immediately bring Xiao Qi and leave here and never stay here for another second! ”


Wen Shu’s coma is a little strange. No matter what causes it, Su Wan and Su Rui must check it out. In any mission world, any subtle changes could bring unpredictable trouble to the missionees. Now, all they want to do is strangle all the troubles and dangers in the cradle …


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  1. When Su Wan and Luo language were together at the beginning, Su Haicheng hoped that Luo Yu could be his son-in-law.
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