Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 127 (Epilogue)

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SEG Chapter 6.25 – Return of the Di Daughter

When night fell, the spring rain that lasted for a few hours finally stopped.

When Su Rui returned to the bedroom from the study, Su Wan had already fallen asleep. Perhaps it was because his performance on the day they married was too “ruthless”, causing a certain Wangye to be a vegetarian this time.

General Su felt very unhappy ah! But wife did not cooperate and disrupted feelings between husband and wife!

Su Rui sat on the bedside and looked at the sleeping Su Wan, his eyes staying on her rosy red lips for a few seconds. Su Rui suddenly bent over and kissed Su Wan before very quickly raising his face.

Fine. If you don’t let me eat meat, drinking some soup is also very good~

In the spring night after the rain, Su Wan slept very peacefully while a certain Wangye, whose vigour was off the charts, tossed and turned the whole night. One moment he ravaged his wife’s little lips and the next moment secretly touched his wife’s smooth skin. In short, a certain someone was entertaining himself and even foolishly left a string of small strawberries. Truly reckless and foolhardy ~

Early morning the next day, Su Wan notiched that her mouth was numb the moment she opened her eyes. She creased her brows and touched her numb lips with her fingertips, her face immediately blazed in all sorts of colors.

As lawful husband and wife, Su Wan actually didn’t care about properly performing the duties of husband and wife, but General Su was very unreasonable in this regard. Once started, he would completely ignore Su Wan’s feelings and not stop —

In brief, a certain someone’s bed skills needed to be honed, and those fierce and violent movements needed to be stopped before he went too far.

Su Wan kneaded her lips and turned her body to look at the currently sweetly “sleeping” man beside her and secretly grinded her teeth: “Su Rui, aren’t you too idle lately?”

A certain someone who was pretending to sleep: ……

Seeing Su Rui continue pretending to sleep, Su Wan did not bother about but still spoke: “If you truly have nowhere to vent your abundant energy, then do more meaningful things, such as helping Chen Qing Yao look for an Imperial kinsmen as a fiancee. I think she’s at the right age to get married!”

When he heard Su Wan speaking of proper business, Su Rui finally opened his eyes: “I’ve already chosen the candidates. Since you think the time is right, I will let him go to Marquis Qingchuan fu to propose marriage!”

“Oh, you’re willing to wake up?”

Su Wan turned around and aimed her gaze at Su Rui.

“Beloved Wangfei, wife.”

Su Rui widened his eyes, adopting a pitiful expression as he looked at Su Wan.

This expression, somehow suddenly made Su Wan think of Su Xiaosu. General Su, acting cute is shameful!


She gave Su Rui a cold snort and turned around to wear her coat.

“I’ll help you dress!”

The always sharp-eyed Su Rui behind her immediately snatched the coat from her hands as soon as he saw Su Wan wanting to change her clothes —

Such a chance to openly and justly grope his wife, General Su will definitely not miss the chance!

General Su, you really really, enough ah!


At the end of the 3rd month, the heir of Henan Wang Qin Xiang brought a matchmaker and personally visited Marquis Qingchuan fu to propose marriage to the second Young Miss Chen Qing Yao.

This event was undoubtedly an extremely joyous occassion, which had been desolate for many days. On the same day, Chen Che arranged a great feast and invited Qin Xiang to eat before he left.

Yu-shi was also very satisfied with the handsome and extraordinary face of the heir of Henan Wang. This marriage made her quickly smile from ear to ear.

As the party involved, although Chen Qing Yao was a two-faced, scheming little girl, she was still completely clueless in the aspect of feelings. The young Chen Qing Yao always felt like she lived in Chen Qing Jin’s shadow. She even thought that if Chen Qing Jin had a man she loved in the future, she must definitely snatch him over by hook or by crook. She felt that that way, she could feel happy.

But now, Chen Qing Jin was obviously been left out by father. In the aristocratic circle, she was also thorougly discredited, so she no longer needed to secretly be envious and jealous of Chen fu’s di daughter.

Actually, the current Chen Qing Yao was a bit confused. Towards Qin Xiang, she can’t say that she disliked him, but she also can’t say how much she likes him. But at Chen jia’s banquet, she saw Chen Qing Jin staring at her with that gaze secretly filled with anger and jealousy. Chen Qing Yao’s mood instantly became refreshed–

As long as she can make Chen Qing Jin unhappy, she would be happy.

On the day, the banquet at Marquis Qingchuan fu continued all the way till late at night.

When the people finally scattered, Chen Qing Jin somewhat exhaustedly returned to her bourdoir and waved away the maid servant beside her, and pounded and smashed all the things that can be smashed in the room alone —

She was unreconciled!

Why was it after this world started over again, people like Su Wan and Chen Qing Yao could obtain happiness?

Why them?

Seeming to have her mind muddled by the indignant and unwillingness in her heart, Chen Qing Jin’s gaze became sinister and tenaciously bit her lip. She will definitely not let Chen Qing Yao live well, definitely not……

If you want to destroy something, you must first make it go crazy!

Chen Qing Jin, who had already fallen into madness, had already long been unable to be suspicious of the maid servants serving her. She still used the method she previously employed to deal with Su Wan and sent a letter to Qin Ting using her own name. Then she used Qin Xiang’s name to invite Chen Qing Yao out.

The room the two people will meet in has already been arranged by Chen Qing Jin. She prepared a very potent aphrodisac. This time, Chen Qing Jin hid in the dark and quietly watched. She must see Chen Qing Yao’s end with her own eyes.

But unfortunately, the script did not develop according to Chen Qing Jin’s plans. When the arranged time arrived, the person that was supposed to have come changed from Qin Ting to Qin Yue.

How could it be the Second Highness?

Watching as Qin Yue entered the room that she prepared, Chen Qing Jin wanted to go out and block him, but right at this time, Chen Qing Yao arrived. Looking at the dressed up Chen Qing Yao, Chen Qing Jin’s foot that was lifted paused —

As long as she could destroy Chen Qing Yao’s marriage, what does it matter who that man was?

She, doesn’t care.

Having already died once, what else does she care about and could lose?

Watching the two enter the room with her own eyes, Chen Qing Jin’s heart gradually relaxed. She actually used Chen Qing Yao’s name to invite Qin Xiang over, but the time was set a little later.

Although such a scheme was poor, it produced instant results.

Chen Qing Jin really wanted to see, how would the expression be on Chen Qing Yao’s face when Qin Xiang met with such a scandal?


Just when Chen Qing Jin was secretly pleased with herself, the entrance of the door suddenly slammed open by the people inside.

Chen Qing Jin, who was hiding in the dark, froze and saw Qin Yue, who was in a bad mood, rushing out in a hurry.

This man…..

Staring in the direction Qin Yue left in, Chen Qing Jin’s heart right now felt a bit complicated. After being betrayed by QIn Ting, in her heart, all the men in the world were heartless people who were easily confused by a woman’s charms. She didn’t expect that after being faced  with a beauty today, Qin Yue woud just flick his sleeves and leave.

Qin Yue was a worthy person to trust, but currently, CHen Qing Jin didn’t think too much.

Now, only Chen Qing Yao was left in the room. If Qin Xiang comes, then wouldn’t it be advantageous for them?

Chen Qing Jin hesitated but still boldly walked out from her hiding spot and carefully walked to the door of the room. She poked her head in from the outside and glanced the inside of the room —

At this time, the doors of the room were wide open and the inside of the room was empty!

How can this be?

Chen Qing Jin was stunned and she subconsciously charged into the room. The incense in the room had long dissipated and Chen Qing Yao, who should’ve been in the room, had disappeared into thin air.

“Jiejie, are you looking for me?”

A pleasant and mellow voice suddenly rose from her back. CHen Qing Jin slowly turned and in the next moment, her whole body stiffened in place.

Chen Qing Yao stood outside the door with a smile on her face and two tall slender figures stood beside her. Surprisingly, they were Qin Yue and….. Chen Yu Shu!

“Qing Jin, I didn’t hink you this vicious.”

Chen Yu Shu sorrowfuly looked at his younger sister. Why has his most cherished younger sister now became like this?

Where did the innocent Qing Jin of the past go?

“Brother, big brother, let me explain……”

When she saw Chen Yu Shu, Chen Qing Jin panicked. She quickly walked to Chen Yu Shu, wanting to explain but Chen Yu Shu coldly shook off her hand.

“You do not need to explain anymore. I do not have this kind of younger sister!”

Su Wan’s matters was originally the knot in Chen Yu Shu’s heart. Now that he saw Chen Qing Jin playing the same old trick to frame another sister, Chen Yu Shu truly gave up on this younger sister.

This Capital no longer had anyone who deserved his worry and loyalty . He should leave…..

Seeing Chen Yu Shu unhesitantly turn and leave, Chen Qing Jin stiffened, tears involuntarily rolling down her face —

Elder brother, in this life, I am going to lose you too?

After Chen Yu Shu left, Chen QIng Yao also followed and left. Now, Chen Qing Jin was no longer innocent and simple eldest Young Miss of the past.

This woman before her whose mind was clouded by hatred and was filled with schemes of retaliation was no longer worthy of Chen Qing Yao’s jealousy and envy.

When Chen Qing Jin returned to her senses, only Qin Yue remained in front of her.

“Why haven’t you left? Even the Second Highness is goinng to laugh at me?”

Chen Qing Jin looked at the man before her, her gaze filled with coldness.

Qin Yue did not speak but kept his focused gaze on the person with tears streaming down her face before him: “I do not understand why you want to do such a thing. If….. if you are not happy in Chen jia, then I’ll marry you!”

I’ll marry you!

These three words sounded in Chen Qing Jin’s ears like a clap of thunder.

She disbelievingly looked at the man in front of her and after a good long while, Chen Qing Jin finally regained her voice and tremblingly spoke: “Why?”


Qin Yue was somewhat dazed — it was only because his heart moved in that split second. Even if he knew that she did such a despicable thing, he was still willing to forgive her.

It was only because, she was the woman he first fell in love with…..

The spring breeze was chilly. Once everyone left this quarrelsome grounds, a big white tiger leisurely came out from the woods nearby.

The Tiger King expresses that it was extremely difficult for it to come out of the Wangfu and when it was finally let out for once, it had to some nonsense like hiding in the woods to peep. It is definitely not Benwang’s style! It was only because it was forced by you humans that he would do such immoral things! Truly too immoral!

At this time, two “immoral” figures appeared by the white tiger’s side~

The two people had thick cloaks draped over them. Although the play today was personally written by Chen Qing Jin and even put in a lot of effort to sentimentally play the part of a miserbale female lead, the true directors of this programme was actually Su Wan and Su Rui.

Since such a thing occured today, Chen Qing Jin cannot continue staying in Marqui Qingchuan fu anymore. Right now, Qin Yue was Chen Qing Jin’s only hope.

Such a man with strong and deep feelings, extended his hand when she was in her most diificult, most dire situation.

This was somewhat a silver lining, but……

If Qin Yue realizes one day that the “Chen Qing Jin” he loved is not truly Chen Qing Jin, who knew how he would feel?

A person’s feelings were fragile and could snap with a touch. At the same time, they were stiff and unbreakable.

I love you, only because that person was you.

I love you and don’t love others, is also only because at that moment, at that place, the person I ran into was you, and not anyone else.

Just like Su Wan and Su Rui, the beginning of every fate is accidental, but was also inevitable.

Just like Qin Yue, this good man with a romantic Male Lead halo that would activate deep feelings for a short time, his heart would only move once in his life.


Chen Qing Yao and Qin Xiang’s wedding was originally set on the end of the fourth month, but the Second Highness suddenly proposed marriage to Chen jia, upsetting Chen jia’s arrangements. Their wedding had to be postponed.

It was a gratifying thing for Chen jia’s two daughters to marry into the imperial family one after the other. This should have been something worth celebrating over, but the decline of Marquis QIngchuan fu also started from this year —

The day Chen Qing Jin married, Chen Yu Shu had already brought his army to the border. Towards his own sister, towards the Capital, his heart had already died……

The night of the wedding, Chen Qing Jin nervously waited for her husband just like the first time she married, but Qin Yue did not take even a step into the bridal chamber the whole night.

The next day, Chen Qing Jin heard from the elderly maid’s mouth that an assassin snuck into the Wangfu last night and Wangye was almost attacked, and just when his life was at stake, a black-clothed woman appeared and saved Wangye. That woman was stuck in a coma due to her severe injuries and Wangye dutifully kept watch over her by her bed and already kept watch for a whole night…..

3 years later —

Qin Mu Feng, whose body had always been robust, suddenly caught a severe illness and passed away, and Crown Prince Qin Yu ascended the throne as the Emperor as per his will.

Every new sovereign brings his own courtiers. Once a new Emperor ascended the throne, there would be turmoil in the courts and the commons. The once-declining Marquis Qingchuan fu was suddenly put into an important position by the Emperor. Many people were not aware of the inside story, but the imperial kinsmen who understood the inside story knew the suffering inside —

It is said that Chen jia’s Eldest Young Miss Chen Qing Jin who married Second Highness 3 years ago was always not favored in the wangfu. The Second Prince even never consummated their marriage with her, but under these circumstances, Chen Ce Fei was suddenly pregnant a year prior!

This child’s existence was simply insulting the Imperial family. Based on the rules of the Imeprial family, Chen Qing Jin and her child must die, but ultimately, the Emperor summoned the Second Prince and the Crown Prince into the Palace. The father and two sons discussed for a whole night before finally deciding to save the life of Chen Qing Jin and the child in her belly.

The affairs of the world were so intriguing. With the scheming of Su Wan and Su Rui, the male lead Qin Yue fell in love with Zhui Xue. From then on, the Male Lead had no interest towards the Female Lead- daren, seeming to be concluded. But this couldn’t block that attractive cheat halo of the female lead-daren. In the end, Chen Qing Jin, who was unwilling to die alone, still succeeded in hooking up with one of the supporting males, the Crown Prince —

What previous life, this life. Everything was like a joke.

Chen Qing Jin was unresigned with being accused with “adultery” in the past life and was even more unresigned for the child in her belly to be called a “bastard”. But in this life, she chose everything herself.

Even though she felt that she had a clear conscience, she felt that she and the Crown Prince were truly in love, and she and Qin Yue were truly not husband and wife…… Even though she has thousands of reasons, in the eyes of the common people, she was still that red sleeve over the wall, fickle and shameless woman. 1

The Crown Prince ascended the thone and under the amnesty of the Heavens, the few other Princes in the Capital had already made plans to be banished from the Capital. But at this time, a mysterious army suddenly appeared outside the walls of the Capital. The person leading this army was shockingly Qin Hao!

In these 3 years, Qin Hao had already successfully remoulded himself with Su Rui assistance and had control over the army that belonged to him. This time, he wanted to use his strength to personally seize the recapture the beautiful rivers and mountains that should have belonged to his royal father.

Standing on the highest observation tower in the Capital, seeing the soldiers outside the city walls, Su Wan couldn’t help but tightly grasp Su Rui’s hand: “The day Qin Hao breaks through the city walls, let’s leave.”

Among the same generation of the Imperial family, the only one who could compete with Qin Hao was Qin Yue. And because of his relationship with Zhui Xue, he had long allied himself with Su Rui and had secretly reached an agreement with Qin Hao.

So, when Qin Hao’s army entered the Capital, the day the new Emperor was abolished was just around the corner.

Once the new Emperor passed away, Chen Qing Jin once again lost another hard-earned “true love”. So Su Wan’s mission this time was completed perfectly.

When he heard what Su Wan said, Su Rui couldn’t help but turn over his hand and hold Su Wan’s. Then he coughed and lightly whispered by Su Wan’s ear: “That…… I’ve been reading a lot of books recently, so before we leave, how about I accompany you for a bath again? This time, I definitely, definitely won’t hurt you.”

Su Wan: ……

Aiming a gaze at Su Rui, Su Wan couldn’t help but pinch his palm: “This is what you say, you shouldn’t keep…… messing around.”

As a result, many days after, when the Capital was bathed with rivers of blood, in a courtyard in Jin Wangfu that was tightly guarded as if the outside world was peaceful, there was a boundless spring scenery —

“Stop stop, no more, I’m going to die!”

Said that you improved your skills?

Said that you wouldn’t hurt me?

In the dense mist, Su Rui’s gaze deepened and Su Wan’s voice went hoarse —

She just knew it would be like this.


Seeing him bear it for so long, even if it hurt again, she still wouldn’t reject him right at this time.

In the dead of night, when Su Rui was finally satisfied with kissing Su Wan’s lips, Su Wan dispiritedly smiled at him and then contacted headquarters in her heart, preparing to withdraw from the mission world —

See you in the next world, my lover.

BLU: And that concludes the arc! See you in the next one! 😀
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