Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 116

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SEG Chapter 6.14 – Return of the Di Daughter

The stove in the room still burned brightly, while the sky outside was already darkened.

Su Wan dazedly stood by the window as she listened to Wen Yu’s inquiry. She seemed to be caught in her own memories, clutching Wen Yu’s hands and then unconsciously separating.

It was not until a long time later that Su Wan slowly spoke: “What to do even if I like him? Then how about if I didn’t like him? Yu Shu ge never liked me before and he wouldn’t like me in the future, and I also felt that Qing Jin meimei does not like me, they are siblings, most probably, his meimei is far more important than me in his eyes!”

When Wen Yu heard Su Wan bring up Chen Qing Jin, she got distracted for a while.

Since she was a child, she always had deep feelings towards the Chen family siblings, Wen Yu previously thought that she would follow Chen Qing Jin all her life, but now….

Wen Yu didn’t know how to describe her mood at the moment.

She couldnt remember how Chen Qing Jin’s smile looked like. That’s right, that eldest Young Miss used to like laughing a lot, looking very pure and innocent when she smiled, but ever since she recovered from that serious illness, Wen Yu had never seen her smile.

She had changed, not only did Wen Yu feel unfamiliar with her. Sometimes she would even make Wen Yu feel fear and dread……

Was the current Chen Qing Jin still the Chen Qing Jin of the past?

Wen Yu didn’t dare to think too much, she only knew that she was currently Marquis Jingning fu’s people. She was a servant girl that served Su Wan, she now wants to consider everything for her new Master.

“Young Miss, Young Miss Chen will marry out sooner or later, if you still like Chen gongzi, then you should not take the initiative to give up on the marriage.”

Wen Yu lightly persuaded Su Wan, but Su Wan merely reluctantly smiled at Wen Yu: “If I was still undefiled, I naturally would not give up, but now I truly do not deserve Yu Shu ge and even smear the name of Marquis Jingning fu, rather than that, it would be better to let me marry Jin Wangye, Wangye is a good person, I would not be mistreated after I marry him.”

“But, Jin Wangye he, he…..”

Wen Yu opened her mouth to speak, the expression on her face even more complex: “Wangye’s body… so weak, are you willing to live as a widow all your life?”

Live as a widow….

Eh (hiccup).

Su Wan felt that if Su Rui was here, he would kill Wen Yu with a slap of his hand.

“Actually, it’s also not bad like this.”

Su Wan deliberately sighed, her gaze heartbroken as she looked at Wen Yu: “Wen Yu, actually, I have long felt that you like Yu Shu ge. Of course, you don’t need to mind this matter anymore. Yu Shu ge is so excellent. It’s normal for many people to like him, I even thought that……”

A cold light suddenly flashed past Su Wan’s eyes: “After the incident, I’ve been thinking, who hated me so much and is so malicious? Not only wanted me to lose my standing and reputation, they even wanted to push me to Chen Mian, that living hell. Moreover, after I left, he not only did not let me off, he even took the chance to drag you down. I think…..that that person should also like Yu Shu ge, and…….. she may know that you like him too, only then would she think of this trick to kill 2 birds with 1 stone!”

Su Wan paused and deliberately observed Wen Yu’s expression. As expected, as soon as Wen Yu heard Su Wan’s suspicions, her face immediately turned pale: “Young Miss, this, this is impossible!”

“Why is it impossible?”

Su Wan raised her eyes, her gaze directly pressuring Wen Yu: “Being able to do this kind of matter within the Marwuis Qingchuan fu, the person is definitely someone from the fu. I guess that it definitely must be a woman. She was jealous that I was Yu Shu ge’s fiancee and also knew that you secretly admired Yu Shu ge, only then would they use this kind of scheme!”

As if she seemed to think of something, Su Wan suddenly looked at Wen Yu with a glistening gaze: “That’s right! It’s definitely like this! I guess that that person should be your acquaintance, someone very familiar. Wen Yu, have you thought of anyone suspiscious? Could it be the other servant girls in Chen Qing Jin’s courtyard?”

Acquaintance, someone who liked Chen Yu Shu…..

Wen Yu only felt her head was in utter chaos —

The person behind that matter was obviously Chen Qing Jin. She was certainly someone that she was very familiar with, but how could she like, how could she like Chen Yu Shu?

But they are brother and sister ah!

It can’t be, it’s not like this…..

Wen Yu denied it in her heart, but the seed of suspicion was still lodged in the deepest part of her heart due to Su Wan’s words…….

Late at night, Jin Qinwang fu’s study —

The purple cloak was still draped on Su Rui’s shoulders while he languidly leaned left on the wooden chair in the study. At the moment, there were two people standing in front of him. One of them was Zhui Feng and the other was that black-clothed person that Su Wan ran into in the main street earlier.

Right now, that black-clothed man had already changed into a clean gown and was not wearing a shroud on his face. Under the dim candlelight, a face that was 3 points similar to Su Rui’s had on a complex and cold expression.

Qin Hao.

Su Rui closed his eyes. In the original owner’s memory, he found the existence of one such character —

The current Emperor, Qin Mu Feng, had the noble and high position of Crown Prince in the past, but in reality, he was not the heir that was liked by the previous Emperor.

The previous Emperor had 9 sons, Qin Mu Feng was the Crown Prince and was the eldest and Qin Mu Yan was the ninth. At the time when the Emperor was seriously ill, Qin Mu Yan was still a half-grown youth, but he had always been intelligent and wise, so he already clearly understood the situation at that time. On one side, he obeyed the arrangements of his Royal Elder Brother and Queen Mother and helped them lay plans, while on the other side, because he was kind-hearted, Qin Mu Yan did not wish to die at the hands of his brothers, so he left a way to escape.

Not long after Qin Mu Feng successfully ascended the throne, those brothers of theirs, those who died had died, those who disappeared had disappeared. Now, the only one alive except for Qin Mu Yan was the Duke of Henan, Qin Mu Lin. Because he was part of the Crown Prince’s faction all along, he proactively requested to retire after Qin Mu Feng ascended the throne. Only then did he manage to hold on to his life.

The other Wangye were naturally not as lucky, especially Qin Mu Yu. He was the previous Emperor’s fifth son. He was once the previous Emperor’s favourite son and was the successor that the Emperor had set his heart on. After Qin Mu Feng ascended the throne, Qin Mu Yu died from “illness” not long after. The Wangfu related to him was razed to the ground by a large fire two months after, without a single survivor.

Cut the weeds and dig out the roots, this was Qin Mu Feng’s style. But what he did not know that under his eyes was someone who actually dared to cross the sea by a trick and saved Qin Mu Yu’s son, Qin Hao….

“Ninth Uncle.”

Qin Hao looked at the Ninth Uncle who was only older than him by 4 years, his tone somewhat complicated and difficult to distinguish: “If you save me this time, you will court disaster on yourself.”

Su Rui kept silent but he silently looked at Qin Hao.

Su Rui had always been very precise when he judged people. He believed in his intuition. When he saw Qin Hao at first glance, in addition to feeling that this boy was a bit similar to himself, he also felt close to him. He also felt Qin Hao’s innermost heart. This was a person who knew clearly to whom to show gratitude and against whom to feel resentment and was very principled, he also had the decisiveness to kill.

In the original storyline that Su Rui knows of, Qin Hao did not exist.

In that case, there were two possibilities: First, in the original world, Qin Hao obeyed Qin Mu Yan and did not step even half a step into the Imeprial Capital, living his whole life incognito. Or, the second possibility was that Qin Hao stealthily came to the Capital and even entered the Imeprial Palace to assassinate, but was arrested by the Imperial Court of Justice after he failed, and finally, died.

Su Rui was more inclined to the second possibility.

He felt that Qin Hao was not someone who was willing to live incognitio his whole life, and in the original world, there was no him and Su Wan, Qin Hao who was captured after the assassination failed would naturally be interrogated by torture. He probably did not give out Qin Mu Yan’s name and finally, could only quietly die in the death cell of the Imperial Court of Justice…..

The candle flame in the study swayed, the surrounding atmosphere repressive.

Qin Hao was stared at by Su Rui and his body was unconsciously already covered in cold sweat. He hadn’t seen him for a few years, Qin Hao felt that the Ninth Royal Uncle before him had already changed a lot. In Qin Hao’s memory, the Ninth Royal Uncle was a sick and weak but very gentle and amiable man, but the person before him gave Qin Hao an especially dangerous feeling.

Obviously, the other party was only looking at him with a calm look, but Qin Hao felt as if he was being stared at by a ferocious beast and didn’t dare to act rashly.

The transquility in the study was maintained for a while, until Su Rui changed his seating position. As he tightened his cloak, he indolently raised his eyes and smiled at Qin Hao: “Qin Hao, do you want to be the Emperor?”

“Ninth Uncle?”

Qin Hao was stupefied, his body stiffened and looked at Su Rui with surprise.

“I will now give you two paths.”

Su Rui used two hands to prop himself up from the mahogany desk and slowly stood up: “Either, I send you to the Imperial throne! Or, I send you to the Yellow Springs in the underworld!”


BLU: …… Su Rui, I don’t think that’s a choice…….
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