Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 115

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SEG Chapter 6.13 – Return of the Di Daughter

The engagement between Su Wan and Chen Yu Shu was decided by Marquis Qingchuan, Chen Che, and Marquis Jingning – Su Yun, of course. Su Yun was the one who took the initiative to propose the wedding. Who let Su Wan be his only treasured daughter, Huh? And his baby daughter had feelings for Chen Yu Shu.

Fortunately, Marquis Qingchuan – Chen Che was also very satisfied with Su Wan’s position. Marquis Jingning fu only had Su Wan as a di daughter. This house also had a bright future. Based on Daqing’s laws, after Su Wan marries into Marquis Qingchuan fu she could still enjoy the inheritance rights of Marquis Jingning fu and if she and Chen Yu Shu have two sons. These two children could then seperately succeed the title of Marquis Jingning and Marquis Qingchuan.

In Marquis Jingning fu, Liu-shi had always stood by her word. She had always pampered her baby girl. It could be said that this was why the original owner could live smoothly and thoughtlessly, thanks to having parents who doted on her. But both success and failure were due to the same person, this father and mother pair raised her to be too delicate, willful and naive. This led her to seem astute and valiant on the outside, but in reality, there were no pits in her heart, no scheming, making her especially easy to be exploited by others.

Now that she heard Su Wan suddenly say that she wanted to break off the engagement, Liu-shi sucked back her scolding. Seeing that Su Wan’s face was calm as if she was already determined, Liu-shi couldn’t help but pucker her brows, she pulled Su Wan close and whispered: “Wan er, tell mother the truth, is it….. that Chen Yu Shu knows of that matter?”

In Liu-shi’s eyes, her daughter was naturally good, but she also knew that that Chen Yu Shu did not seem to like her daughter much. But Chen Yu Shu had an amiable appearance when he waited for a long time for Su Wan in the fu today. Liu-shi now thought that there was something fishy —

That Chen Yu Shu would not visit a temple without a cause, he wouldn’t be coming to look for Su Wan to break of the engagement, right? 1

In this Capital as big as 1 mu 3 fen, who didn’t know who? 2

If Chen jia comes to break off the engagement, then how would Su jia live?

In the event that the incident was passed on, the life of her daughter would be ruined!

Just when Liu-shi’s heart was utterly tangled, Su Wan sat on the side and gently shook her head: “Mother, he doesn’t know of the matter at all. The reason why I want to break off the engagement is because…… I fell for someone else!”

Fell for someone else!

Su Wan didn’t deliberately lower her voice, when Wen Yue and Wen Yu heard Su Wan’s words, they coincidentally turned to looked at her back at the same time. Wen Yu was surprised while Wen Yue cautiously waited for Furen’s reply…..

“Oh, so it turns out that he doesn’t know! You just fell for someone else……what?”

Liu-shi, who was slow to react, suddenly stood up from her chair and widened her eyes, looking at her baby girl uncomprehendingly: “You said that you fell for someone else?”


Su Wan nodded solemnly.

When Liu-shi heard Su Wan’s answer, she abruptly slapped her face, it wasn’t a hallucination?

Don’t tell me that Wan er really didn’t like Chen Yu Shu anymore, transfer her affections to some other man?

“Who is it?”

Liu-shi’s eyes flashed, her face seriously staring at Su Wan: “Is he as handsome as Chen Yu Shu? Is his status as high as Chen Yu Shu? Of course, the most important is, does he treat you well?”

“He treats me very well, and also, he’s way more handsome than Chen Yu Shu, more amazing than Chen Yu Shu, his status is also higher than Chen Yu Shu. If he was compared with the whole Chen jia, they would still be far inferior!”

Su Wan cooly replied to Liu-shi’s question, her voice hadn’t fallen when she saw Liu-shi slap her face again —

It wasn’t a dream?

Su Wan: …….

Just how much confidence do you have in your daughter?

“Hu (*exhale*).”

Once Liu-shi determined that she wasn’t daydreaming, she immediately beamed with joy and moved closer to Su Wan, gently pulling her hand over: “My good daughter, mother just knew that it was that Chen Yu Shu who didn’t know how to tell good from bad, he is not your husband. Come come come, tell mother, the person you…… fancy, who is he? Could it be….. a person from the imperial family?”

Within the Imperial Capital, Chen Yu Shu was already counted as a proud son, those who are able to be more outstanding than him, higher in status than him, it should be those Imperial relatives who were directly descended from the Emperor.3

Seeing Liu-shi’s eyes filled with an expression that said ‘my daughter is so amazing’, Su Wan couldn’t help but take a deep breathe: “He is from the Imperial family, and also…… has a high status.”

After saying this, Su Wan reversed the grip on Liu-shi’s hand: “Mother, do you wish for me to marry a man with a high status, or a man who sincerely treats me well?”

“Of course a man who treats you well!”

Liu-shi’s reply was resolute and decisive, then, she added a sentence with a genial smile: “Naturally, the higher the status, the higher his capability. This way, he could protect you better. Mother is also not a person who curries favor. Our Marquis Jingning fu is not looking to hitch a ride to the sky on the dragon and phoenix, but mother definitely wants to give a marriage incomparable to others. 4

“En, if it’s like this…..”

Su Wan smiled at Liu-shi: “Mother, what do you think of Jin Wangye?”

“Jin Wangye? That’s excellent!”

Liu-shi was just like the common people in the Capital. If you speak of Jin Wangye in the Capital, who wouldn’t applaud and praise?

With Daqing’s recent laws, the common people could live in peace and work happily. How could it be done without Jin Wangye’s contribution?

As an Imperial Uncle, he didn’t have the authority to overturn the court and the commons, but he was famous in the land under the Heavens.

“This Jin Wangye ah……. wait wait!”

Liu-shi was about to  brag about a certain Imperial Uncle’s great achievements in the good old days. But she suddenly stopped speaking and then stiffly lowered her head to look at Su Wan who sat in front of her.

“Wan er, you…. just now, who did you say just now? Mother, it seems like mother heard wrongly.”

“You didn’t hear wrongly.”

Su Wan knew that Liu-shi would react this way, but she didn’t plan to continue hiding the relationship between her and Su Rui.

“I like Jin Wangye, I want to marry him as a Fei!” 5

Su Wan went straight to the point, there was not a single trace of evasion in her eyes.

When she heard what Su Wan said, Liu-shi’s eyes fluttered, and, living up to expectations, fainted.


Luckily, the personal maid nearby was sharp-eyed and deft-handed and swiftly supported Liu-shi who had fallen unconscious in her arms: “Young Miss, this…..”

“Send my mother back, she got too happy and excited that she fainted.”

Su Wan hung her eyes and lightly instructed the maid servant.

A certain maid servant: ……

Miss, can you grow (more of) a heart? Furen clearly fainted from fright, okay?

“Why are you still not moving?” 6

When Su Wan raised her eyes again. She saw Liu-shi’s maid still supporting Liu-shi while sluggishly standing in place..

“Ah? Oh. Understood.”

A certain maid was forced to miserably support Liu-shi out of Su Wan’s courtyard. Su Wan only sighed after their figures left and slowly stood up: “Wen Yue, you’ve scalded your hand today. You return and rest first, leaving Wen Yu behind to serve is enough.”

Wen Yue had always followed Su Wan’s commands to a T and when Wen Yue left, only Su Wan and Wen Yu were left in the bourdoir.

Wen Yu’s face was somewhat complicated. She unconsciously kept gripping the hem of her sleeves, wanting to ask Su Wan something, but looking as if she didn’t have the courage to.

Catching sight of Wen Yu’s expression, Su Wan kept silent and merely silently walked to the window alone. Abruptly opening the room window, letting the cold air blow in from the outside.

“Young Miss!”

Wen Yu was startled at Su Wan’s actions and immediately walked over, quickly shutting the window: “Young Miss, you……”

Wen Yu turned her head and somewhat indescribably looked at Su Wan, right before her eyes was Su Wan’s pale face.

“Wen Yu.”

Su Wan called softly, looking at Wen Yu with a complicated gaze: “Actually, you also like Yu Shu ge, isn’t that right?”

“Young Miss!”

When she heard what Su Wan said, Wen Yu’s face greatly changed. She somewhat nervously withdrew a few steps and kneeled in front of Su Wan: “Young Miss, Wen Yu’s life was given by you, Wen Yu is Young Miss’s slave servant in this life, as for Chen…. Chen gongzi, and Chen jia, they have no relationship with this slave since long ago.”

Wen Yu made a mistake once, she didn’t want to make a mistake again.

Having done a shameful deed before, then taking the blame and punishment, let her understand that a person should never walk and take the wrong step —

Some people accumulate merits and do good for their whole lives but they do not become rich, this kind of life seemed as if you were suffering a big loss. But in reality, there were no disasters, no difficulties, and a clear conscience. How is a lifetime of peace not the greatest gift of Heaven?

Only people who regret their mistakes and find it difficult to turn back knew that because of one wrong step, their whole lives had slipped away!

“You do not have to be so scared.”

Seeing Wen Yu kneeling on the ground with a pale face, Su Wan bent down and stretched out her hands to forcefully help Wen Yu up: “Could it be that you’re still scared of me? I know that  the people outside said that I am unruly, wilful and stupid. They think that I do not deserve Yu Shu ge, only then would there be someone who would plot against me in Marquis Qingchuan fu.”

“Young Miss?”

When she heard Su Wan, Wen Yu’s entire body stiffened up: “Young Miss, you…… could it be that…….”

Looking at Wen Yu’s uncertain and disbelieving face, Su Wan mockingly laughed: “Wen Yu, are you not curious as to why I wanted to save you? Actually, the reason was very simple, because you  were the victim of that matter. I. was. too!”

Saying this, Wan’s hands uncontrollably gripped Wen Yu’s arm, she exerted more strength, her whole body incessantly shaking.

Wen Yu seemed to not feel the pain on her arm, she just stared wide-eyed. Absent-mindedly gazing at Su Wan in front of her, who was constantly trembling —

That day, don’t tell me that she was also… by people…….

Once she thought of this possibility, Wen Yu’s heart started to involuntarily hurt and her guilty conscience rose up. It was her fault, it was her doing, it was her who harmed the young miss, harmed herself.

Because of this matter, she received the biggest punishment in her life and the person who saved her from an endless abyss, was not someone else, but this person in front of her whom she had hurt the deepest.

“Young Miss, Young Miss, I……..”

Wen Yu moved her lips, wanting to spill everything, but when she was on the verge of speaking what was on her mind, she suddenly didn’t have the courage —

She was very sinful, she did not deserve pity even if she died.

But she still wanted to live, and survive.

Marquis Jingning fu was her second home, Young Miss and Wen Yue both treated her very well. Wen Yu hated to part with this place, even……

She felt that the Heavens planned for her to come here. To come here to atone for her crime.

She definitely must first atone!

There was a chance!

There was a way!

She would definitely have a chance to help the Young Miss!

“Young Miss, actually, actually, you…….”

Wen Yu suppressed the pain in her heart and started to talk with a low voice: “You actually still like Chen gongzi, isn’t that right?”

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