Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 117

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SEG Chapter 6.15 – Return of the Di Daughter

“Either, I send you to the Imperial throne! Or, I send you to the Yellow Springs in the underworld!”

Su Rui bent over and looked at Qin Hao while saying this line.

There was a mahogany desk between the two people. When Su Rui’s voice fell, Qin Hao felt monstrous murderous aura that was difficult to endure hit his face! He did not suspect Su Rui’s words one bit —

Imperial throne, the man before him was not usual.

And the Yellow Springs in the underworld, that was nothing difficult…..

“I choose the first path!”

Under Su Rui’s attentive gaze, Qin Hao swallowed a mouthful of saliva and very quickly replied.

“Very good.”

Su Rui smiled and stood straight and then slightly raised his chin, and narrowed his eyes: “Now, we should resolve another matter!”

Another matter?

Qin Hao still hadn’t understood what Su Rui said when he felt the scene before his eyes darken, and in the next breath, his abdomen had been kicked by Su Rui. Qin Hao flew out and collided with the study door with a huge impact, breaking the door. Qin Hao’s body fell in the centre of the Wangfu courtyard.

It was only one foot. Qin Hao not only flew very far away, he was also curled up on the ground, vomiting blood while painfullly hugging his abdomen.

This scene truly…….

At the side, Zhui Feng subconsciously touched his abdomen. Fortunately, he was smart enought to know not to make Young Miss Su unhappy. Otherwise, tsk tsk tsk (clicking tongue), the fate of this future Emperor before him would be the portrayal of his own fate.

“Ninth, Ninth Uncle….”

Qin Hao endured the intense ache of his belly, his gaze absent-mindedly looking at the man who was casually walking towards him step by step.

At this moment, he truly felt the horror of the Ninth Royal Uncle —

Disease beyond cure?

Plagued with illness?

Your mother, have you ever seen a sick person who could kick a martial arts master, making him fly until he also vomits out blood?

“Ninth Uncle, Ninth Uncle!”

Seeing that Su Rui had already arrived before his eyes, Qin Hao’s face paled even more, his voice repeatedly shivering.

When he was being attacked from all sides in the Imperial Palace, when being hunted by the patrolmen of the Imperial Court of Justice, Qin Hao did not feel scared at all. However, he didn’t know why, but as soon as he saw Su Rui come close, the suffocating bloodlust from deep in Su Rui’s bones made Qin Hao’s teeth shiver.

Su Rui raised his hand and elegantly lifted his cloak, and slowly squatted in front of Qkn Hao: “Does it hurt?”

It was clearly a gentle and calm tone, but it made people’s hair stand on end.

“Ninth Uncle……”

Qin Hao did not know how to reply and could only keep calling out Ninth Uncle, as if by doing this, he wouldn’t be so scared —

This man is Ninth Uncle, he wouldn’t really kill me, right? Eh (hiccup), Qin Hao was suddenly unsure.

Catching sight of Qin Hao’s terrified eyes, Su Rui somehow thought of Xuan Yuan Ye and also mission worlds in ancient times that he had experienced. Those Emperors all looked at him with such terror and uneasiness when they were on their deathbeds.

Really, boring.

Su Rui retrieved his gaze and unhurriedly stood up: “Zhui Feng, help him up first to another courtyard to recover, and also tell him, who he cannot provoke.”


Zhui Feng immediately rushed to Qin Hao and helped him to another courtyard. The doctor in the Wangfu also rushed over soon after. Personally watching as the doctor examined Qin Hao’s injuries, Zhui Feng’s heart couldn’t help but to quiver —

This nonsense of breaking 3 ribs with one kick, at that time, Wangye was only using three tenths of his strength ah!

If he used his full strength, wouldn’t one kick take a life?

At this time, Qin Hao’s face was covered in cold sweat while he laid on the bed, but he did not faint from the pain. It must be said that this Imperial orphan who had experienced great storms and carried intense and deep hatred on his shoulders since childhood, was also a man.

Seeing the appearance of Qin Hao who had a tangled expression on his face as if he still didn’t know what wrong he commited. Zhui Feng couldn’t help but to whisper: “Crown Prince, you came across a young lady when you were being chased by the Imperial Court of Justice, do you remember?”

A young lady?

Qin Hao’s gaze was absent-minded, but he still nodded.

Of course he remembered. At that time, he saw that the carriage belonged to the Imperial Capital’s nobles and wanted to take the opportunity to kidnap a hostage and escape from the Capital, but who would have thought that at that moment, he was plotted against when he was careless?

Wait, plotted against?

Qin Hao’s gaze suddenly glistened and abruptly looked at Zhui Feng by his bedside.

“That’s right.”

Zhui Feng knew what Qin Hao was thinking of. He didn’t deny it and frankly nodded with a serious face: “The person who injured you with the hidden weapon was me, and that young lady, it will not be long before she becomes our Jin Qin Wangfu’s Mistress and also your Ninth Royal Aunt!”

So to say, you almost hurt our Wangye’s sweetheart, kicking you with a foot was simply letting you  off lightly!

Qin Hao: …….

I intended to kidnap her, and to be honest, I didn’t even touch the corner of her skirt, okay?

Experiencing this let Qin Hao deeply understand one of the truths of life — You should not try to reason things out with Ninth Imperial Uncle, because he IS the truth!

Overbearing Wangye does not explain~

For this one night, Qin Hao hovered between life and death after experiencing the truth of life. While in Marquis Jingning fu, it was already the morning of the second day when Liu-shi woke up from her coma.

Opening her eyes to see her husband dressing himself in court dress and preparing to go to court, Liu-shi got up from bed all of a sudden and tenaciously gripped Su Yun’s sleeve.

“Furen, you’ve woken up?”

Su Yun looked at Liu-shi, his gaze filled with deep concern: “Is your body okay now? How come you fainted?”

The maid servant in the fu did not tell Su Yun the reason why Liu-shi fainted, this was, after all, the private matter of the Master and also clearly hinted to the servants what should be said and what should not be said.


Liu-shi opened her mouth and didn’t knwo where to start. Her gaze fell on Su Yun’s red court dress and couldn’t help but to ask: “Laoye, will you run into Jin Wangye when you go to court today?”

“Ninth Wangye?”

Su Yun was dazed for a moment. He had been a court official for many years already and he was not familiar with Qin Mu Yan, but he was also not unfamiliar.

“Wangye rarely comes to court recently, you also know that the weather has cooled, Wangye’s bones are weak, recuperating in his home is understandable.”

When she heard what Su Yun said, Liu-shi’s expression worsened: “Laoye, you know, Wan er, she……… she wants to break off the engagement with Chen jia!”

“What?” 1

Hearing Liu-shi’s words, Su Yun froze on the spot. He put in a lot of thought before he moved forward with this marriage, but this child wanted to break of the engagement as soon as she says to break it off!


Su Yun’s expression sunk: “Wait for me to return from court and properly talk to her! This child is truly becoming more and more willfull! How could the engagement for a marriage that had been settled on be canceled as soon as she says to cancel it? Wan’ er’s age is also not small anymore, how would we find an appropriate match in such a short time if we break it off? What’s more, among those hedonistic playboys in the Capital, which one of them can compare with Chen Yu Shu?”

When she heard what Su Yun said, Liu-shi sighed: “Not only this, Wan’ er, she, she also said….. she fell in love with Jin Wangye and that she wanted to marry Jin Wangye as a Wangfei!”

“Wangfei? This child………… what did you say?”

A very surprised expression emerged for the first time on Su Yun’s always peaceful and elegant face: “You’re sure that you didn’t mishear? The one Wan’ er mentioned is…… Ninth Wangye?”

“In the entire Daqing, there is only one Qinwang. I also wished that I heard wrong.”

When she mentioned this, Liu-shi felt her head go dizzy again. This truly was committing a sin ah! A good daughter, first had such a big matter happen to her in Marquis Qingchuan fu, and now she doesn’t want the marriage that had been agreed on AND she was dead set on marrying into Jin Wangfu as a widow. Liu-shi felt that it was necessarry to go to Huangjue temple to light up a pilar of incense and also find a Great Master to give her a divination. 2

Su Yun’s expression at the moment was also very rich and colorful. As a civil official, Su Yun actually greatly admired and valued Jin Wangye, but the matter of Jin Wangye’s poor health was known even by the common people of Daqing. Previously, there were people who went to visit, bringing their daughter to be betrothed to him, but he indirectly refused, using his body as the reason. And now…..

Su Yun couldn’t help but to look at Liu-shi with a solemn face: “This matter was said by our daughter herself? Or was it an intention revealed by the Wangfu?”


When Liu-shi heard what her husband said, she suddenly froze —

She even forgot about this!

When her own darling daughter first fancied Chen Yu Shu, she threatened to commit suicide if the person she was marrying was not him and it was not easy to hold onto Chen jia, and now she was determined to break off the engagement, falling in love with Jin Wangye at the blink of an eye.

This time, it shouldn’t be the case that one party was willing and wishfully thinking while the other party was not willing, right?

BLU: Su Rui? Unwilling? Ha ha.
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