Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 114

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SEG Chapter 6.12 – Return of the Di Daughter

Heavy snow dyed the buildings in the entire Capital in white. At this time, cold wind whistled underneath the twilight sky and there weren’t many pedestrians on the long street. Su Wan closing here eyes and resting in the Marquis Jingning carriage when the entire carriage suddenly shook, the little brazier in the carriage almost overturning.

“Young Miss, careful!” Wen Yue immediately hugged Su Wan, using her body to shield her.

“I’m fine.”

Su Wan smiled at Wen Yue, glancing at the back of Wen Yue’s hand that was scalded by the flying sparks. Su Wan’s gaze darkened, she immediately lifted the carriage curtains, coldly looking outsided: “What happened?”

The face of the carriage driver outside had a look of fear: “Young, Young Miss, ahead….. are the Imperial Court of Justice’s patrol…..” 1


Su Wan knitted her eyebrow and looked over. Sure enough, she saw a scene of complete disorder ahead on the street, performing a blockbuster movie of police and bandit —

The neatly dressed people of the Imperial Court of Justice’s patrol were in the midst of surrounding and chasing after a black-clothed person.

“Turn around, make a detour.”

Su Wan ordered and was going to put down the carriage curtains when that black-clothed person who was pressured to a dead-end suddenly rushed towards the direction of the carriage. His speed was quick and he arrived to the outside of the carriage in an instant.

Su Wan and the black-clothed person faced each other, sensing the sharpness in the other’s eyes, Su Wan was not too nervous —

A silver white light flashed.

The black-clothed person was taken by surprise and was wounded by the hidden weapon that appeared from thin air, taking advantage of the moment of his distraction —

Su Wan suddenly yelled —

“Help!” Hearing Su Wan’s scream, the black-clothed man wanted to throw himself into the carriage, but he was currently injured so his movements were slightly sluggish. At this moment everybody of the Imperial Court of Justice immediately surrounded them and very quickly subdued the black-clothed man.

“This Young Miss, are you okay?”

The patrolman took the initiative to respectfully look at Su Wan, although he didn’t recognise this lady in front of him. But judging by her dress and the extravagance of the carriage, he knew that she was definitely from one of the noble families of the Capital.

“It frightened me.”

Su Wan looked pale and patted her chest, looking like she was still badly shakened: “Who is this person?  How can he be so fierce?”

“This person….. is a notorious robber!”

The patrolman hesitated before giving a perfunctory answer.

Su Wan’s gaze flashed and didn’t ask any more, but nodded with some lingering fear: “So it turned out to be a notorious robber! Quickly take him away! Don’t let him run again.”

After speaking, Su Wan immediately withdrew back into the carriage as if she was still frightened.

Seeing that Su Wan did not continue asking, that patrolman promptly brought his subordinates who were detaining the black-clothed man away and Su Wan who withdrew back into the carriage hesistated a bit before instructing the driver to turn the carriage around and turn into a deserted alley.

“Zhui Feng, come out!”

After the carriage stopped, Su Wan called out outside the carriage right away and a ghostly figure swiftly arrived.

“Young Miss Su, I’ve let you be frightened.”

Zhui Feng had been protecting Su Wan throughout the whole journey and that hidden weapon earlier was also his doing.

“I’m fine, Zhui Feng, don’t follow me anymore, quickly go rescue that man earlier. Don’t let him enter the Imperial Court of Justice’s secret prison.”

If one goes into the Imperial Court of Justice’s secret prison, then one can never hope to exit.

That man earlier…… was not some notorious robber, Su Wan felt that someone who could get many people of the Imperial Court of Justice involved in to arrest him on the street must definitely have a very important identity.


When he heard Su Wan’s instructions, Zhui Feng hesitated.

Although the Master ordered him to listen to Young Miss Su’s arrangements. All of this was carried out under the premise of protecting the safety of Young Miss Su. If he left his post, what of something happens to Young Miss Su…..

“What? You’re not willing to carry out my order?”

As if seeing through Zhui Feng’s thoughts, Su Wan coldly smiled: “I originally thought of letting you do a great service and bring someone back to give to your Master. Since you’re so unwilling, then…. from now on, you don’t have to follow me anymore, I’ll speak to him tomorrow and let him change to someone else to protect me.”

“Subordinate doesn’t dare, Young Miss Su, this subordinate will do as you say!”

Upon hearing Su Wan’s words, Zhui Feng was immediately covered with a headful of cold sweat. Great Young Miss, is it not enough that you are my great aunt? If you really complain about me in front of Wangye! Zhui Feng feels that he will not see the sunset tomorrow………

Only after seeing that Zhui Feng leave did Su Wan nodded her head in satisfaction. She then turned to the carriage driver and told them to return to the main road and continued towards the direction of Marquis Jingning fu.

Someone notified Liu-shi as soon as the carriage returned to the fu. Liu-shi woke up and brought a servant girl to hurry to Su Wan’s boudoir.

At this moment, Su Wan was instructing Wen Yu to take an ointment to smear it on the back of Wen Yue’s hand. Seeing Liu-shi’s figure, Su Wan smiled faintly: “Mother, why didn’t you go play Ma Diao ah?” 2

“Play what Ma Diao! You speak you this girl! Mother did tell you to build a good relationship with Jin Wangye, but you cannot go to Jin Wangfu and stay there for a whole day! If this was known by others and becomes a slanderous gossip, then how is that good? Shouldn’t you also know that although that Jin Wang has a striking appearance, he has not taken a wife despite his old age because his body is weak?”

Speaking till here, Liu-shi still couldn’t help but to sigh for our family’s Jin Wangye: “Ai, it has to be said that this Jin Wang is also pitiful, he has such a high status and is also such a charming young man, how can he ….. not do it.”

Su Wan: …….

What ‘cannot do it’, Su Wan then remembered than in the settings of this mission world, Qin Mu’s character has a weak and frail body. No wife… it was said that the Imperial physician also banned him from — having! sexual! Intercourse!

So the entire Capital knew that Jin Wangye cannot, do, it?

Su Wan looked at Liu-shi face, she felt that the line she wanted to say, ‘Mother, daughter took a fancy to Jin Wang and wants to marry him’, it’s estimated that Liu-shi will faint immediately.

When Wen Yue at the side heard Liu-shi’s words, she also looked at the mother-daughter pair with a strange gaze —

So, Furen actually didn’t know that Eldest Young Miss and Jin Wangye actually……

Wen Yue started to feel tangled again. Should I, or should I not tell Furen?

What if Furen took a stick to beat the Mandarin ducks after she knew the affair between Eldest Young Miss and Jin Wangye? 3

And also, His Highness Jin Wang didn’t seem to be….. as weak as the words outside said?

Liu-shi did not notice Wen Yue’s confusion and Su Wan’s gaze at all.
She raised her hand and caught Su Wan’s small hand before continuing: “Today, Yu Shu brought people over. He originally came to see you. He waited for half a day and still did not see you return. Mother also couldn’t send people directly over to Jin Wangfu to look for you. So mother could only invite him to come tomorrow as a guest for you.”

“Chen Yu Shu, why did he come?”

Hearing Liu-shi speak of Chen Yu Shu, Su Wan instinctively knitted her eyebrows and her gaze subconsciously turned to Wen Yu. Sure enough, once she heard Chen Yu Shu’s name, Wen Yu stiffened, even her eyes started to sway….


Sensing the indifference in Su Wan’s tone, Liu-shi couldn’t help but to seriously size up her daughter: “Wan er, what happened to you recently? Towards Yu Shu, haven’t you always treated him…..”


Su Wan looked at Liu-shi, her gaze somewhat absent-minded: “Mother, daughter, daughter wants to…. break off the engagement!”

“What did you say?”

When she heard Su Wan’s words, Liu-shi’s face immediately became unsightly: “You this child, what kind of temper is flaring up again? Is this engagement something you can withdraw from when you want to withdraw?”

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