Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 113

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SEG Chapter 6.11 – Return of the Di Daughter

“You are my afterwards and I am your future.”

Anyone could say sweet pleasant nothings but Su Wan knew that Su Rui has always liked to straightforwardly express his mind.

Just like how he habitually spoils her, concedes to her, doesn’t mind embarrassing himself in front of her and doesn’t mind showing some foolishness in front of her. Everything is all because he likes it — he likes her, he likes to dote on her like this, to accompany her.


In the past, it was a very distant and unfamiliar word for Su Wan, but now she was already thinking about the future —

Every agent had a life that originally belonged to them. It was imposible for them to live in the mission forever, to live in another person’s world.

In fact, ever since Su Wan truly accepted Su Rui. She had thought of their future. Because once there’s love and hope, the unknown future would make people anticipate it……

Su Rui extended his hands and hugged Su Wan closely in his embrace: “Xiao Wan, these past few days, I missed you.

He hung his head and whispered by her ear, the warm air puffed into Su Wan’s ear, it tickled her.

Su Wan did not speak, but she subconsciously leaned into Su Rui’s arms.

The fluttering snow dyed their two heads white. Su Wan couldn’t help but start thinking, if it could be like this for a lifetime, until their hairs turned white, then that would probably be very good…….

Just as Su Rui said, the cooking skill of the chefs of Jin Wangfu were first-rate. When Su Wan and Su Rui returned from the courtyard, a variety of dishes were already spread over the table in the dining hall.

Su Wan’s own cooking skills were very good, for eating that was. She was not picky so naturally, she wasn’t reluctant in accepting them. Because they’ve gone through several worlds together, Su Rui knew Su Wan’s preferences. So there was nothing on the table that Su Wan didn’t like to eat.

Wen Yue has been standing behind Su Wan and Su Rui, quietly watching them eat. When in the Marquis jingning fu, Su Wan was always eating with Liu-shi and every time a the dining table, she always didn’t talk much and ate very little. But today, she and Jin Wangye chatted and laughed, the two people at the meal for more than a sichen. But the strange thing was, Wen Yue who stood behind them never felt bored or dejected.

Perhaps it was because when the two people ate their meal, it seemed so warm and harmonious. Or perhps it was because when they look and smile at each other, that scene simply warmed the heart and delighted the eye.

Wen Yue didn’t know how to express her feelings, she just felt —

Too well matched!

Her family’s Young Miss and Jin Wangye sitting there, looked just like an old couple.

What gongzi of Marquis Qingchuan, what General Chen, all of that has to stand aside ~

When Su Wan came out of Jin Wangfu, the sun had just fallen. The red of the horizon reflected off of the dazzling snow as Su Rui draped a cloak over her shoulders and sent Su Wan to the entrance of the Wangfu. Only when he saw her sit in Su jia’s horse carriage and saw that carriage go further in the setting sun, did Su Rui relectantly retrieve his gaze.

“Master, it is very windy outside, you should return.”

The steward at the side looked at Su Rui with concern, both his hands already habitually raised and supporting Su Rui’s arm.

Well, through the past 10 years, he had already become accustomed to serving this kind of weak and sickly Master. Although he did not know why the Master suddenly recovered, it was not easy to change a habit of many years and this person was also old and steady. This old steward knew that this was the main entrance of the wangfu. It was unknown if there were any informers outside, so he has to be careful.

“Cough cough.”

Su Rui raised his hand and put it on his chin and coughed, then he slowly turned and slowly returned to the wangfu. After passing the entrance, Su Rui’s face immediately turned cold.

The old steward also immediately tactfully retreated three steps, giving that position to the mysterious shadow guards.

The imperial family of Daqing dynasty always had the tradition of cultivating shadow guards. These shadow guards have always followed their Master since young to ensure absolute loyalty. Because Qin Mu Yan’s body had been weak since young and was also the Empress’s youngest son, other Princes only had two shadow guards by their side, but he had no less than 4 by his side. The codenames of these four shadow guards are — Zhui Feng, Zhui Yue, Zhui Xue, Zhui Wu. 1

Zhui Xue was the only female shadow guard and was good at light work and amiable apperance, Zhui Feng had the highest martial arts between the four and was the one who Su Rui sent to secretly protect Su Wan. As for Zhui Yue, because he was the youngest of the four, he had been serving by Su Rui’s side for several years and at any time, he could serve as an guard, horsekeeper, a male servant. It can be said that he’s an all-round talent.

That voice that Su Wan had heard that day outside the horse carriage was actually Zhui Yue.

The final shadow guard Zhui Wu, he was an expert in assassinations and using poisons. Because the original owner was a peace-loving, ambitious youth, our family’s Zhui Wu was always idle in the Wangfu and in a semi-employed state.

Fortunately now that Su Rui has come, the always gloomy and hopeless Zhui Wu was immediately cultivated and placed in an important position. At this time he was already dispatched by Su Rui to go assassinate someone~


Zhui Yue followed behind Su Rui and the two entered the study, once they entered, they saw Zhui Xue slim figure.

“You’ve returned?”

Su Rui lifted his brow and looked at Zhui Xue. Right now the girl in front of him looked exactly like Chen Qing Jin.

Perceiving Su Rui’s scrutinizing gaze, Zhui Xue’s expression tensed, her tone involunatirly a little fearful: “Master, Zhui Xue was incompetent, this time I did not run into His Highness the Second Prince.” 2


Su Rui coldly smiled and walked to Zhui Xue, his cold gaze fixed on her: “Luckily you didn’t see him. If you really had seen him, you would have ruined Benwang’s important matter!”


Zhui Xue froze, subconsciously raised her eyes and meeting Su Rui’s expressionless gaze.

That one glance seemed to be able to penetrate her heart.

Zhui Xue just felt chilly all over, looking deathly pale, but unable to say anything to refute.

Seeing that Zhui Xue was frigthened by him but still not know where she went wrong, Su Rui couldn’t help but snorted: “Your amiable appearance skill is indeed flawless, but did you think that Qin Yue is a normal person? You’re covered with murderous spirit from head to toe, Bengong can feel it from a distance of 10 metres, do you think Qin Yue is blind?”

A person’s appearance can be changed, movement and tone can even be imitated, but presence?

Spies who don’t know how to conceal their intent, are the failure of failures of Spies.

When she heard Su Rui’s words, Zhui Xue’s face changed greatly. After that, she dropped to the ground without hesitation: “Subordinate knows their crime, asking Wangye to punish!”


Exchanged with Su Rui’s previous subordinates, they would have long been minced and fed to the dogs for causing him trouble.

Now, there is no one else that can be used in Jin Wangfu. He has no choice but to reluctantly put up with these few shadow guards.

“This is the first time, Benwang will be lenient, you go back and practice hard. If you cannot conceal your intent perfectly, then you don’t need to come out anymore!”

After commanding, Su Rui waved his hand with some irritation. Zhui Xue immediately got up and left like she just received a great amnesty.

After Zhui Xue left, Su Rui sat by the writing desk and started browsing bamboo slips. But he couldn’t concentrate, his heart kept thinking about Su Wan.

“Zhui Yue, why hasn’t Zhui Feng returned yet?”

If Su Wan has returned to Marquis Jingning fu, Zhui Feng should have returned to inform him. He still hasn’t returned, so that is probably proof that Su Wan is still on her way?

But Jin Wangfu and Marquis Jingning fu was in the centre of the Imperial Capital. The actual distance was not too far.

Could something have happened on the way?

For example, running into Chen Yu Shu and whatnot…..

Once he thought till here, Su Rui’s cooled a few degrees: “Zhui Yue, Benwang has nothing going on recently. If you are idle, then go to Marquis Jingning fu and help Benwang keep an eye on Chen Yu Shu!”

Zhui Yue: …….

Towards his family’s Wangye’s schizophrenic mood, Zhui Yue was also speechless…….

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