Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 103 (Part 1)

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SEG Chapter 6.01 —Return of the Di Daughter

As Su Wan was withdrawing from the mission world, Ye Xin still hadn’t returned from the meeting at Headquarters. She checked her newly gained 50,000 points in the communicator and subconsciously pulled up the Lost Time-Space Agent’s shopping mall list.

In the past, she would blankly stare at the top name in the list.

Today, she took a look as usual –

Key to the Buried Heart.

A disposable one-use item, only to be used to open the Casket of the Buried Heart. A disposable item with a sky-high price, Su Wan had been aiming for such a thing in the past.

A precious item that was equivalent to the Key to the Buried Heart was called Casket of the Buried Heart.

In the entire Lost Space-Time, only one person had used this luxury good. One, that was so expensive that ordinary people would flinch.

That person, is Xu Ce –

“My heart isn’t here, so I can’t love nor can I be hurt.”

To this day, Su Wan still remembered that day Xu Ce pointed to his heart and calmly said this to her.

No heart, so I won’t love.

No heart, so it won’t hurt.

Su Wan sighed and gently stroked her chest. Once upon a time, she thought that she already had no heart, and had forgotten how to love…..

This was perhaps the difference between her and Xu Ce.

He regarded himself as an ice-cold machine and could even seal away his heart.

From the very beginning, Su Wan has never been able to do as such like him……

Lost Space-Time, Space-Time Headquarters.

When Ye Xin came out of the meeting room, she saw that unforgettable figure.

He stood perfectly straight in front of the window, the sunlight from outside was scattered on his shoulder. It was as if his elegant looks were covered by a layer of pale glimmer.

“Section Chief Xu.”

Ye Xin hesitated but still stepped forward and shot Xu Ce a greeting.

Xu Ce dropped his eyes slightly to look at Ye Xin and smiled gently. He was always so gentle and refined like a jade from which people can’t glimpse true emotions.

“You were….. waiting for me?”

Ye Xin was actually somewhat unsure, but there was no one in the meeting room now. Since she had just recently took up office, she had to stay behind a bit for some additional words explaining the handover. When she came out, the others had already left.


Hearing Ye Xin’s query, Xu Ce softly nodded.

This made Ye Xin somewhat surprised, but in an instant, she thought of something else: “Do you…. Have something you want to ask me? Concerning…. Su Wan?”

Su Wan ……

Xu Ce’s gaze focused slightly: “She, how has she been recently?”

Although it was a simple question, Xu Ce seemed to have gathered a lot of determination to ask it.
He hadn’t been conflicted like this for a long-long-time now.

En, this kind of feeling, seems that it should be called “complicated”?

Abandoning his emotions and desires for too long, he felt that he was even more like a robot, completely unable to truly experience a person’s feelings.

But …..

Still cared a bit.

That woman who wholeheartedly took him down with her in those years.

Sure enough…..

When she heard Xu Ce’s inquiry, Ye Xin immediately smiled and squinted: “Su Wan is very well. Recently, she is also very conscientious in her work. Maybe she will overtake me one day. When that time comes, at the next meeting, Section Chief Xu can personally ask her about her recent situation.”

Although they were in the same Space-Time, there was usually no intersection because all the departments in the Lost Space-Time were separated.

To see Su Wan again…..

When Xu Ce heard what Ye Xin said, he lightly smiled as before: “Section Chief Ye also shouldn’t doubt yourself, and also, I think…. that soon enough, me and her…. will very quickly meet.”

When she heard Xu Ce’s response, Ye Xin froze and then suddenly remembering that the cross-department practice exercises – taking place once every 3 years – would begin soon.

3 years ago, Su Wan was not here. Now, as the Plane Destroyers’ number 2, Su Wan would definitely participate in this year’s Cross-Department Practice Drill, and Xu Ce would definitely appear.

“Time passed by so fast, it’s almost time for the practice drill ah! Does Section Chief Xu still have the confidence to win the championship this year?”

In each cross-departmental drill, three elite agents from each department would participate and everyone would simultaneously participate in a mission world with no storyline. At this time, everyone’s golden finger would become invalid in this task world –

In the same world, there is no difference between the enemy and us. It is difficult to distinguish the real from the imitation.

Fights were allowed between the different departments.

The whole trial was divided into two Space-Times, the preliminary and finals. The preliminary world had a time limit. When the time limit is reached, the people who were still alive would advance smoothly, but the finals time-space will be more cruel – a slaughter that raced against time, the last one alive would be the winner.

After Xu Ce became the Plane Restorer Department’s No. 1, he has never lost …..

And these past few years, the competitors of the Plane Destroyer Headquarters were practically all killed by Xu Ce, including Ye Xin herself. Just thinking about it made her heart feel incomparably stifled!

When Ye Xin was very upset, Xu Ce just smiled lightly: “I will go all out,  jiayou to you too.” 1

Saying as such, he already confidently turned his back and left.

To hell with ‘go all out’ ah!

Ye Xin felt that she needed to immediately return to discuss about it with Su Wan, to see if they could find Xu Ce’s weakness.

Even if it was the smallest weak point, it was extremely good ah!

She didn’t believe that Xu Ce was like a precise and accurate machine, not having any weak points at all?

Unfortunately, in the end, Ye Xin was disappointed.

Because when she returned to the Plane Destroyer’s Headquarters, she was informed that Su Wan just entered Task Cabin No. 3 to perform a mission.

In addition to heaving a sigh upon learning this news, Ye Xin’s heart also couldn’t help but feel curious –

Don’t tell me that Su Wan had some sentiments for Task Cabin No. 3?

Then why would she be unwilling to change to a new task cabin?

BLU:Tsk, this Xu Ce thinking he’s all cool and elegant and tall and stuff. It’s not like I’m a little jealous that he is, it’s just….. it’s just……hm… tsk.

Anyway, I think I finally sorted out an update schedule! (It took me around 103 chapters, but what counts is that I FINALLY GOT DOWN TO IT! Hooray! Banzai! Manse! ) I’ll be updating SEG on Mondays & Thursdays and TAB on Tuesdays & Fridays! I’ll (probably) follow the schedule! Hopefully, my tendency to go off the rails doesn’t flare up again. I truly sincerely hope so.

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